Jeter singles and doubles in first Triple-A rehab game


In his first minor league rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Derek Jeter went 2-for-3 with a double to left and an infield single on a ball hit up the middle. He also tried to lay down a sacrifice (!) before bunting the ball foul and eventually reaching on a fielder’s choice to first. The Cap’n fielded just two ground balls in his five innings at shortstop, making the play on one and booting the other for an error. I’m not exactly sure what the plan is going forward, but Jeter and his strained calf are expected to remain with the RailRiders for at least one more game on Friday.

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  1. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    They are probably eyeing the Jays series starting Monday the 26th, but I wish they waited to they got back home for the O’s on Friday the 30th.
    Don’t want Jeter anywhere near artificial turf.

    • forensic says:

      If they’re waiting till the 30th, they might as well just go two more days and call him up on the 1st so they don’t even have to make a roster move.

      Truthfully, I might actually prefer to go that route, but I’m sure they won’t do it. I just hate having guys play at half speed/strength when they could continue building up in AAA and just come up a week later. Personally, I don’t think the gap between him and Nunez for that one week would be an enormous difference (though I understand not liking the current roster construction).

      • trr says:

        I’d be OK with waiting ’til then as well; why rush him back at all?

      • Mac says:

        I’m relatively supportive of Nunez and I do think the gap is significant. Especially for a week.

        Did you actually watch him play or are you just blindly speculating about what speed Jeter is playing at? Guy has been out like 3 weeks with a strained calf. He could easily be 100% ready to go right now or he could still be injured. Unless you’re at least watching him play, why are you commenting on his physical condition?

        • forensic says:

          No I didn’t watch him play tonight, but it’s not quite blind speculation either. It’s based on what they told him each of the other two times he’s been activated, and in my opinion rushed, back to the roster and they told him to take it easy with running and not play full speed.

    • dkidd says:

      he loves hitting at rogers centre. i bet they roll the dice

      • forensic says:

        His Rogers/Skydome split OPS+ is actually a good bit below his career OPS+. He’s only hit worse in four other stadiums, among the 14 stadiums he’s played at least 50 games in.

  2. forensic says:

    Good to know he’s practicing giving away outs on bunts…

  3. Darren says:

    Let’s say the earliest he would play is Saturday, the latest is Sept. 1st, assuming no setbacks. What would be a good compromise? You don’t wanna push him, but once he’s really ready to go, you would never let him rot in Scranton. I say let him play 3 full games at SS, mix in 1 at DH and a day off, and he should come back next Wednesday, assumign no setbacks. By then, he should be good and ready, assuming no setbacks.

    And no, I’m not gonna delay him for another 4 days til Sept 1 (assuming no setbacks) so we can potentially save a roster spot for Melky Mesa as a pinch runner in the playoffs. The difference between Jeter and not Jeter in those 4 games (assuming no setbacks) could really mean making the playoffs or not. Gotta get in before you can dance, assuming no setbacks.

    • forensic says:

      What does Melky Mesa have to do with Jeter returning or not?

      • Darren says:

        I used Melky as an example of the type of minimally impactful roster spot that would be opened if they wait to activate Jeter til the 1st. I don’t think that is worth delaying Jeter for.

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