Logan open to returning to Yankees next season

With offense struggling, it's time to pull the plug on Ichiro and Stewart
Random musings on a Wednesday

Via Dan Barbarisi: Left-hander Boone Logan said he is open to returning to the Yankees next season. He’ll become a free agent for the first time this winter. “I look at it like this: When I started pitching good, I was with the Yankees,” he said. “It’s something I’m going to look a lot more into, and give it more thought, but I will say this: Why fix something that isn’t broke? That’s something I’ve got to talk to myself about. That time will come. But why wouldn’t you want to play for the Yankees, if you can?”

Logan, 29, has a 3.38 ERA (3.64 FIP) with a dynamite strikeout rate (10.30 K/9 and 26.8 K%) in 175.2 innings since coming to New York prior to the 2010 season. He’s held same-side hitters to a .292 wOBA with a 32.6% strikeout rate in pinstripes. Logan has been the team’s best left-handed reliever since Mike Stanton was in his heyday and it’s not all that close either. That said, I’m concerned about his recent workload — his 204 appearances since 2011 are the 12th most in baseball — and the fact that he admitted his elbow has been barking since Spring Training. He’ll need surgery to clean out a bone spur after the season.

The going rate for quality lefty relievers these days is something like three years and $12M (Damaso Marte!). Scott Downs got a little more (three years, $15M), Sean Burnett a little less (two years, $8M). Logan has a lot going for him in that he’s relatively young, offers premium power stuff, and has shown he can do it in a small ballpark for a perennial contender. As good as he’s been, there is a definite case to be made that letting him walk is the right move for the Yankees, especially given the elbow stuff. A $4-5M lefty reliever doesn’t fit well under the $189M luxury tax given the team’s other commitments either.

With offense struggling, it's time to pull the plug on Ichiro and Stewart
Random musings on a Wednesday
  • Laz

    I thought he was going to fall apart this year, wouldn’t be surprised if next year is the year. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back, but I really think paying him $4M+ a year is a huge mistake.

  • Gonzo

    He also said that a major part of his decision making process was whether or not he could handle another nickname change.

  • NeilT

    Lest we forget he came over in the Vasquez 2.0 for Melky/Vizcaino trade. One of the best under-the-radar trades made recently, mainly since the headline (Javi) was such a disaster.

    Javi hung around the majors a bit longer thereafter, had a reasonable season in Miami, but that’s about it.

    Not sure what happened to Vizcaino – I think he made it up to Atlanta for a couple of cups of coffee?

    As for Melky…

  • John C

    I’m all for bringing him back, but he can’t be their only lefty out of the pen going forward. His workload has to be cut back especially with him coming back from elbow surgery next year. Yanks will need a 2nd lefty to go with him

  • Fernando

    I’m leery of bringing him back , especially with the pending surgery. Signing lefty relievers to long term deals has been disastrous for the team. I’m say go with Cabral and see if Cashman can work a Rapada like miracle on the free agent wire for another lefty.

    • I’m One

      Agree with this approach. Even on a one year deal, I’m not sure I’d want to take the chance on Logan after surgery.

  • Pee Wee Herman Ruth

    Boonie…thanks for your service…but you are only welcome on a 1 year deal.

  • Robert

    Team has too many holes Bye Boonie Give the ball to Cabral and maybe the last B Banuelos can build his arm strenght back in the bullpen…

    • vicki

      no way. don’t joba manny.

  • Frank

    Way over-rated, overpaid. He’s replaceable. Let him leave and move on.

  • Jonathan

    I would be open to some out of the box contract, say 1 year and $4MM with a player option of $5MM that switches to a team option if he spends X amount of days on the DL with left elbow trouble. If he really wants to stay in NY and is confident in his health it works. I doubt he’d go for it but I’d love to have him back…we just need another lefty that can ease the workload for him.

  • tommy cassella

    the only thing that banuelos has proven to me is that he always seems to get hurt.

  • tommy cassella

    I am 65 years old and have been rooting for the yanks as far back as I can remember, probably since I was four years old. I think next year the yanks should give cabral a very long look. I also think the yanks should get themselves another hitting coach. kevin long just has to go.