Sunday Night Open Thread

(Denis Poroy/Getty)

(Denis Poroy/Getty)

Here is your open thread for this very pleasant evening in New York. If you’re not in the Tri-State Area, I hope the weather is just as great wherever you are. The ESPN Sunday Night Game is decent — the Braves at the Phillies (Wood vs. Lee) — plus the Dolphins and Cowboys are playing the first NFL preseason game of the year (8pm ET on NBC). Preseason football already, huh? Talk about either of those games or anything else here. Have at it.

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  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    MLB Caves

    Rosenthal is reporting MLB will let ARod play during the appeal.

    So he’s baaaaaaaaaaaack.

  • Gunny

    Sorry Joe, even I can’t whip these senior citizens into shape

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      “I love the smell of napalm Ben-Gay in the morning”

  • Jacob the OG

    Baseball Prospectus Top 100 prospects 2008 our old friend Reid Brignac!

    “25. Reid Brignac, SS, Rays: While his 2007 campaign in Class AA didn’t match his California League MVP performance from the year before, Brignac made great strides defensively, and a shortstop with 25-30 home run potential is hard to find.”

    He used to hit home runs

    • trr

      Don’ believe everything you red

      • trr

        (Or spell)

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      Rays suck at developing/unearthng their own SSs. Brignac and Beckham comes to mind.

      I don’t count that guy who came over from Garza trade.

  • Mickey Scheister

    Has anyone heard anything about Nuno since his injury? With the Phelps and Pineda blowing up at the same time, outside of Warren, who else is a viable option when one of the current starting five get injured?

    • 24/7, 365 A-Rod


      Beyond that, anyone in the AAA rotation. Have no idea who they are.

  • Connie

    So Arod will be the savior to help Yanks in the Wild Card race (ha) and then disappear forever I guess. Weird

  • The Real Greg

    So from bad to worse. No money recouped from ARod.

    Fuck you Showalter

    • 1stbase


      • The Real Greg

        Well if ARod is going to play through the appeal, then you don’t get to recoup the money, at least for this season.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Even if he gets suspended days after his debut??

      • The Real Greg

        Well knowing MLB, the appeal could take forever.

        • The Big City of Dreams


          I’ve been a defender of A-rod for yrs but damn it I want the Yanks to recoup the money lol.

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      Keep on Greging.

  • D$1184

    Kuroda and Nova and then the show’s ova.

  • The Real Greg

    The Yankees organization is so bad that the New York Jets organization appears to be better run right now.

    • The Real Greg

      And I’m a Jets fan who has seen that organization stumble again and again

  • WhittakerWalt

    I just want to say something to everyone who says “just let the kids play. let’s see what we have in the minor leagues, NO more veteran presents, ever.” Before we do that, remember this: Phil Hughes was once considered an untouchable, can’t miss star. The guy we wouldn’t trade for Johan Santana. And now he’s… Phil Hughes.

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      Before he’s untouchable, now he’s untradable.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Yup. Essentially all these guys who are saying “play the kids!” are begging for this franchise to go through what the Pirates did over the past 15+ years.

        • The Real Greg

          Then what do you want them to do? This organization needs to know what they have in the farm system because that is how you build a contender these days.

          • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

            because that is how you build a contender without a 189 million dollar payroll these days.


            • The Real Greg

              Would you rather be the A’s, Rays, and Pirates (homegrown talent) or the Angels, Yankees, and Blue Jays (money spenders) right now?

              • WhittakerWalt

                I’d rather be the team that’s been to 7 of the last 18 World Serieses and won 5 of them.
                If you’re down for the next 10 years of homegrown players, 100-loss seasons, and overall terrible baseball games, and then maybe by the end of it we have a playoff caliber team, be my guest.

                • The Real Greg

                  I’m talking at this very moment. Tonight.

                  • Crime Dog

                    You guys all realize it can be a little bit of both right?

                    Yea, I’d rather see Adams playing than Lillibridge, but they’ve let a decent amount of “kids” play this year. Adams got some ABs, Romines playing a little bit and may play even more, Clairborne is a pretty important bullpen piece right now, Warren is doing a good job in the pen, Mesa got a cup of coffee. I mean, there’s only so much the club can do right now. You can’t force the issue too much and bring a guy like Heathcott up and risk rushing him.

                    • WhittakerWalt

                      I’m fine with little bit of both. An even mix works for me. But if you get married to the idea of just playing the kids, your team is going to lose 100 games a season for a very long time.
                      It’s funny, most of the people who want to play the kids are also the ones who want to ship Cano out of town. He’s one of the kids that actually made good, but now that he’s going to command a big paycheck they want to cut ties.
                      I’d prefer more loyalty for one of our kids who actually did pan out.

    • D$1184

      The people who are saying that really just don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re taking a simplistic look at the situation. They think, because he’s new to the Bronx this year, David Adams is a “big prospect” instead of a 26 year old who, if he really had any star potential, would have had an offer from at least one of the other 29 teams to be on a major league roster when he was 23/24. They don’t get that every team has a Melky Mesa, a guy who can catch the ball but can’t hit major league pitching day-to-day. I saw an idiot on Facebook who wanted the Yankees to call up Aaron Judge. The guy’s being playing pro ball for what, a month? A month and a half? Yeah, let’s get the 18 year old who was taken at the end of the first round in the majors right now. Hell, even Strausberg and Harper got a year/year and a half in the minors and they were chosen #1 overall, not at the end of the first round.

      In short, “Never argue with a fool. People might not be able to tell the difference.” Ben Franklin

    • CTRob

      Funny thing is, this year we have “let the kids play” more than I can ever remember. Not for the right reasons, of course, but we have got a pretty decent look at the top of our farm this year, since it has played at the mlb level due to injuries or ineffectiveness.

      When a shitstorm season happens, and it has, you see that there can be too much “presents”, and too much “kids”. The only one I want to see brought up at this point is Betances.

    • Tom

      So don’t play them in fear they might be Phil Hughes?

      I could understand if they had VIABLE veterans playing… but Lilibridge? Hell even Nix? Stewart is not so good that he needs to be playing 80% of the time. Wouldn’t it be better to get additional info this year instead of trying to figure it out next year?

      Hell at this point I’d call up Betances – he is out of options after this year and are the Yankees really going to make the call on him making the roster based on spring training performance next year? Wouldn’t it be valuable to get him ~15-20 innings this year (even if it’s mop up duty)?

  • Hall and Nokes

    So what the hell did MLB end up with at the end of the day? The legal arguments against a 200 game suspension appear to be exactly the same as the arguments against a lifetime ban. Why not just go with the ban?

    And then letting him play through an appeal basically guarantees that this stays in the news every day until there is a decision. Although the way this story has played out, I can only conclude that MLB sees that as a positive.

    • Pak15

      I think Selig doesn’t have a pair. By going this way Arod will probably get it reduced to a 50 game ban seeing as he is officially considered a first time offender. Idiot Selig!

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    The photo above. Is that…Major Payne?