NYT: A-Rod’s lawyer accuses Yankees of hiding hip MRI results

Game 122: Stay Hot
Saturday Night Open Thread

Via Steve Eder: Joseph Tacopina, a member of Alex Rodriguez‘s legal team, accused the Yankees of deliberately endangering his health in an effort to get him out of baseball. “They rolled him out there like an invalid and made him look like he was finished as a ballplayer … They did things and acted in a way that is downright terrifying,” said the lawyer, who claims the team hid MRI results that showed the torn hip labrum from A-Rod last fall and continued to play him in the postseason.

Tacopina also says team president Randy Levine told Dr. Brian Kelly, who examined Alex after the season and eventually diagnosed the labrum tear, that “I don’t ever want to see [A-Rod] on the field again” and clarified “it wasn’t a joke.” Levine, obviously, denied the claims and says the team is willing to release the medical records if given the thumbs up by the necessary parties. Tacopina claims they have copies of “very damaging” email exchanges between A-Rod and Levine that prove otherwise.

So, someone is lying here. Either A-Rod’s camp is lying about what the doctor said or Levine is lying about what he told the doctor. I suppose they could both be correct and Kelly made the whole thing up, but I doubt it. Also, saying they hid the MRI results and continued to play an injured player is a very serious accusation. Like, super duper serious. I can’t wait for the appeal hearing. This is going to be a blast.

Game 122: Stay Hot
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Levine actually said “I never want to see my hair in the mirror again” and was simply misunderstood.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    So I take it Kelly has no comment??

    • lightSABR

      Correct. He spoke through a lawyer and would not confirm what A-Rod’s lawyer said.

      Good heavens. This is appalling. I just can’t imagine the Yankees doing this, but I just can’t imagine why A-Rod things he can benefit from making it up. Nuts.

  • Bo Knows

    The gift that keeps on giving, with that said Levine seriously needs to shut his fat, Jerry-Curled head up. He should have nothing to do with the player side of the organization or any of the baseball decisions.

  • CountryClub

    And all of this has absolutely nothing to do with the pending arb case.

    • lightSABR

      Amazing, isn’t it? The lawyer promised to bring it up at the arb case, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with the suspension.

  • Dicka24

    I think both parties lie. The Yankees, and Arod. I think Arod is all about Arod, and while I don’t want to defend him, clearly something significant was wrong with him at the end of last year.

  • forensic

    So, someone is lying hear.

    I here ya. ;-)

  • CountryClub

    @DPLennon: As #Yankees and #MLB pointed out today, #AROD and his people will talk about everything but the 1 thing that matters most: Did he use PEDs?

  • Al

    A-Rod is 1000 0/0 right … It’s ok for MLB ( Bud) to put out SPIN or Bull shit but if A-rod people put somethin out the Right wing Fox News Viewing fans Jump up-and-down wanting to kill the carpenter and we all know about a carpenter that was killed unjustly. Wait till the facts are out and we will all see and learn that Alex Rodriguez has been right 1000% And this has been a attempt to discredit Alex Rodriguez by major-league baseball commissioner and the New York Yankees

    • JU

      Sir, that was an embarrassment and bordering on incoherent. Invoking Jesus Christ and Fox News does not an argument make. No one has more disgust for Fox News than me, and I was also a supporter of ARod for years. But if you want to retain any credibility as a human being, at some point you need to stop blindly defending people (like they do on Fox News) and start dealing in reality. There has been no spin from MLB. They have disseminated details of an investigation that no one really has any reason to think are untrue. Alex is a textbook Narcissist. In his defense I believe he also meets the criteria for a high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, but nonetheless. At some point he needs to take some accountability for being an epically selfish fuck up. At what point will people like you be ready to acknowledge that? When you catch him with the needle?

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Very well said.

      • True Pinstriped Blue

        (like they do on Fox News) LMAO!!! Because you know all you have to do is listen to MSNBC and hear all the factual things they have to say. LMAO!! Good one JU. I needed that laugh after such a horseshit game. Just turn this whole mess over to MSNBC. Surely then we will hear both sides of the story. Shit that’s funny!!!

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Who said anything about MSNBC?
          You don’t have to know MSNBC is biased to know Fox News is biased.

        • JU

          Not to take this any further down the political path, since I have no interest in doing so (just referencing something the original poster said), but…

          Only a myopic Fox News watcher – the true standard bearers for all the world’s concrete thinkers – would assume I’m a fan of MSNBC. They all have an agenda. But I forgive your simpleton brain for its inability to see anything that exists beyond a nice, neat, convenient dichotomy. The worlds not black and white, my friend. Some of us actually pay attention to things and formulate our own opinions – opinions that sometimes don’t fall comfortably into the Left or Right Box. Did you watch that game today on your old Black and White TV?

          Your welcome for the laugh. It was the least I could do since you gave me another great example to share with my class when we get to our chapter on Cognitive Psychology (and don’t waste your breath on the Liberal College Professor dig – its played out).

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

            Dude. You’re an asshole.

            • W.B. Mason Williams

              I really don’t see how he’s at all wrong in this argument. I’d appreciate an explanation.

              • bkight13

                He’s wrong because he accused the OP of being non-credible because he invokes Jesus and Fox News in his argument and then he does the exact same thing. He denigrates anyone who watches Fox News as myopic and simple and tries to strengthen his position by making an off-the-cuff psychological diagnosis of ARod. He even tries to deflate the “liberal professor” angle without anyone even bringing it up. Defensive much?

                The Billy Madison speech would’ve been the correct response to the OP.

                • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)


                • JU

                  You showed your cards, huh buddy. So tell us all how the original posters argument made any sense. Tell us how ARod is innocent and has been persecuted like Jesus Christ.

                  Once again, I’d say the same things about people who watch MSNBC and eats up everything they hear. And the psychological diagnosis wasn’t off the cuff. It’s relevant and accurate and rooted in evidence.

                  I’ll give u one thing, though. I did sound like an asshole. That’s typically how I react to a jerkoff who makes a condescending remark to a post that had nothing to do with MSNBC or any of the other things True Blue Pinstripe wanted to grind his axe over.

                  Btw, there’s a difference between being defensive and simply anticipating the same old tired remarks. Kind of like I anticipated responses like yours.

                  • Pat D

                    That’s why in the future you should just ignore True Pinstriped Blue.

      • No One

        It’s rambling and unnecessarily combative, but supporting business against labor and unions is a tenet of the Republican party. It’s not a huge jump in logic to say supporting the Yankees/MLB against A-Rod could be seen in those terms.

    • Ken

      Although no outcome will be a good outcome, I hope that A-rod has some facts to back him up as he is really going after the Yankees.
      We may end up with his suspension, Bud’s resignation, and Levine being sued for doing just what A-rod says he did. I wish none of it had happened.

  • noone

    If ARod felt that the Yankees were guilty of medical malfeasance, why did he not file a grievance with the union at the time? I mean he spent all that time a few days ago extolling the virtues of the players union.

    • Steve

      This is all that needs to be said. He clearly isn’t afraid to use the CBA and the Union when it is convenient. And he’s definitely not afraid to make things contentious with the Yankees. So why no grievance?

  • Harris

    What does this have to do with his PED use and his tampering of evidence? Not understanding A-Rod’s case if he’s attacking the Yankees…

    • entonces

      Why would anyone believe anything A-Rod or his paid stooges say at this point?
      Seems to me to be another desperate stab by A-Rod to recover some of the millions he expects to lose in suspension. In case nobody’s noticed, this is one very greedy dude.

    • Kiko Jones

      All those unflattering daily leaks about A-Rod come from MLB/Yankees stooges like Bill Madden; this is A-Rod’s team throwin’ one back at ’em.

      I wish both sides would STFU. But Selig HATES to see Alex play under appeal, so to further undermine his credibility there will be daily attacks on A-Rod, substantiated or not. And A-Rod’s side, as Tacopina stated, is sick and tired of it, so they’ll fight back. That’s how it’s gonna be, unfortunately.

    • Poconos Adam

      You pretty much nailed it through your confusion — ARod does not have a case — so he’s flailing, through others, at anything he can touch….

      Take your money and go away Alex — you are making this whole thing into a circus….and we’re not entertained.

  • Dan in Athens

    The argument goes – the Yankees committed negligence or actual malfeasance that damaged ARod PRIOR to the suspension, therefore they are liable for damages (his contract value) and any actions that took place thereafter should not be relevant. Lawyer sues Yankees to recover sums lost, trying to force the Yankees into a buy out via settlement rather than risk losing on the entire contract, and in the case of actual malfeasance, possible punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

    Either there is a vast newspaper, MLB and internal Yankee conspiracy or his legal team should lose their licenses.

    • Kiko Jones

      I would not refer to it as “a vast newspaper, MLB and internal Yankee conspiracy“, but is it that hard to see how they could benefit from each other?

      If A-Rod were gone from baseball, Selig gets his legacy poster boy; the Yankees get out of a bad contract; and the press gets eyeballs all the way. Works out for all three, don’tcha think?

      • Dan in Athens

        Yes. Yes, it is, considering how 29 teams are opposed to the Yankees’ getting to void ARod’s contract and a doctor willing to risk his medical license and career. Also, if these statements were true, ARod or any reasonable person would have instigated the grievance procedures under the CBA.

  • Kevin G.

    Come on, just wait until the offseason for this please.

    Everything’s going well right now, A-Rod’s on the team, playing well. Just wait until November please.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Retaliation. ARod is reacting to MLB or the Yankees leaking to 60 minutes.

  • noseeum

    All I can hope is that this results in Randy Levine either resigning or being fired.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    What a load of bullshit.

    I’m sure an esteemed surgeon from HSS like Kelly would risk his career by hiding MRI results from a patient and misleading him at the request of the Yankees even though doing so would constitute gross malpractice and would subject him to a potential suspension or revocation of his medical license from the NYS OPMC department.

    Results of an MRI are between the player and his doctor, not the doctor and a sports team. After Arod had his MRI, the first one to see the results is Kelly who then has an obligation professionally, ethically, legally and morally to disclose and review the results with Arod and failure to do so could result in hideous consequences for Kelly.

    Anyone who believes this must also believe OJ is innocent and Clinton didn’t inhale.

    • Cheap Seats

      That’s the first bit in this entire thread that makes sense. I worked at HSS. I just can’t see a doctor doing any of that. I haven’t a clue what any of this is about, but I’m sure of that. This lawyer was hired to defend a litigation and this his first shot.

    • toad


  • emac2

    You have to hope that at some point Bud uses the best interest of baseball clause. Tough to do when a million extra people tune in to see Arod squirm to get every game paycheck he can before he’s gone for good but this takes away so much from the game it’s a joke and we need to move on even if it means possibly losing a lawsuit and damages.

    He’s probably trying to get banned at this point because he knows he can’t do it without the little boost and is either going to suck or get caught again.

    Either way, who gives a crap about some old baseball player who can’t play any more anyway? Delete his ass from the records and move on.

  • mac1

    I have little doubt A-Rod is lying about most if not all. However, Bud should have stepped down and let someone with clean hands handle this mess.

    Bud was an awful owner, enriching himself with revenue sharing while fielding horrible teams. He was as culpable as anyone in letting the steroid scandal get to this point and he’s made over 100 mil as the commissioner.

    He’s as bad as A-Rod in my book and enriched himself handsomely yet he gets to invoke the best interest clause? Pot, meet kettle.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      I agree with a lot of this though unless I’m mistaken, Selig hasn’t invoked the best interest of baseball clause otherwise Arod wouldn’t be playing during his appeal.

      • And in merrie olde England

        I think Selig has wasted that card. If he invokes that now it reeks of cover up more than justice and Arod (rightfully) seems keen to get due process.

      • bkight13

        Bud did sort of use it though to come up with the 211 games. The CBA has set penalties for PED offenses and 211 games isn’t one of the choices. He would’ve been better off banning ARod for life and having the appeal happen without ARod being allowed to play. ARod was going to fight this to the death either way.

      • mac1

        No, Selig has not used the clause, that part was for emac2 asking for it eventually.

  • Jim James

    Oh please let this be the end of Randy Levine. That guy is one colossal two-faced, glad-handing a-hole.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      It would be great to be rid of Levine, Selig and Arod all at once. .

      • Deep Thoughts


  • Texas Yankee

    I just read the whole crap that came from Arod’s camp. Seriously they would say that George Steinbrenner would be appalled?? These guys don’t know about the George I remember. Alex would not have attempted this crap with George around. This whole story would not even be close to what it is now. Dumbass needs to be thankful that he ain’t messing with The Boss.

    • Kiko Jones

      The Boss would’ve probably cut A-Rod and eaten the rest of the contract. Then what? His son, Hal, the self-described “finance geek”, won’t do that. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sibling rivalry at play, as well, since Hank OK’d the A-Rod 10 year deal.

      • Bubba

        How about no.

        George may have done a bunch of other things (some being above board, some not so much), but he never would have cut A-Rod and eaten the rest of the contract. Hal’s rationale for not cutting A-Rod has absolutely nothing to do with being a “finance geek” or sibling rivalry.

        • Texas Yankee

          George would not have released him but damn sure would have ran him thru the back pages of every newspaper in town.Reggie, Billy and Mr Winfield sure felt his wrath.

  • trr

    Sooooooo sick of this shit.