• The Hammer of Thor

    Do you think they should cruise through and look to getting a good draft slot as well as drop under the cap for next year. Yea, rebuild.

  • jon

    Think of what trade cano and kuroda would have got yanks at deadline, they would have been restocked.

  • Hank’s wallet

    Assuming Arod year suspension and take Phil, Andy, Joba, Mo, Granderson, Logan, off books plus Cano around 20m, where is the annual payroll?

  • The Hammer of Thor

    A-Rod should retire and be Mike Trout’s life coach.

  • Yankee Since 1962

    Any chance Cano moves to 3rd? He has the arm and isn’t it easier to fine someone for 2nd rather than 3rd?

  • The Hammer of Thor

    The Yankees need to check with their lawyers to see if they can pay the rest of A-Rod’s contract off in gum.

  • Eric

    Why in blue hell do people keep suggesting that a) the Yankees should have traded Cano for every top prospect in some other org. (StL, for example), or b) still suggest this NOW.

    No team would do this. No team would trade their best, cost-controlled and team-controlled prospects for a guy that is a two month rental and then to keep him would need to commit 8 years and $200 mil.

    Why do you not get this? Cano is not Giancarlo Stanton in terms of age, cost-control and team control. Cashman was not before July 31 and not now in a position to clear out some teams farm system for Cano.

    Now LAST year maybe this was worth talking about and I think some people did.

  • http://RiverAveBlues.com Matt Warden

    A couple corrections from the chat:

    My response was cut off to Rich regarding Overbay being thrown under the buss. It should have read, “All points are absolutely valid, that does not change the fact that Overbay is simply not as good of a player as Tex.”

    George asked about what will happen with any money saved from A-Rod’s inevitable suspension. I didn’t really address that part of his quesiton. My guess is they’ll re-apply it to a 3B alternative (so option 1).