Yankees fall 3-2 to ChiSox, lose third straight

Cervelli won't have surgery for stress reaction in elbow
Ken Singleton weighs in -- Part I

Do you think the Yankees make it through the weekend with a winning record? They’re only two games over .500 following Tuesday’s 3-2 loss to lowly White Sox, and the Tigers are coming to town for three games this weekend. Then again, New York has done a swell job showing they can be beat by anyone lately.

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

Two Mistakes
A few weeks ago I wrote something about how the Yankees only seemed to score when their opponents make a mistake. It was mostly sarcasm, but there was also some truth to it. This offense is pretty bad — even with Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, and Curtis Granderson back with the team — and needs all the help it can get. In the first inning, the White Sox gave them that help.

It all started with a leadoff walk by Brett Gardner, but Alfonso Soriano followed with a little double play ground ball right to the second baseman. The out was made at second but the throw to first pulled Paul Konerko off the bag, allowing Soriano to beat it out. That was the first mistake. The second came a few pitches later, after he’d stolen second base. Chris Sale’s slider in the dirt got by catcher Josh Phegley and managed to bounce all the way to the third base dugout. Phegley couldn’t find the ball, and that gave Soriano enough time to score all the way from second. All it took was a botched double play and a wild pitch that bounced so far it allowed a runner to score from second. Piece of cake.

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

Snubbed All-Star Hiroki Kuroda pitched well but not as well as we’re used to seeing. The White Sox had several long at-bats against him and scored three runs on nine hits and a walk in seven innings. He struck out four and threw a season-high 116 pitches. On a team with a decent offense, that’s probably good enough to win. On the Yankees, it’s his seventh loss despite a 2.45 ERA on the season. Would you be surprised if he signed with a different club this winter because he wanted a better chance to contend? I sure wouldn’t be.

It’s pretty amusing Gardner will slide head-first into first base like once a week, but he wouldn’t slide around Phegley to touch home plate on Robinson Cano‘s single in the third. To be fair, Gardner was safe. The replays confirmed it. But he was called out anyway. Sliding around the the catcher would have helped him out there because it would have been tougher for the tag to be applied. Naturally, Gardner drove in a run in the ninth to ensure this play sticks out like a sore thumb in the one-run loss.

So Alex Rodriguez is already the team’s second or third best hitter, right? He went 1-for-2 with a walk, a hit-by-pitch, a ground ball single through the left side, and a hard-hit line drive out right at the center fielder. A-Rod also works the count (!) too, which is pretty refreshing. I don’t know if this is a good sign for Alex or a indictment of the rest of the offense.

The Yankees scored no more than three runs for the seventh straight game and 11th time in their last 13 games. In case you’re wondering if seven straight is some kind of franchise record, it’s not. Not even close. Franchise record is 13 straight back in 1917. It is their longest such streak since that magical 1991 season, however (nine straight).

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, do to MLB.com. For some other stats, go to FanGraphs. For the standings, go to ESPN. Depend on what happens in the Rangers-Angels game, the Yankees will either be four games back (Rangers loss) or five games back (Rangers win) of the second wildcard spot. Pipe dream.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees will try to salvage this sorry excuse of a series on Wednesday night, when CC Sabathia gets the ball against Newark-born lefty Hector Santiago. Getting swept by the second-to-worst team in baseball would pretty much kill the already small chance they have at the postseason. These are supposed to be the easy wins.

Cervelli won't have surgery for stress reaction in elbow
Ken Singleton weighs in -- Part I
  • Kramerica Industries

    The Yankees are on such a wretched form of late, so similar to the early ’90s, that I’m actually making this post on Netscape Navigator to capture the full effect of it.

    • forensic

      Did you use a dial-up modem that would make those annoying connecting tones too?

      • Kramerica Industries

        Thanks for the nightmares, jerk-ass. :)

        You know, if I could use multiple internet connections like I can internet browsers, I actually would’ve for that one-time post. On a website I visit regularly, there is a poll thread about internet browsers that we use (I use Chrome primarily and Firefox for secondary reasons only) and the obligatory comments about Netscape and the ’90s popped up.

        Being a product of the ’90s like I am, I downloaded Netscape just for the hell of it. Mind you, this is the last version of Netscape, published in February 2008, and nothing like the mid-to-late ’90s versions of Netscape, but that’s probably because those versions of Netscape are forever lost to the internet archives. I could probably never find them, though it might not hurt to try.

        Figures that a February 2008 product is incompatible with something like the tweeter. For shame.

    • dkidd

      i’m listening to “rhythm nation” and watching “hunt for red october” on mute


  • El Johnny D

    Anyone think this season will cost anyone in the FO their job? I’m not trying to put blame on anyone or anything. I’m just curious if Hal/Hank/upper management has patience.

    Or maybe of what their plan for the team is going forward? Ugh. Too many questions for this team.

  • forensic

    Pretty terrible.

    I don’t like the Soriano trade, but at least it was him batting 2nd so he could score on those things in the first inning. Numerous other players batting 2nd, including the one many may want there, certainly doesn’t score there.

  • forensic

    Did you mean to say ‘sorry excuse for a series’, instead of ‘sorry excuse for a season’? They’ve both been pretty terrible, but one game tomorrow certainly doesn’t salvage the season (really, it doesn’t even come close to salvaging the road trip or series either).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Hah, I did mean series. I wrote season, I went to change it to series, and ended up writing season again. It’s a sign.

      • forensic

        heh, nice…

  • forensic

    5 IP, 9 H, 6 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 3 K
    5 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K

    One of these pitchers is Felix Hernandez and one is Josh Johnson.

    And yet it’s not the way you’d think. They switch teams for the night or something?

  • Tom

    Gardner also couldn’t get a bunt down, because the only way he knows how to bunt is to do it on the move while trying to get a hit. It’s embarrasing that a player with his skills doesn’t know how to square around and perform a sac bunt.

    Mentioned this in the game thread – the Yankees are one of the top 5 teams in terms of shifting per Baseball Information Solutions (BIS). They are also the only one of those top 5 teams that are estimated to receive ZERO benefit from it. In short, they might as well never shift because they apparently have no clue how to do it and gain nothing by it.

    And the shift set up one of the three runs allowed. Adam Dunn (dead pull hitter) was up with noone on and they had Cano in short right field swung way over (basically the 1st/2nd hole). Yet for some reason Girardi/Pena/whoever is repsonsible for positioning the fielders had Nunez behind 2nd base (maybe even slightly on the SS side?). The result – a routine ground ball to the vacated 2nd base position for a hit which either the 2nd baseman should have fielded with no shift or the SS should have fielded if they actually deployed the shift properly. Dunn eventually scored that inning.

    It’s one thing to get beat when you are outpitched or outhit or catch bad breaks, but the Yankees are also making bad decisions and can’t execute basic plays on top of it.

    • WhittakerWalt

      He shouldn’t have been bunting there, anyway. But I get your point.

  • Bob Michaels

    Gardner is called out at home but any blind SOB could see he was safe. If he slid into home even the blind sob in blue would have called him safe.

    • ExitCashman

      So, does that prove he was right for not sliding? Wells was too busy picking his nose with that 30 oz. useless twig he carries to help out, and Gardner has the baseball instincts of Herb Washington.

      Everyone, inc. Mike A., denigrates Ichiro, who is one of the few great things about baseball today. Awesome work ethic, constant conditioning and approaching 4000 hits. An international spokesman for the game, who does not share in the disgrace of this PED-Biogenesis crap. Yet, he is constantly referred to as over the hill, finished, etc. on this site.

      Ichiro was responsible for run #2, not Gardner, Mike. Open your eyes, give credit where it is due, and stop this tirade against a future HOFer who at 39 is better than Gardner at 29.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Future Hall of Famers don’t need sunshine enemas when they’re in the middle of a mediocre season. That doesn’t serve anybody.

      • Pat D

        Get over yourself. Ichiro is over the hill. He’s not quite finished, but he’s getting there.

      • Frank

        “Baseball instincts of Herb Washington.” Finally, someone recognizes Gardner for what he is – a very over-rated player and marginal at best base runner. Just because he’s fast doesn’t qualify him as a smart instinctual base runner. Poor base stealing instincts. And his constant sliding head first is a joke. Does he even know how to slide feet first?

  • Bob Michaels

    we have a second sacker who wants a big payday in his walk year. so in the first game he hit`s a ball to the left side a bloop that`s booted but do`s not hustle out of the box, even though he was safe at second another blind sob in blue calls him out, if he would hustle it would be no contest.

    • forensic

      Not a big fan of those ‘blind sob’s’ tonight, huh? :-)

  • BigBlueAL

    I was born in 1980 and this is the worst Yankee team I have ever rooted for. I dont count the 1989-1992 Yankees because I was still a kid back then and they could have gone 0-162 and I wouldnt have cared lol. Plus since I moved to Miami in the summer of 1990 I didnt get to watch many of the games back then anyway, no MLB Extra Innings back then.

    But man having to watch these games on a daily basis is really brutal. I mean I just went thru nearly a decade of watching some truly horrible Knicks teams but I dunno, maybe since basketball is not played every day it wasnt as hard to suffer thru. 82 games is alot less than 162.

    Will say this should lead to one helluva interesting off-season to say the least.

    • lightSABR

      Here’s hoping it leads to an interesting offseason. I’m afraid the Yankees brass will chalk it all up to bad luck–of which, face it, we’ve had more in this season than in the last five years put together–hold the course, and field mediocre teams until declining revenues force a coup.

      • forensic

        They’ve already started chalking it up to luck and the injuries as an excuse (if you listen to some of the Cashman interviews), so I’m not really expecting much overly interesting to happen this offseason. Also, because so many positions are already locked into guaranteed contracts for next year.

        Yes, some of the injuries have been unexpected and hurt them badly, but much of what has happened could have been reasonably expected and many of their issues have been self-inflicted too.

        • Selig is a self serving hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


          Problem with the luck/injuries thing is that it’s largely a problem of their own making, fielding a roster that is very old pretty much across the board. Obviously all the injuries in total seem like a perfect storm of horrible luck, and I suppose statistically they probably are. But looking at any one of the injuries in isolation doesn’t scream “how bizarre?” with the exception I guess of Granderson. Maybe Teix too.

          Anyway, I don’t have high hopes for a creative response from the FO this off season.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    I don’t want to even contemplate getting swept by the White Sox. Like my head will literally explode.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

      Also upon looking at the score tonight I think I was more upset that Kuroda’s ERA went up than the Yanks actually losing. Ugh.

  • forensic

    Fangraphs hasn’t updated with tonight’s games yet, but last night’s game moved the White Sox up into a tie with the Yankees in wRC+. I wonder if tonight would move them slightly past the Yankees.

    • ExitCashman

      Does that mean the Yankees don’t get mints on their pillows at the hotel tonight? Doesn’t this PED stuff tell you sabermagicians that it takes more than statistics to understand this game?

      • forensic

        Huh? I’m pretty damn far from the type of person you’re trying to accuse me of being.

        I’m just saying, the Yankees, in the AL, are already last in SLG, 2nd to last in BA, 3rd to last in OBP, tied for 2nd to last in OPS+, last in wOBA, and tied for last in wRC+.

        Just wondering if they dropped in another overall category.

      • WhittakerWalt

        What the fuck is is Grampa babbling about here?

        • Pat D

          Something better not to ponder, methinks.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      They’re still tied at 81. Use the “Live Stats — Full Season” option from the splits pull-down. That’s live, updated to the minute.

      • forensic

        Ah, didn’t know that, thanks. Still warming up to, and deciding where I stand, on all those extras so I haven’t spent a ton of time there going through all the splits and choices.

      • Michael Allen

        I visit Fangraphs daily. I recently read an article[ Written by Dave Cameron] analyzing Trout and Cabrera’s season to date. Obviously, Cameron was pulling( Not the correct word) for Trout to win the MVP.

        I am a huge, enormous, massive, super- colossal fan of Mike Trout. But, in no way shape or form is he the most valuable player so far this year. Say what you’d like about a teams W-L record but it does factor into the MVP voting.

        Even if the Angels were winning my vote would still start with Cabrera and Davis respectively. Miggy may hit 45 homers while clipping .350. “Crush” may hit 55 bombs. The key word is “may” but those seasons are more valuable to me than the Millville Meteors’.

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    HATE : this team, this front office, these injuries, the un-signed, the signed, the moves, the lack of moves, the dfa (quintana), the rab’ers who say we’re whiners, that we’re The NY Yankees and have to wallow in mediocrity, that Gardner was our latest farm success, that, that, that …, fuck !!!

    • Pat D

      Stop whining.

    • JLC 776

      Go ahead and root for the Pirates then. We’ll still be here when the next dynasty begins.

  • Michael Allen

    Was it me or did Alex look… good.. tonight? Also, he seemed quite relaxed and at ease. No matter how things turn out, I must to give him his due for how he has returned thus far. Especially under the circumstances.

    • ExitCashman

      Yeah, Alex looked good… if you think Madonna looked good in yoga pants.

      • Darren

        Like Alex, Madonna certainly as her flaws, but when has she ever NOT looked good in yoga pants??

        Unless…you agree that Alex looked good? Which he did, by the way.

      • Duh Injuries

        Motherfucker if present-day Madonna magically popped up beside you in your bed naked you’d be all over that – I know I would.

    • Wheels

      The guy is an all-time great talent. He always feels comfortable on the field, and is probably loving all of this attention in a way.

      • Pat D

        Well he was being mobbed for autographs.

    • FIPster Doofus

      He still knows what he’s doing on a baseball field, despite the obvious decline. That’s more than can be said for most players on the team. I’m happy he’s back.

  • Wheels

    It’s a big shit sandwich, and we’re all gonna have to take a bite.

    • Selig is a self serving hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      Feels like more of a shitburger but I feel ya.

  • Darren

    I think in a weird way this kind of season helps forge your Yankee fandom. And there is something almost perversely enjoyable about seeing how bad the offense can be. It’s like, is it REALLY the 5th inning again and it’s a 1-1 game. REALLY?

    It’s kind of shocking. I still am going to hope for a miracle. I mean, aren’t we due for a random, luck-based hot streak? Even if we’re as shitty as we look, shouldn’t we go 8-2 by accident? We can still do it, and

    WE ALL OWE IT TO MO NOT TO GIVE UP!! the magic number to clinch the AL East is less than 60!!*

    *way to lazy to figure it out

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      That’s the spirit!

    • Selig is a self serving hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      Yup. When Mike is looking to dead ball era records for offensive futility, you know things are hitting bottom. Sort of fun.

  • PED’s

    So where are all the Cashman apologists who shouted down everyone who said this season would SUCK ASS. I can’t hear you now!

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      Well, given your use of caps, we all can certainly hear you.

      I don’t get what people like you want. Yes, the Yankees suck. You called it! You win. I hope that makes you feel better or something.

    • Pat D

      I’m sorry but I don’t remember anyone saying anything of the sort.

      • Selig is a self serving hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        Agreed. Trolls just love trollin I guess.

  • Duh Injuries

    The Yanks could clear as much as $146.594M for 2014 as follows:

    $25M Rodriguez
    $15M Kuroda
    $15M Cano
    $15M Granderson
    $14M Jeter if he declines his 2014 player’s option
    $12M Pettitte
    $12M Youkilis
    $10M Rivera
    $8.5M A.J. Burnett
    $7.15M Hughes
    $3.15M Logan
    $2M Hafner
    $1.875M Chamberlain
    $1.25M Overbay
    $0.9M Nix
    $0.75M Lillibridge
    $0.5151M Stewart
    $0.505 Cruz
    $0.499M Brignac

    They could clear another $43.65M for 2014 for $190.244M TOTAL CLEARED if they traded Sabathia ($23M), half of Teixiera’s remaining salary ($11.25M), Suzuki ($6.5M), Soriano ($5M), and Wells ($2.4M.) They’d clear another $70.5M for 2015-16 by trading Sabathia ($48M due 2015-16) and Teixiera ($22.5M due 2015-16) for $260.744M CLEARED FOR 2014-16.

    They could replenish their farm system simply by offering Kuroda, Cano, Granderson, and Hughesone-year $14M qualifying offers they would reject as no way Kuroda is taking a $1M paycut ($14M down from $15M) and the latter three are taking one year deals.

    2014 Yankees by part of the team:

    ROTATION ($2.6M)

    Nova $600K
    Any four from Phelps, Warren, Nuno, Marshall, Pineda, and three starting pitchers acquired from trading Sabathia $500K each

    BULLPEN ($13M)

    Robertson ($5M) and Kelley ($2M) battle for the closer job, the loser is the co-set up man with Clairborne ($500K), Logan is re-signed ($4M a year for four years), and one from Phelps, Warren, Nuno, Marshall, and Pineda is the long man ($500K), Montgomery and Betances are the last two men in the pen ($500K each)


    BENCH ($2.1M)

    J.R. Murphy (C) $500K
    Mustelier (1B/3B) $500K
    Nunez (2B/SS) $600K
    Adonis Garcia (OF) $500K

    STARTING NINE ($14.3M)

    C – Romine $500K
    1B – Adams $500K
    2B – Joseph $500K
    3B – Eric Jagielo $500K
    SS – Ramiro Pena reacquired $600K
    LF – Almonte $500K
    CF – Gardner $5.7M (double his 2013 salary)
    RF – Mesa $500K
    DH – Soriano $5M



    Figure this team wins 70-79 games but gets a pass because the only veterans are Robertson, Logan, Gardner, and Soriano and the Yanks save so much money they can go on a spending spree with the $260.744M – 32M = $228.744M cleared for 2014-16. They could clear another $15.7M letting go of Robertson, Gardner, and Soriano after 2015, $19.7M if they traded Logan after only a year ($12M cleared for 2015-16, too.) You hope at least three of the starting pitchers are in the 2015 rotation (I’l pick Nova, Nuno, and Pineda), at least two of the five relievers outside of Robertson and Logan are in the 2015 bullpen (I’ll pick Kelley and Montgomery), at least five of the everyday players are in the 2015 starting nine (I’ll pick Romine, Jagielo, Almonte, Gardner, and Mesa), and at least one bench player is on the 2015 bench (I’ll pick Murphy cuz he’s a catcher thus the most valuable defensive player on the bench.) If that amount of players panned out in 2014, that means the Yanks would need to fill two starting pitcher slots, three reliever slots, four starting nine slots, and three bench slots for 2015.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      They couldn’t “replenish” the farm system by trading contracts that nobody wants anyways. Didn’t even have to read past your first paragraph…

      • Duh Injuries

        Good, glad you showed you’re another blind bat who thinks buying aging, over the hill, hasbeen, washed up mid to late thirty-somethings is the way to go with this team.

        My 2014 25-man roster ensures a last-place or fourth place at best finish, but it does allow us all (even your dumb ass) to see what the farm system can do and who makes it to 2015 with the guys the Yanks could sign (since you missed my last part about how the Yanks could go on a spending spree.)

        BTW idiot if you offer Kuroda the qualifying a year and $14M and he turns it down you get a first-round draft pick since he’ll sign elsewhere. If you do the same with Cano and let him go elsewhere you will be spared his age 34-39 seasons which can’t possibly be good as this nice but not ALMVP candidate 2013. He’s a poor-man’s Jeter, nothing more or less.

        Go fuck yourself if you don’t have a better plan than I do.

        • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

          Go fuck myself? How bout I just take it out on your mother instead?

      • Pat D

        You bothered to read any of it?

    • forensic

      Out of curiosity, do you actually think anyone really reads these treatises of yours every night anymore?

      • Duh Injuries

        You do else you wouldn’t be replying to me dipshit.

        Treatise? Try showing you fucking dullards (you included) that for the first time ever the Yanks have the ability to purge tens of millions of dollars from their payroll and rebuild the team with the farm. If it means a losing season, well I’ll gladly take that over the same shit from a patchwork family like this team.

        Yeah, I wanna see Eric Jagielo be thrown into the fire and play 3B every day, not washed up steroids cheat A-Rod or a cast of 3 to six career backup infielders. I wanna see Romine play every day, not be hindered by an overmatched veteran backstop (Stewart is a fine BACKUP catcher, nothing more), a young homegrown rotation and a young, almost homegrown bullpen pitch. I’m tired of the hole-patching, thrift, trying to get over, and bloated contracts. NO to age 31 Cano getting six or more years now that I think about it after seeing him dog it on the bases the other night.

        • forensic

          No, actually I don’t read them, I just skip past them because it’s the same thing every night.

          And, if you would stop insulting everyone then you’d realize that I’m actually one of the closest here to some of the stuff you propose.

          I’m all for dumping the veteran dreck. I don’t want to re-sign Cano for what he’ll likely demand/get. I hate the direction the organization has shown with their obsession with washed-up veterans who you know will suck over potential improvement (who may still suck) with unproven youth or at least youngish players. I want Romine everyday over Stewart (also wanted Cervelli over him). We differ on A-Rod, but that’s life.

          But, there’s an element of realism you ignore if you think other teams are going to trade for Sabathia, Teixeira, Ichiro, Soriano, Wells, etc., even if you eat half their salaries. It’s just not going to happen. There just aren’t enough franchises out there that are as rich and stupid as the Dodgers were two years ago.

          There are also ways to present your opinions without posting the same enormous comments every night.

          • Duh Injuries

            Hey you insulted me with your reply, ok? Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

            Sabathia is tradeable. There’s an NL team out there who thinks they’d get over on the Yanks by getting him, and have you seen A.J. Burnett lately? If Burnett can turn into an NL ace after the garbage job he did with the Yanks at an older age than Sabathia, Sabathia could EASILY at least match if not better (Burnett’s) 2013-14 in the league with no DH, the pitcher batting, and the much weaker bottom of the order because of it. Teixiera would be a reasonable risk to take at three years and $11.25M a year for a team in need of a Gold Glove-winning veteran 1B with power who hits on both sides of the plate who did post 24 HR and 84 RBI last year despite his injury this year. If he did that or around that with good defense every year for his taker 2014-16 he’d be worth every penny. Suzuki has a body of work which says a year and $6.5M is low-risk high-reward. Wells is totally low-risk high-reward at $2.4M as he can still play a decent outfield and you never know. Soriano would be another low-risk high-reward bargain like Suzuki and Wells at a year and $5M. Get lost if you’re telling me a team wouldn’t take Wells for $1.2M, Soriano for $2.5M, or Suzuki for $3.25M if it meant giving up little in the way of prospects. Those are cheapass prices for guys with track records. Sabathia wouldn’t be taken at $11.5M a year 2014-15 then $12.5M for 2015? GTFOHWTS. Since you’re telling me no one would take on even half their remaining salaries. BTW I’d be down with the Yanks paying part of their salaries to dump ’em. I’d hand Wells to someone for free, fuck it.

            I will present my opinions and FACTS (the payroll which could be cleared which I did in list form so it’s readable) however I see fit, not how YOU see fit, ok?

            • forensic

              Actually, nowhere in my comment to you was there an insult. It was just a question. I didn’t call you a dipshit, ass-kisser, asshole, or bitch, all of which you’ve done in the span of about 3 comments. I didn’t say it was stupid or you were stupid, regardless of what may be in my head.

              Calling something a treatise isn’t inherently an insult, what you post just happens to follow the definition pretty damn well: a formal and systematic exposition in writing of the principles of a subject, generally longer and more detailed than an essay. (source: dictionary.com, should it be necessary). I guess we could argument about the length of an essay in this case, but it fits pretty well in my opinion.

              And absolutely, post however you like. It’s not my blog. I never told you to post another way, that’s Mike’s prerogative should he feel necessary (though he did say something a short while back). I simply said the way you’re doing this may turn many people off to your opinion simply because of how it’s presented.

              But, like you said, you don’t care if anyone reads it or whatever, so carry on…

      • Duh Injuries

        BTW I could give a fuck if anyone reads what I post.

        At least I don’t whine, take shots at Yankees, team ownership and management, kiss A-Rod’s ass, go on and on and on about him at every turn like you and the other Gasoline Alley kids do.

        Go cry about the lack of offense bitch.

        I’ll imagine a better plan knowing it’ll never be enacted cuz this team never wants to rebuild and you all will bitch about the next batch of bought, overpaid, over the hill, overrated, washed up, hasbeen, aging, fat, jerk, jerkoff, steroid cheating bums.

        • forensic

          heh, so obviously you won’t stop insulting everyone and thus you probably won’t bother reading my prior comment. Oh well… Moving on…

        • Captain Turbo

          Then why are you replying to everyone who replies to your posts? You sound like an angry little man with an inflated ego.

    • Selig is a self serving hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      I endorse this plan completely though you’re overpaying Logan I think.

      Not serious.

  • Duh Injuries

    *$12M cleared for 2015-17 if they traded Logan after the first year.

  • forensic

    Cuso, if you’re still around, I know you probably aren’t following anymore but he’s up to 0-27 with 13 K’s now.

    I’m getting a bit concerned. :-(

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      Haha. I dropped him for this week. Figured I took his best and had to cut bait.

  • Duh Injuries

    BTW assholes:

    How is Eric Jagielo worse than the shit the Yanks have rolled out there at thirdbase? He’s only 21, lefthanded, has power, and plays good defense, so the scouts say. I’d be thrilled if the kid even just produced what the 2013 Yankees 3B did because he’d be making just the rookie minimum plus his signing bonus (just under $2.5M), not $42.654M / over $40M more than that ($28M A-Rod + $12M Youkilis + $900K Nix + $750K Lillibridge + $505K Cruz + $499K Brignac), he’d still be only 22 at year’s end or whenever next year and under control for another half-decade.

    What’s wrong with Almonte and Mesa at the outfield corners? You wanna see Wells in LF and Suzuki in RF with Soriano and some one-year signee sharing both positions? I sure don’t, and you’re a fucking idiot if you do?

    What’s wrong with playing Romine every day? Stewart isn’t a bad catcher/player, he’s just a very good career backup catcher you morons who bash him at every turn mistake as / think should be an everyday catcher whose supposed to hit like Posada and Martin.

    NOTHING, NOTHING, and NOTHING, which is what all you whiners and complainers offer in terms of solutions. Oh wait, you want Giancarlo Stanton, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Wieters, and Max Scherzer. Take a number, bitches, and be prepared to wait quite some time and in some cases forever for whoever among that bunch to be in Yankee pinstripes. ‘Only way Kershaw is in ’em is if he blows so bad the Dodgers want to get rid of him.

    • Andy e


    • WhittakerWalt

      Somebody ban this abusive jerk, please.

      • Pat D

        I can’t be too sure since I so quickly skimmed over his posts, but I think I saw direct name-calling again. If Mike comes back to this thread, it’ll probably happen.

        Won’t be the first time he’s been banned.

        • WhittakerWalt

          Yep, plenty of direct name-calling. Totally uncalled for.

    • Captain Turbo

      Any insight you might have is nullified by your immature attitude. No one wants to listen to a loudmouth blowhard. You might get some respect if you’d calm down and listen to other people instead of trying to shout them down.

  • stuart a

    almonte and mesa would produce at a similar level as wells and ichiro. I agree with that.

    yanks owe Wells $1 mill next year, no need to put him on the team, NONE.

    i agree Romine shoud get a chance over Stewart. Play him the majority of the time over the final 50 games, why not?

    SOme of your moves are out there in my opinion but I agree go young and go cheap. Why the fuck not… yankee fans relate pay to performance, which is obviously not true.

    I also would not give crapo more then 5 years under any circumstance and if he goes to LA, enjoy your time robbie…

    • Pat D

      Yea, but going young and going cheap with this team will turn them into a complete doormat. If you wanna suffer through that, be my guest.

      I mean, yea, is mediocrity any better? No, not really. But fuck if I know what better options will be out there. I’m also not going to make a bunch of stupid suggestions as if I have some kind of blueprint.

      I’m content to wait for everything to play out, one way or the other. This team isn’t the most important thing for me right now, not by a long shot, so whatever will be will be.

  • yankeepankee

    Hi folks.
    After a minors season of mind-boggling injuries (what a groin Nuno must have pulled) and across the board disappointments, this item below should be the death knell for Cashmen along with Newman and the minors staff and trainers. A team worth $2 billion (Forbes) should have decent enough scouts to at least stumble upon some talent by accident! What do you think? Thanks….

    The minor league best tools surveys are here: Triple-A, Double-A, High-A, and Low-A. The Yankees did not place a single prospect in any category at any level. Completely shutout. That hasn’t happened as long as I’ve been following prospects. Josh Norris did the legwork and found the Yankees were the only team to be completely unrepresented at all four minor league levels.

  • Mick taylor

    As I and others said last month, this team is not making playoffs they should have traded kuroda granderson ichiro joba Logan and cano and rebuild team. Also , not that itmatterd last nite, but overbay and granderson should have played last nite . Adams sucks.

    • forensic

      but overbay and granderson should have played last nite against a very tough lefty, as was clearly evidenced by their terrific AB’s against righties late in the game.

      • Mick taylor

        Let me explain to you why granderson and overbay should have played last nite.overbay against anyone, is better than Adams. Sale was just as tough against eighties last nite by witness that pitch be was throwing to rights which danced around the plate and was called for strikes. I do not like girardi subscribe to these all righty lineups when you have better lefty hitters on th bench. Also, I think an all righty lineup sometimes allow the lefty pitcher to get into a groove

        • forensic

          Ok, you convinced me…

  • 302w

    Let’s hope for a great draft next season, I’m not confident about our chances this season. Crazier things have happened of course, but this team doesn’t really hang with the Sox, Rays, or O’s.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      I’m not confident about our chances this season…this team doesn’t really hang with the Sox, Rays, or O’s is the understatement of the year. Dude the Yankees suck this year. End of story.

  • Patrick

    This team and season is garbage. Sadly, Mo won’t see the post-season in his final year. That is the worst thing about this year.

    But the only thing that matters now is 2014 and the future.

    Forget A-Rod. It is a waste to even pencil him in the lineup. He is not the future. A waste to even write about him….

    This entire organization needs an enema and it starts at the top. You can’t fire the owners, but Hank and Hal have a LOT to prove. They can start by dumping Cashman. He is a loser. Get a new GM, director of Scouting–etc. Clean house. Look at the big picture and put 2013 in the rear view mirror.

    • jmpnyy

      Get baseball wannabee Levine the dog trainer out of the baseball decision making process. Have him do dog tricks with his pooches at the end of the 6th inning on the field.The guy should dye his head red and makeup like the Joker.

  • LarryM Fl

    The purrfect $hitstorm continues next stop Broadway.

  • nycsportzfan

    It really is amazing just how bad some of the at bats were last night. How about Soriano’s to end the night??lol Just nuts how as soon as he went down 0-2, you just knew he was gonna K on the very next pitch.

    How about David Adams? This guy tricked me. I honestly thought given a chance, that David Adams was gonna be a hitter. Thinking somewhere along the lines of 285ba 16hr 75rbi on a full seasons AB’s.

    Then to make matters worse, Austin Romine seems to be really coming into his own offensivley, and freaking Giardi won’t play him on the reg.

    I noticed we had a Sanchez vs Hughes matchup coming up..lol That should be fun!(sarcasm).

    • larryM Fl

      I would not give up on Adams as of yet. The adjustments must be huge and if you do not get regular ABs it is tough. Hopefully he spells Arod and plays first against lefties.

      Girardi and Romine relationship must have some disconnect.

  • trr

    This team stinks on ice right now.
    The age of so many players, especially going forward into 2014, is crushing us like a gigantic boulder. I was vacillating on selling at the deadline, but with each numbing loss, it becomes clearer that we should have sold off for prospects/younger players; Maybe they tried –
    hey, we’re not privy to every converstaion the F/O makes. By all accounts this was a tough year to make any deals.

    Man, it’s tough to be an optimist right now.

  • Eddard

    They’ve become the laughing stock of the AL. If George were alive you can bet heads would be rolling right now. Cashman needs to be fired. Possibly even Girardi and his whole staff. Start fresh. Get under $189 million with a young ballclub next year and start building a dynasty like George did in the 90s. Now that was a ballclub.

    • jason

      Uh…WHO built that dynasy? Howie Spira?

  • JLC 776

    So does this mean Ann Margret is not coming?

    • dkidd

      well done!

  • ialien

    im surprised girardi gets no heat for the lapses in play. Media thinks he should be manager of the year because of the winning record.

    but there are these small things that keep getting screwed up on a night to night basis. The other night, hughes didnt try to bunt over 2 runners with 1 out. last night, gardner does not slide. There were a variety of baserunning errors by almonte before he was hurt.

    i also thinks girardi keeps starters in too long. Last night he left kuroda out there to cough up the 3rd run. He was out of gas an inning earlier. Then look at CC. He’s been run out there for 8 innings & 110 pitches all season long. Looks like it has caught up to him.

    last i am disappointed to have a manager that lies to the media as smoothly as arod. Everything he says is spin. I miss joe torres straight talk.

    • LarryM Fl

      You could get a decent rebuttal with most of your comments but IMHO is the lack of addressing Cano’s lack of hustle.

      My motto is no resigning of Cano if he has the inability to run full tilt. Plus no players next year can compliment his abilities.

  • fred robbins

    The whole truth of the Yankee Front office intentions will be evident as they go about fielding a team for 2014. If they give Cano or even offer him more than 5 yrs at 100 million they are insane. He is nothing more than a streak hitter who gets hot for 3-4 weeks then hits .160 for a month. He feels entitled to something he has not come close to earning.
    The Yankees also seem to think Jeter will be their every day shortstop for another 10 years the way they go about fixing their infield.
    Detroit just goes out and gets Iglasius and I wonder why the Yankees don’t go after someone like that/

    The Yankees need pretty much a whole team. Gardner is ok as a left fielder but he runs very bad routes to balls, does not know how to bunt or steal, and has no base running sensibilities.
    Yanks need at least Pitchers— CC is done, Andy is done- Hughes is done–
    Add a new catcher and 3rd baseman and left and right fielder and there you go– should be a fun off season.

  • jmpnyy

    They should put kuroda on waivers and see what happens. Probably did or he wont wave his NTC. Maybe the Dodgers can convince him to go and get some prospects.

  • Wheels

    It’s just amazing to me that this team got off to a 30-18 start to the season.

    • trr

      seems so long ago… 27-37 since then, and now sinking fast