Ticket Market Says Jeter Will Return Sunday Versus Twins


For our friends at TiqIQ:

Since Derek Jeter was called up to Triple-A Scranton last week, speculation has been swirling about when he will return to the mothership in the Bronx. The latest news reports have Jeter pushing for a return before the All-Star break and GM Brian Cashman hedging. Amidst all the rumors and speculation, anyone who says they know the answer is just guessing and hoping. 

For a more dispassionate perspective, the ticket market may offer some insight. Prices for Yankees tickets over the next four home games suggest that the last game before the All Star Break is the most likely return date. As the below data shows, that Sunday afternoon game is the most expensive of the series, and also 48% higher than the last three Sunday afternoon games, which were against the Blue Jays, Rays and Orioles, all divisional rivals.



Average Price

Get-in Price


Vs. Minnesota




Vs. Minnesota




Vs. Minnesota




@ Boston




@ Boston




@ Boston




Vs. Tampa Bay



If Jeter doesn’t make it back before the All-Star game, his return would happen in Boston, and prices for that game on July 19th have the 2nd most expensive average price for Red Sox Tickets all year. His return in the Bronx would them come on July 26th vs. the Rays.

If you’re looking to get the best deal to Sunday’s game, check out the Yankees.com. In particular, section 206 has tickets available for $66.20, which is about $30 less than anything on the secondary market. Click here to get those or any other seats to the Sunday 1:05pm game.

If you’re looking for a good last-minute deal to tonight’s game, you can get a day-of deal from the Yanks in the 3rd row of section 136 for $91.


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  • trr

    How would they know?
    Hope he’s back ASAP.

    • Gonzo

      Seattle told them.

  • D$1184

    Why? So he can play in 1 game before the All-Star break? Is that one game that important, considering Brian Cashman, by essence of his lack-of-major-moves, seems to be punting this season any way?

    • BFDeal

      What major moves should he have made? Short of Nolasco, no one has offered anything greater than DFA candidates.

    • brian

      I don’t want to stir up sh*t for no reason, but this is kinda what I was getting at in that other thread…

      Remember, Cashman and Jeter out and out despise each other at this point, and it’s no great secret that if Cashman had his way Jeter wouldn’t even be on the team anymore… it’s not all that big a deal I guess, if Cashman had his way half the roster would probably be different..

      The point is… the LAST THING ON EARTH Cashman wants is for Jeter to ride in on his white horse and get too much credit for saving the season

      • jjyank

        “the LAST THING ON EARTH Cashman wants is for Jeter to ride in on his white horse and get too much credit for saving the season”

        …what is this nonsense on my screen?

  • brian

    I’m still hoping for Friday… you know, the game against a crappy lefty that Jeter could hit in his sleep

    If they are gonna wait till sunday, screw it, just wait til next friday… that’s a stupid “half measure” for all you breaking bad fans out there

  • Eduardo VeggieTales Nunez

    Guys, maybe the tickets are more expensive because it’s Bat Day?