A-Rod comes out swinging during post-rehab game press conference

(Rich Schultz/Getty)

(Rich Schultz/Getty)

Alex Rodriguez started what is supposed to be a quick little two-game rehab stint with Double-A Trenton last night, hitting a long homerun and playing five innings at third base. During his post-game press conference, the team’s third baseman came out swinging with some thinly-veiled accusations. Here are the quotes, courtesy of Ronald Blum:

“There are a lot of layers,” he said after homering Friday night for the Double-A Trenton Thunder in his return from a leg injury. “I will say this: There is more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. And that’s not my teammates and it’s not the Yankee fans.”


“I think it is pretty self-explanatory. I think that is the pink elephant in the room,” he said. “I think we all agree that we want to get rid of PEDs. That’s a must. I think all the players, we feel that way. But when all this stuff is going on in the background and people are finding creative ways to cancel your contract and stuff like that, I think that’s concerning for me, it’s concerning for present — and I think it should be concerning for future players, as well.”

Poor Alex can’t even get through a simple cliche without messing it up. He also said he expects to return to the team Monday in Chicago “unless I get hit by lightning, and these days you never know.”

Anyway, it’s obvious A-Rod is referring to the Yankees here, and he isn’t exactly wrong. There have been countless reports in recent weeks and months suggesting the Yankees are trying to find a way to wiggle out of the 4+ years and $90M-something left on his contract, not to mention all the stuff about MLB wanting him out of the league. He’s just saying what we all know.

Between the recent Mike Francesa interview shenanigans and these quotes, basically all the public barbs the two sides (technically three sides) have traded in recent weeks, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: if A-Rod goes down, he’s going down with guns blazing. I’m not going to lie, part of me is looking forward to the ensuing chaos. It will be fascinating.

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  1. dkidd says:

    the most interesting man in the world

    • Tisha says:

      Most selfish, arrogant person in the world with biggest ego.

      • vicki says:

        meh, i know plenty just as selfish and arrogant. i may be one. at least the rod has the resume to back it up.

        can’t all be humble, noble christian martyrs like you.

      • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain) says:

        A lot of baseball players say he is a huge team player so I wouldn’t call him selfish. He probably has a huge ego though.

    • trr says:

      No one should care what this individual says or thinks. The team need only squeeze what value they can from the small amount of talent he has left, then abandon him to his insanely well-paid retirement.

  2. CountryClub says:

    I’ll be shocked if A-Rod is on the Yankees in 2015. I don’t think he’s going to get a lifetime ban, or if he does he’ll get it overturned, but the Yankees will eventually just send him away and pay his contract.

    • RetroRob says:

      They may want to try and negotiate an exit by creating an uncomfortable situation, yet I can think of no reason for him to accept it. He also might turn around and sue the Yankees for damages, raising their potential loss.

      • Laz says:

        His contract gives him the potential for many bonuses too.

      • Tisha says:

        he is hardly poor , no matter if the Yankees get out of part of the salary. The Rangers owe him 40 million , that will start to kick in 2016 thru 2025. Two paychecks the last 2 years he could be a Yankee.

        This is all about the money with Ass Rod. He don’t care about helping this team, it is all about sticking it to the Yankees, the steroid freak.

        • JMK says:

          If you say the same stupid comment enough times, does it become valid? There’s no reason to believe he doesn’t care about helping the team win games. In fact, that might be among the few things he actually does care about. There’s also no hard evidence he’s taken steroids since like 2004.

  3. matt montero says:

    “I’m not going to lie, part of me is looking forward to the ensuing chaos. It will be fascinating.”

    Exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t really care that it’s ARod that’s going down, up until about two years ago, he was one of my favorite players ever. It will just be incredibly entertaining to what the shit show that will go on if ARod get’s a lifetime ban or has his contract voided. My popcorn is ready, can’t wait until Monday, or whenever they decide to announce the suspensions at this point, for it to get rolling.

  4. Chris says:

    Might have been my favorite post in quite some time. Very interested to see how it all ends as well.

  5. What a douche. Granted the Yanks and MLB probably want him gone forever, but this asshat is going out of his way to further escalate the dumpster fire.

    I don’t care if he can help the 2013 Yanks (which he can), I’m done with him. That’s coming from someone who’s defended the guy and his postseason #s in the past.

    On another note, if MLB really has enough evidence to ban him for like, then why cut a deal? Just ban the guy and be done with him. It sounds like MLB is trying to get him to agree to a lesser ban because they don’t want to show their cards.

    Just for Ss & Gs…if lighting struck him and killed him, how would that effect the salary?

    • Captain Turbo says:

      Of course he’s escalating this and good for him. The Steinbrenners are trying to weasel out of the awful contract they signed by being dishonest and unscrupulous and collaborating with the corrupt Selig. A-Rod should fight this until the bitter end and I admire his fighting spirit. Face it, the era of the Stenbrenners is pretty much over at this point. They should just sell the team and get it into the hands of competent owners.

      • Havok9120 says:

        See, before, most of your defense of ARod and attacks against the owners were at least based on something close to fact. Now you’re just making things up.

      • Tisha says:

        Captain Turbo

        Of course he’s escalating this and good for him. The Steinbrenner’s are trying to weasel out of the awful contract they signed by being dishonest and unscrupulous and collaborating with the corrupt Selig. A-Rod should fight this until the bitter end and I admire his fighting spirit. Face it, the era of the Steinbrenner’s is pretty much over at this point. They should just sell the team and get it into the hands of competent owners.
        collaborating with Selig? What are you on? Selig dislikes the Yankees and would nothing to help them financially .
        What are you a relative ? What a crazy rant.

      • vicki says:


        i mean, if we’re going to get a conspiracy going.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      That’s what’s beautiful about this. If ARod refuses to go down, MLB has a bit of a dilemma. People tend to forget ARod has a binding contract, not just with the Yankees, but with MLB. Baseball can only abrogate the contract if ARod is in breach. And if ARod chooses to fight a suspension, MLB must provide evidence that he is in breach that would hold up in a civil court.

      The dilemma, of course, is that they are relying on Anthony Bosch, but it’s not clear Bosch would testify in court. He is currently the subject of a federal probe, and testifying in a civil case could easily result in self-incrimination, or perjury. So it’s not clear he would continue to cooperate if it went to court.

  6. Laz says:

    Could get tricky.
    Lawyers will really have to decode the CBA, and question the BioGen documents. As of right now there isn’t any proof that Arod took the drugs is there? Only that he may or may not have purchased them. To me, the media is trying to make him out to be much more of a demon than he really is. I don’t think the union would go along with a lifetime ban either. I’m surprised they have been so quiet this far. It sets a bad precedent if Selig is trying to overstep the set penalties.

    • Stian says:

      According to the JDA, he is not allowed to be in possesion on them, which he is if he bought them. This is covered, and they pretty much got that under the wraps.
      The union, which is the players, are getting sick and tired of cheaters, and dont want to harbour the guys breaking these rules, and therefor they have said that they will not back them in this case. If you are surprised by this, you havent read enough about the case

  7. Lou says:

    We’re never gonna know the truth probably. What evidence does MLB have exactly on Alex? Everyone is going to assume that Selig/Torre/Steinbrenner/Levine all were in on this. The Yankees organization is getting dragged thru the mud along with Arod, IMO. I think its time for a Yankee change from the top down; Steinbrenners sell, Cashman leaves, new manager, out with the old players and in with the new.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Who are these new players you speak of and how are we acquiring them and getting rid of the bad contracts? And why are the Steinbrenners selling? And why are they replacing a manager that baseball people think of as average to good?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Name change to “New York Lou’s.”

  8. FIPster Doofus says:

    “if A-Rod goes down, he’s going down with guns blazing.”

    He’s the Heisenberg of baseball.

  9. itsallhowuseeit says:

    Im probably going to get blasted for this, but I like A Rod, always have. And now with the way the Yanks and MLB are being shady about this whole mess they are turning Alex into the under dog. No one is clean in this, MLB looked the other way for years while these lumberjacks stuck needles in eachother and hit 540 foot home runs. Why cause it put people back in the seats after the strike. MLB needs to understand that all this is making more and more people lose interest in the sport or think everyone is cheating.

    • LazzeriScooter says:

      Please shut up.

      This is the prime destination for the “Save Alex, the poor victim; Destroy evil Selig & Yankee F.O.” campaign. Any post that begins like that is just too ridiculous and ignorant to take seriously.

      Anywho, why do you like him? Alex is proven serial liar, cheater throughout his pro career. Every moment that has shaped your experience about Rodriguez is based on unending innuendo and fraud. Do you admire individuals like that? Does it give a sense of wonder and elation to cheer on a universally acknowledged and proven crook?

      Please go away on Monday along with your “hero”.

      • JMK says:

        You know that not everyone likes athletes for their sense of virtue, right? Do you only root for the players who have committed no transgressions and donate their days to charity?

      • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

        What does that mean, “serial liar”? Did he lie three times in a row, or something like that?

        Anyway, don’t get your post. First you tell the guy to shut up, then you start throwing questions at him. Do you want him to answer the questions, or to shut up?

    • TiredOfTheRoidParaid says:

      +1.. While McGuire and Sosa were doing steroids it was ok. Where’s the lifetime ban for them? They were caught cheating. There’s no positive test for A Rod. The Yankees signed him to a horrible contract, he is healthy(for now), and he is a better option than anything else we have.. let the man play. If the Yankees were stupid enough to sign him to that deal, they should have to pay. Selig can go to hell.. these players haven’t failed any tests(with the exception of Braun), they should be allowed to play. If they fail any tests suspend them otherwise let them play. I buy tickets to see my TEAM play.. every single player on the team.

  10. My prediction: ARod gets suspended for the rest of this season and all of 2014. They will about $60 million left of on his deal, the Yanks and him negotiate a buyout for 45-50 of that million. He goes on to sign with the Marlins and no one cares.

    • kenthadley says:

      Maybe he should sign with the Orioles…Buck the Shmuck is so worried about him, they could shower together after each game.

    • RetroRob says:

      I’m pretty sure he can’t do that. The player’s union won’t allow a player to negotiate his contract down because of pressure from his current team. He’s have to retire, which means he’d lose the money, unless he negotiates a deal with the Yankees where he retires, but then they negotiate another, non-player contract where he becomes they pay him his 61M. They actually still benefit as it removes the it from the luxury tax calculations and he still gets his money. That’s about the only negotiation I can see where A-Rod gets him money and the Yankees get some relief. Yet A-Rod would have to accept that he’s retired. I don’t see that happening either.

    • Esteban says:

      I don’t think he takes any less than he’s owed.

      • LazzeriScooter says:

        what is he owed? Didn’t the front office that put their faith in him deserve anything such as the truth?

        Alex signed that contract on fraudulent basis and in any fair sense does not deserve one dime from the ownership group. That is how it works in the real world or at least should.

        The guy’s an unrepentant charlatan to the highest order and it saddens me so to read so many individuals siding with such a vile creature. But no our animosity should be directed at the parties that are trying to rid our sport of a such a rotten figure.

        No one made Alex into what he today except himself. He deserves all the suffering and humiliation that ensues.

        • TiredOfTheRoidParaid says:

          Yeah because suffering and humiliation is good for everyone every once in a while. Hey why don’t we lure him into and alley and beat the hell out of him too… he deserves it.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Actually, I was thinking along the same lines, but instead with the Marlins picking up maybe $25m and the Yankees eating the rest.
      Your way makes the Mets’ Bobby Bonilla deal seem sensible. Ha!

  11. tmoney says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see Arod playing third base Monday? We need any upgrades we can get right now.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Nope. I want him out there too. Anything that makes this mediocre, boring team better and more watchable. A-Rod does both.

    • Havok9120 says:

      No you’re not. I want him out there ASAP.

      • LazzeriScooter says:

        Agreed, Havok. Thanks for having some common sense and decency.

        Nothing worse to watch a mediocre team… Except if that mediocre team forsakes any remaining honor by playing the disgraceful crook A-Rod playing through a forfeited career and any team that allows him to infect them.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      My biggest dream right now: Alex in the lineup on Monday.
      My biggest dream on steroids (hee): Alex in the lineup on Monday hitting multiple homers.

  12. RetroRob says:

    If I had to guess, Selig will not banish A-Rod from the game forever, but he can still use the “best interests” clause to ban A-Rod through 2014.

  13. itsallhowuseeit says:

    A determined A Rod could be the spark this team needs. I see him starting on Monday and going on a ridiculous hot streak. Bottom line he makes the line up better.

    • LazzeriScooter says:

      Really? Why?

      Because he hit a homer against some scrubs in the minors?

      There is no reason that will translate against pro pitchers who have an idea how to get has been like this broken down cheater out routinely over the last few years.

  14. Larry says:

    Am I the only one they hopes Selig drops dead and A rod just gets to play and we all move on?

  15. ROBTEN says:

    What I expect to happen Monday:

    After a first inning in which the Yankees not only go down 1-2-3, but also see Brett Gardner sustain a thumb injury after sliding into first, the Yankees begin the second inning with A-Rod at the plate. On a 1-2 count, A-Rod sends the next pitch into the left-field bleachers to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead. Yankee fans everywhere cheer and call for the firing of Cashman. Cashman tells them to shut the f-up. After two innings in which the Yankees only get one player to second base but once again lose Granderson when a peanut vendor accidentally throws a bag too hard, missing the patron and hitting Granderson in the arm and fracturing his bones, A-Rod comes up. However, before taking a swing the umpire announces that Bud Selig has suspended A-Rod for life. Yankee fans everywhere declare that they knew it all along, and call for his contract to be voided. In-between innings, rumors circulate that A-Rod is working on a plea deal for 300 games and a book of car-wash coupons for Bud Selig’s Cadillac. Even though he’s no longer his agent, Boras declares that A-Rod will have an opt-out after 35 coupons, however. After filing an appeal, and with the Yankees behind 5-1, A-Rod is allowed to bat in the ninth. He strikes out and Yankee fans everywhere boo. Selig announces a new investigation into the “Zoe-Creation” lab and offers a $1 million reward to whoever will start such a lab and implicate A-Rod.

  16. mt says:

    In a sick twisted way, even for me as a Yankee fan, this Arod saga is much more interesting than what the boring listless 2013 Yanks are doing on the field and even the specter of trying to get the Yankees back to the level of a perennial playoff team in 2014.

    If Arod still gets to play next week (i.e., Selig does not do the nuclear option and Arod gets to appeal his suspension under the drug-related suspension part of the CBA), I hope Girardi and other Yankees are ready for an absolute circus – none of the reporters will care about Yankees as a team struggling to make playoffs; reporters all will be there to track “Arod the car wreck”. I particularly can see Girardi blowing up through this circus – his team playing like crap and it will Arod fixation all day.

    It should be fascinating if Selig lets Arod play through appeal.

  17. Gonzo says:

    I wonder how this is going to play out in the next couple of days. This could all just be posturing by him. Like when Boras used to have a kid say he was going to play JUCO or college ball. Then again, he could be deadly serious.

    Basically, it’s about the dollars. In the end, the lawyers win.

  18. Jayray says:

    The idea that the Yankees are trying to “weasel” out of a bad contract is ridiculous and unfounded. Like any employer who entered into a contract that’s become terrible, they’d like nothing more than to be relieved of it. But the Yankees aren’t in charge here or directing the course of events. MLB and Arod are. The idea that the Yankees have acted unethically or illegally and that poor Arod is the victim is insane. We have arrived at this moment because of Arod — he brought it upon himself. Whatever evidence MLB has we’ll all know soon. And when Arod is suspended he has every right to fight it. But to blame the Yankees here for any thing more than making a bad deal (which, lest we forget, didn’t look bad at all in 2009) is ludicrous. The fact of the matter is that Arod has hurt baseball and, if he’s suspended and can’t play, it hurts the Yankees on the field.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Fine. But if the Yankees out of the blue schedule ANOTHER minor league rehab session for A-Rod on Monday morning, then it would demonstrate that all along they’ve been purposely delaying his comeback, waiting for Selig’s lifetime ban, so that he NEVER plays another game in pinstripes again. And that, is unethical at the very least.

      • KayGee says:

        Arod pulled himself out of a game with a quad injury and could not play the next day. He was sent for an MRI which revealed a grade 1 strain. Seems pretty normal to me, considering Jeter was sent through the exact same fucking course of rehab even though he was “fine”. You Arod defenders are a bunch of fucking shitheads. The Yankees, MLB, doctors, MLBPA are ALL in on a big scheme to bring down Arod. This is ALL his doing.

        • LazzeriScooter says:

          Amen & Thank you, KayGee!!

          Someone needs to set these delusional Rodriguez defenders straight. It really is pathetic and disgusting watching so many in the fan base defraud themselves defending one of the most unethical man to ever play the sport.

          • Kiko Jones says:

            “It really is pathetic and disgusting watching so many in the fan base” resort to unwarranted attacks just because they disagree with you.

            And fuck you with a rusty pipe KayGee. How’s that?

      • Carlos Danger says:

        This. Selig and Cashman have some splaning to do.

    • nsalem says:

      To think that the Yankees execs and MLB execs never discussed how to resolve this is ridiculous.

      • RS says:

        I don’t like A-Rod but to think that this wasn’t discussed between Selig and the Yanks is ridiculous. Remember folks, Selig represents the owners when it comes to labor disputes with players.

  19. jim p says:

    Does A-Rod’s contract forbid him being sent to the minor leagues? If he goes for 2014, back in 2015, I could see the Yanks tempted to give him the Kei Igawa path. And insist he ride the team buses, stay with the lesser hotels, etc. down in Double-A. Just try to wear him down, and out, of the game.

  20. Vern Sneaker says:

    Chances of making playoffs without A-Rod: 0
    Chances of making playoffs with A-Rod: 0

    Chances I care about what happens to A-Rod: 0

  21. nsalem says:

    The Yankees and MLB have been shady for a very long time. I think the last thing they want is a prolonged battle in the courts because they may very well lose and the public will find that there laundry is much dirtier than A-Rod’s. This nonsense reminds me of the 80′s, sort of a combination of the Spira scandal and the collusion against the free agents. MLB and the Yankees were the losers in both these wars and I think they will be again. Yes the union is not as hardcore as they were 25 years ago, but I think this lifetime ban threat is ludicrous and fascistic and the union will line-up on A-Rods side. If A-Rod cheated he deserves the punishment and should serve the time according to the CBA. It’s pretty obvious he’s done wrong. However I also strongly believe the Yankees and MLB’s actions should be made public and they should be held accountable for their actions both civilly and criminally. The Yankees signed A-Rod to the worse contract ever. They were warned by their GM not do it and they proceeded to do sign him anyway. No one but a gun to Hank’s head. Now they want to exact a pound of flesh for their stupidity. I don’t think this will work. Maybe Randy Levine and Hank will get the lifetime ban.

    • Kiko Jones says:


      • LazzeriScooter says:

        -10000001 + infinite

        Completely disagree. This contract nonsense only became a disaster because Alex’s body broken done completely due to massive PED use and lying to all parties that tried to help him.

        How in heaven’s name do you compare it to the Winfield debacle is beyond any rational thinking. Winfield was one of the classiest, most professional men to ever play the sport and was completely undeserved of the wrath that George brought upon him.

        So Dave Winfield was innocent to any immoral activity and his only failing was some bad October performances. What immoral and illegal crime involving baseball rules and standards has Mr. Rodriguez not violated?

        The Yankee front office and MLB is absolutely in the right to rid the sport of its most unscrupulous player.

        • nsalem says:

          Your opinions about A-Rod have been formed through what you have read or watched in the media as your opinions have been formed on Dave Winfield. You obviously believe most of the things written about A-Rod are true. I don’t and am waiting for ARod to have his day in court before I form my opinion. If you think that makes me irrational, good for you.

          • RS says:

            I don’t think A-Rod is innocent but everything that we’ve heard in the media is info from “sources” and leaks. I’m waiting for the official word from MLB.

  22. Bo Knows says:

    Arod also spoke a little more in depth about his plans here’s the rest of the clip

  23. Simon B. says:

    “I’m not going to lie, part of me is looking forward to the ensuing chaos. It will be fascinating.”

    This is an interesting approach, and I agree with it. :)

    For most of this steroids stuff, I’m so entirely sick of it, and wish we could just let it die, but I think this will be a fun development to follow. When the whole opting out and resigning kerfuffle happened, I was so shocked and pissed that the Yankees gave him such an awful contract. I became a little bit less of a Yankee fan that day, and I’ve been biding my time a little, waiting for the ten years to end to free us of his contract. The recent developments, as bad as they are for losing his production, give me a little bit of hope that maybe we can get rid of him a few years earlier than anticipated.

  24. mt says:

    The other thing that I don’t understand is the Buck Showalter accusation – yes, Yanks will benefit financially if Arod suspended for a long time. However, the whole CBA luxury tax which was pushed by Bud was meant to penalize Yanks. Yet now Bud wants to help Yankees out? Can someone explain that? People are throwing out that Bud is “doing this for the Yankees” as if it is fact.

    If shoe were on the other foot and say, if it was red Sox’ David Ortiz with a horrible contract and a pending suspension, I too as a Yankee fan would be pissed off if Red Sox could get out of a bad contract by a lifetime ban by Selig for steroids. Believe me. I totally get that.

    However, to take the “conspiracy” next step, and try to say MLB should not take action that it feels it should for the offenses committed by Arod just because Yanks would be helped financially as a byproduct, comes off as sour grapes.

    Under the CBA ,suspensions are unpaid and help reduce luxury tax levels. Howver, similarly under the same CBA, Arod’s potential defrauding of Yankees with his guaranteed salary since 2007 while potentially taking steroids cannot be recovered by Yankees (unlike other contracts in the private sector where fraud can be proven). Where is Buck complaining about that piece of it?

  25. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    A-Rod, you’re wrong about one thing: Not all the fans want you to come back. I hope the Yanks or MLB win and get rid of that contract. MAybe after this year though, it would be nice to get him back for the stretch run I suppose. But if I had to choose between getting him back for the rest of the year and ending that damn contract, I’ll end the contract 11 times out of ten and twice on Sundays

    I do hate Hal, though. As owner, of course. I know nothing about him as a person.

  26. Yankee Fan 1 says:

    I want to live in Arod’s world where I take no accountability for my actions and blame everyone else for my problems.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Exact same thing can be said about Selig, the MLB and the Yankee organization.

      • Yankee Fan 1 says:

        “This is typical Alex,” one Yankee official told the Daily News on Saturday. “Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he blames everybody else. It wasn’t the Yankees who introduced [RODRIGUEZ]to Anthony Bosch. It wasn’t the Yankees who introduced him to Dr. Galea, or anybody else.”

        MLB isn’t totally in the right about how they are handling things, but AROD BROUGHT THIS ON HIMSELF. It’s a key point that some people seem to be forgetting.

        • Kiko Jones says:

          NO ONE is clamoring for A-Rod’s absolution. He should face the pertinent punishment for whatever he did. What rubs some folks the wrong way is MLB railroading the guy. There’s a difference between being his apologist and wanting to see him treated fairly. That’s all.

          • yankee fan 1 says:

            Ok I can agree with that statement. Alex’s comments yesterday just completely rubbed me the wrong way yesterday because he took no responsibility at all for anything going on.

  27. CashmanNinja says:

    This A-Rod ass kissing is getting really pointless. He’s not the same A-Rod as in the past. He’s older, he’s much more injury prone, he’s slower, and he’s not worth $20+ million. Right now he’s doing nothing except creating even more drama. He acts like he’s the victim here. He’s the one who started EVERYTHING. The whole biogenesis thing is because of him. He’s even supposedly dragged teammates into it as well. Colon, Cervelli, Montero, and Melky…I remember Cano even being linked to it, but nothing illegal. The fact of the matter is that he is a cancer and is hurting the team more than he could ever help it.

    “I think we all agree that we want to get rid of PEDs. That’s a must. I think all the players, we feel that way.”

    Ok…so he feels that PEDs need to be gone and that every player thinks the same way. Well then why are there all of these 20 players linked to Biogenesis for *gasp* PEDs? If they wanted them gone so much they would have not gotten them. If A-Rod had been so against PEDs because of the “integrity of the game” then he wouldn’t have been juicing in Texas. Yet now that he’s been caught all of a sudden PEDs are sooo evil and everyone is out to get him. He committed fraud in order to obtain one last big contract (the biggest ever). Suddenly when it becomes apparent that he cheated he wants to bash the Yankees and MLB saying they’re being mean for not wanting him to get his money. He signed his contract; his deal was to play baseball and help them win. That doesn’t mean to dance around the drug testing policy and CBA rules in order to gain a ‘competitive advantage’. He flat out cheated and got caught. Now he’s mad because they’re trying to make sure he doesn’t get all of the $$ he would have gotten had he done in the right way.

    This team is just a ship in the water going wherever the flow takes it. A-Rod isn’t going to suddenly jump start them. People here act like this is 28 year old A-Rod. Add 10 years onto that and that’s what you’re really getting. That and a ton of baggage.

    • nsalem says:

      Your ignorant, constant and never ending rants are what’s pointless.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      If A-Rod had been so against PEDs because of the “integrity of the game” then he wouldn’t have been juicing in Texas.

      Watch this…

      If [Selig] had been so against PEDs because of the “integrity of the game” then [why did he look the other way during "The Steroid Era"]?

      How’s that?

      • Justice says:

        Who cares about Sammy Sosa and Mark, clearly there wasn’t any rules to persecute and suspend players back then, so then what is your solution? To let them all get away because some others did 15 years ago ? Might as well let pitchers get away with using foreign substances on the mound since we all know they used to get away with it years ago and the league didn’t do anything about it. Stop making stupid excuses, he has nobody but himself to blame in all of this.

  28. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Amanda Bynes-level delusional, or just posturing before he gets hit by the Mac truck on Monday?

    Almost makes me feel bad for him. Instead, I just feel generally sad for him, the team, and myself.

  29. Bartolo's Colon says:

    Where can I get a team a-rod tshirt?

  30. b-rar says:

    A-Rod could shoot a steroid/heroin cocktail directly into his ballsack while standing on the mound between innings at the Little League World Series and it wouldn’t be a tenth as sleazy as the collusion between Selig and the Yankees front office.

  31. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I had my yearly eye exam yesterday and, to what should be no one’s surprise, wound up talking nothing but Alex with my eye doctor throughout the exam. I have to say his point of view makes perfect sense to me. He spoke about how these athletes like Alex and Tiger Woods, who’ve been told they were special since they were kids and have been surrounded by “handlers” half their lives, are as indebted to their twenty attorneys, handlers, and inner circle as they are to everyone else, if not more. How much of the drive to return and collect that contract is the player, and how much is the player needing to keep those people on the payroll, lest they spill the beans on everything else they know about him? It’s definitely been on my mind a ton since.

    • Gonzo says:

      Yeah. It’s hard for some us to imagine what it’s really like to grow up that way. It has to change a person.

    • kenthadley says:

      Good point…what the public has seen is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who can say in front of a camera that the main thing is to rid the game of steroids, when he’s the prime steroid user, is prone to a lot of behavior that’s just “a handler” away from hitting the media. Same behavior that he leveraged as the “clean pursuer” of the homerun record while negotiating the last contract. He’s created his own reality so much that there must be a ton of dirt to be uncovered with this guy.

  32. Larry says:

    Gary Sanchez promoted to double A. Dinner on A rod!

  33. YankeeFan says:

    Can Mike or anyone explain this to me as to why Melky, Colon, and Grandal are apparently not subject to another suspension? I understand A-Rod is the big fish here but aren’t that trio the worst of the worst? They 1. Failed a drug test & received 50-game suspensions already and 2. Now are linked to Biogenesis. Shouldn’t those 3 be facing the stiffest penalties instead of no penalty? It just appears hypocritical to me.

    Also, as much as I want to ‘blame A-Rod’ this whole thing is on the Yankees FO. It was their contract offer to A-Rod that has led to this disaster. It’s also amazing how quickly things can fall off in less than a year. Remember before A-Rod got hit by that Felix pitch in late July how hot he was and actually looking like vintage A-Rod. Since then, it has been a complete pitfall.

    • Gonzo says:

      We’ll know with certainty if those guys got nothing on Monday. We also don’t know what the evidence says in relation to them either. You might be right, but I think it’s too soon to say that with any type of conviction.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      That may be punishing them twice for the same ‘crime’. Those 3 were already suspended. The Biogenisis thing just confirms their positive tests.

      • Bill says:

        Exactly. In all likelihood the evidence against them in Biogenisis is directly linked to their positive tests which they’ve already been suspended for. If there was additional evidence linking them to infractions that weren’t related to this positive test (i.e. different timelines) then they would deserve a greater suspension for a 2nd offense.

    • Bronx Prairie Dog says:

      Whoa, YankeeFan – you sound like A-Rod, blaming the Yankees’ FO for “this whole thing.” The Yankees agreed to an awful contract, sure; it ain’t the first, and it won’t be the last (although it may well be the dumbest). But this shitstorm has nothing to do with Alex’s contract – it’s about his PED use over a long period, lying about it, and allegedly attempting to impede MLB’s investigation. Neither his contract nor the Yankees’ FO is responsible for THAT – it’s on A-Rod alone. Blaming the Yankees is falling into A-Rod’s PR trap, because that’s all it is. The Yankees may get relief, but that’s just an effect of all this garbage, not the cause of it.

  34. Ian Ziering says:

    A-Rod is going out in his own way–raising up a Sharknado and trying to avoid being the chum. It’s sadly far more watchable/enjoyable to follow then anything this ’13 team does on the field–unless you have started a drinking game based on how many times YES Broadcast team says “And the Yankees go down quietly…”.

    A-Rod is one of those guys who can’t even be a brat properly. He’s just unlikeable. That doesn’t mean I think he’s wrong about what he says, but he talks of how the game wants PED’s cleaned up and then cheats repeatedly. He acts as if the Yankees are unethical for wanting to rid themselves of him–now I agree-they have fault for giving him that stupid deal–but if they can get out of it due to A-Rod being a moron–why not? He created this potential out for them–not them.

    Bud Selig once again shows why he’s gutless. If you want to suspend people and make a statement-why offer any “deal” to lessen the punishment? Drop the hammer and if guys want to fight it–let them and if they lose add to their punishment by adding a game for every one they played while fighting the ruling. Instead–you get delays, deals, and rumors. Spineless as always.

    • b-rar says:

      Why offer a deal? Maybe to avoid scrutiny of the evidence, the source of which was the equivalent of a prison snitch?

      • Havok9120 says:

        Hence why no respectable criminal justice system ever offers plea deals.

        Wait, what?

        • RS says:

          If the crime is reprehensible enough, the prosecutors won’t offer a a plea deal.

          If a-rod’s role in this biogenesis scandal has been correctly reported, then he should get the boot. Yet they are offering him a deal. Something ain’t right.

          • JMK says:

            The vast majority of criminal cases result in a plea. Prosecutors are chiefly concerned with convictions; the sentence is usually pretty secondary.

  35. Skip says:

    Anyone else hear Stephen A. Smith on Sportscenter this morning talking about how ARod’s lawyers reached out and said that there have been no negotiations between ARod’s side and the MLB. They said that either MLB is just leaking false info or it is just between the MLB and the Yankees. This gets more fascinating by the moment, like a ridiculous movie.

  36. OldYanksFan says:

    Bud has been threatening to give ARod a lifetime ban (if you believe all the leaks) for 2 weeks now. Yet we are still waiting. Bottom line: If he thought he could get away with it cleanly, it would have happened already. It’s just a ploy to get ARod to sign off on waiving his appeal rights.

    I believe there is a ton of evidence against ARod. I think Bud could do a 150 game (or longer) suspension easily. But bud does NOT want ARod to appeal, and drag this saga on.

    And to suspend ARod under the rules that do NOT allow ARod to play during an Appeal, smack of ‘un-Americanism’. It would turn many against Bud and MLB, as even murderers are entitled their day in court.

    And ARod ain’t playing Bud’s game. He will force Bud’s hand. If Bud does not suspend ARod under the current CBA Drug rules (and therefore disallows ARod to play in 2013), there will be a shitstorm, and the Players Union may need to back ARod.

    I believe if Bud’s settlement offer to ARod was 150 games STARTING in 2014, I believe ARod would go along with it. I think Alex wants to play this year. I think that’s the sticking point.

    • Gonzo says:

      Two weeks isn’t that long when you objectively look at the decisions both sides have to make.

      We’ve come a long way from when this first broke and people were saying no suspensions until the offseason.

  37. RetroRob says:

    I think there is some truth to that. If I’m in A-Rod’s situation I’d be trying to avoid being suspended so that I couldn’t play baseball again until 2015. He’s recovering from surgery and the best way to recover his skills is to play. If he sits for two years it will do great damage to any ability to come back. At his age, missing two years would be an issue even if healthy. Coming off surgery, he needs to get back playing.

    I wonder if MLB and the Yankees could prevent A-Rod from still playing baseball elsewhere during his suspension? It would benefit him to go play in an independent league or Japan or somewhere.

    • RetroRob says:

      This was meant as a reply to OldYanksFan above.

    • vicki says:

      i’d say that would be an overreaching of authority, but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Most guys have clauses in their contract to prevent them playing for other leagues while under contract. While they might not be outright against the contract it’ll be something like “if you’re injured while active in any other sporting event your contract is void.” Like what happened to Aaron Boone which eventually caused the Yankees to sign for A-Rod. Imagine if he didn’t tear his ACL that day…

  38. OldYanksFan says:

    By the way, there has been a ton of information leaked throughout this whole sorted affair. It ALL has to come from Selig’s team… right? I mean, who else knows what Bud is ‘consdiering’… right?

    If ARod is guilty (and I’m 99.99% sure he is), then he should do the time. But can anyone defend the sleazy way Selig has handled this?

  39. Bill says:

    So long as ARod is suspended for all of next year allowing the Yankees to much more easily get under the luxury tax that’s all I really care about at this point.

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing him play this year. The alternatives at 3B are that bad. The Yankees only really have an outside shot at the playoffs, but their chances would be improved with him in the lineup.

  40. LazzeriScooter says:

    Sorry for my attitudes everbody. I am disapointed in A-Rod for being a cheat but my anger mostly comes from when I was 8 & my dad touched me in a bad way. I will try to be calmer in futures comments.

  41. Dalek Jeter says:

    To me the 3 sides are currently:

    Yankees: We regret the contract and he broke the rules and everybody thinks he’s kind of a dick. Let’s get out of this contract by any means necessary.

    MLB: Steroids are a hot button issue. A-Rod is a high profile target. He’s already pretty well hated for being sort of a dick. Lets make him the poster boy and go after this guy hard

    A-Rod: The Yankees and I agreed to this contract at a time when steroids were prevalent in baseball. I may have signed it in bad faith, but both parties agreed that I should be paid this money for playing baseball. If I’m suspended for using steroids, it should not be more severe just because people hate me.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Pretty much.

      • Justice says:

        pretty much nothing…

        He is not being suspended for more games for usage, he is being suspended for more days because he was not just an user, but also lied to investigators, on top of rumors that he brought in other players into the clinic and threat/intimidated some of the sources in order to destroy evidence, in other words obstruction.

        That’s why he is getting what he is getting, a well deserved suspension for possibly a year and a half.

  42. FreddyS914 says:

    Why are they trying to suspend ARod under the so called “integrity of baseball clause”? I guess all of the others did nothing to hurt the integrity of the game. Hell you can watch any game on any given day and someone will be doing something to hurt the integrity of the game be it a showboating player, an incompetent umpire,or a greedy owner. Yeah they can suspend ARod for his steroid use along with all the rest…just do it fairly. Baseball itself is hurting the integrity of the game by making it seem that ARod doing steroids is any worse than Nelson Cruz doing them

  43. Pat D says:

    I can’t wait to watch this play out either. I hope ARod exposes as many people as possible as he goes down. All these fucking hypocrites deserve to be exposed.

    To anyone whining about the “honor” of the game, kindly get the fuck over yourself. There has never been honor in baseball.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      This is why I’m sort of on Alex’s side. Everybody is all holier than thou when it comes to steroids these days, but have all either rooted for, played for, managed for, or owned teams who have had steroid users and relied on those steroid users to boost brand popularity and bring more money to the game. The ONLY reason the MLB is all antisteroids now has nothing to do with “the integrity of the sport” and has everything to do with “public opinion has now turned against steroids and we will make money by going after steroid users.”

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Pat D, Dalek Jeter: could not agree more with either of you.

  44. Kiko Jones says:

    So, let’s say A-Rod is suspended for 2014 and can return in 2015. Can he play in Japan and winter ball in the Dominican in the meantime, so that he can keep up physically? Or would that be against MLB rules and/or his contract?

    • RBC says:

      He can’t play in Japan because he is under contract with the Yanks until 2017. He would have to get permission from the Yanks to play ball in the DR.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

        If he is suspended, and does not get paid, I do not think the Yankees can prevent him from playing elsewhere during that time. It seems inconsistent with US laws around employment contracts, as I understand them.

        • Justice says:

          Suspension is not termination. Japan for example does not employ suspended MLB players, and in order for you to play overseas you still need permission from the parent team.

      • Justice says:

        @RBC, you are absolutely correct. I believe Sherman already mention it. The guy is still under an MLB contract and any attempt to play overseas without permission will be grounds for termination.

  45. Nathan says:

    ARod couldn’t avoid a disaster even if he was in a padded cell 24/7.

  46. Bronx Prairie Dog says:

    Mike, I can’t say I share your “looking forward to the chaos.” I already feel like I’m witnessing a car wreck in slow motion; you know what you’re watching is awful, but you can’t turn away. I feel somewhat ambivalent about PED use, but that’s not even the point here, which is A-Rod’s outrageous arrogance, gall, and narcissism. Personally, I’ve had more than enough of this dude, and I’d bet most of Alex’s teammates feel the same way. I’ve also had more than enough of the Biogenesis crap playing out via planted “leaks” every day in the media (last weekend, the buzz was the suspensions would be announced last Monday, and we’re already up to THIS Monday). This whole thing has already gone beyond the point of absurdity – drop the other friggin’ shoe already, MLB, so we can rightfully bitch through the dog days as we witness the main event train wreck: Ladies and gentelmen, I give you our 2013 Yankees!

  47. adeel says:

    Just to remind everyone, Arod’s 2007 contract was justified by the Yankee ownership because he was projected to pass Barry Bonds as the homerun king and we would have a “clean” homerun king. As soon as the dust settled from that contract, he was forced to admit to PED use. Horrible contract or not, can anyone think of any other job out there in the world where contracts can’t be voided for cheating?

    I am so conflicted, because I want him to play so that Yankees have some hope; and on the other hand I want him banned for life for tarnishing the Yankees.

    The lifetime ban is not for PED use, it is for aggressively trying to cover up his use and other players PEDS use. Whether he used PEDS or not becomes irrelevant if it is shown that he obstructed justice.

    Honestly, with Melky, Cervelli, and Colon on that list, I would not be surprised if he was in some way facilitating PEDS use.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      “Horrible contract or not, can anyone think of any other job out there in the world where contracts can’t be voided for cheating?” Every contract has a set of clauses that define what a breach is. You can possibly void a contract for a breach, but you can’t just make up some arbitrary “cheating” basis for voiding the contract.

      • Justice says:

        Cheating is not the reason why MLB is considering a ban, this will be considered option #2, where they don’t need a failed test in order to suspend him and they can make up an arbitrary number of days to suspend him. The life time ban is on the table IF MLB has proof that he violated paragraph 7(b)(3) and/or 7(b)(3)of the CBA. They don’t even have to prove he used them, just the fact that he is purchasing “drugs” is enough grounds to start an argument.

  48. FreddyS914 says:

    @ Adeel. Obstructing justice? When did MLB become the FBI? Could it be possible that Melky, Cervelli, Colon or for that matter anyone else on that list were facilitating PEDS use? I really hope that you don’t think that MLB and their lawyers did everything legally to obtain all of their information from Biogenesis. Plain and simple ARod is the biggest name out there and is being treated as the poster boy for steroid abuse. Think about it…yes ARod admitted to steroid use before and baseball handled it how they saw fit…Ryan Braun lied and denied everything, dragging baseball and a lot of innocent people through the mud along the way. So baseball logic says let’s ban ARod for life and Braun for 65 games

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      @Freddy. Good point on “obstructing justice”. People seem to be opining based on a belief that MLB is working on behalf of the legal system. At the core, this is MLB trying to get out of a contract. As with anyone else that has a contract agreement, you can only void it based on conditions that are enumerated in the contract, and need to be able to defend your position in civil court.

  49. Brian Strawman says:

    A-Rod should go full bad guy Hollywood Hogan NWA era. He is so hated he needs to embrace it. Call out selig, MLB cashman other players. Tell people what drugs he used with graphic details

  50. FreddyS914 says:

    Did MLB just recently approve a contract allowing Manny Ramirez to play for Texas? Is Mark McGwire not the hitting coach for the Dodgers? Hell Bonds may as well be named the next commissioner. But ARod who in all fairness has yet to fail a MLB approved drug test should be banned for life. Man I am missing something here

    • Justice says:

      Yes you are. MLB allowed Manny Ramirez to play for Texas because he served his suspension under the CBA. Mark McGwire can be a hitting coach because you can’t blame him for breaking rules that were put in place AFTER he left the game, and yes Barry Bonds can legally become a commissioner or even a hitting instructor. But Arod in all fairness ? He has already admitted to using PED not once but twice( you dont negotiate a plea if you think you are not guilty) and furthermore according to “the media sources” the evidence is not just him being an user, but also lying to investigators, attempting to destroy evidence and serving as a distributor. If MLB has evidence that he indeed did all of this than in all fairness to Arod he should be ban from baseball. There is a clause that pertains to public behavior and being good pubic citizens, it’s in the contract he (and every mlb player) signs.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

        “According to media sources”… Well, I’m convinced. Why doesn’t everyone just believe second-hand references to anonymous media sources? What more could you wish for? I mean, people are in such denial!

        • Justice says:

          So you really believe Arod is telling the truth? Go ahead, explain with details as to which parts you are having a problem with and then I will break it down for you. Just saying Second hand reference!!11!! to counter an argument yet everything you have it’s second hand itself sounds a bit silly

  51. Bronx Bombers23 says:

    I’m personally hoping for the lightning strike that A-Roid alluded to.

  52. Justice says:

    The only fact in here is that ARod took PED and lied once again about it. This whole excuse about how MLB and the Yanks are after him is just a delusional attempt to sway the facts that he is an addict. Again, he has NOBODY but himself to blame on this one, he already had the largest contract guaranteed even if he were to play at 40% of what he used to be, and he already had a ring. Only an addict would put all of that money at risk after he got everything he ever wanted. For those saying Arod can sue for damage of character, the first thing he will need to prove is that he never took PED, then MLB will bring all the evidence of him trying to work out a plea deal with MLB and not only answer as to why he was willing to forfeit some money (suspension without pay) but also how 10 other players were willing to take the same punishment without a fight. Arod can’t and won’t win in court for damage of character, he is already on record as having used PED now and before.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      Starting with “For those saying ARod can sue for damage…” absolutely nothing you say makes any sense. ARod probably couldn’t win a suit for defamation, but not for any of the reasons you cite.

      Just the fact that you talk to someone about a settlement in some dispute is not proof that the other side is in the right.

  53. Justice says:

    I’m beginning to think that some of you Arod fans are the type of parents that gets called because your child was suspended for 30 days for having Marijuana in his bag and then rather than reprimand your child you will argue that other kids 15 years ago used to get away it and that you believe your child should not be punished because of it, that he never used it since there was no evidence and then claim that you are not absolving your child of any wrongdoing, yet that’s exactly what you are doing.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

      Not all of us are ARod fans. Some one us just dislike Selig and his sycophants. Others just like to pick apart dumb arguments.

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