Cano, Mo, Pettitte, Gardner make Baseball America’s Best Tools survey


Baseball America published their annual best tools survey today (no subs. req’d), and four Yankees placed among the various AL categories. Mariano Rivera was voted best reliever, Brett Gardner the best bunter (!), Robinson Cano the second best defensive second baseman (behind Dustin Pedroia), and Andy Pettitte as having the best pickoff move.  I’m pretty sure Gardner isn’t even if the best bunter in the team’s outfield, let alone the entire AL. That gives you an idea of the validity of the survey, I suppose.

The minor league best tools surveys are here: Triple-A, Double-A, High-A, and Low-A. The Yankees did not place a single prospect in any category at any level. Completely shutout. That hasn’t happened as long as I’ve been following prospects. Josh Norris did the legwork and found the Yankees were the only team to be completely unrepresented at all four minor league levels. I’m … uh … sure they had a lot of guys who ranked fourth and fifth in the various categories. Yeah, that’s it.

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  • Greg

    isn’t there a most overrated tool? We’d be well represented there.

    • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

      Who is overrated on the Yankees? There are a lot of overpaid players, but I can’t think of anyone overrated.

  • forensic

    Tools? How do they even call this survey ‘Best Tools’? It has almost nothing to do with what baseball fans and people consider ‘Tools’ when discussing a player.

    • RetroRob

      True. And it’s from Baseball America of all publications, which specializes in rating prospects on tools.

  • And in merrie olde England

    “asked big league managers”

    That sums up the validity of the survey to me.

  • Erik

    Gardner as “best bunter” is hilarious. Just about every time I go to a game with my dad and someone attempts to bunt, we comment on the fact that, for someone with so much speed, Gardner is *awful* at bunting.

    • Tyler

      Hard to believe he’s even worse of a base stealer with that type of speed!

  • Dan

    I am starting to go into the Cashman’s got to go camp. The development system has been a joke for the past 10 years. It hasn’t been a problem where the major leaguers were still in their prime and there were no payroll constraints, but now we need the farm and it isn’t close to developing someone decent. The closest guys won’t be ready until 2015. This is all on him and it’s time for him to go.