Girardi remains noncommittal about plans for 2014

It took 145 games, but the Yankees finally have a decent shortstop
Game 153: End of the Trip

Via Andrew Marchand: Joe Girardi remained noncommittal when asked about his plans for next year. “Yeah, I mean, I don’t worry about those details until it is time to worry about it,” said Girardi. “To me, it doesn’t make sense to worry about it, but I love being here. To me, it is wasted energy to worry about it … I haven’t thought of myself [going back to broadcasting]. But, like any other person, when things arise, you sit down and you talk to your family, I talk to my wife, our kids are in school in New York.”

Girardi, 48, will be a free agent when his contract expires after the season. Brian Cashman already confirmed the team hopes to re-sign their manager and last month we heard it was a “foregone conclusion” the two sides would work out a new contract. Just eyeballing it, high-profile teams like the Cubs, Nationals, Angels, and maybe even the Dodgers could have managerial openings this winter. Marchand speculates that FOX could approach Girardi about replacing the soon-to-be-retired Tim McCarver, but that seems unlikely. It would surprise me if Girardi did not return to the Yankees next season, but until he signs a new contract, there is always a chance he will take a different job elsewhere.

It took 145 games, but the Yankees finally have a decent shortstop
Game 153: End of the Trip
  • I’m One

    There are better in-game strategists than Girardi, but the Yankees could do worse.

    • BFDeal

      This is very true. I know sometimes Joe’s decisions leave me scratching my head, but I’m sure if you followed other teams as close and in depth as you do the Yankees, you’d see every other manager making head scratching decisions as well.

  • BFDeal

    Did Eddard fill up the “Submit A Tip” box yesterday?

  • dp

    I hope they fire him the day after the Yankees are eliminated! I never want to see Girardi managing the Yankees again.

    • BFDeal

      Exactly why would they fire him after this season?

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      He can’t be fired; his contract is up. Of course, they could resign him & THEN fire him. That would be kind of special, but aside from the entertainment value, he doesn’t deserve that kind of drama. Regardless, whomever is managing here next year has their work cut out for them.

  • Wheels

    Joe Buck and Joe Girardi? Hard to picture that.

  • Frank

    Until Joe Maddon becomes available, I’ll take Joe no problem.

    • Get Phelps Up

      I’m not sure how well Maddon’s schtick would fly in a big market.

  • vicki

    wow. remember when all we had was left-handed bats? sori and wells starting against redmond tonight.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    I’d like to see Pena manage again; Boston interviewed him last winter. Maybe someone hooks him?


    Tony Pena

  • Tom

    Time for some change (at the GM level too – and maybe that means bumping Cashman up instead of out?).

    I see people continue to ask are Girardi and/or Cashman the problem and quite frankly that is irrelevant. The question is are they part of the solution going forward and do their strengths fit the needs of a team that likely will be in transition for a few years?

    While I remember that Girardi once did well with the Marins both he and Cashman seem best suited for a team with an established core that is looking to add the final few pieces to the puzzle. Girardi is great in this role as he is a very patient person who will wait out a slump or not over-react to a hot streak and likes to create very clear and clean roles for everyone (whether it is the bullpen or the lineup); this best fits with a team with established players who have known track records.

    The Yankees need builders (for lack of a better word) right now. Not guys who will continue to roll with the Chris Stewart’s and Jayson Nix’s of the world because they are known quantities and they feel comfortable with them.

  • fred jones

    Jeter for player/manager in 2014

    • JGYank

      He would put himself at short every single game. No.

  • Charlie

    Its time for joe to go bring back billy martin

    • BFDeal


  • John A.

    Let Garbage go. Enough of this lefty righty, righty lefty. The binder, having a starter that lost 13 and won 4. Where would we be if he had won half of those games. Clean house take Cashman with him. This is what happened with the Red Sox and look where there at this year. Sometimes you overstay your worth or welcome.


      I totally agree with you with the L R L R it’s bull! I’m also sick and tired of this team playing 15 different guys just about every game. A team needs to meld to get to know each other joke laugh and then baseball comes easy. I’m so sick and tired of the TRASH they are putting out there and I’m tired of Joe resting guys way to FN often. It’s truly time for a change from top to bottom. Nexrt year Yankees are going to be at 189M let’s start now and just clean it out and go from there. It’s become a total joke the past few ears watching bench guys play full time. Time to go out grab some youth and lemme play every day and night!

      • John A.

        How about the move with Jaba & the 3 run dinger? Wow Garbage has really out done himself. Jaba and Hughes. What a pair.

    • Ricky P

      Time to clean house……..Cashman destroyed the Yankees, No farm system, no trades……Girardi keeps making boneheaded moves…Why Chamberlain tonight?

  • Looper

    Let’s talk about Joe Girardi.

    (1) Joe Girardi should get 8 out 10 to fight with Umpires to protect his players.

    (2) Joe Girardi should get 1 out 10 to educate young players. Look at this team, is there any great young player? None.

    (3) Joe Girardi should get 1 out 10 to keep those high $M paid players in their
    best status. Look at CC, Mark Teixeira, A-Rod. Huge $M paid, but what they
    played is probably only worth 20% of their payments.

    (4) Joe Girardi should get 2 out 10 to learn his players. He knows nothing about his players. Look at today’s lineup, Wells, Overbay, Mark Reynolds, Brenden Ryan, Chris Stewart, Those guys are poor hitters. How can you put all of them in a game? How is it possible to win a game with over half poor batters in the lineup? As a manager, you have to figure out a way to increase the hitting power, but he did nothing.

    What the owner of the Yankees cares about is making money. The owner spent
    huge $M on the super stars, but those super stars performed poorly under your management, is there anything worse than this?

    I can not figure out any reason the Yankees should re-sign him. Why not give
    Pena one or two years as Yankee’s manager?

    What the Yankees should do first is fire Cashman.

    • BFDeal

      We’re all dumber for reading this.

  • John A.

    What happened tonight with Joe Garbage and Jaba should be considered a BF Deal. There are dumb and dumber. How do we fit?

  • nycsportzfan

    So if Joe did take another job, who are some names some would hope for around here?

    I’ve had a thing for Dave Righetti with his sucess as the SF Giants pitching coach, but he was born out that way, and has been there awhile, so could just love the west coast? But it would be cool to see Rags back in NY.

    Mike Aldrete is a interesting managerial canadite also.

    I think we should switch things up, as the team transitons into a new era and away from the core group thats been here so long.

  • FLYER7

    Does Aldrete manage anywhere???

  • adkjonny46

    Bye Joe, bye “Crashman”, bye Levine… good start, but what we need is a real owner. Please Hank, and Hal for the dignity of what the Yankees have been, please sell the team. Please take the money and run, Run fast, run far, and run… NOW.

  • Sayann

    Wow what a load of hate against a man that did what he could with what he was given.. I think most of you are wrong to wish Joe gets fired, mainly because it’s far from being his fault if the Yanks are where they are today.

    Guys baseball has become moneyball you all know that.
    The Yanks have spent too much before, they can’t make those crazy deals anymore.
    So, less money, less good players, you have to do with what you have !
    And Joe did great in my opinion, because on paper the yanks should be last place behind the astros with all injuries this year.

    Now i know it hurts that now your club won’t be spending crazy money just to get one player, but it’s the reality, the owners won’t be doing it anymore because they reason, the boss wasn’t reasoning he was led by passion i guess, and of course making money out of it..

    Anyway, do you think ANYBODY would have done better with the player of this year ? i don’t think so.
    And do you think its the one or 2 occasional head scratching, because Joe had a weird choice in game, that would place the Yanks in such a bad position at this time of the year ? no, at worse the Yanks would loose a game, maybe 2, on the long run it is insignificant.

    • Sayann

      to me, the problem this year was obviously the injuries, and mostly the non performing of those left “healthy”.

      CC was far from being himself, plus he had crap run support.
      Hughes was never good consistently, plus the lack of run support.
      Kuroda was the man at first but couldt hold it to the end.
      Even our greatest Mo blew 7 or 8 saves this year, wich is a lot for him.
      The rest of the good guys were injured..

      So manager god or not, what can you do really. you can place the guys in position to succeed, if they don’t it’s not your fault i say.