Tuesday Night Open Thread

2013 Trade Deadline Eve Open Thread
Granderson triples, Phelps throws four innings in rehab game

The Yankees are on the West Coast to play the Dodgers, so the game won’t start for another few hours. Until the regular game thread goes up, use this as your open thread to pass the time. The Mets are playing the Marlins (Wheeler vs. Eovaldi) and MLB Network will air a game as well. Who you see depends on where you live. For the latest on the Bombers leading up to the trade deadline, check out today’s post. Otherwise, talk about whatever you like here.

2013 Trade Deadline Eve Open Thread
Granderson triples, Phelps throws four innings in rehab game
  • Chris

    I saw Ken Rosenthal mention that Texas is open to trading anyone, including Profar and Andrus. Could solve our SS of the future dilemma. Would want some salary relief on Andrus with the pathetic season he has had though.

    • FIPster Doofus

      The Yankees don’t have the horses to acquire either of those guys.

      • Dan

        Well would they sell low on Andrus? That’s the question. He hasn’t been very good this year, so what would they take for him–I do think we have the horses to get it done.

        • FIPster Doofus

          I take back the “don’t have the horses” comment when it comes to Andrus. If he were hitting like he did in previous seasons, it would be a different story.

          • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

            Texas is likely to shop him like he’s hitting well (for SS).

  • Robert

    Need a 1B righty to platoon with Overbay,he is in Scranton, Randy Ruiz 14 HR in 40 games. Costs nothing there are only 50+ games left and he wont ruin the team chemistry because he is 35YR Old.
    Batting over .300
    Why did the Yanks sign him? Seriously he could play 6 innings against a lefty starter then O’Bay could come in for defense…

    • trr

      Lot of people wondering this, Robert.
      Still, it seems they have no plans at all to call him up unless
      the injury wheel starts spinning again….

    • Carlos Danger

      This. I don’t get it either. I think Nix, Lillibridge and Nunez are kind of redundant with Jeter back. If they need offense look no farther than the pop Dan Johnson or Ruiz could provide, both could reach base at a better clip than Loverbay and don’t cost anything but a roster spot. The best actual move for the Yankees could be no move at all and see what they have in these two veterans, it really couldn’t be much worst than Hafners production over the past several months, both are veterans and if they don’t work out, DFA.

      IF they are determinated to make a move and have insight on the pending A-Rod circus, a league average 3B would be nice but if they feel A-Rod can appeal and play this year, let it ride.

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      A lot of people had the same question about Jorge Vazquez.

  • OldYanksFan

    How much fun is this?
    A-Rod wants to be a ‘role model’

    However, this answers an asked question.
    MLB may try to suspend Rodriguez under its collective bargaining agreement instead of its drug rules, according to The Associated Press. If MLB goes ahead with the suspension under the labor deal, Rodriguez would lose virtually any chance of delaying the penalty while he appeals the case.

    That means ARod is done for this year… even if he appeals.

  • BigBlueAL

    Some talk about trading for Alberto Collapso to play 3B. Meh. Better than Lillibridge and Nix though at least.

  • Travis L.

    If the Yankees cant get Michael Young or Alberto Callaspo, would they consider trying to pry Kevin Frandsen away from Philly? I know he isn’t great or anything and his past stats are terrible, but last year and this year have been decent. He would be an upgrade over Nix, Cruz and Adams, right?

  • Bubba

    What’s up with da judge? Haven’t seen any reports on DotF?

  • Carlos Danger

    Still waiting for something to happen, all this chatter with no imminent moves on the horizon. Lets get these trades rolling!

    It would be a dick move by MLB to wait until after the deadline to announce suspensions, just do the damn thing already! I keep waiting for a list of names, but just more postponing.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

      Apparently the yanks are in on Rios and the Pirates are out. As per MLB mobile app news.

      • Carlos Danger

        I saw that, then I saw they were not with “Granderson on the mend.” Who knows what’s really going on, OF really isn’t a need they need a third baseman.

        • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

          Yeah, you’re probably right, its looking more and more like Alex will not play this season.

  • The Real Greg

    Going to give a little statement here. RIP Eileen Brennan.

    Clue was one of my favorite movies as a kid and looking back it had a hugely underrated cast with Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Michael McKean, Lesley Ann Warren, Brennan, and Tim Curry.

    • cheddar

      RIP indeed. She was absolutely brilliant in Private Benjamin.

    • Pat D

      She’s not in this clip, but this is what I always think of with her in Clue.

      (And, yes, Clue is very underrated)


    • forensic

      Clue is a great movie.

      She was also in Murder By Death which also had a great cast and was sort of a spoof of the Clue-type of movies. Also a good movie.

      • The Real Greg

        Yeah that movie is funny too.

        IT! IT is confusing! Say your goddamn PRONOUNS!

  • SDB

    Glad to see Houston up 3-0 over the Orioles (even if Wei Yin Chen’s starting in my fantasy league, I’ll happily take a loss for him and plenty of ER if it gives the O’s a loss here.)

    Heck of a play to get that third run with Villar stealing home.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Joe Saunders fucking sucks.

    • SDB


  • BigBlueAL

    Anyone here have the Yankeeography Collectors Edition DVD Megaset?? I have the original Megaset and never bought the new Collectors Edition set because it was really expensive and assumed most of the episodes were already in the Megaset I had.

    But Ive noticed on Amazon the Collectors Edition Megaset is now only 40 bucks. I havent been able to find an actual list of the episodes to compare it to the set I have. Anyone here have it and can fill me in if its worth it?? Anyone actually have both and can tell me if its worth buying the newer set even if I have the older set??

    I live in Miami so while I still get to watch all the Yankee games with Extra Innings I dont have DirecTV (I have Comcast cable) so I dont get YES so I dont get to see shows like Yankeeography. So for me its cool and somewhat worth it to buy the DVD sets. Plus I love buying sports DVD sets period, have a bunch of Yankee DVD’s.

    Thanks for any info from anyone who can help me out.

    • Pat D

      I’ve looked, but I haven’t been able to find an episode listing, either. Really annoying.

      • Pat D

        Actually, this article implies it includes the episodes from 2002 to 2009.


        This is the best listing I can find for episodes:


      • BigBlueAL

        Yeah it really is annoying. I did read a review where the person mentioned it had the episodes of the 1996 and 1998 season which is awesome.

        If it remains at 40 bucks I will definitely get it in the next couple of months regardless of the fact the majority of the episodes I already have Im sure. Also read a review that said there are something like 16 episodes that havent been released on DVD so thats a big plus too.

  • Carlos Danger

    I loved these west coast games when I lived in Seattle but man do they suck living on the east coast. At least the days of the four hour games are a thing the past, it should be over by midnight they way the Yanks play now a days.

    I’d like to see the figures on teams average games in relation to win/loss records, does FanGraphs do that?

  • The Real Greg

    Houston blew a 3 run lead against the O’s thanks to Chris Davis and a 2 run dinger.

    And Zach Wheeler of the Mets has a no-no through 6 against the Marlins

  • sangreal

    Rios fouled a ball off his foot and had to leave the game, so there goes that

  • Hall and Nokes

    Screw Profar I want Andrelton Simmons. Get Wren drunk Cash!

    • forensic

      Just what they need, another guy with a sub-.300 OBP.

      • Hall and Nokes

        BABIPfail, which seems to be an odd epidemic for the Barves this year. His bWAR is better than Jeter’s since the 2009 WS. He’s played 150 games.

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      Not sure getting Wren drunk helps your chance to screw Profar.

    • Oy

      I’d try to pry Pastornicky away.


    Girardi should be fired for helping the cowgirls!!!!!!!!!! This is New York not Dallas…………

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