NYDN: A-Rod reached out to Yankees to discuss possible buyout

Gary Sanchez promoted to Double-A Trenton
David Phelps scratched from Sunday's rehab start with sore elbow

Via the NYDN: Alex Rodriguez reached out to the Yankees today to discuss a possible settlement for the $90M-something left on his contract. MLBPA head Michael Weiner also reached out to MLB to talk about a plea agreement on A-Rod‘s behalf, but both requests were shot down. Apparently his comments on Friday were the last straw.

According to the report, A-Rod’s camp suggested an 80-100 suspension with a promise to retire after the ban during their previous talks with MLB. The kick? He still wanted to be paid the remainder of his contract. The league is expected to suspend Alex for the remainder of this year and all of next season at some point very soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. They’re reportedly considering a lifetime ban as well. Obviously both the Yankees and the league are quite comfortable with the evidence they have against Rodriguez.

Gary Sanchez promoted to Double-A Trenton
David Phelps scratched from Sunday's rehab start with sore elbow
  • bkight13

    If MLB suspends ARod through 2014, I suspect the Yankees would consider buying out the remaining 60m. They would probably settle for paying 30m to get rid of him immediately.

    • All Praise Be To Mo

      I think that’s best case scenario for the Yanks. I doubt baseball will suspend him for life.

    • Tisha

      How do I hate A Rod, let me count the ways.

      I hate you because of your damn ego
      I hate you because of your self -centered ways
      I hate you for your selfishness
      I hate you for being greedy
      I hate you for bringing your circus to my team
      I hate you for the comments you made about Jeter years ago
      Oh, hell I just plain hate you.

  • Jake

    The nerve of this clown. He probably knows he is getting at least 200 games, so he probably said hey guys pay me the whole contract and ill go away.

  • CashmanSUXShit

    I’m shocked Brian Cashman didn’t offer to EXTEND Arod’s contract another 4 or 5 years!

    • rko281

      Cashman is the last person to blame for the A-Rod mess.

      • CashmanSUXShit

        True. But he’s the FIRST person to blame for virtually every other abortion of a contract the Yankees have handed out over the last decade… CC Sabathia’s new deal being the latest.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          This thread has nothing to do with Sabathia. Stay on topic.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          And take the profanity out of your screen name. What are you, 12?

          • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

            Thank you!

            Mike it’s sad to say but clowns like this are really bringing the place down. I don’t envy this aspect of your job. But thanks for doing it.

          • OldYanksFan

            Thanks Mike.
            Now… get your hook out.

        • WhittakerWalt

          Wow. I can only imagine how much you’d hate Cashman if he hadn’t put together 4 World Champion teams.
          Friggin’ spoiled children.

          • AndyC

            Not to mention at least 94 wins in all but two of his seasons as GM, and a World Series title and 89 wins in the other seasons.

            But, yeah, he “sux sh*t.”

            • lightSABR

              Do Yankees fans realize it isn’t normal to make the playoffs 13 years straight, or 17 times in 18 years?

              Winning the World Series is nice, but there’s a lot of luck to it. Making the playoffs consistently is the real accomplishment.

              • Zack

                No they don’t,which is why so many other teams hate our fanbase.
                It’s one thing to be proud of your team,another to feel entitled to the trophy solely because you’re the Yankees.

              • fat jeter

                i am sorry to do this but when you consistently spend double than the average salary of every other team in baseball, the expectation should be, at the very least, to make the playoffs every year. not a cash hater, but i really don’t think he should get a pat on the back for simply opening up the checkbook year in and year out.

        • Tisha

          boy are you off base. I charge you with a fielding error.

  • Folley of the Pre-Determined Outcome

    Hypothetically speaking..If there was a settlement, would his contract come off the books? Would he then have to retire?

    • ChrisS

      My guess is that if there was a contract buyout, ARod would be released from his contract with the Yankees and immediately become an unrestricted free agent.

      It doesn’t happen because it rarely benefits both parties.

    • mac1

      Just a guess, but maybe it would be like former Met ofer and Bronx tour guide extraordinaire, Bobby Bonilla – where the payout is over a decade or more thereby bringing the AAV to a few mil per yr.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I’m guessing the money they pay him would still count towards the luxury tax, if that’s what you’re asking. It would probably be just like they released him.

    • bkight13

      He would probably get the Bonds treatment. Not officially retired, but what team would want to bring the ARod circus to town?

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        He’s big in Japan ;)

  • the other Steve S.

    So, maybe they could just hit ‘reset’ on his entire career, He could have his contract voided and come back as some old guy that hits the ball a long way like ‘the Natural’. He could even change his name, something like Fausto Carmona.

    • CashmanSUXShit

      The primary difference being that Roy Hobbs was still a very good player.

  • trr

    Christ am I tired of this!

    • CashmanSUXShit

      “Christ am I tired of this!”

      Pretty sure that’s a direct quote from Hal Steinbrenner when asked about paying God only knows how many hundreds of millions for all of Brian Cashman’s mistakes.

      • lightSABR

        Ironic comment, given that the mistake we’re discussing right now was definitely not Cashman’s.

        • CashmanSUXShit

          CC Sabathia (2011) – $125 million
          AJ Burnett – $86 million
          Kei Igawa – $46 million
          Carl Pavano – $40 million
          Jaret Wright – $21 million
          Kyle Farnsworth – $17 million
          Jose Contreras – $32 million
          Trading Ted Lilly for Jeff Weaver
          Trading for Randy Johnson
          Trading for Nick Johnson, Randy Choate & Juan Rivera for Javier Crapzquez
          Not learning his lesson the first time and trading for Javier Crapzquez AGAIN!

          Is that enough??? I could go on… There’s MORE!

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa
          • vicki

            a guy in my poker game has a whiny girlfriend who shows up uninvited and complains shrilly about the same shit, over and over. one tries to tune her out but she’s relentless.

          • WhittakerWalt

            CC Sabathia: looks bad now, to be sure, but he was at the height of his abilities when given that extension.
            AJ Burnett: considered an excellent acquisition at the time, as long as AJ could stay healthy. He did stay healthy; the problems with this signing could not have been foreseen.
            Kei Igawa: Terrible, no doubt about it.
            Carl Pavano: Also considered an excellent signing at the time. These things don’t always work out.
            Jaret Wright: Had a great year the year before signing with us.
            Kyle Farnsworth: Had a 217 ERA+ the year before signing with us. Sometimes relievers just flame out, and you never know when or why.
            Trading Ted Lilly for Jeff Weaver: Meh.
            Trading for Randy Johnson: O.M.G. Look up his stats from the season before coming to New York. Now tell me why you wouldn’t make that trade.
            Sometimes trades and signings just don’t work out. It’s the nature of the business. You still make them, and hope that past results are an indication of future performance.

            Yep, 12 years old sounds about right.

            • lightSABR

              You nailed it. You can’t expect every deal to work out perfectly, and you can’t just cherry-pick the ones that blew up after the fact.

              In case somebody really wants to convince me that Cashman’s a bad GM, I’ll tell you right now how to do it:

              1) Give me a list of all of Cashman’s transactions. Every single one of them.

              2) Give me a fair assessment of how each of them turned out.

              3) Repeat the process for five or ten randomly selected GMs from other teams.

              If Cashman is significantly underperforming the other GMs, then I’ll start to take the “Cashman sucks” thing seriously. Until then, I’m going to go on believing that Cashman knows his business better than I do and that the chief problem with the team is that ownership doesn’t have a long-term plan other than to save money.

            • Jonathan

              all i would add is that Jaret Wright was also a Steinbrenner move and Cashman was against it. Remember he failed his physical and they still signed him.

              • WhittakerWalt

                I confess that I didn’t even look up some of them. They were too stupid to bother with.

  • bkight13

    If ARod gets the lifetime ban doesn’t that include appearances, coaching and TV work? That would probably be the deciding factor in accepting a deal. Pete Rose probably regrets that part the most and Alex is too young to give up MLB forever. Even McGwire is working as a hitting coach.

    • Kiko Jones

      Before this mess I seem to recall Alex saying he would walk away from baseball completely once he retired, so based on that, giving up post-career MLB-related activities would not be a big deal for him.

  • lightSABR

    Holy crap. Did anybody see what A-Rod proposed to MLB? And 80- to 100-game suspension, with a promise to retire afterward – as long as he can collect the rest of his contract. Dude actually asked MLB to require the Yankees to keep paying him after he retires.

    Ban him, Bud. Ban him.

    • RBC

      Is this actually what happened or is this what is being “reported”? This is the second time that A-Rod would do something, then the next day it was reported in the paper that he did something else behind the scenes. I’m not buying this. Just wait until the official word from MLB.

      • lightSABR

        It’s an “according to sources” claim. So who knows. May be BS. If that’s not what they’ve been proposing though, I have to wonder what is. I understand why he’s hesitant to agree not to play until 2015. What I don’t understand is why they thought they could get a better deal.

    • Laz

      It is the NYDN afterall.

  • Nathan

    This keeps getting better and better every day. Who needs TV when we’ve got ARod?

  • fat jeter

    The plot thickens? Can it get any thicker though? So the end game needs to be lifetime ban or at least 2 year/200 game suspension — whatever comes quicker. If this posturing by both MLB and NYY leads to a anything less then they kind of dropped the ball here, right? Or is that just flawed logic? Either way, Alex talks out of both sides of his mouth so much that a career in politics would be an ideal after baseball move.

    • Nathan

      He’s got the flair for putting himself in bad positions pretty down. You might be on to something!

  • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

    I am going to turn off my internets until Tuesday when hopefully this will be over, the 3600 comment thread over with, and the trolls (hopefully) gone.

    • RetroRob

      Selig might be able to ban A-Rod, but sadly not trolls.

    • vicki

      we’ll be diminished for your loss. yours is an intelligent, measured voice.

  • RetroRob

    As has been the case with most stories around A-Rod and Biogenesis, it doesn’t add up. He should simply accept the suspension through 2014 and then collect the remaining $60+M. No need to negotiate. Since the NYDN stories are being leaked by Selig and Company, they should be viewed questionably.

    • Jonathan

      THANK YOU!!! It’s all for the sheep that think Selig isn’t extremely responsible for the PED problem anyway (and WAY more than ARod or any other one player for that matter, INCLUDING Canseco). ARod and his side know what’s going on and so do Selig/NYY so nobody is biting on these kinds of stories besides fans.

    • RBC


      This obviously came from the Yankees. If anyone actually believes all this stuff that is coming from the NYDN, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know if a buyout settlement would still count towards the Yankees luxury tax number of 189?

    • RetroRob

      It wouldn’t have to. Any negotiated settlement from the Yankees side should require he retire as a player, ending the contract, and in turn the Yankees would pay him some settlement as a non-player so it would not impact luxury tax.

    • yooboo

      Should be. Consider it as an expense on player. Yankees are not going to pay a full settlement at once. There will be several payments monthly or yearly. Count that for an exact season. No AAV.

  • Mrvitta

    How’s the face of baseball doing big poppi?

  • Terry

    I know most of us have ill feelings toward Arod, but me for one, am rather sad about this whole situation seeing one of the greatest hitters who probably never even needed steroids falling like he is. I like Arod and without him in 09′, the Yankees don’t win the WS. He’s not the only one doing this but he is the most hated of them, therefore, it’s become a witch hunt. Unlike guys like Big Papi who get nothing but love and a blind eye over this.

    • Mem

      I don’t feel a bit sorry for him. Not an ounce of sympathy. He pulled that nonsense opting out during the WS. Cashman was smart enough to let him walk. Then the bumblefucks enter the room. Goldman Sachs and Randy Levine start talking about how amazing it would be to watch a “clean” player chase the all time home run record on the YES Network, which they have a stake in. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, Alex knows the whole time it’s a sham, he is full of shit, but, fuck it. Cash money to be made. He cons a room full of basically non-baseball people and gets a ridiculous contract. Goldman sells their stake later at a premium, and we are stuck with a tale of baseball woes that would make the Mo’s weep. And he is still pulling his bullshit when he is caught dead to rights. I hate that this is unfolding in the middle of Mariano’s final season. I don’t want him banned from Yankee Stadium. I want him to hawk his bobble head dolls as a vendor in the bleachers till he reaches Social Security.

  • RBC

    Here it is again… another story from another “source”. Sorry folks, but I don’t even believe this one. I know everyone hates A-Rod, a justifiably so, but you can’t believe everything that you read.

    • RetroRob

      Both sides are negotiating through the media. MLB leaking information to the media, specifically the NY Daily News, and A-Rod using his post-game press conferences to release tidbits of info. I find it funny fans are angry at A-Rod for his purposeful comments that aren’t hidden behind a “source,” but they seem okay with MLB hiding behind “sources” and providing information to newspapers, which I should point out is a violation of the CBA.

      • radnom

        This is a massive investigation, with information being disseminated to players, the union, teams, league officials plus an assortment of other hired professionals involved with the case. Leaks are going to happen. I’m ok with that, only because I support the investigation. I don’t support Arod’s defense. It is obvious to any rational observer that he is guilty and at this point simply jockeying for the best deal. He is dragging the team into those negotiations for his own benefit.

        • Andrew

          There are leaks and then there is posturing. All I seem to get out of this thing is posturing. I do believe the A-Rod/Biogenesis leaks, but I think a lot of the reports about the negotiations are bs from all three sides (Alex/Yanks/MLB). Everyone here is posturing. This is going to get ugly.

          • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

            Its not ugly yet?

  • Pseudoyanks

    Geez. This is deteriorating fast and the Excrement hasn’t even hit the Vornado yet. Next week should be a hoot.

  • Winter

    What would happen luxury-tax wise if the Yankees signed A-Rod to a $100M/20yr extension and then immediately cut him. They’d still be on the hook for the contract, but the tax hit would only be $5M per year.

  • Tom

    The person to blame for A-rod is…………………..(Drum Roll)
    Aarron F*^&!G Boone!!

    If he never gets hurt playing Basketball then the Yankees do not need a 3B in 2004

    • vicki

      and we’re working on a thirteen year world series drought?

  • http://frankmarcopolos.com FatherTime

    Tick…. tick…. tick . . .. .

  • Il Cugino

    This is hilarious to me. I’m sure everyone on Team A-Rod appeal are hoping that MLB makes it financially necessary for A-Rod to appeal. Meanwhile A-Rod is doing the right thing and worrying about his wallet not your quixotic goals. LMAO

    Get that money A-Rod. Who cares about airing out MLB’s dirty laundry.

  • Dalek Jeter

    This whole thing is a gigantic head scratcher.

  • radnom

    I’ve seen countless people talking here recently about how he just wants to play and help the team win. Do I expect any backpedaling now that hes tried for a deal to collect his money without ever playing?

    Nah, the Arod support around here hasn’t been rational. Its a mix of leftover sentiment from when he used to unfairly get shit (there was such a day) and anti-PED enforcement feelings.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      I think most of us just don’t trust anything the Daily News says and assume that the report is bullshit.

  • FreddyS914

    Why does anyone commenting on here care about the money aspect of this whole mess? Do you think that the Steinbrenner boys are sitting around right now saying what a great thing it would be for our fans if we could get rid of ARods contract so we can lower ticket prices and maybe get the price of a bottle of water down below the cost of a decent steak from the butcher?

    • Tom

      The luxury tax implications.

      If plan 189mil is still on for 2014; a suspension for all of 2014 would give the Yankees another 27.5mil to spend next year.

      That could mean an actual upgrade at catcher. It could mean cutting bait on one of the old outfielders and upgrading the OF. It could mean the difference in retaining Cano (for those in the camp that want him back even if the cost is really high). It could mean a solid rotation arm, or the ability to bring back a guy like Kuroda on another 1 year deal.

      • FreddyS914

        We are talking the Yankees here. They could do all of that ARod or no ARod.

        • Tom

          You completely missed the point.

          If they are determined to make 189mil a reality (regardless of whether you or I or anyone thinks it is right or wrong), an ARod suspension gives them an extra 27.5mil next year.

          They could spend 500mil next year, but they aren’t going to. So again, if 189mil is a reality, this has a very real impact on the spending plans in 2014.

          You asked why some fans care…

  • Gonzo

    It’s about the money. It’s always about the money. For all sides involved.

  • Byron

    I am forever a Yankee fan but hearing all this negative info from all the followers of this site is disheartening.

    First- We don’t know what evidence if any the Commissioner has other than the rumors we hear about. I don’t believe any of this site’s followers have seen any.

    Second- A lifetime ban is something that would set a standard the MLBPA cannot allow. If the Commissioner is allowed to ban A-Rod for life for violations than he would have to do it for all involved with PED’s. Fact is all the players lied when asked oif they had any involvement with PED’s. Think about it, when they have their random testing, you don’t think they were asked if they used?

    Third- MLB could be in violation of Anti-Trust laws with a ban under restraint of trade. Buying witnesses that are facing potential Federal charges seems more than seamy. Used to be you tried to get the users to tell on the dealers now we use the dealers to tell on the buyers.

    Foruth- The of Biogen maybe facing Federal charges which baseball can’t protect him from just because he squeals on his customers. This guy pretended to be a Doctor, tried to Blackmail A-Rod and we are supposed to believe anything he says is true? No credibility.

    Fifth- A-Rod has not failed a drug test and according to the CBA that warrants a 25 game suspension, not even 50.

    I believe the reason the Commissioner does not want this to go to appeal is that it is extrmely likely MLB will lose. If he bans him with no physical proof of use, trafficing of drugs and this goes to Federal Court the court will probably issue an injunction allowing A-Rod to play and if MLB loses that there will be a $250 -$500 million law suit by A-Rod and depending on what comes out maybe a class action suit including the MLBPA which could drive the suit to 1-Billion. I don’t think that would be the legacy that Selig wants to leave.

    • Andrew

      Nice post. I just never understood why MLB didn’t work with the Feds since the beginning of this whole thing.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      The thing you’re overlooking is the tampering. Though, admittedly, we don’t know how much or to what extent tlge tampered. There have been numerous reports dating all the way back to the Guru Sugary business that A-Rod has tried to pay off people, buy evidence from people or get them to destroy it, pay people off to keep their mouths shut, etc. This tampering stuff also predates Biogenisis.

      Now you can choose to completely not believe ANY of it, but generally where there’s smoke there’s fire.

      Is all of the tampering stuff true? Probably not. Is any of it true? Probably.

      Even a single incident of tampering to me is a bigger disgrace than ever using PEDs.

      I can forgive A-Rod using PEDs. I bet baseball can too. The lying and tampering bullshit is just plain vile.

      People tend to forget why Pete Rose got a lifetime ban. It was ole Kenesaw Mountain Landis’ death penalty rule of gambling.

      It was the fact that he LIED about it forever. If he came clean, Rose would have served Giamatti’s one year suspension and been back the next year.

      • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

        Spell check dammit. Guru Sugary = Yuri Sucart.

        • Gonzo

          That’s a great spell check.

      • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

        And *was NOT the gambling (should have read).

    • Betty Lizard

      Thanks, Byron. That’s a good map of the minefield MLB and Alex Rodriquez are navigating.

    • OldYanksFan

      I agree with almost all of your post. Very level headed. However, it has been reported, and I believe, that MLB has tons of dirt on ARod. The guy is most likely guilty of many of MLB’s charges.

      However, even all together, they still might not warrant a lifetime ban. I don’t believe Bud would risk a prolonged battle and possible loss. It is simply a bluff to get ARod to settle.

      If he DOES try a lifetime ban, the pursuing shitstorm would over shadow Baseball. I mean, Selig would be costing ARod $100m. Or…
      That’s a tenth of a BILLION!!!!!!!

      So I imagine $20m worth of ARod’s lawyers would make a lot of noise for a long time.

    • Pasqua

      Respectfully disagree on your first point. While we may not see / know the evidence, it’s pretty clearly there. If, as expected, most of these players go quietly and accept their punishment, there is no doubt that the evidence is present, and solid.

  • Zack

    It’s not about the PEDS at htis point. It’s about the fact A-Rod possibly interfered with baseball’s investigation as well as recruiting others to this clinic.

    • JP

      And here lies the difference between the 2 year ban and the lifetime ban. I think MLB wants the lifetime ban, but they have to prove lock, stock and barrel that he recruited people to this clinic to do PEDs and interfered with the investigation.

    • Sean

      This is the most interesting facet to me. Has no one noticed that at least five (5) of the players named in the investigation are Yankees or former Yankees? Cervelli supposedly faces a 50-game suspension, and so does Jesus Montero (traded to Seattle). Of course, A-Rod faces a 200+ game suspension. Melky Cabrera (Yankee as of 2009) and Bartolo Colon (Yankee in 2012) are part of the investigation, but they may(?) have already served their suspensions.

      There are too many Yankees players relative to other teams for this to be a coincidence. I hope MLB has the proof to nail the perp in this instance. It will be for the best interest of the Yankees and baseball.

  • steve

    Complicated to work out feelings around this:

    If I find the high ground inside me I care about the game, about morality, about kids watching this awful Greek tragedy and wondering what it means about how to act as an adult, about fairness, about the potentially high price paid by those who take the drugs and wouldn’t if others weren’t taking them. . . . etc. And I conclude that radical surgery is needed to get rid of the disease, the ends justifying the means.
    But I still find it difficult to grade the behaviors of the various characters in the play, one against the other. There aren’t any good guys, never are when this much money, prestige, and power are involved. A-Rod’s just one of a lot of people who don’t know when enough is enough— tho maybe he has more of his self-worth tied up in the size of his bank account than most and, if possible, more of his self-esteem riding on what the world thinks of him than most. One can legitimately pity him as easily as excoriate him.

    OTOH, in moments when I care about how the Yanks do this year— and, barf me out with a spoon, I still have those moments— then I figure, “Hey, lets get him back for 50 games at~9 million of $ that’s not mine and see if it’s possible to make the playoffs. Then penalize him starting next year when we’ve had a chance to get someone to play third that will hit over .200 and more than 4 homers a year.” So long high ground and hello guy who wasn’t and isn’t much bothered by the fact that the Yanks bought rather than earned too much of their past success.

    As with most moral dilemmas, it’s hard to find a middle ground here, at least for me, so I bounce back and forth between the polarities. And also like most moral dilemmas the only thing I know for sure is that if anyone thinks they know for sure what’s right and what’s wrong, they’re wrong. For sure. It’s all shades of grey.

  • Raging Roids

    Does he want to get back on the field? No, not really; now that he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hades of being recognized as the Greatest To Ever Play the Game he has no desire to play. It’s back to being all about the Benjamins and nothing else. So please Bud, take away this baby wipe’s Benjamins. Build a “special kind of stupid” wing in the HOF for the guys like A-Rod and Bonds, the ones who didn’t need to be cheat to be all-time greats but did anyway.

    • JP

      Actually I think A-Rod never really had the chops to be one of the greats. But I think Bonds and Clemens blew their chances at the HOF. They were greats before steroids. If they had let their careers play out naturally (ala Ken Griffey Jr) we’d probably be watching their inductions this year.

      • WhittakerWalt

        You honestly don’t think ARod would have been an all-time great anyway? You have a lot more faith in PEDs than I do. How many home runs do you really think the PEDs gave him? 30? 50? 100 seems like a real stretch. So you’re talking about a shortstop who hits 600 home runs. That’s unprecedented.