Yankees can’t overcome Hughes in loss to Padres

Sanchez doubles in Double-A Trenton debut
Fan Confidence Poll: August 5th, 2013

It has now been a full month since the Yankees last won a series and more than three weeks (three weeks and two days, to be exact) since they last won back-to-back games. The Padres took Sunday’s rubber game 6-3 and it didn’t even feel that close.


Phil The Phlop
For the second straight start and third time in his last five starts, Phil Hughes failed to complete five innings of work. He’s done that a league-leading eight times this season. Heck, Phil didn’t even complete three innings on Sunday. The Padres tattooed him for five runs on six hits and three walks in 2.2 innings, and two of those eight outs were given to him: one on a sac bunt, another on an incorrect caught stealing call at second base. Five of those nine base-runners reached base in a two-strike count.

On most teams, a 4.87 ERA and 4.66 FIP through 21 starts earns you a demotion to the bullpen or the minors or whatever. Hughes is in little danger of that for two reasons. One, he’s definitely got a “teacher’s pet” thing going on. The Yankees are stubborn and desperately want to prove they can develop a starter, which is why he’s gotten opportunity after opportunity over the years. Two, the team simply doesn’t have any other rotation options right now. David Phelps (elbow), Michael Pineda (shoulder), and Vidal Nuno (groin) are all hurt and no one in Triple-A has made a decent case for themselves. Adam Warren, who threw two scoreless innings on Sunday, is the only realistic alternative. Like it or not, Hughes is almost certainly going to continue getting the ball every fifth day.


It Must Be The Ballpark
Former Yankee Ian Kennedy came into this start with a 5.23 ERA and 4.59 FIP, but you never would have known it on Sunday. The right-hander carved the Yankees up for the first five innings, holding them to two walks and two singles while striking out five. The Bombers did rough him up for two runs on two walks and two singles in the sixth, knocking him out of the game, but overall it was a solid start for Kennedy. Very nice first impression for him in front of his knew club.

The Yankees actually managed to get the tying run to the plate against the ultra-homer prone Huston Street in the ninth inning, but both Brent Lillibridge and Vernon Wells struck out on sliders down and away to end the game. I know, I was shocked too. Although the club managed a dozen base-runners, the only two highlights on offense were Curtis Granderson (single, three walks) and Austin Romine (walk, single, solo homer). They were a two-man army. The rest of the lineup went a combined 3-for-27 (.111) with two walks. For the fifth straight game and eighth time in the last ten games, the Yankees scored no more than three runs. Who knew getting no help at the trade deadline would be a bad thing?


The homer was the first of Romine’s big league career, and it was no cheapie. He hit it into the Padres bullpen just to left of dead center. Romine is 10-for-21 (.476) with four doubles and a homer in his last eight games — a small sample made even less significant by the fact that those eight games have been spread out — and it’s obvious the Yankees should start playing him some more just to see what they have. Chris Stewart is completely worn down (.171/.256/.210 in his last 37 games) and Frankie Cervelli is likely done for the year (hand, elbow, suspension). Give the kid a chance. At worst, he plays like Stewart.

Both Robinson Cano (0-for-3 with a walk) and Ichiro Suzuki (0-for-4 with a strikeout) continued their slumps, which started right after the All-Star break. Cano took that Matt Harvey fastball to the knee in the Midsummer Classic, so maybe that’s the culprit. Ichiro really doesn’t have an excuse. He just isn’t all that good. The Yankees desperately need these two — or just Cano really, they have a ton of outfielders on the roster — to snap out of it.

In the second inning, Eduardo Nunez didn’t bother to run out a ground ball to first that resulted in an inning-ending double play. Barely left the batter’s box. I think he thought the ball was going foul, but still. Then, in the sixth, he busted it out of the box on a ground ball up the middle and slid head-first into first base even though the inning-ending out was recorded on a force at second base. There was no play at first. Baseball is weird sometimes.

It didn’t really matter at the end of the day, but sitting Brett Gardner with an extreme fly ball pitcher on the mound in a huge ballpark wasn’t Joe Girardi‘s finest moment. Maybe Gardner was banged up or something — doubt it since he came off the bench in the later innings — though it’s not the first time he’s sat Gardner with Hughes on the mound this year. That’s just a bad idea.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, go to MLB.com. For some other stats, go to FanGraphs. For the standings, go to ESPN. The Yankees are now eight games back in the AL East and four games back in the wildcard race in the loss column. There are four teams (Indians, Orioles, Rangers, Royals) ahead of them in that race for the second wildcard spot.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees are off to Chicago’s south side, where Alex Rodriguez may or may not join them for their series opener against the White Sox. Either way, Monday night’s pitching matchup will be Andy Pettitte and former Yankees farmhand Jose Quintana.

Sanchez doubles in Double-A Trenton debut
Fan Confidence Poll: August 5th, 2013
  • SDB

    Well, they can’t take a series from the Padres. Sigh.

    What was Sterling’s call for Romine’s HR?

    • yankee fan 1

      Austin Powers one! Of course.

      • vicki

        naturally. still, not so bad considering “sori, right number” and “curses, zoiled again.”

  • Eddard

    They haven’t won a series in a month because Nova and Kuroda never pitch in the same series. Those are the only starters that can win ballgames right now so they are destined to go 2-3 in every 5 games for the rest of the year, and that’s if they win all of Nova and Kuroda’s starts. Here are the rest of our starters-

    CC I make $20 million to be the worst pitcher on the staff not named Jobber Chamberlain Sabathia.

    Phil I’m a 2 pitch flyball pitcher and the Yankees don’t know it Hughes.

    Andy Pettitte – He at least has an excuse being 41 and on his last legs. In his prime, he was a lot more clutch than CC and Hughes ever were or ever will be. He’s given us a lot of good years and it’s just a shame that his and Mo’s careers have to end this way. Moose went out the same way, didn’t even get a shot to make one last run.

    • Deathstroke Heathcott

      Also because BGDP is currently injured. Can’t forget that.

  • LK

    Who’s excited for this White Sox series? They have the only offense in the AL that’s arguably worse than the Yankees’. There’s a legitimate chance these games last under 2 hours.

    • SDB

      On current form, I think De Aza and Dunn are more dangerous than any of the Yankees hitters.

  • trr

    Stink. Stank. Stunk.

    • Gonzo

      You’re a mean one…

  • Wheels

    They’re gonna be below .500 by September.

  • Will

    The Royals? THE ROYALS!?!?

  • stoogazzo

    Mike, I’m glad you made a point of highlighting the Yankee star-studded minor league system and their inability to develop starting pitcher.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    I sure am glad we kept Phil this week.

    We would have missed out on all this fun

  • dkidd

    rock bottom awaits in chicago (we can only hope)

    • Pat D

      Why, is Dwayne Johnson going to run onto the field and deliver his finishing move on ARod right before first pitch?

      • fat jeter

        If ya smeelllalalala what anthony bosch is cooking

  • forensic

    I know I already broke the news in the game thread, but yes, Hughes is actually even worse in person. It really sucks when you know it’s basically over in the 3rd inning. Unfortunately, Girardi will apparently never get the memo to pull him before normal picture.

    Other thoughts from the weekend (not that anyone cares):

    Thankfully, Nova was dominating and the offense (i.e. Granderson) showed up for a couple innings so we could also see Robertson and Rivera, which was awesome. So glad Mo got to pitch, and I was able to get a picture of the last pitch I’ll see him ever throw, on a strikeout no less.

    Got to see Romine homer, so that’s something from today. Other than that, it was kind of yuck. Even with the tying run up you just knew it was about 99-1 for them to actually get anything done with Lillibridge and Wells. Wells I could almost pretend to see a team needing him as a 5th or 6th option, but Lillibridge should be nowhere near a Major League roster. I don’t care if you have 20 guys hurt, it’s not difficult to find a 21st guy who’s better than Lillibridge.

    The epitome of stereotypical West Coast fans? Two mid-20’s guys who sat behind us in today’s game. An actual back-and-forth between them? “When did we get here, the 4th inning?” “No, it was the 3rd inning.” “Ok, cool, so not too late.” I’ll never understand that. Barring family or work issues (which these guys didn’t have, they just said they got a late start to the day), why would you pay all that money for 2/3rd’s of a game???

    My son made it through the entire game last night, which was awesome. Today, not so much. Needed a nap too badly and I think he even hated Hughes today too.

    As for Petco, it’s a very blah stadium, in my opinion. Only one smallish video screen, and you can’t see it from a good portion of the park. The graphics screen is above it, and has the same viewing issues. Other than that, there are very few smaller screens around with basic hitter stats and pitch counts. Nothing with pitcher stats. They didn’t even really have much entertainment between innings. The concessions you can buy from your seats really sucked. The only things they brought around were cotton candy, sno-cones, cracker jacks, and iced tea. That’s it! No pretzels, hot dogs, soda, beer, etc… Last night, they had three people from the grounds crew dancing to “Can’t touch this” between one inning, but they didn’t do it today, so I don’t know if that’s a normal thing. The hotel connected directly to the stadium is very convenient though.

    As for today’s news, YAY for A-ROD!!!!! So glad it sounds like he’ll play. Maybe me being absurdly stubborn and keeping him on my fantasy team DL will actually pay off. Jeter? Not shocking in the least. Hooray for dead roster spots and/or playing guys at maybe 50% health. I hate this idea, makes no sense to me.

    • Pseudoyanks

      I went Fri & Sat. Glad I skipped today. Can’t Touch This was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Hope I make it home to Chicago in time for all the Monday fun.

      • forensic

        Good that you missed today, but I can’t imagine Friday was much fun. At least we lucked out and got to see what is basically their one good game per series nowadays.

        • Pseudoyanks

          Indeed. I was bombed Friday. I got an airport pickup from an old friend and then a quick transition to happy hour. It was the right game to be bombed for.
          Agree with your take on Petco. Meh at best.

          • forensic

            I couldn’t believe they barely even showed replays on the board. How are we supposed to see all the times our batters swing at pitches a foot or more out of the zone without a replay???

            • Pseudoyanks

              Hah! That really was happening? I blamed it on the A-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

    • forensic

      Oh, and because that summary wasn’t quite long enough yet (:-)), allow me to add that I now have a new appreciation for why the ratings/attendance numbers for them would be so much lower this season. Obviously, people like me who are out of NY will go to a couple games when it’s possible almost regardless of who’s in there.

      But, you get a casual fan on the road or especially in NY where there’s no real pressure to have to go to a game the few times it’s available, and I can’t blame them one bit to not spend the money going to the time watching. You get the lineups like they have, the players who shouldn’t be anywhere near an MLB roster that only diehards would know or recognize, the extremely boring majority of the game where absolutely nothing happens, and it really takes away any incentive to go through what it takes to go to a game.

      • Pseudoyanks

        I’ve been to 6 games this year (2 in Denver, 2 in Seattle and 2 here in SD….I’m still here.) Hank and Hal ain’t getting my money if they’re going cheap. Last off-season’s inactivity (and bad activity) means no visits to the Bronx for me.

        • vicki

          fair-weather front-running bandwagon pink-hatters!

          i kid. i couldn’t agree more.

          • Pseudoyanks


        • fat jeter

          cheap? 230 this year and the team is fucking unwatchable. not gonna watch a 189 payroll? grow the fuck up. there are 15 teams who don’t even spend 100 million dollars per year. its their prerogative to run their business however the want and keep their money out of the pockets of their competitors. fucking cry baby, bed wetting yankee fans like you who can only associate how much money the spend with a commitment to winning make me sick. again, grow the fuck up.

        • pinch hitter

          They’re still getting your money, just less of it. Pretty sure visiting teams get a cut of the gate.

  • 28 this year

    The fact that the Yankees can’t win two games in a row is just sad. They really should have sold and still should try.

    • your mom

      You that aint happening right? This team could lose the next 10 game in a times and the FO still wouldn’t have a fucking clue.

      • your mom

        *games in a row

        Stupid phone

    • WhittakerWalt

      There’s nothing to sell.

  • Robert

    AROD steroids put aside is in the worst shape of his life. I think if he plays were are looking at a .200 hitter.

  • ropeadope

    Gee Mike, the Ichiro hate respite was refreshing, but I knew it was foolish to believe it forever escaped your repertoire. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Ichiro have a 4 for 4 game AFTER the All Star break? He’s at .275 now. Has Ichiro’s performance diminished all that much lately? Not to mention he’s an asset in the field and on the base-paths.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      He’s hitting .226 with a sub-.500 OPS since the break even with the four-hit game.

      • ropeadope

        Very much appreciate the response Mike. I’m going to claim “small sample size,” and we’ll see how it plays out in the coming weeks.

        • This Team Is Holy Shit Awful

          Small sample size? Do yourself a favor and check out his last three seasons. Ichiro is legitimately terrible.

          • Pseudoyanks


          • Big Jim Walewander

            Ichiro also legitimately has 2.3 bWAR this season. He’s a below average hitter and an above average fielder and baserunner. If the Yankees were a healthy team, he’d be hitting 8th or 9th. It’s not his fault he’s had to hit higher in the order due to injuries.

            • umbrelladoc

              Ichiro is 3rd-5th in WAR among AL RFers depending on where you look. The problem is that is mostly defense and not the best fit for where this team is.

    • forensic

      I’ve been a pretty ardent Ichiro supporter since acquiring him, but since the ASB he’s hitting .226/.255/.245 (and that includes the 4-hit game).

      There’s no denying he’s been pretty terrible since the ASB.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        .300 wOBA and 86 wRC+ for a corner outfielder is about as pathetic as it gets. Those are numbers for a slick fielding SS, not a corner outfielder.

    • Chris

      Haha, schooled with stats. People are so shortsighted. Wow, the guy had four hits. Odds are they were singles anyway. Some people act like the know Ichiro personally with the way they defend him. He was great, now he is a 4th outfielder forced into a starting role. Not his fault, he aged. It happens.

      • Big Jim Walewander

        I agree, he’d be better suited to a 4th outfielder role on a a good team, I just don’t get the negativity. In a screwed up season, slamming a guy who plays all-out, doesn’t get hurt, causes zero issues for the team, and is on pace for about 3.0 bWAR seems… spoiled? I mean, the way people carry on, you’d think he was a replacement level player, was a Mel Hall-type clubhouse cancer, or was signed to a stupid-long contract. Makes no sense to me.

  • Nathan

    Hughes and ARod…two guys whose Yankee careers I cant’ wait to be over. One for performance reasons, the other for monetary reasons.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Never thought I’d say it but I’m counting down the days till Hughes and Joba are Yankees no more.

    I just hope Hughes can string together a few good starts down the stretch so at least the Yanks can tender him and get back a draft pick.

    • forensic

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no way to chance offering him a QO. That last thing I would want is to have to watch this crap again while paying him almost twice as much.

      I just don’t put much value on that draft pick, especially when it’s this organization we’re talking about.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        It’s looking unlikely but I don’t think it’s out of the question that they give Hughes a QO.

        • forensic

          Yeah, I think they could, mine should’ve said “no way I chance…”. Given what they have done with him over time, I wouldn’t put it past them at all to offer it to him. But there’s no way I would do it.

    • Pseudoyanks

      Trade him now for some international cap dollars. $1 million. $1.5 million?

  • stuart a

    Mike A. maybe you did not see the game Gardner got a nice look at 2 k’s. he swung under a pitch right dow nthe middle and on his 2nd K he watched a nice pitch right down the middle.

    end of the day gardner is a 270 or so hitter. I wish he could be more but that is it. he refuses to steal early in the count so he is a good far from great player, end the story. elsbury is a much better basestealer then gardner and therefore he is a much better player sorry to say…

    I thought coming up gardner did not strike out a ton!!he strikes out a ton now.

    cano on fire right now… buyer beware on that guy. what a overhyped player….

    • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

      I won’t comment on most of this but Gardner’s base stealing frustrates me. His steals are like the ARod tack on HR of the SB world.

      He’s so close to being the guy you want to see up there…

  • Eric

    The Yanks should just plan for the future – they won’t make it this year and we should hope for a quick decision by the arbiter if A-Rod rejoins the team but if a suspension is upheld they need to buy out the rest of the contract if he is only suspended for 2014 – they must move on to the future and if a-Rod plays a few more games let that be it.

  • This Team Is Holy Shit Awful

    Long live the big three. Can’t wait for the next crop of studs. On the bright side, the Yankees are the envy of baseball when it comes to developing relievers. Now all they need are players who can start, hit or field.

  • TIno_24! (@!&#)

    Put him in the pen where he has thrived in the past and move Kelly to rotation? (Please give me credit for not suggesting the midge man)

  • Captain Turbo

    Good to see Next Yankee Shortstop Eduardo Nunez run out that ball in the second inning. What a doofus.

  • nycsportzfan

    Its just crazy how bad Hughes and Joba are. Its even crazier that Kennedy sucks against everyone except the yankees..lol This is a freaking mess!

    Also pretty comical how some of us have brought up Romine needing to be in there more with his string of extra base hits and Stewart sucking and what not, and Joe hasen’t done it, and again today we see Romine get a extra base hit. Joes dumb sometimes.

  • http://www.retire21.org first name only male – Retire 21

    My prediction is that A-Rod comes back tomorrow and proceeds to tear the cover off the ball. He takes the team on his back and carries them to a tie for the wild card coming into the final week of the season. On that week he drops his appeal, accepts his year+ suspension and the Yankees miss the playoffs, cementing his place on the most despised athletes list.

  • Fin

    The only thing that surprises me is that the Yankees have managed to stay over .500 this long with one of the worst every day lineups in baseball. Seems the wheels are coming off now though. I cant see how this team finishes above .500.

  • Pat D

    I fell asleep during this game. No particular reason why, other than my life is boring right as shit right now. Unfortunately this team is doing nothing to hold my interest. I mean, obviously I’ll watch tomorrow night for the circus, and I’m going to Friday night’s game, but right now I’m just so “meh.” But that’s how I feel about everything in life right now.

  • BigBlueAL

    So disappointed with Hughes. Ive always liked him. Despite his struggles unlike IPK and Joba he always seemed to be accountable with the media. You have never read anything bad about him in terms of his relationship with teammates or off the field stuff (except for his weight early in his career I guess).

    He has had his moments with the Yankees too. Was pretty good in his rookie year in 2007 including getting the only win in the ALDS out of the bullpen. After a lost 2008 he was amazing in the bullpen in 2009. Was solid in the rotation in 2010 and pitched a great game vs the Twins to finish the sweep. Unfortunately the Rangers beat him up pretty good in the ALCS. After another lost season in 2011 (although he pitched well down the stretch) he had another solid season in 2012 and had a very good start vs the Orioles in the ALDS.

    But this season its another seemingly lost season for him. He has never been the ace we had hoped for but he was a solid starter (yes more like average but thats still solid) for a couple of seasons and I hoped at his age he was turning into someone who could at the least consistently be a solid 3/4 for the Yankees for the next few years. Doesnt seem like that will be the case unfortunately.

  • Duh Injuries

    ‘Say the Yanks clear $34.2M from A-Rod being suspended through next season, $23M for next year ($71M total through 2016) trading Sabathia for three starting pitching prospects, $20.15M for 2014 ($42.65M total through 2016) from trading Teixiera, Suzuki, Wells, and half their remaining salaries in the offseason, $22.15M from Granderson and Hughes signing multi-year contracts elsewhere after turning down qualifying offers, and $14M from Jeter opting out of his 2014 player’s option for $3M for $103.5M total cleared.

    The Yanks could clear another $81,309,350 for 2014 and $194,309,350 total cleared for 2014 like this:

    Kuroda $15M
    Cano $15M
    Pettitte $12M
    Youkilis $12M
    Rivera $10M
    A.J. Burnett $8.5M
    Hafner $2M
    Chamberlain $1.875M
    Overbay $1.25M
    Nix $0.9M
    Lillibridge $0.75M
    Cervelli $0.51535
    Stewart $0.515K
    Cruz $0.505M
    Brignac $0.499M

    They rebuild like this (by part of the team):


    Re-sign Kuroda for a year and $20M ($5M raise) he’ll take and go with a rotation of him, Nova, and three from these eight pitchers: Nuno, Warren, Phelps, Marshall, Pineda, and the three Sabathia trade acquisitions. Who says the Yanks couldn’t sign and/or trade for anyone?


    Have Robertson and Kelley battle for the closer role. The loser is the co-setup man with Clairborne. Re-sign Logan to a five-year $4M a year $20M total contract he’ll take and be only 34 at the end of, still a baby for lefthanded relievers. Make Phelps or Warren the long man. Have two homegrown pitchers or one and a free-agent (ideally a lefty) fill out the final two bullpen slots (Montgomery and Betances?)


    C – J.R. Murphy (Cervelli the PED cheat traded, that’s right, get rid of him, too, besides that he has a me-not-we attitude like A-Rod)

    1B/3B – Overbay re-signed for $2.5M or double his 2013 salary (the only non-homegrown position player)

    2B/SS – Ramiro Pena reacquired (whatever it takes to get him back and he can be the shortstop if Nunez can’t get it done)

    OF – Adonis (let’s see what this guy can do)


    C – Romine mentored by Jose Molina if Molina retires (a great first step to being a manager or pitching coach for Molina)

    1B – Adams mentored by Overbay all year and Tino Martinez in spring training (that’s right Tino who I don’t believe for a second did anything wrong in Miami save tell some brat to pick up some baseballs and be told no which is insubordination.)

    2B – Cano re-signed for six years at $25M a year for $150M total which would be the second biggest contract money-wise for a homegrown Yankee to Jeter’s $189M and only $39M less than that contract for four less years of work (six years to Jeter’s ten.)

    3B – Eric Jagielo mentored by Scott Brosius in spring training and via phone (a great first step towards a managerial or coaching career in baseball for Brosius who manages a college baseball team)

    SS – Nunez mentored and coached at the position in spring training by Omar Vizquel (a great first step towards a managerial or coaching career in baseball for Vizquel who has aspirations of being an MLB manager)

    LF – Almonte

    CF – Gardner making $5.7M (double his 2013 salary) he’ll take

    RF – Mesa

    DH – Soriano costing the Yankees only $5M of his $18M salary for 2014, he takes Almonte and Mesa under his wing. Bernie Williams could mentor them in spring training also.

    • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

      Are you being serious?

    • OldYanksFan

      How about if I take YOU under my wing, via the internet.
      My advice?

    • Pat D

      Your obsession with this “mentoring” is what really concerns me.

      Because it makes it harder for me to figure out whether you sincerely believe this shit of if you’re just straight trolling.

      I mean, at this point, I think you’re trolling. But even the trolliest of trolls don’t keep posting the same things like this when it takes this much time to type.

  • vicki

    april happened. feels like a crazy dream now.

    4-6-5-6-5-3-4 happened.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      I remember that triple play. High point of the season. All down hill from there.

  • Mac

    The Hughes rant is ridiculous. Yes, he’s bad. No, he would not be getting demoted on most teams. There are 15 qualifying SPs with worse ERAs this season. Many of the guys that are worse than him or in his neighborhood (including CC) are highly paid, highly regarded, and not in danger of losing their rotation spots. http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=sta&lg=all&qual=y&type=8&season=2013&month=0&season1=2013&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=16,d

    Speculating about their desires to develop a SP and stating it as a fact just takes it way over the edge. Nova is pitching very well right now. If the Yankees were really that concerned about developing a SP, Nova is probably their better bet right now.
    It’s really odd that you simultaneously acknowledge that there is not necessarily a better option right now. And two or three of the four options you list are also all basically homegrown (Nuno less so).

    • Mac

      That’s 15 out of 90 qualifiers, by the way. Or 1 in 6.

      • Tom

        Actually 9th worst among qualified starters. (click on your link now that the today’s stats have been updated). The guys below him:

        Joe Blanton
        Barry Baked Ziti
        Wade “I was a reliever last year” Davis
        Dan “Why are the Nationals so bad?” Haren
        Edinson “It’s the Padres rotation” Volquez
        Ian “I was traded to the Padres from a contending team I was so bad” Kennedy
        Jason Hammels
        Yovani “I couldn’t be traded at the deadline” Gallardo

        I’m sorry which of these guys are “highly regarded”? Hammels has some regard I guess?

        And the problem with qualifiers is you have guys like Matt Garza, Francisco Liriano, Annibal Sanchez, Jered Weaver and a bunch of others who are just off the qualified list.

        Keep fighting the good fight, next thing you know you will be calling Chris Stewart an average catcher again (you know if he had enough games and AB’s)

        • Mac

          Are you fucking kidding me? The guys on either side of him are Gallardo and CC. These guys were both among the top Ps in baseball entering the season. You really have to ask who is highly paid and highly regarded in the same area as him? Many of the guys you list are also highly paid, so clearly someone regarded them highly and still hasn’t yanked them from their rotation.

          A few down the list are 40% of both the Red Sox and Rays starting rotations.

          Give me a fucking break. Your comment is beyond stupid. There is no evidence that even the best teams in baseball would yank Hughes from the rotation, let alone most teams.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            wat. Any contending team would try to take a 4.60 FIP pitcher out, this isn’t rocket science. What are talking about?

            • Tom

              So the cursing doesn’t convince you and strengthen his argument?

              Hughes I think is somewhere around 105 in both ERA and FIP over a 3 year period (qualified starters). To compare that to pitchers having 1 year of down performance just shows the level of intelligence we are dealing with here.

  • Kosmo

    52 games left. If NY goes 30-22 they´ll win 87. IMO this is the best case scenario. This offense can´t pick up the SP when it underperforms.
    Yanks should do what they can off the waiver wire.
    Lillibridge? Nothing and I mean nothing justifies him being on the 25 man roster instead of Adams.
    Romine deserves to start 70% of the remaining games.
    Let´s face it Nunez is not a MLB caliber anything.

    • Mac

      Not a bad case, but definitely not the best case.

      They’ve got Granderson back, plus possibly Jeter and/or A-Rod. We saw the best case for a month or so stretch from guys like Wells and Hafner earlier in the season plus Ichiro down the stretch last season. Best case, they repeat that. Best case CC, Hughes, and Pettitte start pitching well again.

      • Kosmo

        16-11 April . I don´t really see 30-22 as being any different.

    • Larrym Fl

      Amen! I would give Nunez a bit more breathing room. He has had sporadic playing time with injury and Jeter’s return. With Jeter’s possible DL move I’d put him out there everyday until he drops. Also I believe Cano’s ways are a bad influence of him. Blasphemy I would not resign Cano.

      Stewart should not play over anyone. Romine and Adams should play most days except if Jeter does the third base experiment when he’s healthy.

      Stating rotation has no remedies except Warren for anyone but Kuroda and Nova.