Game 151: Take Advantage

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

(Mike Stobe/Getty)

The baseball gods seem to want the Yankees in the postseason. New York hasn’t won a game since Thursday and yet they still managed to pick up a half-game in the standings during that time because the Rangers suddenly forgot how to win. On top of that, Edwin Encarnacion has been shut down for the year with a wrist problem and will not play against the Yankees this week. That’s another big break. At some point the Bombers have to take advantage though, they’ve gotten enough favors already. Here’s the lineup that will face reigning NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey:

  1. CF Curtis Granderson
  2. DH Alex Rodriguez
  3. 2B Robinson Cano
  4. LF Alfonso Soriano
  5. 1B Lyle Overbay
  6. 3B Mark Reynolds
  7. RF Ichiro Suzuki
  8. SS Brendan Ryan
  9. C Chris Stewart

And on the mound is left-hander Andy Pettitte, who is the team’s best pitcher at the moment. He’s got a 2.13 ERA in his last seven starts.

The weather in Toronto is pretty great, but it doesn’t really matter because of the roof. First pitch is scheduled for 7:07pm ET and can be seen on My9. Enjoy.

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  1. JGYank says:

    With Encarnacion and Bautista out their lineup lacks punch and is much less likely to go deep, which should help Hughes greatly.

  2. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Cano talked about his team’s post-season chances with Lennon, telling the reporter “We will (make the playoffs). I think God has a plan for Mo.”

    What about the devil – who’s he rooting for?

  3. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    Throughout all the ridiculousness of this season, they’re still right in the thick of things. Let’s get a winning streak started tonight!

    On a semi-sarcastic side note, I can’t wait for the inevitable multi-year extension they offer Chris Stewart this offseason.

  4. trr says:

    Up to Andy tonight. Need everything he can give us, 7 innings, maybe a little more…..

  5. Eddarrd says:

    Andy has pitched well lately but RA Dickey has been solid against the Yanks this season. This is a toss up. They need to sweep. With Texas and Tampa and KC and Cleveland playing each other you won’t find a better time to gain ground on someone. And the Os have to face the Sox. They need to win these 3 ballgames.

  6. No Encarnacion? Well then, no excuse to get beaten by that Blue Jays lineup, I don’t care who’s pitching for them.

    I expect 3/3 here. Normally, I’d settle for 2/3, but those days and the situation at hand are gone. Toronto is a terrible, terrible baseball team. Take advantage, and do what you can, grab these games, and let the rest of the AL sort itself out. Win these games, and they will invariably gain games on somebody.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Yeah. This is a bonus on top of the gift of playing them already. You want in? Take the entire idea of a “trap series,” roll it up in a little ball, and shove it in their ass.

      My favorite RAB moment of Toronto series, of course? The TomH jokes.

  7. dkidd says:

    finish strong, andy

  8. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Does Sterling actually dramatically step up to the mic when Suzyn introduces him? Is there the removal of a cape involved? It always SOUNDS that way.

    • Doc Nolte says:

      He ‘teleports’ in with a puff of smoke. He doesn’t actually teleport – the puff of smoke is just an old magician’s trick he learned as a child during the Great War – but it sure looks that way.

  9. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I swear Curtis just struck out on one pitch.

  10. Doc Nolte says:

    Watching the Toronto feed. They spelled ‘defense’ wrong on one of the graphics. lol @ the quality of canadian tv, I guess that’s what you get when you live in a socialist country.

  11. Robinson Tilapia says:


  12. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I can never believe anything Sterling has to say again.

  13. Anderson Silva says:

    According to the strikezone in the Jays broadcast, Reynolds got 3 pitches middle middle. I thought big leaguers could hit that.

  14. MP says:

    Ugh, gotta take advantage there.

  15. Exaggerator says:

    This was a classic Yankee offense fail inning. Curtis Granderson strikes out without even trying. A-Rod does something I don’t pay attention to but results in an out. Cano sneaks on base. Then we get a double, which I wasn’t really expecting. Cano doesn’t score on it because classic lack of hustle, he thought it was foul. And we want to give this punk an extension, geez. If we lose by one run today which we might because I don’t see us scoring many runs with this offense, then it will be Cano’s fault. If we lose today that will probably be the season, too, so it will be Cano’s fault that we don’t make the playoffs. And we want to give this punk an extension, geez, let the lazy bum walk.

    Load the bases but Reynolds can’t bring anyone home. Classic 2012-style RISP-fail LOB, but with a twist: the guy whiffing at the plate is some schlub Cashman signed because he was too dumb to realize that Kevin Youkilis is not a viable backup. This game is over if we keep playing like this. The wildcard race is about over too. I don’t see any point in continuing to hope. This team is over. Everything is over. I am over and done with.

  16. Elton Cod says:

    Who’s ready for next year’s Nix/Ryan platoon at short? Nunez will be busy at 3rd, of course.

  17. Boogly Boogly says:

    Boogly Boogly Meow Meow

  18. Anderson Silva says:

    5 LOB in 2 innings, this is how a team who’s not going to make the playoffs play.

  19. Cuso says:

    Nice chunk job, A-Rod.

  20. Exaggerator says:

    Too bad steroids don’t work like spinach for Popeye, then maybe Alex could get a hit when it matters. If it wasn’t over after last inning, this game is definitely over after this inning. LOB, LOB, LOB. Just wait until our bullshitpen takes over. Game over, season over, world over. I predict we finish in last place, Red Sox win the series, Cano gets signed to 10/$300m, and then the league folds and the world ends. Oh, and Ichiro gets a 3/$30m extension.

  21. forensic says:

    No crowd, Flaherty in the booth, terrible MY9 production and camera work.

    This is so painful to watch.

  22. lee says:

    i’m starting to become a Brendon Ryan fan — couple of nice plays there!

  23. Freddy's Dead says:

    I know Ryan isn’t getting much love here but that was a motherfucker of a play.

  24. Freddy's Dead says:

    Glancing at comments, seems like high troll quotient.

  25. JGYank says:

    Ryan at least shows us range. Nice play.

  26. JGYank says:

    Knuckleball really has our guys swinging and missing a lot out of the zone too. Must have a lot of movement tonight.

  27. Eddard says:

    They just need to get Dickey out of the game. They had him at 50 pitches through two. They just haven’t had much success against that knuckleball this year.

    • JGYank says:

      Knuckleballers can go deep without too much wear and tear on their arm and throw a lot of pitches so the best thing to do is just hit them well and get them out that way.

  28. Freddy's Dead says:

    Wow, 2 smokin’ hot ladies walking to their seats behind home plate.

  29. Eddard says:

    I would not walk anyone intentionally in the 3rd inning.

  30. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Nice work Andy. Now how about taking some pitches this time around.

  31. Darren says:

    Great job by Andy to get out of that jam. He’s only been doing that for, oh, 18 years.

  32. nsalem says:

    He wasn’t Goins anywhere on Ichiro.

  33. Freddy's Dead says:

    Damn. I’d have preferred a sac bunt there.

  34. Rolling Doughnut says:

    So much for running up Dickey’s pitch count.

  35. JGYank says:

    There are times when I want Ichiro DFA. Now would be one of those times. What sucks is when Reynolds got on you knew the bottom of the order would find a way to fail.

  36. Kramerica Industries says:

    Ichiro is completely useless.

  37. JGYank says:

    What I don’t understand is how Pettitte can pitch this well meanwhile CC who is younger and has more velocity can’t even keep us in the game.

  38. Kramerica Industries says:

    Is the YES Network audio on dead or something? This is now two different systems I’ve used where I’m not getting anything. The Jays audio is just fine.

  39. Freddy's Dead says:

    Pettite suddenly struggling. Ugh.

  40. Kramerica Industries says:

    1 run in 4 inning is completely fine.

    How about some runs. Quit wasting these opportunities.

  41. Freddy's Dead says:

    I don’t understand why people still talk about velocity. Dickey doesn’t throw anything over 90, won a Cy last year and is shutting down the Yankees so far tonight. Doesn’t this pretty much prove the irrelevance of velocity?

    CC’s velocity is not his problem this season. As I understand it, he’s not able to fool anybody. Also, the catching would need to be factored in, I’d imagine. That goes for the whole staff. We don’t have a Russ Martin this season and I think that matters a lot.

    • JGYank says:

      No. We are talking about a knuckleball here with unpredictable movement. Not a straight fastball. With a knuckleball’s movement velocity isn’t important but a FB doesn’t have that movement to rely on so it needs velocity.

      • Freddy's Dead says:

        I really have to disagree. For one thing, a FB can have movement, but, anyway, a good mix of pitch speeds plus command of location and being able to fool batters seem to be the primary skills needed. High velocity just allows young pitchers and relievers to get spots in rotations then get hurt.

        • JGYank says:

          I disagree. Hitter’s barely have any reaction time to begin with and a good fastball gives them even less. Obviously command and movement are very important but velocity isn’t irrelevant at all. There is a reason why all of us are not big league hitters and mostly it’s because we can’t catch up to a Major League fastball.

          • Freddy's Dead says:

            I’ll give you this much: a 95+ fb combined with a sub 80mph changeup, add in a third pitch and good command and you’ve got unhittable stuff, but velocity alone is, I maintain, irrelevant. It matters only in context.

            • JGYank says:

              That’s not true at all. There is a reason you don’t see anyone with a 70 mph FB in the bigs. The less reaction time you have the harder it is to hit. It’s that simple. It would so much easier to hit a pitcher who throws only 60 mph FBs rather than only 90 mph ones. There’s a sport science video done by ESPN I saw and it said that a FB at a certain velocity (think it was 90 but can’t remember) is pretty much invisible and you can only try to predict where it will end up because you really can’t see it.

            • JGYank says:

              Why do pitcher’s decline when they get older and retire? They lose velocity. They don’t lose command or movement. If velocity didn’t matter you could see 50 year olds winning Cy Youngs. You could literally have anyone with good command and movement on the mound even if they were 10 years old or 55.

              Obviously, the difference in velocity between your FB and off speed pitches is important to disrupt timing but velocity doesn’t only matter in context. There is a big difference between Freddy Garcia and Aroldys Chapman.

  42. JGYank says:

    are you guys seeing these swings from Grandy? Awful. Not sure if Dickey is on our hitters are off or both.

  43. Eddard says:

    That 1 run just might hold up. These guys look awful against the knuckleball.

  44. Had a meeting to be at, sorry for the delay.

    Gerry Davis (No. 12 / HP-CC)Davis, a 31 year veteran of umpiring, but over the years has been a very patient umpire. There is no reason we should be all that worried about an ejection. However, we should be worried about the strike zone for Davis, and more runs score on average than any other umpire. Also infamous for pulling a Jarrod Parker 2012 shirt incident in a 1998 game. There’s not much to say about him because he’s never one of the attention-getters.

    Dan Iassogna (No. 58 / 1B)There is numerous debate about the idea of Iassogna’s strike zone. On average, he does show a tendency to use your basic strike zone, but is also inconsistent as hell. He is also known for blowing calls and exposing himself quite a bit that he has problems in that department. His ejection rate is above the umpire’s average, whereas Davis’s is falling farther and farther below.

    Brian Knight (No. 91 / 2B)I’ve got no patience for Brian Knight. Yes, he’s been in the league for 12 years, but he’s clearly got a tendency for bad calls, including the double double play failures by the Tigers last year. He acts very stern about how good his call is, and I am losing much patience with him. He has an insanely good ball zone for the umpires, and I would be happy if the Yankees be patient. I don’t like him and its going to take a while for me to see if he can improve.

    Mark Carlson (No. 6 / 3B) Carlson is in his 14th season of umpiring and it seems every year there is one seriously bad call on his part leading to an ejection. Carlson has a high ejection rate, and is much much higher than everyone. He also has a high favorability to pitchers in the strike zone, so the strikeout rates are insanely high. Be up there swinging.

  45. Freddy's Dead says:

    Arod’s hoping to get ball one. Get into a hitter’s count. Sheesh.

  46. BigBlueAL says:

    Great timing for the offense to suck again. No Gardner (meaning one of Ichiro/Wells playing everyday), Ryan now playing everyday plus the continued crap at C has made this offense look pretty weak again. Not helping that Granderson is in a huge slump and Arod is running slower than Jose Molina.

  47. CelerinoSanchez says:

    Coupla things … What’s up with that zit on Dickey’s nose? (Or is it a birthmark?) .. Why don’t we step out of the box a few times to disrupt Dickey’s machine-like rhythm? … Lawrie’s tattoo’s are brutal… Nice catch Grandy! …

  48. Wheels says:

    Nice catch Grandy

  49. Freddy's Dead says:

    Grandy! He can!

  50. Kramerica Industries says:

    Yankees have been pretty cruddy all season against Dickey. It’s pretty irritating given the desperation the Yankees are dealing with right now.

  51. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Grandy saves a run. I hope it turns out to be the play of the game

  52. JGYank says:

    Great play Grandy!

  53. Kramerica Industries says:

    This is a disheartening game right now.

  54. Eddard says:

    Pathetic. If it’s high let it fly if it’s low let it go. It ain’t that hard. They’re going to get shut out and that’ll be all she wrote on this season.

  55. JGYank says:

    It seems like everyone is trying to go deep. Can we at least put the ball in play and not chase pitches?

  56. JGYank says:

    It’s a shame we are wasting a great start from Pettitte.

  57. Eddard says:

    Andy’s done all he can. The offense better do something these next 3 innings or this season is goins goins gone.

  58. Eddard says:

    That stern talk that Girardi had sure fired up the ballclub. A game they have to have and they put up 7 goose eggs. Had Dickey at 50 pitches thrown through 2 and have let him get all the way to the 8th. Just pathetic.

  59. Kramerica Industries says:

    This is pathetic.

  60. forensic says:

    Could this game be any more boring, especially considering the crowd and one of the announcers?

  61. Leg-End says:

    2 innings to score, meat of the order coming up. Get it done, please.

  62. Wheels says:

    Unreal. You can basically close the book now.

  63. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, thanks a lot Kelley.

    Fucking gopher ball machine.

  64. your mom says:

    Kelley reverting back to April form I see.

  65. forensic says:

    The reversion to his actual talent level hasn’t been pretty for Kelley, and really for the whole bullpen lately.

  66. Eddard says:

    Ain’t no way they’ll score 2 in 2 innings. I think you can pretty much put a wrap on this season and that can no longer be debated, it’s over.

  67. Cuso says:

    That move worked out well.

  68. Leg-End says:

    Goddamnit Kelley, you can almost gurantee we will score 1 run and it now won’t mean dick.

  69. your mom says:

    IDK, I just don’t feel a comeback brewing here. Prove me wrong fuckers.

  70. Winter says:

    Rajai Davis? That’ll put his career HR total at 27. He’s 32, with 8 years and 2600+ PA under his belt.

  71. Jimmy the Anvil says:

    Don’t know what Girardi was thinking. Has he looked at any statistics lately? Kelley has been bad. He should have used Claiborne. There would have been no problems if he used Claiborne. This is all Joe’s fault.

  72. Craig Sagermetrics says:

    We all know the season will be over in a couple weeks, we just can’t look away.

  73. forensic says:

    Boooo, boy do I hate Lawrie.

  74. Kramerica Industries says:

    oh fuck you lawrie.

  75. jedua says:

    when you get pinch hitted for vernon well you really suck

  76. forensic says:

    They will bring the tying run to the plate before this one is over…

    And he’ll hit into a double play.

  77. Craig Sagermetrics says:

    They’ll go 1-2-3 in the 8th and 9th, but I’ll still sit here and watch. Sigh.

  78. JGYank says:

    Are you kidding Kelley? You gave up a homer to Rajai Davis!?

    Actually the pitching has been very good tonight thanks to Pettitte (and the Jays’ injuries). But were getting shutout. The pitching finally settles down and now this. Come on.

  79. Kramerica Industries says:

    A bomb, please. Ease all this tension, if for just the time being.

  80. Tom says:

    Anyone else think the next 2 AB’s are what decides this game?

  81. Kenny says:

    Gotta take advantage of the E. Now or never

  82. Freddy's Dead says:

    Arod seems to have forgotten the concept of protecting the plate w 2 strikes.

  83. Cuso says:

    Like the title of the game thread says you BETTER take advantage of that gift!

  84. Gordy says:

    This team doesn’t GIVE A FUCK. GUTLESS

  85. forensic says:

    That was pitiful Cano. Thole was basically sitting in their dugout and you still swing at that crap???

  86. Cuso says:

    Thanks for watching the game, A-Rod

  87. Kenny says:

    Jeez. Ball game nearly over. Yankees nearly dead.

  88. Freddy's Dead says:

    6-8″ outside. Wow. This team looks done.

  89. Cuso says:

    The catcher was set up in the dugout. They had no intention of pitching anywhere near Cano.

  90. Leg-End says:

    Putrid AB from Cano, they were basically giving him a free pass to put the runner in scoring position with Soriano up and he swings at a pitch 2 feet out of the zone.


  91. Tom says:

    This is what really bothers me about Girardi. He has this “clean inning” mentality and doesn’t seem to like to bridge relievers across innings unless the bullpen is really short.

    Is there a difference between Robertson getting 4 outs vs 3 outs? Putting aside Kelley giving up the run, it gives you an extra reliever if the Yankees do tie it up.

  92. JGYank says:

    1 inning left to score. And it may be the inning that makes or breaks our season.

  93. CelerinoSanchez says:

    There’s more hitting in the Islanders – Flames preseason game than there is from the Yanks right now. Yawn.

  94. Wheels says:

    Holy shit, got him.

  95. Chris Z. says:

    The doctor has come into the room and asked if we would pull the plug on this season. There is no chance of recovery. The team is on life support.

  96. Winter says:

    Indians losing, Rays losing, Baltimore tied with Boston. Yankees need to come back here, this is a game they have to win.

  97. lee says:

    can we rebuild around Ryan next year?

  98. CelerinoSanchez says:

    Wow! Nice relay throw!

  99. forensic says:

    Nice throw!

  100. WhittakerWalt says:

    The Baseball Gods must not want it that badly after all.

  101. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Ryan nails him. wow

  102. Chris Z. says:

    Help us Overbay-knobi…’re our only hope.

  103. Chris Z. says:

    Sick throw. Right on the money.

    Was the call a HR or a steal of home according to Sterling?

  104. Leg-End says:

    The fat lady is warming up.

  105. CelerinoSanchez says:

    This guy Ryan can play – but does he deserve Ralph Houk’s number? I ask the jury.

  106. Darren says:

    C’mon Ichiro, do something big!

  107. JGYank says:

    One swing away from a tie game….

  108. Tom says:

    I hope this is one of those times where Ichiro wants to hit a HR

  109. JGYank says:

    And Ichiro is up. Buzz kill.

  110. Eddard says:

    This team has clearly quit on Girardi. Just look at these pathetic ABs today after his “stern” lecture. Season over, time to clean house. FIRE Cashman, FIRE Girardi and get a new regime in to right the ship.

  111. Chris Z. says:

    Double in the gap would be nice. Score Overbay and speed on 2nd.

  112. forensic says:

    At least it was only a 2 1/2 hour suckfest instead of 3 1/2 hours.

  113. Kramerica Industries says:

    Way to show up tonight, assholes.

  114. The fat lady says:


  115. JGYank says:

    WTF did I just watch? Pathetic. Had the perfect opportunity to gain ground and we blew it.

  116. Steve D Fl says:

    What a joke, f%^&ing bums.

  117. WhittakerWalt says:

    Has Ichiro done anything in the past two months?

    • Chris Z. says:

      Struck out a bunch and stunk it up at the plate.

    • Tom says:

      Pre allstar break: .713 OPS (not terrible, also not tat great for a RF’f_

      Post allstar break: .530 OPS (and it’s only that hiigh due to a decent end of July)

      At some point, especially against righties, I think you have to give Zoilo a shot. Against lefties, I’d go Wells.

      You can’t have Ichiro/Ryan/Stewart in the lineup together – it just gives the opposing pitcher too much of a breather at the bottom of the lineup.

  118. wow says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the really important things: one lucky New York family whose name starts with an “s” will be so much richer because of the way they run this organization.

    Passion for baseball or passion for profit?

  119. Mouse says:

    What a joke this team is. They could score a bunch of runs in Boston but couldn’t pitch. Now, they get pitching but can’t score.

  120. stuart a says:

    i like Cano’s AB in the 8th. the 1 when they tried to walk him but he refused.

    Ichiro is toast. the guy is simply awful. lucky Levine wanted him for marketing opportunities.. NICE MOVE Einstein.

    btw they are toast. out of gas and done.. aroid cannot stay healthy, reynolds has been better then expected but that is based on expectations. he simply strikes out way to much…

    old, shitty, and expensive. that is the yankee roster….

    • JGYank says:

      Why are you calling out Cano when everyone in the lineup sucked tonight while Cano has been the MVP of this team by far?

      • Rolling Doughnut says:

        Because Robbie had a terrible AB. When he’s right, he doesn’t swing at garbage.

        • JGYank says:

          Everyone was swinging at garbage. And I mean everyone. There was a point where Dickey would get to 0-2 and throw balls out the zone still rack up Ks. This was happening all night yet you guys are harping on 1 AB. Cano should carry us but it’s unfair to expect a great AB every time. The guy is human you know.

          • Rolling Doughnut says:

            I agree with you. Robbie has come through on many occasions. He is the best position player on the club hands down. But he had a crap AB and was criticized for it. So what?

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        Because stuart is a moron who never says a fucking peep when Cano does something right.

  121. Leg-End says:

    Ichiro looks done, cut him loose in the offseason along with Wells.

  122. JGYank says:

    I know they were facing a knuckleball and are dealing with injuries but come on. A shutout in the middle of a huge race?

    Unfortunately, I was right with what I said after the deadline.

  123. Kramerica Industries says:

    All things considered, that might just be the most pathetic loss of the season.

  124. JGYank says:

    Pettitte pitched great for nothing. And somehow he got the loss. BS.

  125. dkidd says:

    that about does it

    silver lining: mo won’t throw his last pitch in houston

  126. BigBlueAL says:

    Maybe Girardi needs to give them another “stern” lecture.

  127. dan says:


  128. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Team has collapsed since losing Gritty-Gardy.

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