Yankees rally for win over BoSox after Dempster throws at A-Rod

Update: Nunez leaves game with tight hamstring
Fan Confidence Poll: August 19th, 2013

That was simultaneously the most amazing and most infuriating game of the season. Pretty much classic Yankees-Red Sox, really. The Bombers walked away with a tense, hard-fought, and stressful 9-6 win that had you writing them off before being reeled back in. What a game.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

The Hit-By-Pitch That Turned The Season Around?
People don’t like Alex Rodriguez. Fans don’t like him, the Yankees front office certainly doesn’t like him, opposing players don’t like him … heck, I’m sure some of his own teammates don’t like. It’s understandable at this point. Ryan Dempster, however, was the first to take matters into his own hands.

Dempster threw the first pitch of the second inning behind A-Rod‘s legs. The second was inside around waist-high, the third inside and knee-high. The fourth time was a charm I guess — Dempster planted one right in Alex’s ribs. It was oh so obviously intentional. Here are the first and fourth pitches. I’m sure you can figure out which is which:

(.GIF via @cjzero)

So clearly intentional and yet … nothing. Home plate umpire Brian O’Nora warned both benches and that was it. Dempster remained in the game. To no one’s surprise, Joe Girardi was furious. He stormed out of the dugout and get into a pretty heated yelling match with O’Nora, eventually being ejected. He appeared to call Dempster a big pussy before walking off the field as well, so that was cool. The two benches cleared but there weren’t any punches or anything like that, just a bunch of standing around.

The plunking and arguing and all that made it easy to forget that hey, the Yankees had a leadoff base-runner. Once things settled down, Curtis Granderson following the plunking with a hustle double down the right field line, then Eduardo Nunez plated A-Rod for the team’s first run of the night with a single back up the middle. Lyle Overbay brought home Granderson with a single to second. Dempster may have gotten his message across, but he blew his team’s two-run lead in the process.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

C(onsistently) C(rappy) Sabathia
After two good but not great starts, CC Sabathia struggled big time against the Red Sox on Sunday. He allowed two runs after loading he bases with one out in the first, another on a David Ortiz ground out in the third, two more on Stephen Drew sacrifice fly and Will Middlebrooks solo homer in the fourth, and another when he walked Daniel Nava with the bases loaded in the fifth. The final tally was six runs allowed on seven hits (three doubles, one homer, three singles) and five walks in 5.1 innings. Yuck.

Sabathia now ranks 79th out of 89 qualified pitchers with a 4.83 ERA this season. The Yankees are unlikely to make to the postseason and CC’s rapid descent from ace to fringe starter — he zoomed right passed mediocre, he’s pitching like a sixth starter right now — is a huge reason why. I don’t know if it’s physical or mechanical or something else entirely. It’s a major problem going forward though and he club needs the big left-hander to figure out just what the hell is going wrong. With each disaster start that passes, I am a little less confident he’ll figure it out.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

Don’t Call It A Comeback
The Red Sox piled on Sabathia pretty well and took a 6-3 lead into the sixth inning when (who else?) A-Rod led off the frame. Dempster didn’t throw at him this time, but he probably would have been better off planting another one in his ribs because Alex launched a monster solo homer to dead center to bring his team to within two runs. He clapped his hands will trotting around first and took a second to point to the sky when he reached home, two things I can’t ever remember seeing him do before. A-Rod enjoyed that one, no doubt.

The Yankees did not stop there. They loaded the bases with one out on singles by Nunez and Overbay before Chris Stewart drew a walk. That was the end of the line for Dempster, who was replaced to get the left-on-left matchup against Brett Gardner. Rookie southpaw Drake Britton has been pretty good in limited time for Boston, but he made a huge mistake pitch in an 0-1 count and Gardner crushed it out to center field. I thought it was gone off the bat, but ultimately it was just short of the wall. A bases-clearing triple that turned a two-run deficit into a one-run lead did the job just fine though.

By WPA (+.325), Gardner’s triple was the team’s 14th biggest hit of the season. That definitely doesn’t feel right given the context of the game, something WPA doesn’t take into consideration. I don’t know if it was the biggest hit of the year, maybe A-Rod’s homer was considering everything went on earlier in the night, but it’s certainly in the conversation. That was so incredible.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

Bullpen On Parade
It’ll get lost in everything else that happened in the game, but big ups to the bullpen for keeping the Red Sox off the scoreboard after Sabathia left the game. Shawn Kelley cleaned up a two on, one out jam in the sixth with a strikeout and a ground ball before giving way to Boone Logan for the seventh. Logan struck out David Ortiz and coaxed a double play out of Jarrod Saltalamacchia after walking Jonny Gomes. David Robertson allowed a two-out double to Middlebrooks in the eighth but otherwise struck out the side. His curve was as good as it’s been all season — he was dropping it in for strikes and buried it in the dirt for swings and misses.

The three-run lead in the ninth fell on the shoulders of Mariano Rivera, who had not pitched since blowing his third consecutive save opportunity last Sunday. Two weak ground outs make it look like the inning would be a breeze, but Ortiz beat the shift with a single before Gomes drew a walk. Just like that, the tying run was at the plate. Saltalamacchia put a good swing on an outside cutter, but laced it right at Alfonso Soriano for the 27th out. I don’t know if Mo was off because he’s been off of late or because he was rusty after six days of inactivity, but at the end of the day, he did his job. This one was a nail-biter right to the end, but major props to the four relievers for taking care of business.

Sign creativity! ... I think.
Sign creativity! … I think.

The Yankees scored two tack-on runs in the late innings. First, pinch-hitter Mark Reynolds singled in a run with two outs in the seventh after the lefty Franklin Morales was brought in to face Overbay. Amazing what happens when you have a legit platoon partner for Lyle. Stewart knocked a ground ball single through the left side in the ninth for the team’s ninth and final run. Every run counts in Fenway, no lead is ever safe. The Yankees know that first hand.

Every starter had at least one hit except for the scorching hot Soriano, naturally. He took an ugly 0-for-6. Yuck. Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki had two knocks apiece while Cano, A-Rod, and Nunez had three each. Granderson doubled, Overbay singled, and Stewart singled and drew the only walk. The Yankees went 4-for-4 in stolen base chances — two by Nunez, one by Nix, one by Granderson. They ran wild on Salty all weekend. Nunez left the game with tightness in his hamstring, which he apparently felt after the second steal. They’ll know more about the injury on Monday.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

The Yankees never did hit a Red Sox batter as retaliation for A-Rod, which I’m sure will be spun into some kinda “see, the Yankees hate A-Rod!” narrative. What’s wacky though is that the Sawx hit three (!) more Yankees after the benches were warned. None were intentional — they were all offspeed pitches that got away — but still. What’s the point of the warning? Are we just ignoring the rules now? Amazing (and inexcusable) how the Red Sox hit four Yankees and the only person to get ejected was the Yankees manager.

Anyway, Dempster wimped out and tried to play the hit-by-pitch incident off as trying to establish the inner half after the game. He’s a real tough guy, you see. Man enough to throw at baseball’s easiest target but too chicken to admit it. Manager John Farrell dealt the same crap during his in-game interview. It was rather hilarious watching him stumble with his words while lying through his teeth. These guys took it upon themselves to defend the honor and integrity of baseball and managed to look like complete buffoons in the process.

Girardi, meanwhile, continued to stand up for his embattled third baseman at a time when everyone wishes he would just go away. The Yankees and MLB may be out to get A-Rod, but Girardi has his back to the very end. Joe killed it after the game. His post-game press conference is worth a watch whenever it goes up on the YES Network’s site.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
Now that is a fun graph. MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees are six back in the loss column in both the AL East and second wildcard race. Cool Standings says they have an 8.3% chance of making the postseason. Here’s what I have to say about that.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees will enjoy a well-earned off-day on Monday before welcoming the Blue Jays to town for four games in three days. Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, Esmil Rogers, and Mark Buehrle are all scheduled to start during Tuesday’s doubleheader. I’m just not sure who’s starting the day game and who’s starting at night. We’ll find out soon enough. Check out RAB Tickets for … well, tickets.

Update: Nunez leaves game with tight hamstring
Fan Confidence Poll: August 19th, 2013
  • FIPster Doofus

    I love A-Rod so much.

    • forensic


      • Yankee Fan 1

        I think he’s a lying insane SOB but tonight was totally entertaining

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Why thank you.

      • GreenArm

        HAHAHA, you win this round.

      • FIPster Doofus

        My pleasure, Mr. Centaur.

    • Tisha

      Can’t stand A Rod. But, who the hell is Ryan Dempster to appoint himself Judge , jury and executioner ? He is the biggest liar and hypocrite going . Girardi was right. He is was a former player rep and heavily involved with the union. He of all people knows that this was something agreed upon by all the players on all 30 teams. He needs to get fined and suspended . He had not right to perform his own justice.

  • TheBadOwl

    Huge respect for Girardi for sticking up for his guy, and Gardner, too. And while A-Rod will still get a lot of hate, and probably deserves some of it, but damn, he handled that VERY well. Great win. Just wish I could have seen Pedroia get beaned.

    • stuart a

      deserves some of it???

      he deserves most of it..

      yanks won.. ump was an idiot.. not throwing out Dempster was horrible…

      • OldYanksFan

        “he deserves most of it..”

        Yeah? What about the other 100 guys on the Mitchell list?
        And all the Biogenesis guys?
        And the dozens, if not hundreds, of guys juicing now?

        Do you HATE all of them? Or just the few who have been singled out?

        Of the 100+ Juicers we know about, how many ‘manned up’ and confessed before they were caught?

        Of those who were caught, how many then admitted it? (Think Papi, Manny, Braun, Cervelli, Big Mac, Bonds, Sosa, Raf, etc, etc, etc)

        What you don’t seem to get Stewie, is ARod is just ONE of MANY.
        They ALL cheated.
        They ALL lied.
        They ALL covered up, it they could.
        They ALL did anything and everything they could to cover their asses. (think Melky). Ya know…. “it must have been in my protein shake…”

        But I guess the ARod Haters are just SOOOOOOOOOOO moral, so just, they they have no indescretions in their lives. Kinda like all those Holy Priests (who ended up raping young boys) and all the Politicians (caught in the Mens Room with their pants down).

        I believe ARod did Steroids. I think he should do his time.
        But no matter what the crime, singling out ONE guy and making an example of him, is WRONG! It’s lynch mob mentality. It’s scape goating and it’s WRONG. And in this case, the WRONG being done to ARod is worse than ARod’s crime.

        Doing steroids in Baseball is like you or I speeding on the highway. Yeah… it’s wrong. Yeah… we could be endangering other drivers. Yeah… we don’t want everyone doing it.

        Canseco has been correct in everything he has said… including outing ARod. He also said more than 50% of players have done PEDs or HGH. Going back to the 70’s (or God knows how far back), the list may be well over a thousand (and we won’t count Greenies, cutting the ball, stealing signs, corking bats, etc).

        Get it Stewie?
        Cheating in Baseball is COMMONPLACE.
        In the 90’s, it may have been more the rule than the exception.

        Cheating in Baseball is COMMONPLACE.
        It has happened, and is happening ALL time.
        And Juicing has made the game more exciting, so everyone…. Bud, the owners, the trainers, the media, the FOs…. were happy to look the other way.

        How about hating Bud? NOBODY has lied or manipulated more than him.

        • Maas91

          I whole-heartedly agree. Amen.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          “How about hating Bud? NOBODY has lied or manipulated more than him.”


        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

          + all the comments for the rest of my days.


        • JLC 776

          Well done. There’s some kind of tipping point where blaming the cheaters is eclipsed by blaming the creators of the system that allow such blatant cheating.

          Bud let it go for 15 years because it brought fans back after ’94. His current ‘holier than thou’ campaign is horribly hypocritical.

        • AllyinCt

          Please add me in full agreement. The more A-Rod is attacked, the more I will defend him. I now proudly wear my Alex Rodriguez t-shirt around town.

        • sevrox

          Thanks for this.

        • kingslayer

          Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

        • emac2

          How about hating Bud?

          What a stupid thing to say. How often do you defend people by looking for people you think are worse?

          Arod is a POS and the fact that Bud is a loser doesn’t mean Arod isn’t.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            He didn’t say you can’t hate ARod. But to do so while ignoring Selig is moronic.

          • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

            It’s called perspective, child. Context matters. Did you notice that nowhere did he say that ARod was not guilty? That nowhere did he say ARod was a wonderful human being?

            Piling on ARod here is like giving the drug user a life sentence while letting the kingpin rack up billions of dollars at his hacienda in Chiapas.

            (Hint: ARod is the user, Selig is the drug kingpin)

        • Iron Horse

          Thank You Fan! There may not be any crying in baseball, but cheating? They been doing it since the days of the Red Stockings…personally I could care less! The National Pastime? They were all well-paid slaves till Curt Flood stood his ground…baseball is our best game, so just enjoy it, live with it…and let the people who debated the meaning of the word “is”, and ludicrously claimed “we count every vote”…twice, pin the Scarlet Letter on A-Rod…Ya know, all Torre had to do is what Joe did last night, stand up for HIS player, Yanks probably would have easily beaten Sox in ’04…but not sportsman Joe..but that’s ancient history…thanks OldYanksFan for tellin’ it like it is…

    • Tisha

      rather see Roiditz get beaned. Got caught with his hands in the cookie jar twice, no suspensions and we all know he is using something that they are not testing for , yet.

  • pat

    Thank you Dumpster for giving the Yanks something to rally around.

    • Gonzo

      Who would have thunk it?

    • Evan3457

      You know, Dempster was so bad that it could be argued that O’Nora did the Yanks a favor by NOT ejecting him.

      Yes, he obviously should’ve been, but it may have worked out to the Yankees’ benefit.

      • NeilT

        I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • vicki

      not sure who, but at the point of the plunking somebody in the booth said dempster better hope he hadn’t wakened a sleeping giant.

  • Eddard

    What Ryan Dumpster did was classless and bush league. He should be suspended but Bud won’t do a thing. The home plate ump was probably in on it and instructed to warn both benches so the Yanks couldn’t retaliate. I do expect them to retaliate in a later series.

    For now, they need to focus on taking at least 3/4 from the Jays. It won’t be easy with Hughes and a spot starter going in the series so they’ll have to score a lot of runs. They need to cut into that deficit and get it under 5 by September 1.

    • stuart a


      mlb will do nothing..

      they love the red sux….

    • emac2

      What Dempster did was what most real Yankee fans wanted him to do. No one off his posse payroll cares if Arod is hit by a pitch

      • gc

        Yup. I was happy when this all went down. It was exactly how I wanted it as a “real” Yankee fan. The Red Sox put him on base, allowed him to score, made themselves look petty and small (not to mention STUPID in the post-game interviews) in the process, fired up the Yankee manager (rightfully so…4 hit Yankees and he’s the only one ejected?), and stirred the team to a very emotional win. Thank you, Ryan Dempster!

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        I guess you missed Girardi’s post game presser…

    • Josh S.

      How about in Sat’s game when the umps blew about 4 calls that favored the Sux? Girardi even mentioned it in the postgame last night. I could definitely see the argument that they were conspiring against the Yankees. But, I guess they also could be one of the worst umpiring crews in the game.

  • forensic

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t even understand that sign. Is it supposed to be ‘A-Loser’ but spelled wrong? And what the hell is the ‘T.O.’ part of it?

    • Gonzo

      Terrell Owens still looking for the limelight.

    • GreenArm

      It’s Boston man, I don’t expect much creativity or well, anything resembles any kind of sense, coming from them. (Granted this sentence didn’t make a ton of sense either. That’s a night of Breaking Bad and Yankees Game and plenty of win and beer and such.)

      • GreenArm


    • Iron Horse

      These are the fans who adopted “Dirty Water” a song about the polluting of the Charles River as their “victory” song…you will note: there are songs about NYC, Chi, L.A. New Orleans, and even Beverly Hills…but no song about how great it is to live in that back-water…they can’t speak English up there so you can understand it, why should they be able to spell?

  • TampaYankee

    Hahahaha, he thought he was so creative with that sign making the two O’s look like eyes.

    One little problem there champ, the extra O made it the wrong word.

    Loser was the word you were looking for.

    Stay educated Red Sox fans.

  • Cbean

    That sign guy really was the MVP of the game as far as I’m concerned

  • Elton Cod

    Bud Selig is all about “Rah rah rah, look at me, I am saving Major League Baseball from the moral plague of steroids.”

    Then an ump shows up, he watches A-Rod get hit by a Red Sox pitcher after a whole week of media publicity on how the Red Sox players think A-Rod is evil. He does nothing – the Yankees manager rightfully comes out and calls bullshit – so he throws out the Yankees manager – but he does nothing to the pitcher who obviously, intentionally hit him.

    Even the ESPN guys knew he intentionally hit him! If ESPN admits it, it’s obvious!

    This ump should be disciplined. If Bud Selig gives a shit about the moral code – this ump said intentionally hitting somebody is fine, but defending your player who got intentionally hit is all right. That is far more morally objectionable than swallowing somtge pills. Discipline the ump.

    The ump did get a little discipline. I hope it was Stewart’s veterinarian presence. He saw that pitch and thought ‘Hm, if I miss this, it will hit this asshole ump in the face. There’s nobody on base and he sure as hell deserves it.’

    But he needs more than that.

    But still, we won. Fuck you Ryan Dempster, fuck you Bud Selig.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      The ump took one in the throat.

      Poetic justice; on to the next game.

    • Elton Cod

      by ‘defending your player who got intentionally hit is fine’, I mean, ‘defending your player who got intentionally hit deserves an ejection.’ by ‘somtge’ i mean ‘some’.

      • David N

        By “veterinarian”, I assume you mean “veteran”. Though Chris Stewart might be better suited as a veterinarian when considering his defense.

    • A-rod’s Hip

      ‘Stewart’s veterinarian presence’ is possibly the MVP description of the season.

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        Actually he’s a vet in the off season. He gives my cats anti psychotic meds. True story.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    Seriously, did you all see the Big Papi quote? What a hypocritical dick.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      I didn’t see it yet. What’d he say?

    • SDB

      Nope. Please recap.

    • RetroRob

      Yeah, I saw it. And his words were such that he gave himself cover by saying it was okay to make a mistake “once.” What a jerk. And no doubt he’s still juicing.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      It was printed on screen so I really only scanned it, but it was basically a big quote about how angry the players are at A-Rod and that the reason MLB is persecuting A-Rod is because he makes them angry. Or something.

      It was a a big heaping helping of hypocritical grandstanding.

      • Kramerica Industries

        After spending a decade in that poisonous swath known as Boston, he’s learned exactly how to act like a Bostonian.

        Perfect match made in hell.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Hey now, New Yorkers have no platform to talk shit about Boston, you Gita and Philly have thesistinction of being the only cities with more assholes than us.

          • Kramerica Industries

            this comment, it makes no sense.

            • Len S.

              sistinction? Gita?

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

            Yeah, I’ve never been particularly comfortable about generalizing about an entire city of people. I know absolutely nothing about the people of Boston except that they don’t pronounce r’s and like New England area sports teams.

            And I DO know that NY has a lot of assholes and Yankee fans can be real shits, even to their own players (like Swisher). So I’m not going to get on my high horse about the city itself.

            The team, on the other hand…

            • OldYanksFan

              I was a kid from LI, who happened to go to private school in Connecticut for the 10th grade. My roommate turned out to be from Brookline (just outside of Boston). When we first met, he told me where he was from (Boston), and I told him I was from NY.

              He then IMMEDIATELY went into a diatribe about how NY wasn’t so great, and Boston had the best schools, and the best medical, and yada yada yada. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, as I only knew NY (I was 14), and never thought of comparing ‘where I lived’ to where anyone else lived.

              I was kinda stunned. WTF was that all about?

              Now, living in NH, I go to Beantown for concerts and other ‘culture’. It is now ‘my’ City. And I found out early on, that Bostonians simply have an inferiority complex about anything/everything NY.

              Anytime I met someone there and mentioned I was from NY…. off they would go… just like my roommate of years ago, comparing the Great Boston to the Overrated NY. It’s amazing how many folk I met there that did the exact same thing.

              Boston is GREAT… yada yada yada… NY sucks…. yada yada yada.

              It’s nuts! Must be something in the water there.

              • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

                The inferiority complex vis a vis NY exists in cities all over the place. I’ve heard the exact same diatribe from massholes, idiots from Philly, Denver, Nashville (!!!!!), Dallas, LA.

                I mean seriously. As a born and raised NY’er blessed to have traveled extensively, there are a short list of cities I can wrap my arms around besides NY, and precisely none of them are in the United States.

              • Josh S.

                I work in NYC and meet a ton of people from Boston who moved here and keep saying that Boston’s such a better city. Then I ask them “why in the did you move to NY? Go the back to Boston if you don’t like it here” (at least that’s the censored version of my comments to them).

                I actually have one friend from Boston who absolutely hates it up there and loves living here in NY. He doesn’t like baseball so no Red Sux issues there. He is a Pats fan, but I’m a diehard Giants fan so doesn’t bother me that much. Needless to say, I love it when he trashes his hometown!!

          • johnnybk

            FUCK BOSTON

            That glorified college town makes Philadelphia look like Paris. It’s full of dirty, disgusting people who consent to closing bars at 1am, hate puppies and Jesus, beat women, and have sex with farm animals. It’s a stinking, steaming, irredeemable pile of shit. If it were up to me we would figure put a way to redraw the border so Boston was in Canada.

            • vicki


            • Maas1991

              (insert “Facebook like” here)

            • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


            • TheEvilUmpire

              But please, tell us how you really feel!

          • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

            Yes, they do. New Yorkers have a lot of room because Bostonians tend to get a free pass for their douchebaggery, whereas it is common ignorant groupthink that all New Yorkers are assholes.

            • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

              Yup. I’d add rampant racism into the douchebaggery (in case you weren’t already including it).

              • Mandy Stankiewicz


      • Gonzo

        He should just say that his “investigation” revealed that A-Rod set him up in 2003.

  • RetroRob

    During the offseason there was quite a bit of discussion about what A-Rod might possibly have left after two hip surgeries. The one part almost not discussed is what if the second surgery greatly increased the range of motion and his hip torque. He had difficulty driving pitches as the 2012 progressed. His ABs have looked quite good in the early going.

    • Rod

      If ARod stays hot, this is going to be fun.

      • OldYanksFan

        I think when considering what ARod has been through (not feeling sorry for, or excusing….. just noting), and that he is basically, time wise, in Spring Training after 10 months of no baseball, and not that far removed from surgery, that he is squaring up the ball VERY well. It’s not just his numbers (.319 .407 .489) but also how many hard outs he has made.

        If this is ‘just recovering and rusty’ ARod, September should be fun.

        Too bad fucking CC and Hughes will most likely have doomed us to missing the PS.

        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

          Yeah. I checked and as of the end of last night’s game (sss) he’s OPS’ing not all that far away from his career average. Pretty remarkable.

  • b-rar

    Guy in picture has at least two charges for minor possession and one for domestic violence.

  • Holy Ghost

    What a game! The real loser is Dempster. If you’re gonna intentionally hit someone you better bring your A-game

  • ArchStanton

    Girardi’s press conference was great. “I didn’t see him throwing at Nelson Cruz.”

    Dempster acting like it was an accident is pathetic.

    • stuart a

      girardi truthful for once.

      demster and farrel post game were train wrecks..

      lieing like a rug…. digraceful…

      girardi is right…as big of a jac-ass as arod is they should not throw at him and especially not above the waist ever…

      now the players got all moral.. sure..; brady anderson, palmiero, sosa, melky, tejada, braun,clemens, and about 150 or more guys who all cheted why not throw at any of them???? yep ortiz is clean that test he failed was because the guy transfering his blood work mis handled it!!!!!!!!!!

      manny ramirez failed tests twice. imagine he is so stupid a cheater that could not even beat the test……….any outrage for manram??? not much…

      • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

        I’d have preferred you said “candid” instead of “truthful,” but otherwise – yeah.

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        I’ve had the same thought about Manny. His biggest issue in all this is that he was basically dumb.

  • Kramerica Industries

    By the way, thanks to the drunk driver giving up the triple, look who got saddled with the L tonight?

    Fuck you, Ryan Dempster. Fuck you. A disgrace to the fine nation of Canada. Thank you for putting your own personal agendas above doing what you need to on the mound. Even if the Yankees can’t rally for a playoff spot at this point, I REALLY want to look back at this game seven weeks from now and see where the Red Sox narrowly missed the playoffs because you were an epic douchebag.

    That was an infuriating AB, but that was an outstandingly satisfying win. I’m not even sure it’s possible to be more satisfying than that. That was surreal. Proud of the Yankees tonight. Let this be the start of a playoff push. They certainly had an extra pep in their step after the HBP. This could be the very kind of thing that fires up the troops for a strong final kick.

    • Rod

      Very well said.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      Oh, it could have been more satisfying. A top of the 9th (2nd) A-Rod HR to give them the lead, for one.

      • Kramerica Industries

        Well, sure, when you break it down more.

        But I think you got the point, and that’s all that matters. Dempster and the Red Sox (and fans) acted like assholes, and then ARod homers, they blown a three-run lead, and the Yankees walk out of Fenway with the series victory.

        Hope it was worth it, Dempster.

        • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

          It was indeed beautiful. I was just in a “being a nitpicky dick” move.

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)


    • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      Agreed and amen.

  • Philip
    • RetroRob

      A-Rod pulling a “David Ortiz” at home plate after the HR was a great moment.

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        Best part of the game.

    • forensic

      I love that he did the Ortiz thing when he stepped on homeplate. Rub it in as much as you can, especially when you can mix in Dumpster and Ortiz together on one play.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      That is hysterical. Snubbed.

  • stuart a

    if true he is a even bigger moron then I thought.

    and I think he is a pretty big moron

  • CashmanNinja

    I’m one of those ones that absolutely hate what A-Rod has done to baseball and wanted him suspended (it would help free up cash and we could have possibly bought him out). With that being said…Dempster was a classless PUNK tonight. I get that he was mad and threw at him. He had his chance. The first one nearly hit him in the knee. Fine. Message sent. But to miss TWO more times…and then finally drill him on the FOURTH throw. How is that fair? I remember Joba getting tossed a few years ago for throwing at Youk’s head twice; and I don’t even think those were on purpose…I think Joba legitimately just had crap control and couldn’t throw an upstairs fastball. So the fact that Dempster wasn’t even tossed is mind boggling. 1 pitch…fine. 2 pitches…I can deal with. 3 is more than enough. The 4th was just BS because he was so behind in the count and was content of putting him on base anyway so why not hit him? I understand Selig hates A-Rod right now, but fuck Dempster. He has to be suspended and fined for that. It’s bush league and ruins the “integrity of the game”.

  • Dela G

    great fucking win

  • Get Phelps Up

    ARod after being asked whether Dempster should have been suspended – “I’m the wrong guy to ask about suspensions.” Awesome.

    • forensic


      That’s not even the whole thing, YES just showed it. He also added in:

      “I have an attorney I can recommend” while they’re all laughing.

      Absolutely classic!

      • Dalek Jeter

        I feel like he’s enjoying playing the heel. I love it.

        • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

          It looks to me like he’s just having a blast. He has absolutely no pressure at all. Everybody already hates him, so who gives a shit? He’s just loving this, and I can’t say I blame him.

          • Nathan


            His alternate was being suspended so anything he’s able to do now is with house money.

          • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

            Exactly. House money indeed. It’s pretty easy to predict he will flat out rake until he’s dragged off the field in cuffs!

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      Perfect fucking answer, A-Rod.

      Now watch as A-Rod is suspended for using profanity during the game.

    • Justin

      That was perfect.

      I will give A-Rod credit for one thing – at least he’s standing up to all this. He’s not running from it at all.

      • emac2

        Anyone would take it and laugh with what he gets per game.

        Credit? Because he’ll do anything for a few more dollars?

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Did he kill someone? Rob a bank? Commit a crime against humanity?


        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

          Anyone? You mean like Ryan Braun, who has stood up on several occasions to face questions from reporters, and relentless booing from “fans”? Or Big Fatti, who released the convincing results of his personal and thorough investigation into how it was he failed a drug test?

          Oh. Right.


    Only fucking team I know in the MLB where fans are against their players. To the asshole holding the sign support your team and players fool.

  • Wheels

    Big win. Could really galvanize this team. Jays tomorrow…

  • Tom

    Since joining the Yankees, ARod has been hit 17 times by Red Sox pitchers. Ortiz has been hit once, F’n ONCE, in ~170 games (and that only occurred after a bunch of media folk pointed out how he had never been hit by the Yankees – I think it might have been CC). It shows how reluctant they are to even just pitch him inside (as you’d think even accidentally a couple of pitches would hit him). The only guy I can remember in recent memory was Ivan Nova brushing him back and Ortiz was pissed – almost like “how dare you pitch me inside”.

    SIX Yankees got hit this series, three after the “warning” (which apparently means don’t hit anyone with a fastball, anything else is acceptable). A few Yankee players were also dusted in the first game – pitches shoulder level and in (though one was Nunez and he tends to dive in awkwardly).

    Not a single Red Sox player was hit. Even if the HBP’s weren’t intentional at some point you need to let the other team know they just can’t keep throwing inside if you can’t control it.(the ARod HBP was obviously intentional, and I think the Soriano one in game one was too)

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost


      For all their pitching inside and hitting batters they lost 2 of 3.

  • Get Phelps Up

    Man, I just remembered that the HP umpire was wearing a mic tonight. That lucky bastard in the ESPN truck who got to hear everything he and Joe said.

    • David N

      Man, I would love to see ESPN run that tape, even if they do have to bleep out 80% of what Joe’s saying.

  • David N

    Just FYI, if you’d like to turn your ire against Ryan Dempster into something productive, go to power-of-2.org and make a contribution to David Robertson’s charity – if he raises more money than Dempster over the next week (and he’s currently ahead), Dempster has to show up to Yankee Stadium dressed as Captain America and hold a press conference while in costume.

    And I really want to see him answer questions from the media about this while dressed as Captain America.

    • johnnybk

      Jesus, that sounds like a bad acid trip

  • Richard Leo

    i hope CC can hit Ortiz or shut the redsox down.he did ethier.

    • Richard Leo


    • your mom

      Is that why Ethier is so injury prone now???

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Ryan Dempster’s twitter account @RyanDempsterFDN

    Give ‘em a Bronx cheer

  • Conor in China

    What a beautiful game. So satisfying. A victory, especially with Rodriguez and Gardner coming up with the big hits, is worth more than engaging in a bean ball war.

    Only 7.5 back in the Division with 7 more games against the Red Sox. It’s still possible.

  • Nathan

    Can anyone tell me the last time that a Yankee pitcher has protected their hitters against the Red Sox? For the life of me, I can’t recall Ortiz ever getting hit.

    I want to say Farnsworth was the last Yankee that was willing to throw at opposing hitters.

    • your mom

      Joba and Hughes owe us some kind of productivity this season before they leave town. I could forgive their ineptitude if they each drill a Red Sox player by the end of the year.

    • BFDeal
      • Nathan


        Geez, that was the first time in 161 games Ortiz had been hit by a Yankee pitcher. And probably the last since.

  • Robba Buoy

    Typical Boston – Yankee game. They bean the Yanks, and get zero retaliation. Yankee pitchers never stand up for their hitters. Luckily, the Yanks actually won the game, and no one will remember the lack of retaliation. But the amount of times that Jeter, A-rod, and others have been beaned with no retaliation is pathetic. Joba was the only guy with balls enough to go after Boston (screw you Cashman for signing the Jewish Messiah of Walks), and we are about to drive him out of town in a couple months.

    A-rod is a low-life of the highest degree, and is no different than Anthony Weiner, an arrogant loser who thinks the fans are dumb enough to fall for his BS hook, line, and sinker. All of the apologists here need to recognize that. Including Tilapia, that swarthy loser who tries to denigrate fellow fans, and constantly mentions he has a wife and has been following the Yanks for years, so no one assumes that he is living in his mom’s basement watching My Little Pony replays.

    • your mom

      I bet Pedroia watches My Little Pony replays.

    • Kiko Jones

      You have the right to feel any way you want about A-Rod but your hatred of the guy is so deep you call an apologist anyone who says A-Rod should get due process. So, if a guy you hate breaks into a house and steals $500 he should get the electric chair ’cause you despise him? Not in this country, thankfully.

      2 things:

      – Every one has the right to their day in court.
      – The punishment should fit the crime.

      If A-Rod is guilty he should get the appropriate penalty. But I want to see all the evidence MLB has out in the open. I’m not taking Bud Selig’s word for it. So A-Rod is liar and a cheater? Fine. But why should I believe hypocrite, who was a bad owner and an even worse commissioner? St. Thomas, my friend.

      If you think believing that makes someone an apologist, then…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I……LOVE My Little Pony.

      • Deathstroke Heathcott

        You swarthy loser, you.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I actually am within close proximity of a PINK My Little Pony doll. Not going through the trouble of pic-hosting somewhere just to put it up here, though.

          And, no, it’s not mine……as far as you know.

    • gc

      I for one am glad Yankee pitchers don’t resort to that “unwritten rule” nonsense of hitting other players in retaliation. It’s stupid. And last night was a perfect example why. There is no reason in a close game to put a runner on base because you’re looking for payback. None. He plunks A-Rod, who then comes around to score and before you know it, the game is tied. So the Yanks come back and take the lead and you want them to start hitting batters and putting guys on base?? Even if you wait for another game to make your “statement,” that’s even dumber than hitting someone in the same game.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        There’s no better retaliation than hitting one into the seats and winning the ballgame.

        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

          Well, it’s slightly better when you also mock Ortiz as you step on home.

  • Jim James

    I dare someone to try to pack more failure into a sign than this guy. Wow. “T.O.”?

  • forensic

    Very well done recap, Mike. Especially at such a late hour.

    On to my thoughts:

    Would it kill CC to pitch well just once in Fenway? He’s had only one even acceptable start against them this season, and it was at home. He had only one acceptable start against them last season, and it was at home. He had only one arguably good start in 2011 that was finally at Fenway. Both good starts in 2010 were at home. 2009, both great starts were at home. Two arguably good ones at Fenway. It hasn’t been pretty for him there.

    And while we’re on CC, what the hell was he doing back on the mound in the 6th after the Yankees had just taken the lead??? Were they trying to make it as hard on themselves as they could?

    I can’t wait to see if MLB actually goes through with suspending Dempster, which they would do to any other pitcher against any other hitter.

    The Ortiz single off Mo in the 9th was annoying. You say it went through the shift, but that’s misleading because the Yankees inexplicably seem to play a half shift on him. Cano is moved over, but they don’t move the SS at all, so there’s an enormous hole for Ortiz to hit the ball through. I just don’t get it.

    • forensic

      Thinking about a Dempster suspension, I think the ideal scenario would be him being suspended for 10-15 days and appealing so he can start a game before he’s officially suspended.

      I’d love to see if any of the media would have the guts to ask him (and his teammates, that means you Mr. Lackey) why he thinks he should be able to play during an appeal after being suspended.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        That would be the best thing ever.

      • Robinson Tilapia


      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


  • Thomas Crowley

    F those douchebags they gonna regret it. They just woke up a sleeping giant.

  • your mom

    Dempster’s lucky he’s not in the NL anymore. I bet his pussy-ass wouldn’t have done that shit if he were still on the Cubs. Fuck Dempster and Farrell, those 2 liars can go 69 each other.

    • vicki

      that’s one of the coolest things girardi said. “i just wish he had to hit.”

      • Kosmo

        solid Girardi postgame. His comment about what kind of message are adults sending to their kids if they wish for an opposing batter to be HBP. And to paraphrase “ no wonder the world is the way it is“.
        Arod was having the time of his life in the postgame interview.

        Sabathia is getting paid a ton to pitch like that ?

        Boston is not winning the AL east. Outside of Peavy and a revitalized Lackey who else do they have in the rotation ? Lester has stunk it up for 3 months. We all know Peavy is as brittle as they come.

        Maybe NY should consider Haren at this time?

  • trr

    This certainly reminded me of the Yankee – Red Sox games from a decade or so ago when you it seemed like there was a fight or confrontation every series. I’ m sure ESPN wishes they could have Yanks- Red Sox every Sunday

  • pat

    Dumpster really hammered home the gutless thing by walking Stewart on 4 pitches before being pulled. That would really infuriate me if I were a teammate.

  • nycsportzfan

    Wheres Tilapia tonight? I’m wasted and wanted to call a truce(i have no idea if spelled right). He hates me because of my spelling but were both diehrd yank fans who could have great convo’s if he’d just act like he could read my stuff. I don’t want to argue no more on here. I came here for fun. Hey Tilapia! I’m sorry i suck at grammer! Will u please forgive me and be my friend on here?

    I’m just a boring dude who looks forward to these boards. Its no fun when you have to defend yourself though.

    • Kosmo

      “High on the stern Aeneas his stand,
      And held a branch of olive in his hand,
      While thus he spoke: “The Phrygians’ arms you see,
      Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy
      By Latian foes, with war unjustly made;
      At first affianced, and at last betrayed.
      This message bear: The Trojans and their chief
      Bring holy peace, and beg the king’s relief.”

      Go Yanks !

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s been about a week since I’ve tried to nail you on grammar. Sure thing. Great win.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    Dempster’s reaction to Girardi calling him a big pussy.


  • fat jeter

    Good game, but its just one game. For all of the supposed alex “heroics”, the fact remains that he is trying to file a grievance against the nyy front office and medical staff for being in collusion with MLB. Fucking laughable — blaming the yanks for making him play in the playoffs when injured but goes out of his way to get another doctor to refute a grade 1 strain this year. So whaich is it alex are the doctor’s neglectful or too cautious? Obviously glad that the yanks won, dempster got treated like a bitch, the team responded, yadda, yadda, yadda — again, just one game and nothing really to get excited about when this supposed savior of the season is taking aim at both the league and his own team.

    • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      Why shouldn’t he? If you don’t like the rights he is exercising, you can:

      – get a job with the league or the PA and address them in the next CBA round
      – get elected to high office and pass laws addressing these rights
      – become dictator of your own petty nation where you can write laws as you see fit
      – move
      – STFU

      • fat jeter

        I have little issue with his rights. I have a major issue with the way he’s exploiting them. And if you want to be on his nuts so much you should:

        -Hit the weights
        -Buy a blonde wig
        -Use protection

        My issue is not with the CBA. My issue is with the man in the center of the controversy. I have major reservations about being fired up and celebrating this guy. I resent him deeply as both a baseball and yankee fan. I hate the fact that everything alex does overshadows just about everything else in baseball right now. I think its also incredibly disingenuous to lay blame solely at the feet of selig. So many people exploited the steriod era. So many people deserve ridicule and scorn. Get your head out of alex’s ass and take a look at the bigger picture.

  • A-rod’s Hip

    At this point, who doesn’t want to see A-rod smack a grand slam to win the World Series? Vince McMahon for commissioner.

  • JGYank

    I’ve seen some shit.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Hey, remember when folks said this series would go the EXACT opposite of how it did?

    Other than CC, loved this game. Bullpen did what it needed to do, Mo bent, but didn’t break, and Alex got to infuriate all of New England.

    Never say die.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      I’ve been saying for a while that baseball needs to be careful with how it handles ARod, because eventually the public opinion is going to swing back the other way. If they don’t discipline Dempster in any way, that’s going to push the pendulum just a little bit further.

      Not that I give a shit about the public opinion. AROD4LYFE

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Look at Alex’s teammates’ response thus far. What happens off the field is an Alex issue. His play on the field is a team issue. That’s exactly what I want to hear and, no, I don’t think it’s lip service.

        At the end of the day, the team is bigger than Alex Rodriguez. Way bigger.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Dempster must have disagreed last night, much to the Yankees’ delight.

        • JLC 776

          I’m also really loving how that win energized the fan base, too. People are fired up now – in a great way.

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        What’s crazy is how fast the work turned. I absolutely predicted it would happen, just not nearly this quickly.

        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          I’ve actually been on ARod’s side from the start, for better or worse. I just feel better about defending him today.

  • Alkaline

    Alex is a son of a bitch.

    But he’s our son of a bitch!

    • emac2

      No, He’s just a bitch.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        OK Ryan, that’s enough.

        • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


  • JLC 776

    Boy did it feel good to come home from vacation and watch that game.

    1) I’m now a huge Girardi fan. I always feel he’s at his best when he gets fired up, and he was 100% completely justified.

    2) I feel great for A-Rod. To come back and get the HR off of Dempster must have been the best feeling for him in a long time. This doesn’t mean I like the man, but I can’t help but feel good for him and his night.

    3) While I don’t want to get into a PED discussion, if I have to listen to any more former players pretend that they live in glass houses and were clean back in ‘their day’ I’m going to vomit all over my nice 24″ TV. Schilling, I’m looking at you. For fucks sake there were reports discussing how the PED use in Boston was institutionalized – don’t play holier than thou now.

    4) Who’s skull size has grown more over the course of their career, David Ortiz or Barry Bonds?

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      I, for the life of me, can not understand how Ortiz has just gotten a pass. I don’t get it.

      • JLC 776

        My favorite tweet of the night was someone saying something like, “Nice of the Boston crowd to chant ‘you’re a cheater’ at David Ortiz during A-Rod’s at bad”

      • pat

        Because he does shit like hold babies during the Nation Anthem.

        • JLC 776

          One day he’s going to freak out and accidentally eat the baby.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Like he hasn’t already.

            • JLC 776

              If I had the drive, registering the url “DavidOrtizEatsBabies” and filling it with captioned images and overly cartoony videos would be a fun project.

              • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

                I would totally follow this imaginary site.

                • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                  Me too.

  • Arnie

    A looser is a loser who can’t spell “loser”.

  • Chris

    Golf clap, Mike. Golf clap.

  • Maas91

    I find it rather amusing that everyone in Blow-Sux nation seems to be oblivious to the fact that their little “run” in the 2000’s was forefronted by JUICERS! None other than Big “Poopie” and that ghetto clown, Ramirez. Hell, even that scrub (and subsequent Yankee Killer) MILLAR was linked to PEDS. And yet the shitty “Sawx” and their classless fans with their “ret-ah-did” accents are of all a sudden the moral authority? Epic.

  • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

    Best win in a looooooong time.

    Stay classy Sawx!

  • mt

    As always with Arod, nothing is totally straightforward.

    You have to assume that all verbal conversations that Arod had where there is no proof (no texts or e-mails) Arod will now lie about to his benefit. So for example, when Cashman says they took an MRI of his right hip during the Detroit playoffs because that is the hip Arod comlained about, Arod (if there is no documented proof, texts, e-mails or media statements) will now lie and say he complained about “hips” in general trying to put onus on Yankees. (granted mnedia reports since then all talked about teh complaint was initially about right hip. I think what happened at the time is specialist Phillipon went ahead and took a second MRIs of both hips (since he is a specialist and realized that complaints about one hip may actually mean damage to the other hip is going on) and the problem was discovered – apaprently ten days later Arod was informed about surgery. In addition did Arod’s team do its own MRI any where along the way?

    Also it is not clear medically (I know nothing about MRIs) how much the left hip would have showed up on the first Yankees MRI of his right hip. (Interesting that Cashman dodged that question in his long statement yesterday) Is it something that another “Arod-paid” doctor in 2013 can now go behind and review and say there were signs, no matter how small or hard to see back then, of damage to left hip that were ignored (because everyone was focused on the right hip that Arod complained about but Arod will claim it was intentional)?

    Arod must be angling for a buyout at this point since he knows he is facing at least 50-100 game suspension on Bosch stuff.

    (Add in the fact that Arod was also treated by Galea during prior three years and this is an absolute mess.)

    • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      He is angling simply for as much money as he can get (and certainly no less than he is contracted to get) and as much paying time as he can muster. If you don’t think he’s enjoying himself right now, you’re simply not watching.

  • kingslayer

    I am lifelong Yankees fan, and will follow them to the day I die, but I am totally against the way they are dealing with A-Rod on this one. Where was all this anomosity when Jason Giambi (with his huge contract) was caught cheating?? Shame on this Yankees management group, starting with the Mafiosi Levine.

    • mt

      I agree somewhat but Giambi also did not have the other baggage (the poker gambling, Galea, the girl in the stands duirng playoffs) where Yankees now may find they wer blatantly lied to. The Yanks werevery supportrive of Arod after his 2009 revelation about his supposed 2001-2003 use – but now to find out that he went back and used again?

      Also what has not been focused on with all these charges and countercharges – if Arod is a habitual steroid user like he may turn out to be, has that lead to a lot of his hip problems which has caused the value of their massive investment in him to plummet with no recourse on their part to get out of contract?

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

        Oh the humanity!!! To have been lied to. And then lied to….AGAIN!!!

        Puh-leaze. Get off your fucking high horse. The sanctimony and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  • The Other Sam

    I’m pretty well tired of A Rod’s off the field garbage and not thrilled with him in pinstripes, but I understand and accept that’s the agreement in the CBA. Too bad Demspter doesn’t. Cheap, petty.

    Funny Mike wrote, “I’m sure will be spun into some kinda “see, the Yankees hate A-Rod!” because I wouldn’t be surprised the FO wasn’t thrilled Girardi defended him to the point of getting ejected. I guess we won’t really know unless they issue a statement. Can’t say they dictated the ‘no retaliation’ though. That might have been just taking the high road etc. Either way, entertaining as hell.

    • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)

      Girardi was absolutely wonderful there, and entirely consistent with what he’s said throughout, which is (and I’m paraphrasing here): it’s all about baseball between us, what happens on the field.

      Girardi would and should rightly be rip shit mad any time any of his players is so blatantly thrown at, especially up.

  • tyrone sharpton

    A lot of star pitchers have down seasons here and there. I’m not too worried with this guy—he’s been great for how long?

  • OldYanksFan

    “He’s a real tough guy, you see. Man enough to throw at baseball’s easiest target but too chicken to admit it.”

    Oh…. I forgot to mention that Dumpster took FOUR pitches to hit a 6’3 x 2’0 target. Fucker could even do that well.

  • JLC 776

    So we have the ‘Looser’ sign in this post and the famous ‘Johnny Damon, You Trader’ sign from several years ago… Do we have any others that we can put in the ‘Boston Spelling Failures’ slideshow?

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      I wish that STL fan with the “Morans!” sign was from Boston.

      • Selig is an opportunistic hypocrite (formerly not the droids you’re looking for…)


  • wow

    Longest recap ever? Longest recap ever. Nice.

  • bjn

    This is the most entertaining comment chain I have seen is years. Outstanding!

  • John

    CC and the Yanks need to stop being such pansies and hit david Ortiz in the friggen head after that shit dempster pulled. Protect your damn teammates!!!!