Saturday Night Open Thread

Gammons: Yankees were told Michael Young isn't available
Update: A-Rod hitless in latest minor league rehab game

I’ve been waiting to post that video for a few days now, and I guess there won’t be a better opportunity than with the open thread. It’s the first career homers for all eight of this year’s Homerun Derby participants — at least before Pedro Alvarez replaced Carlos Gonzalez — which includes Robinson Cano. Robbie, wearing #22 back in 2005, hit one into the upper deck at the Old Stadium off … Doug Creek of the Tigers. Not exactly a brand name. Anyway, check out the video. It’s pretty neat.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The Mets and Pirates will be the Saturday night FOX game for those of you in the Tri-State area (Torres vs. Burnett), while those of you scattered elsewhere will see one of four other games. Talk about anything you want right here. Have at it.

Gammons: Yankees were told Michael Young isn't available
Update: A-Rod hitless in latest minor league rehab game
  • Kvothe

    Fans actually made several snags of home run balls on that vid. Like 3 or 4.

  • trr

    when Cano first came up, he was not really touted as a HR hitter

  • Jacob the OG

    So weird how Harper’s from just a year ago and the others go back a ways

  • Jacob the OG

    Anyone read comics?

  • CONservative governMENt

    Beetle Bailey and Dilbert.

  • Kramerica Industries

    So easy to forget that Carlos Gonzalez was on the A’s. Weird that, for someone who became such a superstar, he blossomed in his third organization.

    I enjoy seeing Olympic Stadium in Montreal come up there.

    I guess the rain must’ve been why the upper deck of Yankee Stadium was empty there. Around the 2003-2007 time period, the Yankees were damn near selling out the park every night. Four million in attendance (or thereabouts) those years.

    • jjyank

      I completely forgot CarGo used to be with the A’s. I did a bit of a double take there, to be perfectly honest.

    • forensic

      Well, it does help a bit that the third organization was the Rockies. His home/road this season is very close (actually slight advantage to the road so far), but before that he had OPS splits of over .130 points, .240 points, and two well over .300 points (nearly .400) favoring his home park.

      It’s not the be-all, end-all, and he’s still a fine/solid player, but that park is generally an enormous help to him being considered a superstar (IN MY OPINION).

  • jjyank

    Cool video. I always like to tout my Robbie Cano fandom by showing off my Cano BP shirt with the number still at 22. I didn’t just jump on his bandwagon :)

  • Leg-End

    Must be nice to grab a first career HR. Would you keep one waiting for it to rise in value should they become a hall of famer or take the chance to meet the guy and maybe get some signed stuff?

    • jjyank

      Nah, get the signed stuff and give it back. Those chances are slim as hell, and I would like to think that I’d give the memento back to the player. I’ve never been in that situation of course, but I think it’d be worth it to give the ball back.

  • Get Phelps Up

    Hey, I never realized that Robbie’s first homer came on my birthday. Cool to know.

  • |3ry@|\| da Cashman

    If you could trade for any five guys in the majors would you trade for?

    Mine would be:
    Joe Mauer C
    Edwin Encarnacion 1b
    David Wright 3b
    Aleixi Ramirez ss
    Jose Bautista rf

    • jjyank

      Mauer: Hell no, unless you’re waiving the contract.
      Encarnacion: No. Why not Fielder or Votto, if we’re playing this game?
      Wright: Okay, sure.
      Ramierez: lol. That’s the best SS you can come up with?
      Bautista: I guess. I’d say Stanton instead, or Upton maybe.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Only guys who may be available? Because otherwise I’d go:

      Y. Molina
      Miggy (but Wright’s a good choice too)

      • forensic

        Tulo is always a tough one for me because his injuries take away so much value when he’s not on the field. I might try a little step down from him for someone who doesn’t have quite the same injury history.

        • jimmy james

          I agree with Tulo. The guy is a monster when he’s on the field. Problem is, he’s injured so much throughout the season.

      • |3ry@|\| da Cashman

        Yeah I thought of guys who could be available, and I didnt factor in contracts. My Yankees would be the Nets of MLB lol.

    • Jacob the OG

      Any position?

      Posey(youth beats Yadi for but either is a win)
      Chris Davis(Personally believe he is the real deal)
      Braun(Roids or not, he has been doing it)

      Honorable mentions:
      Fielder: Davis is mashing a lot more
      Harper: Has been banged up
      Tulo: Hurt to much

      Davis and Braun were kind of throw ins I would trade with fielder and harper

    • BFDeal


    • Deathstroke Heathcott

      No restrictions of any kind? Then certainly not those five. I’d go with Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Buster Posey, and Clayton Kershaw.

      If we’re not counting untouchables and just guys who would conceivably get traded, then maybe something like Stanton, Price, Asdrubal Cabrera, Chase Headley, McCann.

  • hogsmog

    Wow, Cano’s gotten so much bigger, and his swing is so much tighter these days.

  • MannyGeee

    Did anyone watching the Rangers-Tigers game? Either I had a stroke, or I heard them say that rumor has it Brian Wilson and Dallas Braden are traveling Europe together? Dafuq?

  • Pat D

    Whoops. Posted in the wrong thread.

    I hope that story about police being notified ahead of the public that the verdict was in is true, so that we don’t have another Rodney King.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Classy tweets by Victor Cruz and Roddy White regarding the Trayvon Martin verdict.

    Twittter is a sad thing for many athletes as is allows us to see how stunningly unintelligent and ignorant many of these athletes really are

    • Pat D

      Short-sighted, emotionally fueled, knee-jerk reactions.

      Nothing to be taken seriously.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Nothng anyone with should take seriously. The way many of these athletes think Is kind of sad and pathetic. If I’m an owner of a sports team, I’d insist on a twitter ban clause in all contracts.