A-Rod suspends doubt about ability to hit, goes deep in rehab game

Yankees activate Curtis Granderson, and down Melky Mesa
Game 108: Granderson Returns, Part II

In his first minor league rehab game with Double-A Trenton, Alex Rodriguez went 1-for-2 with a walk and a long homerun to left-center field. Even the reporters who don’t like him admitted it was a bomb on Twitter. Here’s video. He struck out in his other at-bat.

A-Rod played five innings at third base as planning and fielded two ground balls. He’s scheduled to play seven innings with the Thunder tomorrow night, but who knows after that. Alex could join the team in Chicago for Monday’s series opener against the White Sox, or he could be suspended for life. I suppose there’s a chance this was the last homer of his career, and that kinda makes me sad.

Yankees activate Curtis Granderson, and down Melky Mesa
Game 108: Granderson Returns, Part II
  • Brian S.

    Can we have him for the rest of the season before he is suspended forever?

    • Ryan

      I seriously don’t think he will be suspended for life. It seems MLB is just using that as a threat to avoid arbitration hoping that he’ll accept the offered suspension and not fight it. Why do I think he won’t be banned for life? For one he’s only a first time PED offender (admitting it doesn’t count); secondly, whatever “obstruction” he’s responsible for committing (allegedly) anything short of breaking into Biogenesis and pissing in the file cabinets won’t be enough to ban him for life.

  • JonS

    I kinda want him to just go away. I’m tired of the drama that he brings. Not winning anyways.

    • Laz

      As he showed last year he can still be a decent hitter. What drama is he actually bringing? It seems like it is more the sports writers, and mlb bringing the drama.

      • Mac

        I guess the drama of the team actually scoring a few more runs?

    • Mac

      Team is 4 games out of the wild card. Getting a little more offense could easily spur a hot streak that puts them firmly in the playoff picture.

  • Rob

    I see what you did there…arod is administering suspensions, opposed to receiving them, ay

    • lightSABR

      He had to cheat a bit, too–usually suspending doubt is something you do when you don’t quite believe something but you want to give it a chance, sort of a “Your story sounds implausible, but I’m going to hear you out before I make up my mind” kind of thing.

      So the headline actually means, “A-Rod doubts he can still hit but decides to give it a chance, then goes deep in rehab game.” Which is probably not what Mike meant.

  • Bob Michaels

    Suspend him in the offseason.

  • lightSABR

    So torn. For the future (and for what he deserves), I’d love to see him suspended for life. For the present, I’d love to see him fight a suspension and manage to play out the season.

    But for honesty, I don’t anticipate either of those things. He’ll strike a deal, to be announced Monday, which will guarantee that

    1) he will not play for the Yankees until he’s too old to be worth anything, and

    2) he will still collect the majority of what he’s owed on the contract.

    In other words, the worst-case scenario for the Yankees is the most likely outcome. I hate this season.

  • forensic

    I know many won’t, but I’ll certainly miss him whenever he’s gone. I sure hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

    • lightSABR

      That was my attitude until I found out he’s accused of recruiting players for the clinic and obstructing the investigation, trying to destroy evidence, etc. If that’s false, I hope his name gets cleared, but I suspect it’s probably true. And if that’s the case, here’s hoping Bud bans him.

      • Kiko Jones

        If it’s false, his name WON’T be cleared b/c he’s A-Rod and “he probably did it, anyway” will be the general consensus. Don’t you know he’s the worst, most evil thing ever to happen to baseball? Ugh.

      • Mac

        Obviously I have no idea, but “recruiting” could easily be another way of saying that he simply shared information on where he was getting his PEDs. I doubt he was/is the only player doing so.

        And trying to “obstruct” an investigation seems like par for the course to me.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’ll miss him, and I’ll be sad that a friggin high school contemporary of mine, who I’ve probably followed longer than anyone on here, had his once-legendary career end in this fashion.

      Honestly, though, that first at-bat at YS3 is a bloodbath better off existing in my imagination only. Watching him struggle to put forth some sense of comeback, at 40, after a lengthy suspension, is better off existing in my imagination only. If anything, that HR tonight may be his last chance to leave with even an ounce left of dignity.

      If the evidence is what we think it is, he damn well deserves to be banned for life.

      The team will pull through without him. It’s not like a bunch of fourth-stringers haven’t kept this team in contention way past their expected sell-by date.

      • I’m One

        If the evidence is what we think it is, he damn well deserves to be banned for life.

        While I agree whole-heartedly with this, and while I’m not a huge A-Rod fan, this is also very disappointing. All we can do now, while we wait to hear the outcome of this circus, is think about what could have been.

  • parmesan

    It’s a damn shame if you ask me. The SPORT — ya know, BASEBALL, and all the great things that go along with it — has been completely forgotten in the midst of all this made-for-posturing bullshit. ARod should work a deal to play the rest of this season and help win this shitty team a trophy, then take a 250 game suspension and come back late 2015 and do it (the winning) again. Poor Bud, Lord NO!

    I feel like Barry Bond’s middle finger has gotten a little more backbone and a real boost in the past month. MLB can eat a Dick ens; variety Charlie company, with a dig-your-own-latrine boys! for good measure.

  • Steve (different one)

    ” I suppose there’s a chance this was the last homer of his career, and that kinda makes me sad.”

    Damn Mike.

    I’ll guess this thing lands on 150 games and he’s back after the all star break next year.

  • A.D.

    Call him up for tomorrow!

  • Naved

    It is Rivera’s last season for christ sakes. Fight the suspension and have ARod in the major league lineup asap. I rather have him right now than when his 39.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Alex struck out against minor league pitching.

  • ropeadope

    I’d love to see Alex in the lineup on Monday but can’t help feel the Yankees are setting him up for failure. His career OPS of .802 against the White Sox is the lowest against any team in which he’s appeared in 20 or more games (source >>> baseball-reference.com). Nevertheless, hoping A-Rod returns on Monday and improves upon that stat.

  • Axisa Sucks

    Keep the video as a treasure A-Rod lovers. He went deep. Great. What’s sad about A-Rod–can any of you say without a doubt he’s still not cheating? Wouldn’t it be such an A-Rod thing to do to continue cheating and taking PED’s while facing a lifetime ban/long punishment?

    I never had a dislike for him prior to this mess. It’s ALWAYS about him. The tweet, the 2nd opinion, the call into the radio show, etc…it’s about him. Just STFU in this instance. You did this to yourself and can’t play the victim role.

    Other thing I’ve never understood but is prevalent with so many Yankee fans–their love for a player ahead of what is best for team. Just because the team made a stupid mistake in signing him to a terrible contract doesn’t mean it’s not best for them to have him banned for life–if he indeed tampered and went out of his way to protect himself after getting caught. This PED Stuff is like speeding–you know others are doing it and get away with it–but doesn’t make you less guilty if you get caught. Braun is a piece of shit. I see A-Rod in same light. I think Pettitte is a phony as well, so for the A-Rod cult, it’s not always about him–although he loves for guys like Axisa to suck him off as he is prone to do.

    • Mac

      Can anyone say that any player in MLB is not cheating?

    • Kiko Jones

      I don’t think you get that it’s more of a “Damn! Why does he have to be singed out?” than so-called A-Rod love. Before this BioGenesis thing happened with A-Rod did Pettite get labeled a cheater and was vilified? Nope. Like teflon. But A-Rod got it 24/7. And that’s what irks people who you think are A-Rod lovers but in fact just want to see some fairness come about. No one wants to see A-Rod absolved of anything he did wrong if it’s proven to be fact. But no level headed person wants to see someone get 5 years for a traffic violation or 20 years for smacking a dude, if you get my dumb ass analogies.

  • pat

    If he makes it back to the majors and hits a couple bombs right off the bat people will forget about this shit pretty quick.

    • radnom


  • radnom

    What. Haha the reaction to the Arod hatred from some of you is hilarious.

    “Arod hits a homerun in AA, PROVES HE CAN STILL HIT”.

    I still doubt how useful this joker would be to the team this season if he could avoid suspension. Its not guaranteed he would come in at or above league average.

    • lightSABR

      Have you seen the numbers were gotten out of third base this year? League average would be a huge improvement.

  • Joe D.

    Setting Alex up to be “The Example” or “The Fall Guy” will not stand when these appeals go to arbitration. The lifetime ban simply isn’t happening.