Update: Phillies have let teams know Michael Young is available

NY Post: More Biogenesis suspensions coming this week
Update: Alex Rios says he would have agreed to trade to Yankees

Sunday: Buster Olney says the Phillies have indeed reached out to teams to let them know some of their players are available, including Young. Cliff Lee is not one of those players, in case you were wondering.

Saturday: Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees continue to be told that Michael Young is not available in a trade. We heard the same thing earlier this month. Young told Jon Morosi that Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. has not approached him about any potential trades even though the team has lost six straight and is nine games out of a playoff spot.

Young, 36, is hitting .278/.344/.404 (107 wRC+) in 393 plate appearances this season, though he hasn’t done a ton of damage against left-handers (86 wRC+). The Yankees have gotten basically no production from the hot corner and really have no idea if or when Alex Rodriguez will return to the lineup, plus they need a platoon partner for Lyle Overbay. I’ve said this a million times before, but Young fits their needs well and should come reasonably cheap, both in terms of salary and prospects.

NY Post: More Biogenesis suspensions coming this week
Update: Alex Rios says he would have agreed to trade to Yankees
  • Kosmo

    Texas is reported to be in on Young. I doubt NY can get it done. Right now Amaro knows he´s got at least 4 teams interested in Young, the Reds, Rangers, Red Sox and NY.

    • Kosmo

      I´d also consider Arasmis Ramirez maybe NY can offer the same kind of deal they offered the Cubs for Soriano.

      • trr


        • Kosmo

          not much to hold on to at this point. Mighty Mouse ?

      • Evan3457

        Ramirez is a no-go. $20 million for next year, $16 million in salary for 2014, and a $4 million buyout for his option year in 2015.

      • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

        Terrific. We have a 60-day DL spot all ready for him.

      • tim

        yanks should try their best for young. He would be a very valuable hitting asset

  • dkidd

    michael young is not walking through that door, fans

  • Andrew Brotherton

    This is so ridiculous, I have no idea why the Phillies haven’t moved some pieces. Talks of resigning Utley, not trading Young or Ruiz. I guess Philly fans would say the same about us but still.

    • alen

      for a team like the phillies there really is no reason to sell off. they still have a chance at the wild card if they can rent some guys for the next few months

  • Eddard

    The question isn’t whether Michael Young is available, but whether Robbie Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, Curtis Granderson and Phil Hughes are available. The answer is they should be and the Yankees should be looking to move them for young prospects and building for the future. The season is lost and it’s time to realize that.

    • Stanislaw

      A lost season would be having a record somewhere around 30 or 40 wins at this point. The teams sucks right now but, they’re only 5 games out of the 2nd WC spot with 58 to play. Far from a ‘lost season’.

      • Duh Injuries

        Actually the Yanks are 3.5 games out of the second wildcard spot with a chance to be 2.5 games out if they and Boston win today (Boston is up 3-0 in the bottom of the sixth at Camden Yards), but hear what you’re saying. The Yanks are not sellers.

        • Caballo Sin Nombre

          The Yankees have about a 20% chance to make the playoffs. If some of their injured players come back strong, it will be better than that. And, so what? We are Yankees fans, not Knicks fans. The goal should be a World Championship, not “one and done”. This team has virtually no chance of going all the way, even if every player comes back healthy and productive. I’d rather rebuild. The current incarnation of this team is running on fumes.

          • tim

            your a loser if you think the yanks are out of it. 2.5 games is defientely in striking distance

      • tim

        I agree its not a ‘lost season” for the Yankees

  • tmoney

    With Utley being available and unable to handle 2b fulltime wouldn’t it make more sense to try and trade for him to play 1b and part time dh?

    • TheManchine

      I was about to mention him for 3B.

  • Bill

    I’d be in favor of a deal for Young, but worried that given that he’s really the only healthy 3B available that it might take an overpay to land him. He doesn’t have much money on his deal either, so it will be all about the prospects.

    Also those still clamoring for a sell off, its not going to happen. There’s no way ownership changes their tune between now and the trade deadline and even if they did would they have enough time to broker deals selling their best assets? Probably not. The team is going for it this year. Regardless of how slim their chances have become.

  • Tom Zig

    Come to us, Clifton.

  • EndlessJose

    If Cashman was unwilling to trade Cory Black for a bat there’s no way we get Young.Cahsman thinks he has all these great prospects but he and Oppenheimer have shown how bad they have drafted the last 5 years.

    I don’t want to sell but it’s clear Cashman and the Steinbrenner’s are taking a long or unwilling to push for the playoffs.

  • JohnnyC

    It’ll cost more than a Corey Black though.

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    Great trade Hal !!!
    And of course …, De-rek Je-ter (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

  • Eddard

    It’s going to have to be Hal that pulls the trigger. Cashman was throwing ownership under the bus just days ago for Soriano and look how horrible that deal turned out. Fire Cashman and keep making trades, Hal. You know what you’re doing.

    • Steve (different one)

      You realize you went from “the team should be selling everyone” to “Cashman is an idiot for not wanting to be a buyer” in exactly 50 minutes? I will admit I am impressed. All it took was a seeing eye single.

  • wilcymoore27

    Foolish to keep trading prospects – even mid-range ones – for a so-called “playoff push.” Unless the Yankees can stock their farm system with good prospects, the team is in danger of becoming mediocre for a long time.