Heyman: Mariners requested to interview Cashman for GM opening in ’08

Derek Jeter's return could be the final piece of the Yankees' puzzle
Jeter will play five innings with Triple-A Scranton on Thursday

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees used their contractual right to decline the Mariners permission to interview Brian Cashman for their GM vacancy back in 2008. Seattle eventually settled on Jack Zduriencik. “I’m a fan of Brian Cashman. We’re both Kentucky guys. He’s an astute baseball man, and I like him very much,” said Mariners president Chuck Armstrong.

Despite some very public disagreements, Heyman says Cashman and team ownership have no interest in severing an “overwhelmingly positive longstanding relationship.” Cashman is under contract through next year and reportedly does not want to leave New York, plus an official told Heyman his job is “secure.” I still think Cashman winds up being promoted to some other position (President of Baseball Operations?) after next season with assistant Billy Eppler taking over as GM. I feel like that transition has been in the works for a while now.

Derek Jeter's return could be the final piece of the Yankees' puzzle
Jeter will play five innings with Triple-A Scranton on Thursday
  • trr

    Like I’ve said, being GM ain’t a lifetime gig

    • jjyank

      Of course not. But I think being with the Yankees could be a lifetime gig. And so far, it has been for Cashman.

      You know, a lot of people like homegrown players because they’ve been with the team forever. No hired guns, no mercenaries, just Yankees. I’m mildly surprised that so few feel this way about Cashman. I know I do. The man is a Yankee, and I hope he stays one. Surely, he won’t be the GM forever. Nobody is. But I’m totally on board with Mike’s idea of Cashman taking the Theo Epstein position and letting Eppler get a crack at the GM job in the next couple of years.

      • Kevin

        The part of the fanbase you speak of will never forgive/forget Cashman for trading away their man-crush Montero. I know it is silly, but that is the way it is.

        • MannyGeee

          If they are holding on to Montero as their reason, then they are not in the right.

        • jjyank

          It is silly. I don’t think that’s the reason for everyone, but you’re probably right on a few of them. Hell, I had a man-crush on Montero. I still have his signature on one of his AAA baseball cards.

          I’m just saying, Cashman is a Yankee. It’s increasingly rare to have someone spend his career (player or otherwise) with one team, and I root for those guys that do. So yes, I’m rooting for Cashman. I hope he stays on with the team post-GM.

          • brian

            I mostly feel this way too…

            but damn, some embarrassing moments…. investigated by the FEDs… telling Arod to STFU…. the affair/abortion stuff…. continuing to take shots at Jeter after the deal was signed and everyone else had moved on

            These are kinda hard to forget

            • Robinson Tilapia

              That’s called “being in the public eye in New York City.”

              • brian

                good point

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  He could be out in KC or, hell, Seattle, and half this stuff wouldn’t be written up in such detail…..but why would he want to be?

                  New York spits up those moments and throw Anthony Weiner’s penis back at you.

                  • Bubba

                    Thank you ohh so much for that mental image. Where is my mind bleach again?

            • OldYanksFan

              I’m pretty sure Cashman is the ONLY GM to ever have an affair. Hell… he might be the only MAN to ever have an affair. I mean, how do you ever forgive the guy?

              I am an ARod supporter, but many times he has flapped his gums when he had no right to. I like the guy, but I would have told him to STFU a NUMBER of times.

              Jeter thought he was shortchanged, and unhappy with his deal. Well, in 3 years, he has posted 3 bWAR for his $51m. Yes, he is Derek Jeter, but everyone on earth knows he was radically overpaid. I’d like to take a shot at Jeter (no ego?) myself. Look, business negotiations often get ugly, even when nobody is at fault. Love Jeter all you want, but he put himself before the team in thinking he wasn’t paid enough (as he did when he didn’t give ARod the SS position).

              Just another example of how difficult Cashman’s job is, and that he has situations the NO OTHER GM has ever had to deal with.

              How did the Sox GM deal with Mo Vaughn, Nomar, JD and a number of others?

              • jjyank

                You make a good point here. Lost in all of this is how unique Cashman’s job is compared to his counterparts.

                And yeah, lol at Boston. The smear campaign tactic is wonderful.

              • brian

                having an affair is one thing,,,, paying for some crazy woman’s abortion and having it become public reflected poorly on the organization

                telling an employee to STFU on the record is wrong and unprofessional, period… no reason to excuse it just because Arod is Arod

                The Jeter deal was DONE…. everyone else involved had moved on and Cashman was still taking the shots at the guy, again, wrong and unprofessional anyway you try to spin it

                Nobody’s perfect, the point is I can deal with Cashman’s lack of class if he’s doing a good job and the team is winning… but if he’s no longer doing a good job, get someone else in here

        • OldYanksFan

          Montero? Who’s that???
          Oh… you mean the guy who is 23 and already a DH because he has no position? The guy who is in the Minors now? The guy with a 98 OPS+ in MLB? The guy getting suspended for 50 games for PEDs? That Montero?

        • JT

          How about trading for Javier Vasquez twice?

        • Mac

          Not sure if that’s it. Montero was just traded a couple of years ago and Cashman haters have been at it for a whole lot longer than that.

        • RetroRob

          …then they can love him when Pineda is pitching for the Yankees next year, and after JackZ is fired, Cashman then buys low and gets Montero back. Freed from the pain of Seattle (it’s actually a lovely area), Montero fulfills his potential and both Pineda and Jesus are Yankees! Dare to dream.

          As for Mike’s comment on Cashman being promoted, it makes great sense. I was reading through the thread he liked to and I was surprised I commented and thought similar. Scary, though, I have no memory of writing it. The brain cells are dying!


  • MannyGeee

    Cashman failed? To get the team to let him walk?? I got nothing

    • jjyank

      Seattle knew.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Seattle failed Cashman kn……SO MANY MEMES!

  • Dalek Jeter

    Seattle knew!

  • brian

    He’s now under investigation for lying to the FEDs…

    this woman he had an affair with and paid for her abortion is making some wild claims, granted she’s crazy and under charges herself, but Cashman could be in serious trouble

    • MannyGeee

      doubt it

    • OldYanksFan

      Louise Neathway also says that Cashman every GM in baseball knew of clubhouse steroid use by various Yankees many, many players and was ambivalent to the use of performance enhancing drugs as long as nothing came back to the Yankees organization them.


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Cash would never screw someone named Louise although, back in the 90’s, I would have nailed Louise Post from Veruca Salt in a heartbeat.

  • brian


    This woman is nuts but I bet it’s true…

    • BFDeal

      “I bet it’s true”….why, because you want it to be true? You seem like the type that buys a crazy person’s stories hook, line, and sinker.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I wish the interview would have gone down. Would have sounded something like this…

    Owner: “Hi Brian, we’d love to bring you out west to Seatt….”

    Cashman: “Bitch, please.”


  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    Cash can go EAT A BAG OF DICKS!!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He thought Jon Niese would be a Top 20 pitcher this year as well?

  • Mac

    Besides for the semantics of title, I think Cashman will dictate that change when it suits him. Generally speaking the GM is in charge of day to day operations. Overseeing the system and negotiating deals. President would be more of a strategic vision and double check the GM’s work role. You can just mislabel the jobs if you feel like it (the semantics aspect), but Cashman will have to decide that he’s ready to move on from a large portion of the more exciting part of his job to let someone else actually become GM.

  • dick m

    Not sure what other biz u can get away with performing like cash and still be secure. When was bis last good trade anyways. He spends 12 mill of hals dough on youkilis and nobody says boo. I guess its good work if you can get it.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      His best trade came after your last coherent sentence.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Not sure what other biz u can get away with performing like cash and still be secure.

      I guess you’re not familiar with that group of people who try to predict the weather.

  • dick m

    Unfortunately the weatherman is right more often than cash is.