Monday Night Open Thread

Boone Logan will have elbow surgery on Thursday
Girardi acknowledges talking to Cano about lack of hustle

The first day of the offseason is always the worst. This afternoon I went to check the night’s pitching matchups and then my fantasy team (btw, booya!) out of habit, but there was nothing to check. This first day always sucks the most. Brian Cashman will hold his annual end-of-season press conference at noon tomorrow and I’m guessing Joe Girardi will speak then as well. This is typical, they do it every year, but obviously this offseason is expected to be anything but typical. It would surprise me if there was major news tomorrow; there rarely is at these things. I enjoy the “surprise, these guys were playing with these injuries” announcements more than anything. We’ll see how it goes.

Here is your open thread for this lovely evening. The Rays and Rangers are playing their tiebreaker game at 8pm ET on TBS (David Price vs. Martin Perez), with the winner moving on to play the Indians in the wild-card game on Wednesday. Dolphins-Saints is the Monday Night Football game. Talk about either game or anything else you want right here. Go nuts.

Sporcle Quiz!The 2013 Yankees quiz is now available. All you have to do is name the franchise record 56 (!) players who played for the team this season. I managed 52 of 56 and am pretty damn proud of that. Got all the pitchers and the obvious guys, but missed four spare part position players who were only with the team for a few weeks each. One was even on the Opening Day roster too.

Boone Logan will have elbow surgery on Thursday
Girardi acknowledges talking to Cano about lack of hustle
  • Pseudoyanks

    At least College Basketball practice officially started today!!

  • Thomas

    I got 47/56. I managed to miss a couple of guys that are in our pen right now, so I’m pretty embarrassed.

  • Leg-End

    Damn you Zagurski and Neal!

    So close.

    • Mike Axisa

      I missed Neal, Boesch, Nelson and Cruz.

      • Stephen

        Replace Nelson with Brignac for me. And then embarrassingly add Eppley and Francisco. Very short-term memory. Hard to remember April. 50/56

      • Winter

        I actually remembered Neal when I saw this post, then forgot him by the time I got to RF on the quiz.

    • Get Phelps Up

      The same 2 guys that I missed too!

    • matt montero

      Should I be embarrassed that Youk was one of the 8 players I missed?

      • vicki

        you’re in good company.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Come April 2015, or maybe even April 2014, that Sporcle quiz will be a bitch.

    Always easiest to remember when the season just ended.

    • JGYank

      It’s already hard to remember the guys from April. Missed Boesch a couple times.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Jeff Kellogg (No. 8 / HP-CC)My favorite umpire (yeah I have them) of the 68 in the big leagues. He is in his 23rd season in the major leagues, Kellogg features a hitter’s strike zone, but interestingly to go with it, strike out rates when Kellogg is behind the plate, K-rates are still much higher than walk rates. In the years since he joined, he’s not ejected more than 50 players and in my book (total bias) one of the best umpires in baseball.

    Tim Welke (No. 3 / 1B) Older brother of Portergate crew member Bill Welke, Tim is also a crew chief, but I feel like Kellogg is doing duties here as crew chief. Welke is a thirty year veteran of the sport, and one of the few umpires to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated (hopefully Angel Hernandez doesn’t join him. He has a high k-rate, which is more than above average and on most borderline calls, he will call it a strike. However, even despite the calls, he has a very low low ejection rate, he won’t toss you unless you really piss him off. If you rmeember, the day after Brett Gardner got ejected, Tim Welke was the umpire they mic talking to him.

    Tom Hallion (No. 20 / 2B)If we couldn’t get Marty Foster here, this would be the next best option. If people remember, Tom Hallion got into a profane rant vs. tonight’s starter for Tampa Bay, David Price. That resulted in a one game suspension for him (should’ve been more). Hallion has been in the league since 1985 and is a pitcher’s umpire. Well, you’d have to look at data to figure it out. He also tends to have a very loose strike zone and likely will call some seriously borderline strikes. He is kind of 50-50 on the ejection palate.

    Ron Kulpa (No. 46 / 3B)Ron Kulpa is not an umpire who seems to like not running his mouth. He is the last umpire to eject Barry Bonds and really his ejection rate s on the average. His strike zone leaves a lot to be desired, and will give every borderline call you can think of to the pitcher.

    Bruce Dreckman (No. 1 / LF)Bruce Dreckman is kind of a forgotten umpire because he seems to never make the limelight. In the league since 1997, Dreckman is a hitter’s ump with a tight strike zone, the opposite of the other four described. But he has a high K-rate for a hitter’s ump. He also is a hothead and will eject you, be warned.

    Chris Guccione (No. 68 / RF)Chris Guccione is a boring ump. He’s been in the league since 2000 and Gooch has responded with ejecting a lot of people. Don’t piss him off. He was the longest person before being promoted to a full-time umpire and you wonder why. His numbers are right on the norm, He does have a tight strike zone, and it tends to show up. For some reason umpires seem to have some really cool side jobs along with umpiring, nd Guccione is a hunter guide for Stillwater Outfitters. I think its really sweet.

    • forensic

      It makes no sense how the teams play with expanded regular season rosters but they set the umpires up in playoff format with six of them. No consistency.

  • WhittakerWalt

    I started to do that quiz, but halfway through the Catcher part I got depressed and had to stop.
    Note: the Catcher part is the very first section.

  • The Real Greg

    I got 46. I missed Nix and Youkilis. That was bad.

  • Lukaszek

    Crap. Don’t know why, but when I take these quizzes first time I always miss out really obvious players. Can’t believe I suddenly forgot Granderson and A-Rod

    • Lukaszek

      Same thing happened when I took the “Name All Countries” quiz. Somehow remembered Mauritius and Vanuatu, yet managed to completely miss Bolivia and the Glorious People’s National Democratic Chairman’s Republic of China

    • JGYank

      Yeah I missed Tex and Youk on one of them. Almost missed Nunez and Ryan on another.

  • Kramerica Industries


    I saw one schmuck had 22 starts this year. For the life of me, I could not remember that was David Phelps.

  • JGYank

    50/56 first try. 56/56 after several tries. Bootcheck, Mesa, Miller, and Nelson were the tough ones for me. The pen was the toughest part closely followed by the SS/3B positions.

  • forensic

    Chris Bootcheck was on the team???

    Also missed Ben Francisco, which I’m actually pretty proud of. It means I’m blocking him out well.

    • Kramerica Industries

      I remember Bootcheck only because the one game Bootcheck appeared in, Mike made a comment along the lines of “that Sporcle quiz is gonna be fun”. It was the first game of the series with the Angels out in Anaheim.

      • The Real Greg

        Had the same reaction to Travis Ishikawa who was one of the first players I got.

  • NeilT

    47/56. Forgive me for forgetting about Ben Francisco, but I feel sorry for Brennan Boesch and Brent Lillibridge.

  • Kramerica Industries


    • forensic

      I might dislike the Rangers more than the Rays, so I’d probably be ok with the Rays winning this one.

  • The Real Greg

    Meanwhile Evan Longoria hits a 2 run homer off of Perez to give the Rays a 3-0 lead.

    You wonder if Ron Washington might be on the hot seat, if he isn’t already.

    • forensic

      It’s already been reported that he is, I believe.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Roadgeek Adam’s favorite umpire seems a bit inconsistent and pitcher friendly tonight.

    • forensic

      Alex Rios agrees with you.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Tried to do the Sporcle quiz on an IPad – higher level of difficulty. :)

    49 of 56. Missed Nuno (!), Cruz, Lillibridge, Mesa, Eppley, Bootcheck, and Zagurski.

  • Kramerica Industries

    FFS. Stop running into outs, Rangers.

  • Matt

    48/56 completely forgot about Youkilis

  • Stratman9652

    Spelling killed me on that thing. The other problem I try to knock out the 1 or 2 game forgettable guys and then forget the major ones.

  • Lukaszek

    Is it just me or is Longoria an absolute beast on the final days of the season?

    Hit one homerun in 2009, two in 2011, three in 2012, and another one today. That’s 7 homeruns in 6 final games

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Well, it’s not just the final days of the season with that guy.

      But yeah, I get your point. Dude kills it at the end.

    • forensic

      According to what I just saw on the ESPN ticker, he now has 7 HR’s in the final game of the season, which breaks a tie for the record with Stan Musial for the most ever.

      So, yeah, he’s pretty good late in the season.

      Of course, his playoff numbers are a different story and could use some serious improvement.

  • forensic

    Kind of fitting that the Rangers season ends on Cruz’s AB.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    David Price was badass tonight.
    …Cruz looked like garbage at the plate.

    • Betty Lizard

      Love David Price.
      Hate Texas.
      Happy girl.

  • Gonzo

    What did everyone think of the Breaking Bad finale?

  • Pat D

    Only got 45 on that quiz.

    Remembered Ishikawa, Nelson, Bootcheck, Joseph.

    Forgot Francisco, Boesch………Teix and Jeter.

    OK, moving on.

  • Cuso
    • Cuso

      Donnie Baseball takes the fantasy league again. And ironically, my team was powered by Puig, Hanley and Kenley to widen the gap right around Memorial Day.

      • Cuso

        And Kershaw ;)

    • forensic

      Based on what I’m seeing, no one can see that link if they’re not signed in to CBS Sports.

      But if we’re looking at fantasy champions, then I am one too (sometimes thanks to Nick Franklin, sometimes in spite of him, as you know). And I won mine after taking over the team in June when it was in 7th place out of 12 teams.

      I keep going to my bookmark to set my team, but there’s nothing to do now. It’s weird….