Monday Night Open Thread

Rivera, Robertson nominated for sportsmanship and community service awards
Yankees outright Jim Miller to Triple-A Scranton

The Yankees are off today but there is plenty of scoreboard watching to be done. The Rays and Rangers will be on MLB Network (Cobb vs. Garza) and that game is very important to New York’s playoff hopes. Tampa and Texas have the same record and they own the two wildcard spots, so Yankees fans should root for a split to keep both teams as close to the pack as possible. You don’t want one of them to pull away because suddenly it would be a race for one wildcard spot (against the Indians and their cupcake schedule, no less) instead of a race for two. So whoever wins tonight, the Rangers or Rays, you gotta root for the other team tomorrow.

Anyway, here is your open thread for the night. If you want to forget about baseball for a few hours, the Steelers and Bengals are your Monday Night Football game and there’s also preseason hockey on somewhere. That’s cool. Talk about whatever here. Go nuts.

Rivera, Robertson nominated for sportsmanship and community service awards
Yankees outright Jim Miller to Triple-A Scranton
  • JGYank

    I’m rooting for a Ranger’s sweep of the Rays. Since we have a series left vs TB we can pull ahead of them by winning that series and Texas can help us right now. We can’t control on what happens to Texas so I wouldn’t count on them collapsing even though it’s possible. That way it’s more likely we grab the 2nd WC. The only problem in our way is Cleveland. I don’t think KC or the Os have what it takes.

    • Kramerica Industries

      In a sense, yes. 2/2 is probably ideal, but if either team were to win this series, I’d prefer Texas. No H2H plus Texas holds the tiebreaker.

      But it does get very dicey once we factor Cleveland in here. We probably want a KC sweep.

      • JGYank

        Agreed on the KC sweep. The Indian’s schedule concerns me.

        As for Tex/TB if there was a split it make it harder for us to catch either team and we probably wouldn’t end up catching either. Wouldn’t it be better for one team to get swept so we have a higher chance of at least passing one team especially considering we still have a series against TB?

  • Crime Dog

    Mike posted something interesting on twitter last night. Of the 56 guys the Yankees used this year, how many would you take on the Yankees next year at their 2014 salary (if a FA, use a pretty reasonable guestimate).

    I count 11 or 12, even counting Reynolds as a platoon/DH type guy. If you loosen your standards, you can add in Ryan (or Nunez, if that’s your cup of tea) as a backup SS I guess, and a few other guys.

  • JGYank

    I been thinking about it and in hindsight if you are going to get Wells, you might as well as kept Swisher in the offseason. That way you don’t have to sign Ichiro either or trade for Soriano. I know Swish would have made it harder to get under 189 but at least our outfield would be in decent shape.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Garza looks like hot shit tonight.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He always did have a nice ass. Oh, wait.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Well, the Rays are gonna win this game tonight, and that’s gonna be four of five from the Rays, so now you really have to fear they’ve found their groove again.

    Yankees will move within 2.5 of the Rangers, but that’s contingent on Cleveland losing. Otherwise, it’s moving within 2.5 of a non-playoff spot.

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      Eh, two of those 4 wins are against the Twins who don’t even have AAA caliber players playing on their Parent club right now. SO, not sure you can call them Stella yet.

  • vicki

    i hope everyone is watching kazmir and shields. big game is averaging 2 K per inning.

  • Livingston III

    “Monday Night Open Thread”


    Where are all you who claimed Hughes and Joba were number 1’s, and IPK, at worst, a 3? and all the other flotsam in the minors as being elite? and what the hell happened to the most elite of elite bats in all history, traded to Seattle before the truth became known?

    Y’all a bunch a of bandwagoners. If it ain’t going right, you’re done.

    Please make the playoffs. Please.

    • Kevin G.


    • jjyank


      People were wrong about a prospect? OMG! What a travesty. So everyone who thought Hughes and Joba would be good 5+ years ago needs to come to the RAB comments section to apologize?

      Also absolutely nothing to do with being a “bandwagoner”. Gloating like that just makes you sound like an ass.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        ….and where are all of you who thought Jose Contreras would be an elite starter? And what happened to those Javy Vazquez lovers? They never show up when I look for them in my fridge.

        How about dem not dog salesmen? They never come around when I need them.

        You all are a bunch of stinkin Swedes.

      • Livingston III

        Given that they now come to RAB to shit on them, yes, they should.

        • jjyank

          You realize that these two groups don’t have to be the same, right? Someone that shits on Hughes doesn’t have to come from the “Hughes will be an ace” crowd from 5 years ago.

          And even if they did, it’s childish to demand an apology for such bullshit. Get over yourself.

        • Mr. Roth

          So wait, if I don’t post in a Monday night open thread on an off day that means that I’m a bandwagon fan who thought Hughes and Joba were #1 starters and Montero was going to be the best hitter in the history of baseball?

          What the fuck are you talking about?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          There’s a good point in here……somewhere.

          • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

            No. No there’s not. At all. Anywhere.