Eliminated: Yankees knocked out of playoff contention with loss to Rays

Yankees offering free tickets following last night's bobblehead fiasco
Thoughts following the official elimination

It was only a matter of time. The Yankees were officially eliminated from postseason contention on Wednesday night when the Indians beat the White Sox, but to make sure everyone knew they meant business, the Bombers lost 7-3 to the Rays a few minutes later. That they weren’t mathematically eliminated until Game 158 is something of a small victory, I suppose. This team had no business staying in the race as long as it did.

(Al Bello/Getty)
(Al Bello/Getty)

End Of An Error
With a blown call at third base and a(nother) quick hook by Joe Girardi, Phil Hughes‘ time with the Yankees came to an unceremonious end in the third inning. At least I think it did. I suppose there’s always a chance they could re-sign him, but nah. He allowed three runs on seven hits and one walk in two innings plus three batters before hand-holder David Huff came in to replace him. Hughes threw 35 of 51 pitches for strikes and got seven swings and misses. It was his 14th start (out of 29) of fewer than five innings, the most ever by a Yankee in a single season.

Philbert ends the season with a 5.19 ERA and 4.49 FIP in 145.2 innings. That’s the fewest number of innings thrown by a pitcher who made at least 29 starts in a season in baseball history. By seven innings too, so it ain’t all that close. Hughes ends his time with the Yankees with a 4.54 ERA in 780.2 innings, which is the third highest in franchise history by a pitcher who threw at least 500 innings in pinstripes. Only A.J. Burnett (4.79 ERA in 584 IP) and someone named Hank Johnson (4.84 ERA in 712.2 IP) were been worse. His 1.29 HR/9 is the highest in franchise history (min. 500 IP), just ahead of Dennis Rasmussen (1.28 HR/9 in 597.1 IP) and Burnett (1.25 HR/9). So long Phil, thanks for 2009.

(Al Bello/Getty)
(Maddie Meyer/Getty)

Three Token Runs
The “just enough” offense showed up for Wednesday’s meeting with David Price. The Yankees scoring one run on Robinson Cano‘s booming double to left and another on Eduardo Nunez‘s solo shot against the reigning AL Cy Young Award winner, who otherwise cruised through seven innings. He held New York to those two runs on six hits and no walks, and he didn’t even go to a single three-ball count on any of the 27 batters he faced. Price struck out eight and recorded 16 of his 21 outs on the infield. He’s really good, in case you forgot.

The Yankees scored a third run on Lyle Overbay’s bases loaded walk in the eighth and could have really made it interesting, but they left the bases loaded. Nunez and Cano were their only players with multiple hits while Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, and Chris Stewart were the only starters who failed to reach base. Price retired the final ten and 15 of the final 17 men he faced. The Bombers went on a nice little offensive run after adding Soriano, A-Rod, and Granderson to the lineup last month, but that has dried up of late. They’ve scored just 28 runs in their last eleven games now.

(Al Bello/Getty)
(Al Bello/Getty)

The whole Hughes/Huff tandem starter thing  blew up for the first time, as Huff got rocked for four runs on five hits and a walk in 3.2 innings. He gave up back-to-back homers to Evan Longoria (three-run shot) and David DeJesus. It is the first homer DeJesus has hit against a left-handed pitcher since August 6th. Of 2011.

The rest of the bullpen was okay, I guess. Cesar Cabral allowed a single to pinch-hitter Desmond Jennings while Preston Claiborne allowed a solo homer to Longoria and a single to Delmon Young. Matt Daley (one out), Cabral (1.1 innings), David Robertson (one inning), and Claiborne (one inning) retired nine of the 12 men they faced.

Cano’s first inning double was his 40th of the season. It’s his fifth straight year of 40+ doubles and seventh such year of his career. That ties Lou Gehrig for the most in franchise history. Todd Helton and Albert Pujols are the only other active players with seven years of 40+ two-baggers.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, go to MLB.com. FanGraphs has some other stats and ESPN has the updated standings. As you know, this will be the first time the Yankees have missed the postseason since 2008 and only the second time since 1993, not counting the strike season.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The first meaningless game at Yankee Stadium since October 3rd of 1993. That’s the last time the Yankees played a home game after being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. It will also be the final home game of Mariano Rivera‘s career. Ivan Nova and Alex Cobb is the starting pitching matchup. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch the Mo’s last ever game in the Bronx in person.

Yankees offering free tickets following last night's bobblehead fiasco
Thoughts following the official elimination
  • Winter

    It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. You count on it, rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most, it stops.

    — A. Bartlett Giamatti, “The Green Fields of Mind”

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Very nicely put.

    • mike

      this is another subject but I hope the Yankees do not give 200 plus million to a ballplayer that cannot score from first when there is two outs and the ball is bouncing around in the outfield and the runner goes jogs into third standing up

  • El Johnny D

    I hope nobody breaks anything when the offseason comes and NYY does nothing to improve.

    At least it shows they’re committed to 189.

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      The Little Steins laughing all the way to the bank

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries
  • Robinson Tilapia

    “Something of a small victory.”

    Yeah, I’d say so.

  • Kenny

    After the horrific series sweep at the hands of the White Sox, the Yankees made a fairly improbable run. I told myself at that time that I would be content with whatever happened, since they managed to even have a chance after being in that hole.

    Now, they sit six games back and eliminated, in danger of actually LOSING ground since (and including) the magical run that was August.

  • Rey22

    April was fun as hell. If only…

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    I hope Girardi lets Joba pitch tomorrow so we can send him off and let him know who much he has meant to us.

  • ropeadope
  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’m sure there will be an actual eulogy thread tomorrow, so I’ll save mine until then. I’ll just say this:

    Mariano’s ass better get an inning in CF tomorrow.

  • Darren

    Well, fuck a duck, that sucked. As a fan, you earn your stripes with games and seasons like this one. Shit happens. We’ve had a lot of fun and glory over the past 20 years, and now it’s our turn for some disappointment. Time to root for Donnie Baseball.

    • cr1

      I can’t help myself, I have to root for the Yankees every game of the season until the last dog is hung, no matter what.

      Postseason though, definitely Donnie Baseball. I’ll be there.

      • Robinson Tilapia


      • Darren

        Oh def, I’m still hoping to go out on a high note, with Mo getting another 4 saves. Hope Joe brings him in for at least one vintage three inning appearance too.

  • wilcymoore27

    Man, this team could rival the Astros (or anyone else) for worst team in baseball next year. I’m serious. With Mariano, Andy, and Kuroda gone – not to mention probably A-Rod – and little help coming up from below, next season could be truly horrific.

    At least Hughes’ absence won’t be a loss.

    • Captain

      you really didn’t watch the Astros this year did you? they’re a historically bad team. so no need to start the hyperbole about 2014 already

  • WhittakerWalt

    Phil and Joba. Who could have ever predicted they’d be the most reviled homegrown players in history?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Nah. That’s just recency.

      Seriously, fuck Ruben Rivera.

      • Mikhel

        But Rubén’s stupidity was off the field, the guy has talent, a lot, his mind just seemed to be in other places.

        He’s been playing winter ball in México for a few years now and I’ve always wanted to ask him about that glove incident with Jeter, but he’s so friendly, chatty and overall a good guy that the only thing I’ve asked him is about that sssshhtupid play running the bases with the Giants.

        MY GOD Rubén’s wife is SO SO SO HOT!!! **my nose bleeds**.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Ex-Yankees going to the playoffs:

    Sweaty Freddie

    • BFDeal

      Ex-Expos going to the playoffs:

      Scott Downs
      Luis Ayala
      Bartolo Colon

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’d say “Loria failed,” but….

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s to next year.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Next yr will more than likely be worse

      • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

        Pointed noted, but one can dream.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Yes we can all dream we will all be on here or different boards discussing who they should target. And of course the closer we get to the season the excitement will return.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Simply not true. Sorry.

        Next year could be worse. Next year could be better. You don’t know what it’s going to be. You’re choosing to be negative about it at this time. Nothing inherently wrong with that. But let’s own up to it here.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Well if they do in fact plan on stay with the 189 budget I don’t see anyway next yr could be better. You’re asking players coming off injuries to bounce back, players a yr older to produce the same or bounce back,young players that aren’t ready to step up, and 1 yr rentals or cast offs to save the day again.

          • I’m One

            Well if they do in fact plan on stay with the 189 budget I don’t see anyway next yr could be better.

            Think out of the box a little. Let Cano walk and replace his offense with either Omar Infante or sign Alexander Guerrero. Use the savings on McCann and Garza (along with other savings). As Mke points in a later piece, maybe they swing a deal to get rid of Ichiro and save a few more bucks. There are definitely options.

            I am not saying these moves would definitley make the team better, but they might. There are definitly options. I have no idea what direction the Front Office will take, but they could decide this is the time to shake things up and change directions.

            • I’m One

              And of course, I’m in favor of signing Tanaka as well (keep forgetting to include him). Point is, the team could make move that get the team right back in contention. I’m hoping they make the right moves, as opposed to being sure they won’t.

              • The Big City of Dreams

                Hopefully they do. Maybe the way the yr ended causes Hal to adjust his thinking a bit but if he still has 189 on his mind I just don’t see how they come out of this without having a bad yr. Would they even want to spend money on McCann they might go with Cervy and an ok solid vet.

            • The Big City of Dreams

              Hopefully they do decide to shake things up. It all depends on Hal.

        • Farewell Mo

          Saying next year likely will be worse isn’t choosing to be negative, it’s choosing to be realistic. Anyone who thinks next year likely will be better is being irrationally optimistic.

          Is there a non zero chance things could be better, of course not but unless some talented players start falling from the sky over YS3, the smart money says they’re gonna be worse.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Exactly now no one is saying they’ll lose 113 games next yr or anything like that but unless they decide to spend some money and upgrade their positions of need next season will be a tough one.

            • Farewell Mo

              Yep. Don’t really see anyone from the farms contributing significantly next year, free agency is really weak, they don’t have a decent everyday position player who is on the upside of his career that you could hope would break out and they’ve lost Mo, Pettitte, likely Granderson and Arod (who was actually pretty decent) and possibly Kuroda and Cano with little recourse replacing them other than their current MO of signing washed up stop gaps like Wells and Ichiro.

              • The Big City of Dreams

                They were depending on Heath amd Austin taking steps forward as well as Pineda playing some type of role this season and build towards 15 but neither of those thing happened.

          • BFDeal

            Again, I don’t know why someone with a negative attitude thinks they have exclusive rights to reality. You can be optimistic about something and still be realistic. A negative viewpoint can just as easily be unrealistic.

  • Darren

    Jesus, watching Mo’s interview after the game was sad man. He was really really bummed they didn’t make the playoffs. Goddamn.

    • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

      His organization failed him, plain and simple.

      • Darren

        For a long time, I didn’t want to see it that way.
        Knowing the Steinbrenners didn’t think it was worth going all out for Mo this year (financially), and knowing people foolishly supported them, is hard to take. Much easier to just chalk it up to injury and bad luck. But now? Yeah, fuck those fucks Hal and Hank. Cash too. They all coulda signed Martin for 1/$15 and Swish 1/$30, for starters, if they had any creativity and desire.

        • I’m One

          fuck those fucks

          Spoken like a true New Yorker. :-)

        • Mikhel

          “Martin for 1/$15 and Swish 1/$30”

          HOLY FFFFFUUUUCK 1 for 30? In that case why didn’t they go all in for Josh Hamilton whose swing looks tailor made for YS3 (and hits a lot at Baltimore and at Boston)?

  • Rolling Doughnut

    You did better than I expected, given the circumstances. Thanks for the kick-ass ride. Joe: now play the kids.

    • I’m One

      +1. Especially on that second part. Would love to see Betances get into a couple of games.

      • Darren

        Gotta think Romine’s done even if he’s healthy (I hope for his sake they don’t play him), so the question is does JR get 2 starts or 1? I assume Joe wouldn’t diss Stewart by only playing him one game. Hey give Stewart his due, he played as much as they needed him. I mean, isn’t that being a warrior too? Don’t just give that title to Paulie (who was more of a dog than he ever got credit for).

        Anyway Stewart. Yeah he was a doofus but he was our doofus.

        As far as the kids, what are the other choices? Zoilo? Meh. That’s it!

        • Mikhel

          Well, Paulie won that title because even with injuries he played at full steam (even though he was SLLLLOOOOOOW from home plate to 1st base and grounded into TONS of double plays); and the best part is he contributed even injuried.

          After Paulie’s time I can only think in Jeter as another player who would play injuried and still contribute more than what his replacements would be able to do.

  • dalelama

    This team is going to stink for quite awhile.

    • WhittakerWalt

      In your sweaty fevered dreams.

    • Mikhel

      So what? It is not as if it hasn’t happened before, not as if we have not endured through bad seasons, bad moves, awful trades and years in the dark in recent history (unless you were born in the 1990s).

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Please. Dalelama actually fucked Horace Clarke.

  • Eddard (formerly Darren)

    Game over, season over. That’s all she wrote, this team is done.

    NOW you can say it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    It was inevitable. Lets focus on the positives.


    • Wheels

      I feel bad for the guy, he’s always been a good ambassador for the Yankees, always available to the media and never remotely in any kind of trouble. Now most fans seem to hate him. Hopefully he can get his career back on track, although I think that’s unlikely. Good luck Phil, thanks for your effort.

      • Darren

        Agreed. He’s been classy and thoughtful for 6 years and was big part of 2009. People spew venom against him like he didn’t try, or embarrassed NYC, or the team. What’s the worst you can say? He has talent, seems to work hard, but just can’t quite get his shit together in any kind of consistent manner when it comes to the art of pitching. I’m sure he would like to also. It’s a tough fuckin game Not everyone is Andy Pettitte.

      • Lukaszek

        Pretty much. As much as he sucks, he’s not a hateable player. He doesn’t trash talk or cause crazy clubhouse antics. If he goes, at least it will be with some good memories; 2009 World Series, 18-Win Season in 2010, 1-Run Complete Game vs the Tigers last year.

      • Mikhel

        One of the few Yankee pitchers who acknowledged when he comitted “pitching errors”, who told the truth when his fastball was sitting in the middle of the plate with no speed and no “bite”.

        There were others in JoeG reign as the Yankees skipper who blamed weather, luck or the stadium for their poor performances even when their rival pitcher threw a gem vs the yanks (I am looking at you Gaudin, Mitre and Vázquez!!!).

      • Mscott


        No steroids. No HGH. No DUI. No wife beating. No domestic violence. No dogging it. No blaming someone else. No whining.
        Sometimes you’re just not as good as you want to be.

        Go live in a large ballpark and be well.

  • fabricio

    even though no play offs for us we gotta be happy that this team held out for as long as they did with some scrap heaps we got. don’t worry just pray we get Cano back and we sign Mccann and Teix should be healthy ready to go and we sign some decent pitching

  • ClayDavis

    I’ve been extremely angry with the ownership since they let Martin go. While sitting in a seat I paid close to $100 for and drinking a $12 Newcastle , I watched Chris Stewart’s meekly ground out and lower his average to .208. Who knows if I can go though with it, but right there, made a decision. If Hal sticks to this $189 mil garbage and does nothing to improve this team, I may not go to any games next season. Especially if they don’t decrease any stadium prices whether it be food, drinks or tickets.

    • umbrelladoc

      It’s all about A-rod (as usual). If the suspension holds up, 189 can be done. Otherwise, it’s going to be tough.

    • ropeadope

      I’ve been extremely angry with the ownership since they let Martin go.

      Billy, right?

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        Billy the player.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        “I’m angry! I’m not angry. I’m angry! I’m not angry…..”

    • Mikhel

      “I’ve been extremely angry with the ownership since they let Martin go”

      Do you realize Martin stunk again this year?

      He batted 5th for half of his games in Pittsburgh, the 3rd+4th bat were on base almost 40% of the time and Martin only drove 26 runs.

      Not only that, his AVG right now sits at 0.227, and for a mostly 5th in the order to have just 55 RBIs to go along 15 homeruns is pretty pretty bad, and I mean, YANKEES bad, our 5th bats this season have driven 57 runs to go along 16 homeruns and a poor 0.207 AVG.

      And catching, while Martin has only comitted 4 passed balls, his wild pitchers are WAY WAY high considering he has just played in a bit under 120 games. Catchers who can’t block the plate on a bad pitch end up costing his pitchers lots of WP which translate in runners advancing.

      Martin has 50 wild pitches in 118 games; Yankees catchers have 56 in 157 games.

      As comparison: Yadier Molina has 22 wild pitches in 128 games catched, he and his brothers know how to block the plate.

      Since Martin debuted in 2006 he leads the majors in wild pitches with 360 in 8622 innings catched, followed by Pierzynski with 348 in 8553 1/3 innings catched… Yadier has 239 in 8619 innings catched, his brother Benjamín (Bengie) had 219 in 5014 innings catched.

      Not only that, since 2006 Russell has the third most stolen bases against him in the majors (551), only behind Pierzynsky (640) and McCann (620).

      In short: sure, our catchers were bad offensively and defensively, but Martin wasn’t the savior.

      Fun fact: since 1970, Russell Martin ranks 6th in the Yanks list of catchers with most wild pitches and 8th in stolen bases against him… and he only played two seasons.

      • LK

        Looking at raw numbers like that isn’t especially helpful, and looking at BA for a catcher with above average power who walks a ton isn’t helpful at all.

        Any C who’s catching AJ Burnett all year who doesn’t lead the league in wild pitches is catching his ass off.

        Comparing Martin’s RBIs when he doesn’t play every day as a catcher to the Yankees’ 5th spot’s RBIs is similarly disingenuous.

        Martin wasn’t the MVP or anything, but he would’ve been a fucking massive upgrade for a team that will miss the playoffs by only a few games. Letting him go was an immense blunder, both at the time and in hindsight.

        • Captain

          while Martin is an almost immeasurable upgrade over Stewart, I don’t think he would’ve been the difference between making or missing the playoffs. still would’ve been nice to have the catcher situation taken care of for the next couple of years to slowly breaking in Romine, Murphy, etc.

  • mustang

    “That they weren’t mathematically eliminated until Game 158 is something of a small victory, I suppose. This team had no business staying in the race as long as it did.”

    Agree expect with the “small victory” part. With the injuries it’s a victory to even get this far they could have easily been below .500.

    I’m proud of what they did with the hand they got dealt.

  • Hornets686

    Have 3 Yankee tickets left to sell, for tomorrow, Thursday Sept, 26th at 7 PM. It’s the last Yankee home game of the year, also the last home game of Mariano Rivera’s career. Tickets are $55.00. Section 406, Row 3, seats 9-18

    Please let me know.

    Hit me up on fbook I guess, $250 down the drain if I can’t sell them lol https://www.facebook.com/davey.vecchia

  • Kevin

    Let’s face it,with the amount of injuries this team had and the pitching falling apart,and everything else,the fact it took us this long to get eliminated is something of a miracle.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I think it will be viewed that way yrs from now but the sting of not making it is still fresh.

    • Robinson Tilapia


  • Nathan

    I’m not really upset about not making the playoffs. Seeing all the injuries that the Yankees have had to deal with, as mentioned, it’s surprising that the Yankees were still in it this late.

    With that said, I’m concerned with how the whole threshold will play out and how management has handled it. They’re clearly intent on putting saving the $$$ ahead of fielding a championship caliber team. I knew it would be an ugly season with the catching situation and the reluctance/inability to improve the team.

    Moving forward, it’s ownership that concerns me.

    • Mikhel

      “Moving forward, it’s ownership that concerns me.”

      Same here.

      There are a few players who could improve the team for 2014, but I have my doubts on whether they want to improve the team or just patch it again like in years past.

  • Evan3457

    “That’s the last time the Yankees played a home game after being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.”

    That’s true, but an accident of the schedule. They were eliminated with five games left in 2008, but had already played their last home game of the season the previous Sunday, and were playing the last 6 games on the road, instead of the last 3, like this year.

    • LK

      Interestingly, under the current regime the 2008 Yankees would’ve made the playoffs as the 2nd WC, then played the 1-game playoff at Fenway.

      Then again, under the current regime the 1993 Yankees would’ve made the playoffs as well. It’s been a while since they weren’t one of the 5 best teams in the AL.

      • Mikhel

        Also in that 1993 the Giants were eliminated with 103 victories… and all because their manager (Baker) decided to go with rookie Salomón Torres who was pummeled after a couple of innings I think.

        I was listening to that game when I was supposed to be at painting walls that were full of graffitti in high school, it was a punishment because I was caught… uhm… lets say “playing” with my GF in the girl’s bathroom a couple of days before (my excuse not to attend to my punishment was: “there was an important game!!”, the schools prefect was a HUGE Dodgers fan and I wasn’t punished when we began to talk about the blue crew… sometimes it is good to be a baseball fan).

        • Mikhel

          The next time we were caught doing something “for the laughs” we were actually punished severily, though there were no expulsions:

          That time the whole classroom participated in performing “a joke” to a professor: we turned our seats so we were facing the back wall of the classrooom, the professor didn’t find that amusing, we were obliged to paint our classroom and like 6 others (that school had a SERIOUS attack by graffitters or whatever they’re called); we decided to play ANOTHER joke, we painted beige everything but the blackboard in our classroom, and I mean EVERYTHING, the damn classroom was beige and man how it hurt my eyes with the bright lights, but the laughs were worth it.

          :’) I miss my beige seat.

          Sometimes I wonder if we were just a bunch of pricks or nobody understood us… the principal got a laugh because we were supposed to be “the brainiacs”; that school used segmentation, they selected the highest scores in the tests we did to apply to high school and they created “classes” (7 or 8 in the morning, a similar amount of classes in the evening and 4-5 in the night) and were given benefits over students in the evening. Me and others decided to attend the evening classes because, let’s face it, being 14-15 years of old and at high school, you want all your morning to chase girls and play videogames at the arcade shop.

          AAAnd that’s enough xD sometimes I get carried when talking about stuff like that.

          The 90s sucked, but man I had a blast of a time with my mates doing silly stuff all day long at school (we even systematically skipped clases by 10 or 15 students at a time, the most we were allowed per month were 3, if we had 4 we weren’t allowed to take our monthly test, so, we decided to create a schedule to check who could skip class, when, and at what hours).

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Painting the walls? That’s worse than parking lot garbage duty, which I had to do for a week after bringing a girl from another school onto school property.


    • Robinson Tilapia

      The 80’s would have looked a bit different as well.

  • Kiko Jones

    The first meaningless game at Yankee Stadium since October 3rd of 1993. That’s the last time the Yankees played a home game after being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

    Yeah, this is accurate, but it overlooks that the Yankees were eliminated earlier in the season in 2008 (game 157 on Sept 23rd) than in 2013 (game 158 on Sept. 25th); only 1 game after the last home game of 2008 (Sept. 21st).

    • Mikhel

      They were actually eliminated after playing game 156, they entered the day 6.5 games below the Bosox for the wild card and 7 left to play, the Sox won, the yanks won and with 6 more to play it wasn’t enough to catch the Sox.

      Their next game was on september 23rd, on the road.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      No. This is the worst season ever. Please don’t bother us with facts.

      • LK

        They had a winning record, so it’s a solid season.

        But it’s clearly also a worse season than both 2008 and 1993. You can’t compare teams by how close they were to the playoffs when the structure of those playoffs has changed.

  • Mick taylor

    This team had no fight in it, no passion and no smarts. Over the last 30 games they were like11-19. Had they been like16-14 they would have made playoffs.theyplayed with no smarts, like never hitting the ball where it is pitched. Never bunting to beat the shift. Never taking pitches. Horrible coaching by people like rob Thompson . How many baserunning blunders by immortals like zolio almonte with no teaching. I would like to ss cashman and girardi go. And Hughes being allowed to go4-16 by girardi was ridiculous.it is fitting their season endre with Hughes on the mound.

    • CashmanNinja

      Why would you want Girardi gone? You’ve seen the roster. The fact that he was able to get so much production when we faced so many injuries was just fantastic. No Tex, no A-Rod for a while, no Jeter, Sabathia sucking, no catcher, Nunez sucking/being hurt, Granderson hurt, Ichiro sucking, etc. We didn’t have a full pitching staff or even a full “major league” roster, yet we were so close to the playoffs. Lyle Overbay and Vernon freaking Wells were starters for a good bulk of the season. They wouldn’t even start on awful teams, but we literally had NO other guys to call up so we were stuck with them. The fact that we were so close to the playoffs given all of the injuries shows a fantastic coaching job.

      As for Cashamn…I don’t want him gone. What I want gone is the scouts and talent evaluators. We simply cannot develop talent. At all. We have a ton of good prospects, but they’re in the absolute lowest levels of the club. There comes a point in time where at least some of them should be coming up and sticking…but it just isn’t happening. Add in the fact that ownership keeps dangling Cashman on a string, how can you really blame him for coming up short? Stay under $179 mil. Don’t stay under. Stay under. Don’t. Absorb this contract. Absorb that. etc etc.

      • BFDeal

        It’s Mick Taylor. He begged all last season for the Yankees to sign Hafner.

        • mick taylor

          i also said they should sign francisco liriano and trade hughes before this season, also said they should sign carlos beltran 2 years ago. and hafner was not that bad this year until his shoulder started hurting him. he also cost the team very little

  • Farewell Mo

    We’ll soon see how committed they are to winning with how they approach Tanaka. Free agency pretty much sucks, so signing Tanaka and bringing back Kuroda to add to CC and Nova would be a good start.

    • CashmanNinja

      I’d actually really like Tanaka. I’ve watched a little more on him (granted they were mostly highlights which edit out most of the negatives to only show the good), but I like him. His 4 seamer may be a little flat, but his 2 seamer has some decent run on it while pitching inside to lefties. The off-speed stuff is pretty good as well. He seems to attack hitters a bit inside with the hard stuff, then throws offspeed stuff out of the zone to try hit the corner (or beyond) and it entices players enough to swing. Now that won’t always work in the majors, but his offspeed stuff looks pretty deceptive and something about his delivery intrigues me, something about his wrist when he throws offspeed stuff. He really snaps the ball a bit so it just gives the illusion that it’s coming harder than it should be (making a guy think a curve is going to be a fastball). I like it because it blends deception along with a good pitch. Another thing that I like is that he tries to keep the ball down a bit more than Igawa did. He’s not perfect with that, but most of the time when he has the ball up it’s on purpose (trying to get the batter to chase for a 3rd strike). I think that he knows how to pitch better than Igawa did. As long as he doesn’t cost too much I’d love for the Yanks to get him. The bid doesn’t count against the payroll so he shouldn’t be too expensive overall for the payroll if they win the bid.

  • Chris Z.


  • mt

    I have a strange feeling Girardi is gone – Sutcliffe brought up an interesting scenario on ESPN yesterday – he said Girardi could maybe do TV for a year and then go back to maanaging – I am sure Cubs could keep Dale Sveum another year. On other hand, if Cubs job is truly offered to him right now, it would be hard to turn him down. I would assume Cubs would pay well for a World Series manager and next year, possibly without Cano, may look difficult for him like this year.

    I heard Buster Olney this morning say that Cano’s counter to a Yankee offer earlier this year was guaranteed $305 million for 10 years (Arod’s value of his record contract including the $30 million of Arod incentives). I know it is jsut negotiating but I just hope Yanks either sign him “reasonably” (say 6 yrs for 160) or let him go and take the team in another direction. Worst would be to sign him to a ridiculous contract. This sounds like madness but in a strange sort of way I want to see what Yanks coem up without Cano (caveat – I don’t live in NYC so I don’t have to fork over ridiculous prices for YS3 tickets to see a team without Cano – I can manage my avid Yankee fan interest by relatively cheap MLB.TV and cable TV).

    This team has so many holes and question marks that I wonder how much Cano at a ridiculous contract will make a difference – remember two best players other than Cano – Gardner and Robertson- are free agents next year, too.).

    • CashmanNinja

      I love Cano, but there is NO way they should give him that much. I wouldn’t even give him $200 mil. If he was a little younger then I could understand, but he’s now past his prime and will begin to go downhill. This is why some teams always seem to develop talent…because they know when it’s time to let someone go; when they’ve gotten the max value from them that they could. I’m not saying they should let Cano go, but in reality he probably has another 3 really solid years before the decline begins. 10 years would be shooting themselves in the foot. 7 years is by far the most I’ll go and even then I’m wary. 5 years would be ideal. 6 would be a compromise. Anything more than 7 years then no thanks…I would be willing to let him walk because I’m sick and tired of these huge contracts that aren’t going to do anything for us except make it harder to get under the luxury tax/overpaying for the decline years. Something like 7 years/$150 mil sounds “reasonable”. It’s still over $20 mil a freaking year. Pedroia signed an 8 year, $110 mil deal, so Cano would make more overall money and have a higher AAV to help him with his pride. He’s not worth $300 freaking million. No team will pay even half that for a 2nd baseman so why would we bid against ourselves…again?