Cashman confirms Yankees want to bring back Larry Rothschild

Ain't Never Too Old To Be Dirty: Pettitte twirls complete-game victory in final career start
Game 162: The End

Via Andy Martino: Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees hope to re-sign pitching coach Larry Rothschild after the season. “I think he is an excellent pitching coach,” said the GM. “I would like to have him back. I would like to have [Joe Girardi] back … I would think that Larry wouldn’t want to work with just any manager, so first and foremost we have to deal with that.”

Rothschild, 59, signed a three-year contract when he replaced Dave Eiland following the 2010 season. The staff has a 3.97 ERA and 3.92 FIP in three seasons under his watch — obviously that isn’t all attributable to him — both of which rank in the middle of the AL pack. Rothschild came to the Yankees with a reputation for improving strikeout and walks rates, and he’s done that for the most part. I think his future is tied to Girardi’s — if Girardi comes back, Rothschild comes back. If not, the team will be looking for both a new manager and a new pitching coach.

Ain't Never Too Old To Be Dirty: Pettitte twirls complete-game victory in final career start
Game 162: The End
  • Eddard

    And they should be looking for a new general manager as well.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I don’t think he’s done some crazy Leo Mazzone thing or anything to put his stamp on a staff, but that would be a pretty lofty standard to hold him to (hell, Mazzone wasn’t even able to do it again.) There’s not a thing I can point to that tells me “they have to look elsewhere.” I’m sure those frustrated with the performance of this guy or that guy will want to blame Rothschild for it, but that’s the internet for you. They’re pitching coaches, not miracle workers.

    • jjyank

      Come on, R-Tils, fandom is only fun when you can point your finger at someone and bitch endlessly.

      In seriousness though, yeah, this. I don’t even have a real opinion about Rothschild, to be honest. But nothing has ever happened that made me go “yeah, we need to get rid of this guy.”

    • Psycho Trish

      Looks like all the “realists” were right huh Bud. Remember that this off-season when you attempt to tell them to pound sand about their doom and gloom. Which in reality is absolutely correct.

      Time to put your pom poms in the closet for awhile.

      • jjyank

        It amazes me how much people love to pat themselves on the back for something so stupid.

      • Gonzo

        Based on your handle, I think we may have dated before.

        • Thurdonpaul


  • Sweet Dick Willie

    I could definitely see Theo trying to lure Girardi to the Cubs.

    • Gonzo

      There’s a Chicago blogger that says Girardi is willing to go to the Cubs. Never heard of the guy before, so obviously take it with a grain of salt.

  • Jim James

    Would he return if Tony Pena became manager? I wonder because I think there’s a very good chance Girardi cashes in on this season & decides to bow out before further A-Rod stuff & as well the nightmare that could go along with having to deal with playing/not playing Derek Jeter if he really struggles. Both of those things on top of just serious questions about how this team can possibly get better make me think Girardi will more than just test the market.

    Tony Pena seems like the best candidate to take over, although I could also see Willie Randolph wanting a chance. Either way I hope Pena gets hired somewhere, he deserves it. He’s deserved it even since he was fired by Kansas City.

    • jjyank

      There’s something to be said for that. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the guy to sit Derek Jeter, or to ask him to play a different position. I do think Girardi will be back, though you’re probably right that the job is Pena’s in the event that he doesn’t come back.

      • mt

        Funny – I have always thought of Derek jeter’s swan song (it may not be pretty given the stubbornness that also drives him to be a great player) as a reason Girardi may not want to come back – add the swan songs of Arod (the insane distractions of his fighting with the Yankee front office, too), Teix, CC but Jeter will be the Armageddon. Jorge’s end had some funky elements to it with Girardi but it will pale in comaprison to Jeter if Jeter does not want to be graceful about it.

        A new manager may not have that old baggage and commitment to those players based on shared past history but that new manager would need to have the resume and respect so that he would nto shy away from possibly having to “take on” a legend – someone like a LaRussa (who probably does not want to manage) would be good – not sure a Tony Pena could deal with it.

    • sevrox

      Pena’s not white enough to manage the Yanksters.

  • ColoYank

    Based on nothing at all, I get the strong feeling Joe G will be be back. Why wouldn’t he (above comments notwithstanding)? As I see it, for both Cashman and Girardi, coming back comes under the heading of Tending to Unfinished Business. After a more satisfactory year (deep playoff run, possible WS appearance), I can see those two handing off the reins to Pena and Eppler (or whoever), but I don’t see immediate changes in either spot.

  • jimmy

    Obviously the best candidate is Eric Wedge. Look at his success rate. Games managed 1,584
    Win–loss record 762–822
    Winning % .481
    I’d buy that for a dollar

  • Gregory

    Girardi would be foolish to come back without a commitment from ownership that winning will take precedent over tax savings. This had to be one of the toughest managerial jobs in baseball this season. Why would Giradi want to come back to manage a merry-go-round of 1 year rentals of past prime time players as he did this year. He would have zero chance of sucess and have to deal with the change of guard at SS. If the Yankees don’t commit to winning next year I can’t see why anyone would want to play for them or manage them. The Yankee allure has always been about playing for a team that puts the best team on the field with the best chance of playing in October. If that is gone so is the talent.

  • David Ortiz Dealer

    Aside from Boone Logan (maybe year one of Cory Wade), who said (not verbatum), that I started pitching good when I got to NY so I want to stay. Who has he helped, He hasn’t helped CC this year, couldn’t help Kuroda each of the last two years, Joba, Hughes, all could have benefited from a solid pitching coach as opposed to Joe’s drinking buddy.

    Rothchild has a record of destroying young arms in Chicago, with the move to young arms likely for 2014 was risk them.