Fan Confidence Poll: August 12th, 2013

Gardner's walk-off blast bails Mo out following another blown save
Badler: Cuban slugger Jose Abreu defects

Record Last Week: 2-4 (20 RS, 33 RA)
Season Record: 59-57 (440 RS, 464 RA, 55-61 pythag. record), 10 GB ALE/7.0 GB WC
Opponents This Week: vs. Angels (four games, Mon. to Thurs.), @ Red Sox (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Gardner's walk-off blast bails Mo out following another blown save
Badler: Cuban slugger Jose Abreu defects
  • Kosmo

    Eddard must be on vacation.

    I really have a hard time gauging this teams future. For me this season is rooting for NY to finish above .500 and retain a degree of respectability.
    looking ahead NY will have to pursue FAs to stay competitive. A few very good 30 yr olds to consider – Morales – Garza- Ellsbury – et al.
    Next season I think we´ll get a better look at what the farm system has to offer.

    5 for the remaining schedule but more along the lines of a 7-8 moving forward if NY lands 2 or 3 FA that could help over the next few seasons.

    • I’m One

      Pretty much agree with what you said and how you voted. It’s possible the team will go on a runa nd make this a respectable season (although unlikely). I do believe there will be some opportunities to enhance the team (while staying under the self-imposed celery cap)during the offseason, especially if A-Rod is suspended for a good portion of the season.

      In general, I’m keeping an eye on this season and anxiously waiting to see what the team does in the offseason.

      • Kosmo

        a 30-16 run to finish the season would be great which would put NY @ 89-73 . Though something of a minor miracle if NY wins 89.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Pretty much how I get to my six as well. I’m definitely below even money for 2013, though.

      • Brian Strawman

        But this is the worst team since the early 1990’s

    • lightSABR

      I’m pretty much the opposite. Now that it’s clear we’re not making the playoffs, I want us to tank and get a protected draft pick.

      Not that I expect that to happen, mind you. What I expect for the rest of the year, and for the next few years, is what I’ve been predicting since the awful offseason: mediocrity. Every year, the front office will do just enough to convince people that a playoff run might be possible. Every year, the farm will languish because of the team’s middling draft position and half-hearted efforts to contend. And every year we’ll find ourselves not too far from where we are now, on the outside looking in but unable to benefit from it by selling or getting top draft picks.

      I hope I’m wrong, but ownership hasn’t exactly shown me yet that they’re committed to avoiding this scenario.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Baseline 6.

    Completely understandable if the 2013 outlook lowers as there’s less of the season left. That’s still balanced out, for me, by the intriguing possibilities if Alex’s 2014 salary comes off the books. Long term outlook doesn’t change much, as I continue to be slightly to solidly above even money that things can begin to turn around quickly moving forward these next two seasons.

    • BeanTooth

      The possibility of ARod’s suspension next year is the only thing giving me any real optimism for the near term. The $189 push was always folly, but with ARod’s salary off the books, the team could do it without causing any more pain and maybe even upgrading the lineup some. I don’t see them as truly competitive until 2015, but ARod’s suspension could at least prevent more damage.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I can see all of that. Sure. You also, even if Alex is on the field AND 189 remains, could look at it as a second chance at getting the 2013 off-season right.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    still a 4.

    There’s still time to sell but I guess ownership will never accept that this is a lost season. I wonder how Hal thinks about his statements from the offseason when he was angry about fans/media that said the team isn’t good enough and he had no idea what they were talking about :D

    • Robinson Tilapia

      There’s not time to sell. You’re not going to get the value you want, that would actually improve the team moving into next season, through waiver wire deals. They’re playing this season out with the guys they’ve got.

      • jjyank

        Yeah. The time to sell has passed, at least during the season. Time to get off that train.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Hey, who’s this guy?

          • jjyank

            Someone who finally got a couple days off work :)

            • Pat D

              What’s work?

              • Mike HC

                It is an ancient concept where people agreed to do labor for fair pay, reasonable hours and job security.

    • Mike HC

      It will be interesting to see how this ownership handles their first true failure of a season (obviously precluding an epic comeback). It was semi acceptable to pull back from the George championship or bust mentality to the new get in the playoffs and pray mentality of the last couple of years.. I don’t think ownership can spin missing the playoffs into, “hey, at least we hung around for most of the year.”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Papa Bear had to spin eighteen years straight of not meeting the supposed “championship or bust” standard. We all lived.

        • Mike HC

          Yes, but I’m saying we are all well aware of how George responded to years like this. I’m interested in seeing how the new guys do it.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I agree.

            I don’t know whether it’s because we don’t believe it, or we’re just glossing it over, but Hal did say they’d continue with the plan to remain below the luxury tax if they could field a competitive team. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays itself out. At the very least, this portion of the fanbase we see here doesn’t seem to be paying much lip service to that.

            • Mike HC

              I’ve been kinda assuming that the 189 plan is all but dead. I know Axisa is kinda assuming the opposite.

              But yes, as a fan of following team building and hot stove type stuff, this off season will be interesting. Like every off season really I guess.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I guess I’d be slightly more surprised if they scrapped the plan, but that does say I don’t buy what comes out of their mouth right now.

        • Pat D

          What does O’Reilly have to do with this?

  • trr

    Still at 4, basically unchanged. The playoffs this year are only a remote possibility. And I’m OK with that, I’m not the type of fan who feels the team has to make the playoffs every single year. Clearly, we’re entering a transition period, and it feels like the organization is just starting to create a road map to guide the way.
    Regardless, I’m going along for the ride…

  • yanks61

    Frequent reader, rare poster. I voted 4 for this season only because I figured that vote more or less coincided with the slim chance they have to make the playoffs (miracles have happened of course.)

    However, unlike many here (and elsewhere), I have confidence that with the return to good health of the injured and the FO’s OS moves (especially with the extra cash available), the Yanks will be competitive next year. So if I were going to vote on how I think they will do in 2015, my vote would jump to a 7.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      May you become a more frequent poster. We need some optimism around here.

      • Pat D


  • VaYankeeFan

    I don’t post often, I’m at a 4. I can’t see the Yankees getting close to winning 90-games this year. Selling is not an opition now in my mind, that ship sailed! I don’t see much help down on the farm for this year. May be with the off-season buniness; FA, getting healthy, finding help down on the farm, A-Rod stuff the Yanks future may not be too dim. However I do see a down year or so for the Yanks; it all depends on the direction the FO & Hal & company take. Go Yankees!!!!!

  • CountryClub

    So there’s a new 26 yr old Cuban masher on the market. But he plays 1st base, so I doubt the Yanks will show any interest.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He was talked about a bit last night on here. Definitely looks like someone you strongly want to do your due diligence on.

      My only concerns are, as you say, position, although I agree that, if this guy’s as good a hitter as the early hype says (and I’m embarassed to say I don’t follow my countrymen too closely before they come to the States), you find a way to play him. My bigger concern is the current market, as I think these guys are going to be able to ask for much more than they’re initially worth due to what we’ve seen from Puig thus far and Cespedes initially.

      I’ll admit that I currently have starry-eyed visions of a Cuban Matsui here although, after yesterday, I won’t even try to offer a Spanish translation of “Thrilla from Godzilla.”

      • CountryClub

        Getting a 26 yr old righty with that kind of power would be huge (assuming it translates).

        In a perfect world you could platoon him and Teix between 1st and DH. Teix wouldn’t be happy about it but it would probably help keep him healthy as he ages. But with Arod (maybe) and Jeter, I’m not sure DH is realistic. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          If he’s as good as the hype, you can maneuver him, Jeter, and Tex around with days off, but I think you wind up living with either more time for Jeter at SS or less at-bats for him in 2014.

          I could also imagine he has an impact on the outfield situation, as you’d have less room to play Soriano at DH and either bring back Curtis, pursue a Cruz (however unlikely that is anyway, other FA, or give Zoilo or whoever shows to be MLB-ready next year from the AA crew a shot. I think you lock yourself into a Sori/Gardner/Ichiro outfield there.

  • toad

    Down to 4.

    It becomes increasingly difficult to absorb contract mistakes, and that has been a big advantage for the team in the past. In the new environment player development and evaluation have become much more critical, and I’m just not convinced the organization is good at it.

    • Mike HC

      I really don’t think that has been such a huge advantage. The advantage the Yanks had was that they developed Jeter, Bernie, Jorge, Pettitte, Mo, Soriano (traded for ARod) and Cano. All playing at the same time or overlapping to some extent over the last 18 years or so. I think player development was just as important 20 years ago as it is now.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It also continues to be a hell of a bar to set.

      • Csonk

        Player development ‘IS’ just as important now as it was 20 years ago……..unfortunately our scouts and staff (zeroeing in on CASHman – because thats all he can handle) STINK!!! I voted 4 & beieve more like 3. Player development is horrendous – there’s very little to nothing coming for the forseeable future. FA is changing & we just don’t hold that advantage anymore. Without that – what is Cashman, and he’s really not very good at the money game either…though ya gotta do CC again in a heartbeat. Tex? A-Roid? Financial suicide & its caught the Yankees. Lean YEARS ahead.

  • LarryM Fl

    5 the same as last week I would remain so even if the Yankees went on a winning streak. As far as the future is concerned. I have no idea the plan the Yanks may have or not have. AAA seems to a barren land for this year as all the good players ready or at least playable in the big leagues have been brought up. Some have displayed their worth and DFA. Until the Yankees show their hand with the roster with some moves after the WS. There is no way that the fan can look to the future.

    Maybe I’m unrealistic but watching Stewart play game after game is just depressing to me. The guy is giving it a fine effort. All he can give but its without return. No hits, no catching defense maybe he provides some security for the pitchers in not having to call their own games for the most part as in Andy P’s case. Stewart’s not the only problem just a small part but one which can inform the fan the Yankee direction in some respects.

    The Yankees are so trapped in season 2013 with no alternatives to change. I would not hesitate that my confidence level will remain the same at 5 until the season ends then some perspective on the team will have to come forward. Cano, Hughes, Granderson, Joba, Arod’s suspension and corresponding moves. What players are moving up to AAA and AA. These will tell us more.

    Until then I just watch and hope for decent play to bring about a win. At least against lefties we do not seem so inept when the lineup is announced. Go Yanks!!!

  • jjyank

    I’ll say a 6. I’ve accepted the fact that the Yankees aren’t real contenders this year (though I still root to be wrong), and you know what? That’s okay. The Yankees have been on an insanely impressive run over the last two decades that I feel enough people don’t appreciate. Eventually, a season like this was going to happen. It does to every franchise. And that’s fine. Roll the dice with a higher draft pick next year and do what you can to re-tool. I still have faith that we won’t have to wait too long to see another first place team.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead


  • Mike HC

    6 … I gotta admit, I definitely feel more confident in these Monday polls coming off Sunday wins. And vice versa. I can’t help it.

  • Mike Myers

    Down to a 4 (my lowest ever.

    3 Basic reasons.

    1. No change they made a playoffs with TWO wild cards….

    2. Bleak outlook for 2014. When your best hope is a suspended A-Rod, things have gone wrong. If the owners want to get under the cap and spend less, then they should charge less at the stadium.

    3. Weak farm system….cash failed?

  • Reggie C.


    I’ll go the optimism route this Monday:

    1. Teixeira’s return to All-Star 1B status is the most intriguing. I believe the man has a few more 30 hr seasons left in his bat. I can live with a .255 hitter who’ll OPS +.800. Yes, it SUCKS to see that batting average fall from the heights of 2009. But the reality of the situation isn’t completely bleak for Teixeira. The glove is still world-class, and if he plays next season w/out hand/wrist issues, we all like Teixeira’s chances to crank out 30 hrs/30 doubles. This team NEEDS EXTRA BASE HITS, as we’ve seen long stretches this season of the lineup be unable to hit with any pop. A healthier Teixiera goes a long way to keeping Cano from stressing during a lineup power outage…

    2. Which Leads me to Cano. We’re fooling ourselves if we think ownership lets Cano walk. There simply is no other available and comparable power hitter in the FA market. Cano will be back, and he’ll be the best 2B in MLB again. Lets hope that the contract length doesnt go north of 6 years. Just pay the man and keep him in pinstripes.

    3. I’m hopeful the farm has a better all-around year and has stellar full-season debuts from Jagielo and Judge. Manny Banuelos is the dark horse here and since I havent seen any reports of any setbacks, Banuelos will be a go from the start.

  • Slu

    I will go no higher than 4 as long as Phil Hughes is in the rotation. I know everyone will say “there is nobody else for that spot”, but I don’t care. Put Warren in. Put Bootcheck in, put Axisa in. Anyone but Hughes. Enough is enough.

  • J


    It’s tough to have confidence in an organization that is in limbo, when the front office and the GM are frequently not on the same page. As such, the team lacks a focus or direction which could lead to some years of middling results.

  • Wheels

    Someone voted a 10?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Look below.

      • Wheels


  • Eddard

    I’m at a 10 because I think the Bronx Bombers are back. Yesterday was a typical Yankee win with 3 solo HRs. We even had a clutch hit with RISP from A-Rod. Joe’s lefty-righty lineup goes 8 deep now. Nuney’s back on track. Overbay is very effective against righties. The only weak spot is Stewart. Romine needs to play more. I’m still worried about 3/5th of the rotation, especially Hughes, but the offense is back.

  • Manny’s BanWagon


    They’re not making the playoffs this year and next year is shaping to be even worse. The top prospects have mostly struggled and the free agency agency pool is weak. Looking beyond 2013 and 2014 is mostly just speculation so my score is based on this year and next.

  • Alibaba

    Why has the team failed so miserably in developing pitchers? At one point in time, we had three highly-touted prospects, Joba, Hughes, and Kennedy. We all know how it is ending. At the same time, Boston had Lester and Buckholtz. TB obviously had Price, but he was the #1 pick. But, how about their later picks? Almost all of them have been good MLB pitchers. They need to revamp the pitching-developing staff. Their recent record has been abysmal.

    • YanksFan

      Have you seen Lester the last 3 years. Buchholtz has had a few dominates part seasons. He’s been good a few seasons. Only twice has he gone over 100 IP. He if ever pitches again this year it will be a third.

  • YanksFan

    Normally a 9. Down to an 8 vote but may be a true 7.

    I would like to see any team lose 4 of their 5 best players, in the toughest division in MLB and even be sniffing .500.

    Next year maybe you get Jeter back and Tex comes back, offense improves. I’m higher on Nunez & Cerv. than most here. Especially when you factor in that the players at their position mostly suck. I can see Grandy coming back for 1 season QO. For next year, I’m more concerned about the Pitching. They need to bring Kuroda back and hope that you get good/consistent Nova(let alone the current beast mode version). That could put Pineda/Phelps/Warren/Milb deal in the final 2 spots.

    Which Boston shows up. No one thought they would be this good this year. Who knows if they can sustain it. It’s not like they’ve produced much from their farm in the last 5 years. They have highly regarded players but a prospect is only that. There are no guarantees w/ Bradley/Bogarts and the P’s.

    TB is good. Baltimore can use better starters. Toronto, who knows. (But please don’t ask TomH)

    9 & 10 may be optimistic but 1 & 2 are too pessimistic. I think that they deserve no less than a 4.

    • CS Yankee

      Agreed, with the exception that they lost 4 of 5…I see it as losing 6 of their best 7 (position) players this year (Swish/Martin), NTM, losing Youk.

      In having lost Swish and Martin with the plan on replacing them and Arod with (getting back) Grit, Stewie, Youk and Pronk was a band-aid solution at best.

      Although most moves in 2013 haven’t panned out, we all need to remember that who else could have played their AAA LIF’ers with their studs (Arod/Jeet) and backups (Youk/Nuney/Nix) missing the majority of the season?

  • JGYank

    5 and dropping quickly. Until I see some progress or some good news for 2014 and beyond, it will continue to drop. Only good things I’m seeing are Nova, Gardner, and Robertson. Kuroda as well but he isn’t part of the future. Even Cano and Mo are slumping. 2014 doesn’t look good either.

  • JGYank

    Also there doesn’t look to be much help from the free agent market or farm system. The 189 limit will keep us from filling some holes next season. Plus the front office has made some questionable moves. We are only getting older next year and still have some bad contracts for a few more years. We’ll see if things improve in the offseason. If not this could be a rough stretch.

  • rogue

    Count me in as one of the 2%. I have full confidence that this team sucks and will “surge” to last place in the AL East.

    • CS Yankee

      They do “suck”, but thats “Yankee suck” which is far superior to most teams “suck”.

      Highly doubtful that they go below the Jays but perhaps just as unlikely that they pass Baltimore this year and flirt with the second WC.

      Guessing that their range is somewhere between 78 and 87 wins and hoping that arod gets 12 more homers this season while so it doesn’t count against the 2014 or 2015 salary cap.