Saturday Night Open Thread

Hafner headed to DL, Jeter likely to be activated on Sunday
Granderson picks up two hits in rehab game

Thirty-eight years ago today, Alex Rodriguez was put on this Earth to dominate on a baseball field and annoy the hell out of pretty much everyone off it. He’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late thanks to Biogenesis and his hip surgery and quad problem and whatever other nonsense is going on, but he’s still provided some amazingly memorable moments in pinstripes. I couldn’t find a decent compilation of A-Rod/Yankees highlights on YouTube, so instead I’ll go with a good ol’ 2009 postseason flashback. That always goes the trick. Happy birthday, A-Rod. Stop being such a turd.

Here is your open thread for the night. MLB Network will air a game tonight, and who you see depends on where you live. Tri-Staters should be the Red Sox at the Orioles. You can talk about whatever you want here, so go nuts.

Hafner headed to DL, Jeter likely to be activated on Sunday
Granderson picks up two hits in rehab game
  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Hal Failed

  • ropeadope

    Oh Alex, we hardly knew ye.

  • http://www, GT Yankee

    What a waste. He never needed to do it (PED).

    But then again he’d still probably be a selfish a-hole

    • Pat D

      Most superstar players are selfish assholes. Comes with the territory.

    • Bo Knows

      Arrogant probably a little stupid but I can’t call A-rod selfish considering everything else he’s done, by all accounts A-Rod is one of the first guys to try and help younger players and even amateur guys, which Manny Machado could probably attest too.

      It’s annoying that we try to pigeon hole everyone into good guy bad guy roles (except John Lackey, because f$%k that guy he’s a terrible human being).

      • forensic

        Plus, he willingly changed positions, which is something many baseball players wouldn’t be willing to do (especially ones at his level). And that includes the guy who typically stands a little to his left, at least as far as many of us assume he would react.

  • Now Batting

    What a great team.

  • dasani

    This team is getting awfully hard to watch. It is sad, very sad.

  • Jacob the OG

    What great memories!

  • Naved

    ARod is the only reason Yankees have won a championship in 13 years.

    • WhittakerWalt

      And still everyone hates him. Such bullshit.

    • trr

      The ONLY reason???
      Get a grip on yourself, 25 players win championships.
      You know, like the guy they’re honoring at the Stadium today?

      • WhittakerWalt

        Well, when they fail people act like ARod is the only reason for that. Both theories are wrong.

  • Eddard

    The good news is that the WC trip will give them a chance to match up against offenses as bad as they are. The bad news is that Zach Greinke and Clayton Kershaw await them in Dodgers Stadium. They will lose the next 3 and hopefully that tells ownership to sell sell sell.

  • Carlos Danger

    A-Rod was a BEAST in the 2009 postseason. Touch em all Alex, you may never play in another! Happy Birthday, get back to the Bronx soon, these homerless streaks and two hit shutouts need a little turd mixed in!

  • KEN


    • Carlos Danger

      SO LOUD!!!

    • Havok9120

      Thanks for yelling. There’s the door.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I assume he’d left by 4:00 AM. This is normally the hour where Wayne gets up and worries about which pitcher is hurt and/or forensic’s lunch.

        • forensic

          hmm, 4 AM your time? Yup, I’ve had plenty of busy nights where I haven’t gotten my work lunch until then. Guess it depends how you count meals since I usually only have two anyway, but good call anyway.

          Right now? Around 4 AM my time? That meal depends on my adult beverage status (on my weekends). :-)

  • Ethan

    A-ROD was so fun to watch in those playoffs.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    It’s amazing what an elaborate doping program can do.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I wish I would have gotten to see him in some high school games. Just never was a “go see baseball” guy then. We were all about the football. At least I got to see Brian Griese destroy my school.

  • BigBlueAL

    I miss Kate Hudson.

    • Pseudoyanks

      I saw her be really rude/nasty to a fan at the end of W.S. Game 1 but they did look like shit against Cliff Lee, Alex had a bad game, and did lose and that fan picked a bad time to ask her for a picture.

      • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

        now she’s a has-been, reduced to an occasional guest role on Glee.

        now she’s dying for someone to ask her for a photo.

        • vicki


    • forensic

      I miss having them face the Twins in the postseason.

  • Bo Knows

    Is definitely early, but next year is already shaping up to be a monster class draft. So deep that someone like Touki Toussant could potentially fall to NY, if and probably when they pick at 17.

    An interesting kid that’ll definitely be shooting up charts is a 18 year old kid named Tyler Kolek, kid is a hulking 6’5 250 lbs and is already sitting at 95-100 mph

  • Pseudoyanks

    Happy Birthday A-Turd.

  • forensic

    Very quietly, since the ASB, Chris Davis has gone 7-33 (.212 BA), with just 2 BB, 16 K, and 0 HR.

    Here’s hoping that sticks for awhile.

    • dkidd

      i’m rooting for cabrera to win consecutive triple crowns

      • forensic

        That would be pretty cool, even though most here would say they don’t care because RBI are meaningless and shouldn’t exist.

        I should also mention that Manny Machado has also now gone 71 AB’s without a double, going back to the Yankees series in the first week of July.

        • WhittakerWalt

          Don’t worry, once he faces the Yanks again he’ll get like 4 doubles.

    • Tom

      Thankfully someone also reminded Jose Iglesias that he’s Jose Iglesias.

      He has a .510 OPS (wRC+ 36, ISO of .011) over the last 30 days. He’s on a “Wells-ian” correction trajectory.

      • forensic

        Yup, long overdue, but at least he’s well into it now.

        Maybe Loney will be next. Looked like he was into it in June, but has since hit well again in July.

  • Carp

    We all miss Kate Hudson…… She was good for him.
    Now he’s a shell of his former self. The Yankees will never let him set foot in Yankee Stadium as a a member of their team, again.

  • Tom

    At this point do you dangle Kuroda out on the market and see if someone will overpay?

    The Braves are looking for a frontline starter after the Hudson injury. StL is reportedly looking around for a pitcher and the DBacks might also be interested.

    I’m not saying they should definitely deal him but why not float his name out there and see if anyone makes a ridiculous offer?

    • Pseudoyanks

      I hope he’ll waive No-Trade for some Cash.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I assume there’s been a million things thrown about we don’t know the slightest thing about.

  • LarryM Fl

    What a shame that someone with all this talent and the physical makeup to be the best in this game has failed. Not many players with all Arod’s tools come around too often. If he could have only accepted what he was. The outcome could have been so much better than its going to be.

    He may crash and burn with many a fan, happy as hell, sad. I watched as Mantle destroyed himself. Now Arod is doing the same.

  • Bryan

    He was just an absolute monster. I’ll always have a soft spot for him thanks to ’09.

  • Duh Injuries

    What is this bullshit about Eric Jagielo being the Yankees 2015 3B?

    The 2013 Yankees 3B has posted only a .220/.280/.293/.573 slashline with 4 HR and 30 RBI, yet the Yanks are 54-50 just four games behind Baltimore for the second wildcard slot.

    I think the Yanks could carry Jagielo at 3B and in the #9 slot. If Jagielo posts the same numbers the 2013 Yankees 3B has posted up through 104 games, I’d consider it better than the current numbers because it’s a 21-year old rookie with zero MLB experience doing it for only the league minimum who can only improve and build on it (hopefully) not a patchwork of veteran career backup infielders (Nix/Cruz/Brignac/Nelson/Gonzalez) and an oft-injured former everyday player (Youkilis) costing the team far more than the league minimum, all players who will not be Yankees next season, or is the idea to just fill the position until the next year? Youkilis cost the Yanks $12M, Brignac $499K. That’s $12.499M on two guys who will never play for the Yanks again as Brignac was released and I don’t believe Youkilis is coming back and if he is so what? As what? What the hell is he gonna do that Adams can’t do? It’s a downgrade defensively. Adams is the everyday 3B now and the Yanks can’t take at-bats away from him so Youkilis could maybe play a month and do who knows what in it, it’s not right. It’s not the way to go now.

    It is time for the Yankees to go all-homegrown and almost all-young. By going all-homegrown, they can see who is working and who isn’t and who needs more work. I don’t want to see any more one-year hasbeen/neverwas/flier-taking signings like Youkilis, Hafner, and Overbay (although I am thrilled with what Overbay has done considering my very low expectations for him), I want to see Jeter (DH), Cano, Gardner, and Soriano (RF) lead Romine (C), Adams (1B), Jagielo (3B), Nunez (SS), and Almonte (LF.)

    I want to see Overbay retire and back with the Yanks to teach Adams how to play firstbase.

    I want to see the Yanks hire Scott Brosius, a college baseball manager, to be Jagielo’s personal spring training mentor who can fill in Jagielo on life in the big leagues and as a Yankee and always be a call away to talk about whatever, like Sandy Koufax used to be for Al Leiter. Who better than Brosius? It also sends a message to Jagielo that he should talk with Brosius and guys like him, not Rodriguez who the Yanks need to keep Jagielo far away from.

    I want to see the Yanks hire retired future Hall Of Fame eleven-time Gold Glove / nine straight Gold gloves shortstop Omar Vizquel to teach Nunez how to play shortstop even if it means Nunez has to live with Vizquel or the Yanks have to pay for an apartment as close to Vizquel’s house as possible for Nunez to live in.

    I want Soriano to take Almonte under his wing and room with him on the road, maybe even have Almonte live with him like 2005 World Series MVP Jermaine Dye lived with his veteran mentor Marquis Grissom in his rookie year with the Braves.

    It doesn’t stop at just everyday players. How ’bout El Duque mentor Ronnier Mustelier? If Jose Molina hangs it up, how ’bout he help Romine and J.R. Murphy, or some veteran backstop helps them? Luis Sojo could help Corbin Joseph in spring training. Soriano could take Melky Mesa under his wing, too.

    The Yanks need to rebuild with young players and get old good guys, some of them winners to guide and teach them. They need to keep their young players far away from the likes of A-Rod and other steroid cheats.

    It could benefit the fans, too. Go all-homegrown, then slash ticket prices. $10 for bleacher seats, $15 for grandstand seats, $50 for field boxes. Who the hell do the Yanks have to pay besides Sabathia, Cano, Jeter, Soriano, and maybe Kuroda, if they got rid of Teixiera and Rodriguez, let go of Granderson, Hafner, and Youkilis, traded Suzuki and Wells? Rivera will be retired so that’s $10M off the books. If Pettitte retires or signs elsewhere that’s another $12M off the books.

    MLB might laugh now but they won’t be laughing for long if some of the kids come through and the Yanks start spending money again on free agents. As crazy as it sounds, even the can’t hit a lick 2013 Yankees are extremely dangerous because they can pitch so if they suddenly regain their April ’til they drew the Mets mojo in October, watch out. If the Yanks can somehow, some way grab even the second wildcard slot, it’ll most likely be Kuroda in the wildcard game and that’s an opponent’s worst nightmare compounded by the possibility of Mo in the eighth and ninth innings if it’s 1-0 Yanks and you better believe if it’s tied after regulation and at Yankee Stadium, Mo is gonna pitch until his arm falls off. The 2013 Yanks are perfectly capable of pulling a 2006 or 2011 St.Louis Cardinals, or a 2000 Yankees.

    • hogsmog

      So if my kid gets an A in 9th grade Algebra I, pulling him out of high school and sticking him in a math PhD program is what’s best for his development?

    • Pat D


    • Bo Knows

      I don’t know what more surprising, how completely an utterly stupid that entire idea is, or the fact that you took so much time to type it up.

      • Bo Knows
      • Pat D

        He has said things similar to this in the past, but this is like the epic poem version of it.

        At this point I have given up trying to figure out if he’s just trolling, or, if he’s not, how his mind comes up with these scenarios.

        I give him points for creativity on this one, but it’s nothing but fantasy.

        • Bo Knows

          It just amazes me that he spent this much time writing that. It’s beyond the effort of a normal troll

          • Pat D

            Which is why I don’t think he’s really a troll.

            And that actually scares me more.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              He’s certainly dedicated to his craft.

              Of masturbatory commenting.

    • Dr TJ Eckleberg

      The Royals liked this.

    • Mr. Roth

      Too long, did not read.

  • Robert

    I agree next year I’d rather see Almonte,Mesa,Slade Austin and Williams in the outfield. Go with the youth,These Dinosaurs we have on the team are extinct.
    And Hal there cheaper than the shutouts you have in the line up now.

    Adams and Romine and Mesa show some life Friday and they are sitting on the bench while the old men get over matched all day!!!!

    And Hafner goes to the DH with a shoulder injury DUH ya think that might have been the problem the last 3 months with his lack of power…

    I have had it ……….. wake me up in SEPT when the 40 man roster gets called up…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Most of the 40-man roster is already up as injury replacements.
      Or they are hurt.
      Unless you’re a big Thomas Neal fan, there isn’t much to look forward to as far as position players.
      I suppose you could look forward to Bettances or Pineda.

  • Eddard

    They’ll re-sign Hideki tomorrow so he can retire as a Yankee. What a class act. Clinched the 09 series with 6 RBIs in one game. Hell, why make him retire. He could still probably be the Yankee DH!

    • Eddard

      And they still haven’t won a WS without Hideki and Johnny. The never really did replace those guys. It’s a shame too because they had an incredible lineup in 09 and they just pushed those guys to the curb. What a class act Hideki is.

      • Pat D

        Not a Grandy fan, I take it.

      • vicki

        and yet guess who had the league’s best offense in 2010.

  • Cuso

    So if by July 31st, the lineup is

    CF Gardner
    SS Jeter
    2B Cano
    DH Soriano
    LF Granderson
    1B Overbay
    C Stewart Romine
    3B Nix
    RF Ichiro

    Where does that leave us? In good shape? Bad shape?

    • Cuso

      At this point, it just seems like the “Calvary” isn’t even impressive.

      • Pat D

        That’s still better than what they have now. I think.

        But why don’t you think the hill where Christ was crucified is impressive?

        • vicki

          it’s a developing meme. pretty sure cuso is in on the joke (hence those fancy inverted commas).

    • Eddard

      Granderson won’t be here that quick will he? I see he played in a rehab today but isn’t he still at least a week away? I figured he’d come back after the WC trip.

      If they would let A-Rod come back they’d at least be decent –


      Can’t be any worse than what they have now.

  • nycsportzfan

    I know this is just a pipe dream but I was running through rotation ideas for next yr, when Jeff Samardzija’s name was talked about as trade bait in a pregame show i was watching. I was surprised to here his name as possibly available, even with the cubs in fire sale mode.

    The yanks weren’t mentioned as possible suitors of course, but it would be neat if Cashman swooped in and got em and set up a future srotation of Pineda, Smardzija, and Nova all but secured. I wonder what kinda hall it would take to get Smardzija?

    Also, if the yanks signed Matt Garza via FA’cy, and got the trade done i purposed, they’d have Garza, Pineda, Samardzija, and nova as there 1-4. That impressive.

    There are scenarios out there going forward that could help brighten the future of this proud franchise.

    • Pat D

      None of those guys are a true 1 or 2 right now. Garza has an injury history, Pineda hasn’t thrown a pitch in the majors yet, and Samardzija is really only a 3 right now. Nova is certainly not a 1 or 2 either.

      • nycsportzfan

        The thing that rotaion has is youth for the most part, and on any given day, they all have the kinda stuff to shut a offense down completely. Smardzjia is on pace for 221 K’s and a sub 4ERA, and Nova is really prooving to be a weapon , and Pineda and Garza have top notch stuff.

        That is a exciting 4 man rotation, which the depth of having those guys spread throughout makes up for not having a so called number 1 as you put it. Who gives a crap if they aren’t number 1’s? They all pitch good, which is all that matters.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    The umps always let the red sox get away with murder

    • Derbs

      And as usual ESPN finds a way to put the sox on the frontpage

    • forensic

      How is Ortiz doing that equivalent to the umps letting them get away with murder? He was ejected.

      What more do you want them to do? Call security out and put him in cuffs in the dugout???

    • BFFeal

      Performance enhanced rage?

      • Kevin G.

        Roid Milkshake rage

  • Wheels

    Damn, Ortiz is a psycho.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    NY Post/Sherman says “The strong indications are Major League Baseball will announce all the suspensions in the Biogenesis case this week.”

  • Havok9120

    Good GOD was that run fun to watch.

    I became a baseball/Yankee fan during the ’06/’07 sighfest. Seeing 2009 was amazing after missing the dynasty years.