2014 Schedule Released: Yanks open in Houston

Newsday: WFAN to host 2014 Yanks' radio games
Levine: There is "no indication" Jeter will retire after 2013

Major League Baseball announced the full 2014 schedule this afternoon, and the Yankees will open next season right where they end this season: in Houston. Here’s the schedule. The Yankees and Astros kick off their 2014 slates with three games starting Tuesday, April 1st. From what I can tell, every other team opens their season on March 31st. Because of the retractable roof at Minute Maid Park, there is no obligatory off-day following Opening Day.

The Yankees go to Toronto for three games with the Blue Jays after they’re done with the Astros, then they’ll head to the Bronx for the home opener against the Orioles on Monday, April 7th. They open with six on the road before playing nine straight at home. Here are some more schedule notes:

  • Subway Series: Like this year, the Yankees will play a home-and-home series against the Mets. They’ll play the four games from May 12-15th with the first two at Yankee Stadium with the next two in CitiField. Reverse of this year.
  • Interleague Play: The Yankees will play all five NL Central teams next year. They play four against the Cubs (two at home, two on the road) and three games each against the Brewers (in Milwaukee), Cardinals (in St. Louis), Pirates (at home), and Reds (at home). Their final series in an NL park is May 26-28th against the Cardinals. They finish up the no-DH portion of the schedule early.
  • West Coast: The Yankees play their final West Coast game on June 15th, which is insanely early and awesome. After that, the furthest west they have to go is Minnesota (four games in early-July) and Texas (three games in late-July). They don’t have to leave the Eastern Time Zone after July 30th.
  • Longest Homestand: Ten games from July 18-27th against the Reds, Rangers, and Blue Jays. That is immediately after the All-Star break.
  • Longest Road Trip: Eleven games from July 4-13th against the Twins, Indians, and Orioles. That is immediately prior to the All-Star break. They also have a ten-game road trip from June 6-15th against the Royals, Mariners, and Athletics.
  • AL East: Seventeen of the Yankees’ first 22 games are intra-division. Only seven of those 17 are at home. Twenty-six of their final 29 games will be played within the division as well, including a season-ending three-game series in Boston. September will be brutal.

The Yankees open with 13 games in 13 days, so they won’t have the opportunity to manipulate their roster and skip the fifth starter until the middle of April. They end the season with 20 games in 20 days, meaning no built-in days off the bullpen and whatnot. That is rather unfortunate, but such is life. The schedule is what it is.

Newsday: WFAN to host 2014 Yanks' radio games
Levine: There is "no indication" Jeter will retire after 2013
  • Frank

    Awesome last month- except for 3 games vs. the Royals, the entire month of September is against the AL East.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    None in Atlanta? Damn.

  • Billy W

    Weird that with Interleague being played year round, the last Interleague series is the first after the break.

    Also the Last month has one no divisional series so that should be fun

  • JGYank

    How do you guys feel about balancing the schedule? I’m tired of teams like the Royals and Indians staying in contention because of their easy schedules while most of the AL east is in an all out brawl.

    • JGYank

      Just makes the WC race more fair. If we had all the teams in the league play every team the same amount of times, the entire league would pretty much have an equally difficult schedule. Right now teams in weak divisions have a huge advantage.

    • Mikhel

      It should be balanced for sure, but this season has helped the Yankees that a lot of good teams are in the AL East, because nobody can fall too behind when the 3rd/4th place teams keeps beating the 1st/2nd place teams, then the roles invert and everybody basically stays the same, so, any advantage a team created from April to July will most likely mantain until the end of the season, unlike in the AL West where there are only 2 good teams who are battling directly and a sweep by the Rangers vs the A’s can put them in 1st place again, or a sweep of the Rangers at the hands of the A’s could even mean the Rangers get out of the playoff picture, althoug the O’s and NYY hold the advantage of their rivals (Boston) potentially beating the other wild card (Rays) and they wouldn’t lose too much ground, though would gain almost nothing back.

      • JGYank

        But it hasn’t helped us since we are constantly facing good teams and not playing well against them while teams in other divisions aren’t. We are under .500 against every team in the division except the Blue Jays. If we were facing the Astros Mariners and Angels things could be a lot different. It doesn’t really matter that we get to play the teams in our division to gain ground when we are still at a disadvantage just being in the AL east.

    • LarryM Fl

      I responded to the WC fairness and hope for a change in scheduling in the near future.

  • Mikhel

    I wonder how many times they’ll have to play in the west coast or in Tampa at night, and the following day at Boston/Orioles so they need to travel a long distance to play vs a divisional rival.

    The “computer” which produces “random” schedules surely every year does something like that.

    A few years ago they even had with to travel with no rest:

    Home series —> a 3 game series at Texas —> A road series vs Boston —> a road series vs Tampa —> a home series at NYY.

    Heck I am checking it right now:

    vs Cubs —> @Tampa (no rest)

    vs TB (@NYY) —> @Angels (no rest)

    Vs Toronto —> @Texas (no rest, their following series is @Boston)

    Boston has:
    Vs Twins —> @A’s (no rest, following series vs NYY with a day of rest before their series vs NY).

    @BJays —> @TB (no rest) —> Vs BJays (in Fenway, no rest)

  • LarryM Fl

    I would like to see a balanced schedule to make winning the WC’s fairer. Considering the AL East members must bash each other to the bitter end while some divisions have a cake walk so it seems to the end of the season.

    As we get nearer to the Hot Stove season. The many questions that the Yankees have to answer will be seen. Hopefully, the Arod situation will come to a quick resolve one way or the other. Thus the Yankees can move forward acquiring or transitioning players to the many open positions.

    I can only hope! Also, I will get to see them in April at the Trop. Its no dump for the fans but just a bad field or playing situation. Almost like the circus is in town and the Rangers are playing with the ropes and equipment suspended from the ceiling.