Sanchez: Yankees have interest in Cuban right-hander Dalier Hinojosa


Via Jesse Sanchez: The Yankees are one of several teams with interest in Cuban right-hander Dalier Hinojosa. He defected in February and has already gone through the process of being declared a free agent by MLB and cleared by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Sanchez says he is ready to negotiate and sign.

Hinojosa, 27, is listed at 6-foot-2 and 210 lbs. He is said to have a “fastball in the low-to-mid 90s, and his repertoire also features a slider, a curve, a two-seam fastball and a changeup.” Sanchez notes Hinojosa has pitched well in high-profile international tournaments over the years in addition to be one of the top pitchers in Cuba. Here’s a video of him giving up some homers from April 2011. I know nothing about Hinojosa beyond what’s in this post, so I have no idea what his asking price could be. Maybe he’s the next Aroldis Chapman, maybe he’s the next Amauri Sanit. Who knows.

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  1. Jacob the OG says:

    27? no bueno

  2. jsbrendog says:

    he isn’t constrained by int’l signing limits cause of his age right?

    • YanksFan says:

      I would say that’s correct.

    • Gonzo says:

      What do you mean constraints? I thought because of his age he was able to sign for whatever someone is willing to pay. Now I’m curious.

      • jsbrendog says:

        financial limits. his contract, whatever it may be, is outside the international spending pool.

        • Gonzo says:

          Sorry, I read that incorrectly. My bad. I’m with you.

          • jsbrendog says:

            ain’t no thang, this is a potentially good thing for the yankees

            • Gonzo says:

              If the Cubs like this guy, I can see them making a strong run at him. I think they just lost out on the other Cuban pitcher.

              • trr says:

                Always a bit of a crapshoot with most of these guys.
                If the scouts like him, sign him. I’m just afraid if we pay too much and he flops, it’ll turn us off to future signings

                • Gonzo says:

                  Hasn’t that already happened?

                  • Mac says:

                    That’s one possibility, but doesn’t seem particularly likely.

                    While I think it’s fair to say that the Yankees view top veteran IFA talent as overpriced, I don’t know that it has anything at all to do with their past experience. If they were that reactionary, they would probably look at the recent success of other teams and throw money at everyone. They’re not. They might be complete buffoons, but it’s pretty cynical to use that as your default assumption.

                    • Mac says:

                      Didn’t state this, but what I was going on there is that while Igawa didn’t work and Miranda neither guys like Matsui, El Duque, and to a lesser extent Contreras worked out fine. Irabu didn’t work out as a layer, but netted them Westbrook and Lilly. Total success. Maybe I’ve missed some guys, but we’re talking 66% mostly working out. I think it’s just that prices have risen since the Yankees were really playing heavily in that pool combined with a small sample of guys. It’s also possible they are total morons. I’m just not defaulting to that.

  3. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m curious about his background with that last name.

    Obviously, if the Yankees sign him, he’s Amaury Sanit and, if someone else signs him, he’s what would happen if Yu Darvish fucked Yasiel Puig.

    Also, you made up the Office of Foreign Assets Control. That sounds like it only exists in the wizard world, next to the Office of Muggle Affairs.

    All we can ask is that the team do its due diligence.

  4. YanksFan says:

    Why does it matter? Cashman fails. He’s Cuban, ain’t happening. I just found out about him 5 minutes ago so I WANT him.

  5. YanksFan says:

    Like all the Intl guys around, we know almost nothing about him. He’s got the secondary pitches but who knows how good they are. I trust Cash and the crew to do their due diligence like they do for everyone.

    The age doesn’t concern me since he’s in his prime. I would also believe that being one of the top P’s in Cuba that he is major league ready. Maybe a Sept. call up and compete in Spring training.

    In short, willing to take a flier if the price is right.

  6. MannyGeee - Failed Starter says:

    There is alot of comedic value in that youtube video, but I don’t feel like being witty. So instead I will list out all of the nuggets I saw and let you all run with them, OK? Here we go:

    – Gave up two homeruns in 3:12, something something Phil Hughes’ replacement.
    – Played for Guantanamo… Insert something ‘detained’ or ‘water boarded’ below.
    – Guy who was hitting in the video named “Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez”. Yeah, A-Rod. Biogenesis/Madonna/didn’t hit them in October/muscular blonde/not a centaur joke here.
    – Obvious pot shot at the club that the stands in Cuba were more full than NYS in October

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      Alfredo Despaigne is probably the best of all the Cuban players. Giving up a home run to him is like giving up a home run to Miguel Cabrera, nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. The Bastard says:

    Yeah, how about we don’t throw Chapman’s name around here. Missing out on him was awful. A 22 year old lefty throwing three digits? That would have been nice.

    • MannyGeee - Failed Starter says:


      • jsbrendog says:

        haha yeah, where would aroldis chapman have pitched since they have this rivera clown in the bronx?

        i still can’t believe that cincy didnt keep him as a starter but whatever. that is irrelevant but i had to say it

      • Bill says:

        He’s not a failed starter he just became a great reliever before he got a chance to start.

        The Reds were paying too much to let him develop as a starter in the minors so they brought him up as a reliever and he’s been dynamite ever since.

        • Mac says:

          For what it’s worth, the rumors are that he doesn’t want to start and doesn’t have the attitude to start. More an air it all out guy than a think through the game guy. Could be wrong, it’s just what I’ve heard and read. And fans are prone to assuming that a team rushed judgement on a guy when they don’t actually interact with the guy on a daily basis.

    • YanksFan says:

      A high priced closer. I’m heartbroken. He has not been a big loss. He’s been worth about 6 WAR in his 4 years under contract. You complain about Hughes yesterday and now about this.

      • Tom says:

        High priced closer? What are you talking about?

        He’s making 5mil per (if you prorate the signing bonus across the years – 6yrs/30mil total)

        His actual salary is 2mil this year, 3mil next year and had a 5mil player option in 2015.

        • Tom says:

          Correction – he had a clause where arbitration can kick in.

          So he’s making 4.7mil this year and 5.7mil next year – still to call that a high priced closer is just absurd.

        • Mac says:

          He’s worked out, but that wasn’t inevitable at the time (creeping determinism, though I realize you were responding to a specific comment that didn’t elaborate much). He was a high priced risk at the time. It’s worked out well for the Reds, but not insanely well.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Think about how nice it’d be if the Yanks signed every good player currently not on the team.

  8. Gonzo says:

    I heard rumors last night that the Dodgers were almost sure to sign Miguel Alfredo Gonzales, so this is the consolation prize I assume.

    • Bill says:

      The Dodgers are the new Yankees of spending. Oh except they spend their money on guys under the age of 32.

      • MannyGeee - Failed Starter says:

        You sure about that? Of the guys they’ve “spent money on”, Puig is bringing down the curve at 22. Beckett, Gonzalez, Crawford, Hairston, Punto, Ellis, Schmaker & Uribe are all what the young kids like to call “old”.

        Their active roster average age is 29.2. which puts them 24th(!) in the league. Only BOS, SF, PHI, TB, TOR & NYY are older, in that order.

        Your narrative sucks.

        • Mac says:

          Funny thing this winter was how many people were talking about the Yankees being too old and the Blue Jays being too awesome when the BJs were the 2nd oldest team.

        • Bill says:

          How does my narrative suck? My quote was “they spend money on guys under the age of 32″ that is for the most part true.

          Gonzalez- acquired at the age of 30
          Crawford- acquired at the age of 31
          Uribe- signed 3 years ago at the age of 31
          Punto- doesn’t make any money (1.5M)
          Ellis- under team control for many years and just turned 32 also doesn’t make any money.
          Schumaker- doesn’t make any money (and was signed when he was 31)

          Beckett was the only one you got right and its not like the Dodgers actively targeted him he was part of the price to pay to land Gonzalez.

          But they make up for a guy like Beckett by wisely investing money in guys like Puig and Ryu and signing them as international free agents to contracts that will take them through most or at least a good chunk of the prime of their careers.

  9. mitch says:

    how old is a 27 year old cuban in American years?

  10. Nathan says:

    Didn’t the Yankees have supposed “interest” in Darvish and Cespedes? That interest has worked out well for them.

    • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

      Their offer on Darvish, as I remember, was embarassingly low. Don’t remember what happened with Cespedes.

      • Nathan says:

        Yeah I remember thinking that the Yankee bid was almost just a gesture/show to say “Hey, we bid!”.

        • Mac says:

          I took it more as a gesture/show to say that they think the blind bid system is garbage and that’s the bid to his old team they thought Darvish was actually worth.

      • jsbrendog says:


        from what it sounds like here they were in the hunt but the blue jays out bid them and the rangers went nucleur.

        • Tom says:

          The article makes zero mention of what the Yankees bid was just that the Rangers was very high.

          It sounds like you are reading what you want to believe – as there is no mention of anything other than the Yankees submitted a bit I don’t know how you can draw any conclusions (good or bad) about the Yankees bid.

    • Fernando says:

      The same was said about Yoenis Cespedes, Aroldis Chapman, Jorge Soler, Miguel Gonzales, but none of them are wearing pinstripes, the important part here is that all of those are free agents, cash only investments.

      • Mac says:

        Yankees should just sign every player!!! Why do the other 29 teams even exist?

        • Bill says:

          Hey, they probably should. Look at the success rate vs. the cost. They’d have a few busts or down performers, but they’d also have a few stars in their prime at reasonable contracts. This way they wouldn’t have to throw 13M at the Angels for Vernon Wells and give Ichiro a 2 year deal.

          The point isn’t that the Yankees should sign everyone though its that they’re being overly conservative with their budget in this area and are really behind the curve here. Either that or their scouting is just terrible and is completely missing on these guys.

          • Fernando says:

            I believe Our International Scouting team has failed for quite sometime now, the system has changed now and you cannot just spend all you want on International prospects. Last Year Raul Ibañez had to played way too many games in LF this year is Vernon Wells, by the time Cespedes was available he could it be the solution to that problem, bringing back Andruw Jones for a second year was not ideal.

            • Bill says:

              I actually like what they do at the amateur level. When you look at the team’s top prospects now and over the years many are well scouted amateur signings (Sanchez, DePaula, Montero, ManBan, Vizcaino) albeit some high priced signings, but fairly successful nonetheless.

              I think where they fail is in their valuations of developed international talent. Not since Matsui have they had success in this area. I think they’re weighing the risk too heavily against the reward and are too afraid to mess up again (Igawa). They seem more inclined to sign aging superstars to long term deals than invest significantly in some potential star talent that is already at least partially developed and is entering the prime years of their career.

              Additionally their college scouting has been a little lackluster at least. Granted their picks haven’t been great, but their miss rate early in the draft has to be higher than the average for that area of the draft.

  11. CONservative governMENt says:

    2014 rotation

    • jsbrendog says:


      • Shittyshittybangbang says:

        Miguel Alfredo Gonzales. Cuban righty also declared f/a by m.l. and ofac. Signing these guys “only” requires money, yes ? Right around now, throwing money at the problem sounds good to me. Save for the fact that our pitching hasn’t been bad, and that silly 189mm budget B.S. F it sign them !

        • Mikhel says:

          I might as well attend tonights game where I THINK González will pitch in the Mexican Northern League final (my local team was eliminated in the playoffs last sunday), and tomorrow it was scheduled Pedro Luis Lazo, also playing for Tijuana (in México, teams in the playoffs can take players from disqualified teams, as “reinforcements” for the different rounds of playoffs).

  12. Mikhel says:

    From what I know, Miguel Alfredo González has better stuff than Dalier and yet the NYY don’t have interest in González, kinda like when they were more interested in Igawa than in Matsuzaka (sure, Matsuzaka had a rough time even though he also pitched well for a time).

    I don’t have confirmation on this, but since Tijuana (Tijuana’s Toros) is playing in the finals of the Mexican Northern League, there’s a chance Miguel will be pitching tonight against the Cottonpickers of Saint Louis Colorado River (its a mexican city in the border with Calexico).

    Tomorrow they have scheduled the veteran Pedro Luis Lazo, one of the better pitchers in recent history from Cuba.

    Despaigne has been ‘drafted’ by the Mexican Winter League and the league asked Cuba to gran permission so he can play in México instead of in Cuba this winter, the only way he could play in MLB is if a MLB team asks Cuba to allow him to sign (MLB and Cuba have some sort of gentlemans agreement to avoid depredation of cubans who have been granted permission to play outside of cuba, something that doesn’t apply to ‘desertors’, and it is far fetched to think Despaigne will “desert”).

    Sanit has been pitching well in México (winter and summer ball).

    • Mac says:

      I believe that the Yankees were very interested in Dice-K, and just lost out on the blind bid. The rumors are that ownership was upset enough over losing out on him that they turned around and grabbed the next best Japanese P available, who happened to be Igawa.

      The US has an embargo with Cuba that prevents MLB from employing Cuban nationals, and I’m sure Cuba isn’t too keen on having their guys play in the US either. That’s why guys have to defect to come to MLB.

  13. toad says:

    Does anybody know what his record in Cuba looks like?

    Seems relevant.

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