Olney: Yankees will have to give Girardi “significant” raise

Cashman says Yankees will look into unproductive farm system
Minors Notes: Hensley, Katoh, Montgomery

Via Buster Olney: The Yankees will have to give Joe Girardi a “significant raise” if they want to retain their manager this offseason. He was making $3M annually on his last contract, which expires November 1st. “It comes down to family,” said Girardi to Chad Jennings. “It doesn’t even necessarily have to be in baseball, in a sense,” Girardi said. “It’s just, as I said, it’s not so much the (managerial) circumstances, but what’s best for my crew.”

Girardi, 48, also downplayed his ties to Chicago while talking to the media yesterday, though I suspect that was done (at least in part) to create more leverage against the Cubs. The Cubbies fired manager Dale Sveum this morning. It’s obvious the Yankees are going to have to give their manager a raise if they want to keep him (especially after all the crap they put him through this season), but I guess the question is how “significant” of a raise. I think Girardi is an average-ish in-game manager but based on what we saw this season, he excels in clubhouse and keeping things from becoming chaotic. That’s an essential trait in New York.

Cashman says Yankees will look into unproductive farm system
Minors Notes: Hensley, Katoh, Montgomery
  • Mike Stanley

    Let joe go to Chicago. Bring back the giambino to the Bronx as out next manager!!!!

  • JLC 776

    You can do a whole lot worse than Joe Girardi as your manager. Assuming the contract he’s looking for isn’t completely unreasonable, I’d keep him.

  • Pseudoyanks

    I can’t see him going to the Cubs and changing his uniform number to “3”.

  • Nick Social

    I hope he stays.

  • Mike HC

    I like Girardi. Solid manager. Not a miracle worker or anything though. I hope the Yanks are able to keep him. In general, I don’t think a manager in baseball does all that much though, especially in the AL.

    • Betty Lizard

      Plus, arms like tree trunks. Could deck any other manager.

      • Robinson Tilapia


  • http://www.draftstreet.com/register.aspx?r=Jedile Jedile

    If Arod gets banned for all of next season would he be allowed to Manage the Yanks in 2014? I think he’d be a good manager!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I hope he stays too. However, it’s been six seasons and, compared to pre-Torre, that might as well be a hundred years. I’d be able to move on if it were so.

    I haven’t looked at to what the spectrum of manager salaries are right now. I suppose there’s be a fair point in which he’s just asking for too much.

    • mitch

      Agreed. I’d be fine with resigning him, but only at the right price. He’s certainly not irreplaceable. The question is who would be the likely replacement? Pena?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Perhaps. I’d look and see what big and successful names are out there as well. It’s managing the New York Yankees. That means something.

        Maybe Joe Maddon would bring a frozen margarita machine and topless clowns to the Yankee clubhouse.

        I like him, and I’m not a huge fan of managerial change for the sake of it. Things like this do happen, though, and my connection to Joe isn’t super-strong. I was much more vocal about wanting Torre gone…..until it happened. Then I became a wreck because I did feel connection to his Tanyon Sturze-loving ass.

  • Hal Stein

    The roster is going to be so sick next year, it doesn’t matter who the manager is

    C – McCann
    1B – Tex
    2B – Cano
    3B – Jeter
    SS – Tulo
    RF – Choo
    CF – Gardner
    LF – Soriano
    DH – Abreu

    Bench – Cervelli – Nix – Reynolds – Ichiro – Almonte

    SP – CC – Lee – Kuroda – Nova – Tanaka
    RP – DRob – Mujica – Benoit – Kelley – Logan – Phelps


    • 28 this year

      Can I get some of whatever it is you’re smoking?

      • Mark Teixiera – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

        I think him spelling C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N-S-H-I-P out points to a hint of sarcasm

        • 28 this year

          perhaps my detector is broken today haha.

    • JLC 776

      You forgot to add Halladay as our closer!

    • FLYER7

      Where’s Noonie?

  • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

    No thanks. Seeya, Joe.

  • Farewell Mo

    I think he’s gone and maybe it’ll be blamed on money but why would he want to stick around for an ugly rebuild then next 3-4 years when he been competing for championships the last 5 years?

    There will be much better opportunities out there for him

    • mitch

      There are a few legit reasons why he might leave, but their ability to field a winning team won’t be one of them.

    • The Other Sam

      Joe’s done a decent job, but I wouldn’t blame him for leaving to go to any team that wants and knows how to improve. That’s not NYY next year.

      He’s replaceable enough, primarily because much of the job is being a mouthpiece for ownership spin.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Maybe you and your crystal ball should apply.

    • WhittakerWalt

      He didn’t mind signing with the Marlins when they were in rebuild mode.

  • Darren

    I can’t get too worked up one way or the other.
    What’s Mike Stanley doing these days?

  • Frank

    I like Girardi but I wouldn’t break the bank to retain him.

  • dp

    If you like Girardi explain why? What has he done this year to win games that a run of the mill slug wouldn’t have? I want him gone!

    • ruralbob

      Wasn’t this pretty much the same thing that was said about Torre during all the WS years?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Yes, but with less slobber and better punctuation.

  • Frank

    We need to retain Girardi. He handles everything in NY with some aplomb. He’s been through hell and back this year. Give him 3 years, at 4M per. Not a big deal at all.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    From the cubs:
    “Today, we made the very difficult decision to relieve Dale Sveum of his duties as Cubs manager. Dale has been a committed leader for this team the last two seasons, and I want to thank him for all of his dedication and hard work. I have a lot of admiration for Dale personally, and we all learned a lot from the way he has handled the trying circumstances of the last two years, especially the last two weeks, with strength and dignity.”

    • RetroRob

      What happened the last two weeks?

      • vicki

        bronx zoo-esque drama.

  • RossMoss146

    Fantastic human being – nobody better in the entire sport.

    Better than most at man management.

    Average to below average between the lines – way too robotic. While most celebrate his bullpen management, I found his auto-choices (such as Boone Logjam) infuriating at times.

    Bottom line: With only the core 1 remaining, his strengths are not as critical as his weaknesses. We need a tactical manager – maybe not as crazy as Maddon, but more towards him than Girardi.

    The perfect answer was Francona. Too bad we missed that boat by 1 year…

    • 461deep

      Joe did a good job with mediocre team winning 85 games. I’d rehire him but bet Cubs will at least throw him a feeler. Money aside, without a 130 game season from Alex, 2014 looks like a similar year.Pitching depth looks shallow at the moment. Need to resign Cano and Grandy
      with a full year from Tex too. If they land Choo or Elsbury and 1 more pitcher as well, team should contend. I know Jeter is a gamer but at 40 he will hit some if heaLthy but no way he can still play SS.

    • mitch

      Madden isn’t designing those shifts himself. He’s certainly open to sabermetric-based decisions, but he’s got a whole saber-minded support team. Girardi might appear more tactical if he had better information to work with

      • RossMoss146

        mitch – a very fair point.

        Therefore, if Joe goes the staff goes with him – except perhaps Tony Pena, and especially Rob Thompson – demoted from bench coach to 3rd base coach. Possibly joining Luis “Send Him” Sojo as the worst ever seen. I mean when you’re actually NOTICING the 3rd base coach – things are bad.

        If Joe stays, history being what it is, there’s little chance anything changes…

  • Chris Z.

    Joe is good with the bullpen. Very importnat as we move into an era without Mo and a declining CC. Its going to take more thought and effort to get through games.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Too bad Donnie Baseball turned that ship around in LA, he’s the only other guy I’d want as the manager.

  • steves

    Jeter as player-manager and Jorge as bench coach. Jeter gets to write his name in the line-up whenever he wants (a la Pete Rose) and Jorge kicks ass and gets in the face of the underachievers. They may not win but everyone will play hard.

  • Cliff

    Simple, if there is a really good manager out there, replace Joe. Otherwise, keep him.

  • Delbert Grady

    Because we have no real idea of what this club will look like I can’t say whether I’d want Girardi back or not. If it’s a veteran going for the division constructed team I’m fine with Girardi. He uses data to play favorable matchups.

    If it’s a cost cutting team filled with the Jason Nix’s and Chris Stewart’s and AA/AAA players of the world, I’d rather the Yankees get someone else who sees the logic in breaking in young players over a guy like Nix/Stewart.

    His overuse of both of them was bordering on ridiculous at times this season. Romine sat on the bench for so long I could hardly call this season “development” for him. Same thing with Adams. I have no idea what we have in either of them because Girardi rarely played them with any frequency instead choosing players who were way below replacement with longer veteran track records.

    I think when he lacks data for a player, he avoids them choosing instead to rely on the data of a middling vet since it’s reliable in his eyes.

    A veteran team with strong platoon splits is right for his style. A rebuilding team integrating young players? Not right in my eyes.

  • LarryM Fl

    I like Girardi’s ability to be a total manager. Some may rate him as average which does not align with his performance this year. More like excellent. His has a presence of control with the media and apparently in the clubhouse and he has his binder. If Joe can not be rehired for whatever reason. I believe Tony Pena should be given the opportunity to run the club. He has been loyal to the Yankees even after being passed over for Girardi.

    Pena has prior managerial experience with the Royals and dealt with a challenged roster which may be the case for the Yanks in ’14. He probably can not show anymore emotion than Joe but I believe he can show it more often especially when we can not live and die with the 3 run homer in ’14. It is just some thoughts on the issue.

  • http://www.twitter.com/thewallbreakers Scully

    I think, much like Mike said, Girardi is a slightly above-average manager who’s demeanor has gotten increasingly calm throughout his tenure as manager. It seems to me that, based on his managerial career, Girardi tends to do less with more and more with less so to speak, which also makes sense to me given his playing career where he was a replacement level player on paper that often overachieved on grit and smarts. One could argue that his ’06 Manager of the Year season in Florida and this year’s Yankee’s team were his best work as a manager, especially considering in Pre-season (before all the injuries) this team was picked to win about 85 games… which is where they wound up anyway WITH all the injuries. It’s true that if they had gotten even 50 healthy games each from of Teixeira and Jeter they might very well be playing in a play-in game.

    He does seem to have a much shorter leash with kids than vets, which sometimes works to his detriment. I did think that Romine deserved to be played over Stewart based on his less-cold bat down the stretch, but let’s also be honest, this team wasn’t making it past a wildcard play-in game no matter what this season. For all we know this experience might be invaluable for Romine. Who knows how much time guys like Girardi and Stewart were spending with him behind the scenes. He did show noticeable improvement over the course of the season.

    Kind of like the popular sentiment here is, I think a lot of retaining Girardi comes down to what kind of offseason plan (if any) is put into place. I think we’ll have a much better idea as soon as the A-Rod situation is sorted out. Luckily this should all happen long before the playoffs are even over. If and when that suspension is upheld, a significant chunk of change will be coming off the books allowing significant roster improvement to be put into place without spending more than what would be on the books if A-Rod wasn’t suspended.

    I’m really excited for this offseason. I’d like to think that the Steinbrenner family won’t just decide “hey we like money so let’s kinda-sorta suck but try to make it seem like we don’t want to” given that attendance and TV numbers were down across the board on an 85 win team who’s ticket prices are astronomical. I do believe that they understand that they’ll make more money in the long-term by fielding a team with a real chance to win every year. No one wants to go back to the empty stadium days of the early 90s.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t think the moves made on the field will tie into whether Joe stays or not. He overachieved with this ragtag bunch, and he won with a superstar team in 2009. This, to me, is going to be about whether a better contract can be negotiated here versus anyone who’d potentially come knocking.

      • http://www.twitter.com/thewallbreakers Scully

        That’s true. I think it also comes down to what managers are available and if anyone is a significant upgrade over Girardi.

  • Duh, Innings V2.0

    Girardi wants a significant raise for doing what?

    He has managed two Yankee teams which have not made the postseason (2008 and 2013), two who lost to the Tigers (2011-12), and three who had embarrassing exits (2010-12.)

    Yes, he managed a World Series championship team in 2009 but let’s cut the shit: the Yanks would’ve still won the ’09 WS had Torre stayed on as their manager. What did GIRARDI do where one could definitively say the Yanks wouldn’t have won the WS without him?

    • Pat D

      No, they had two who didn’t make the postseason, two who lost to the Tigers, and one other who had an embarrassing exit.

      Using your terminology, of course, not mine.

      But you can’t go counting the same team twice.

  • Joe

    I hope the Yankees get rid of him. Burnt out bullpen, can’t put out a lineup that makes sense. Hope he takes his book to Chicago. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Good riddance !!!

  • Mark from Chicago

    Without a doubt Joe is a great guy and deserves to come back after last year. That said, he is arguably the 4th best manager in the division behind Farrrell, Maddon and Buck. That alone should make the Yanks think twice before blindly giving him any enormous raise.

    • Duh, Innings V2.0

      Why does he “deserve” to come back next year?

      The guy was along for the ride in 2009.

      You don’t reward a guy with a new three to five year contract for winning only one World Series in six seasons and not even making it to the World Series in the four years after that WS.

      If Girardi had managed the Yanks to another World Series championship or even just a pennant after 2009, I’d be the first person to offer him a new five-year contract, but the fact is the Yanks haven’t won even a pennant the past four years and failed to make the postseason twice under Girardi. It’s time for new blood.

      Let Girardi go back home to manage the lowly Cubs.

      • http://www.twitter.com/thewallbreakers Scully

        While i somewhat agree with you about him being along for the ride in 2009, you could also use those same standards to say that it wouldn’t have mattered who managed the Yankees in 2008 or 2013, both of those teams didn’t have the talent to make the playoffs.

        I think that’s what makes him an average manager. The teams have achieved pretty much based on their talent thus far, although I still believe they should have won the ALCS in 2010. I agree with you he’s nothing special, but it comes down to who you think would be a better candidate to replace him.

        • Pat D

          Managers are incapable of winning games. Players have to perform in order for a team to win.

          Managers are, however, capable of losing games. Biggest examples I can think of right now: 1986 World Series Game 6, 1995 ALDS Game 5, 2003 ALCS Game 7. Stupid decisions, non-moves and blunders can certainly cost a team a game when there are better options available.

          What’s my point? As much as we love to exult managers who win, pretty much every manager in the HOF was blessed with great players who performed at the right moments. Luck and happenstance more than some kind of skill.

          • billion $ bullpen

            I love your use of examples. I agree with all three. Some of reasons I dislike Buck and Torre

      • Mark from Chicago

        If you’re going to let Girardi go, who do you suggest as a replacement? Unlike when Torre was let go, we don’t have guys like Donnie Baseball and Joe Girardi around as obvious successors. That is, unless you think Tony Pena is a better manager than Girardi. There are many Royal fans who laugh at that assessment…

  • Duh, Innings V2.0

    My 2014 Yankees:


    Gardner CF L making $5M where the Yanks use the $2M cleared letting go of Hafner and another $200K to pay for Gardner’s raise (no arbitration)

    Jeter DH R costing $9.5M, $7.5M less than he did in 2013

    Cano 2B L re-signed for 7 years and $161M where he makes $15M in 2014 (same as 2013), $16M for 2015, the same for 2016, and $25M a year 2017-20 (after Sabathia and Teixiera are off the books after 2016 – the Yanks would have $47.5M off the books letting go of those two after 2016

    Carlos Beltran RF S signed for one year at $14M or two years at $13M per year ($1M or $2M less than 2013 Granderson in 2014)

    Soriano LF R being paid $3.2M more than he was paid this season offset by the money cleared no longer paying Rafael Soriano and Boesch ($1.5M each for $3M total)

    Teixiera 1B S

    Brian McCann C L signed for four years at $8.5M a year (Russell Martin’s salary this year and next) where his first year salary is offset by clearing the $8.5M the Yanks had to pay toward’s A.J. Burnett’s contract

    Aramis Ramirez 3B R acquired via trade. He’d cost $16M salary plus $4M buyout = $20M but that could be offset by the $12M cleared letting go of Youkilis and the $7.5M paycut Jeter receives plus $500K which they paid for Brignac

    Ryan SS R re-signed for two years at $4M a year (he’s too young and good defensively to accept just a one year deal despite his bad bat)

    BENCH: Romine, Reynolds re-signed for a year and $4M, Nunez, Almonte (trade and/or release Suzuki and Wells)

    ROTATION: Sabathia / Nova / Phelps / Pineda / Nuno

    BULLPEN: Robertson (closer) / Kelley & Clairoborne (co-setup men) / Logan, Huff & Cabral (three lefties) / Warren (long man) with Betances and Montgomery vying for jobs

    I’d offer Hughes and Chamberlain minor league contracts because they are still young (Hughes is 27 and Chamberlain turned only 28 last week) and homegrown and have strikeout ability. Perhaps Hughes could be a serviceable fifth starter and Chamberlain could be a serviceable last man in the pen and each cost the Yanks only $1M for 2014.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Holy fucknose. That’s like 60% coherent thought here. You been working out or something?

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Yeah, after an injury filled year, let’s sing Beltran and Ramirez. That’s gonna go over well.

        I’m completely on the McCann bandwagon though. All-in.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I just wonder where his Jagelio plan went. What a fickle little bitch.

          God, strike me down, but I’m so much more into bringing back Grandy/Cano, bringing in a Drew type as SS support and trying to strengthen the pitching staff through Garza/Tanaka than strengthening C right now. Maybe I just believe too much in JR and Romine for next year. I wouldn’t say no at all to McCann.

          I could totally be on board with Beltran as one-year contract fodder and pushing Ichiro to the bench.

          I truly have zero idea who plays 3B for this team next year.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            Anyone who pushes Ichiro to a bench role is actually fine by me. I think I’d rather go Choo than Beltran though. Younger, faster, less injury prone. Although definitely expensive.

          • nycsportzfan

            Why can’t Nunez play 3rd? He did alot better defensively at 3rd then SS, and his bat was pretty solid(like always, came in to yr hitting 280BA overall). Hes got a nice linedrive stroke with speed and is very athletic. Give Nunez the gig at 3rd. You gotta have a weak spot somewhere while trying to save money, mines well have a guy who were familiar with and was one of our best hitters the 2nd half of the season, and has speed to boot.

            Since July 31st, Nunez has hit 290BA in 175plate appearences. Reynolds/Nunez at 3rd, and Reynolds also spells Tex at 1B, with Ryan/Jeter at SS, and Cano at 2B..

            Brian McCann as our big FA signing to play Catcher.

            Take a Flier on 1or2 of Tim Hudson, Tim Lincecum, Colby Lewis(should be real cheap roll of the dice), Bronson Arroyo, or pay up for Matt Garza..

            A staff of CC, Hudson, Nova, Arroyo, Lewis/Pineda would work? Lewis would be insurance for Hudson and his ankle also.

            I woulden’t mind taking a shot on Corey Hart as well. Mikes partner agreed on that one.

            1).Brett Gardner CF
            2).Derek Jeter SS
            3).Robinson Cano 2B
            4).Alphonso Soriano LF
            5).Brian McCann C
            6).Mark Texiera 1B
            7).Mark Reynolds DH/3B
            8).Eduardo Nunez DH/3B
            9).Ichiro/Corey Hart RF

            I know you’ll probably trash something on here, but honestly what do you think? As far as the lineup, i like it personally. The rotation scares me, but what are we gonna really do?

        • Duh, Innings V2.0


          ‘Nuff said about him. You got a better idea? And don’t say Granderson who hits homeruns and that’s it. Beltran is better than Granderson, always was and will be. Btw Beltran has played at least 140 games in 13 of his 15 full seasons and every year since 2001 save one year: 2009 when he hit .325/.415/.500/.915 i.e. was on his way to fourth straight MVP candidate season.

          Ramirez wouldn’t be signed, he’d be traded for. He’d cost what the Yanks wasted on Youkilis ($12M) and Brignac ($500K) and Jeter’s paycut. He’d also be leagues better than the PATHETIC 2013 Yankees thirdbaseman and guess what? He’d be only a one-year commitment. If the Yanks can piss away $12M on Youkilis and $8.5M on Burnett, they can take on $20M for Ramirez.

          Who’s better than Ramirez? Don’t say A-Rod who is toast.

          If Brian McCann took $10M a year, his 2014 salary would equal what the Yanks paid two guys who didn’t play for them this season (Burnett $8.5M + Rafael Soriano $1.5M.)

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            I want McCann, I just said that.

            And no, I’m ok not taking on 20$ million for Youk part 2. I’d rather take a flyer on Peralta to man the hot corner; yes, even with the PED stuff. Always possible he’d take a year salary to rebuild his value.

            Beltran is better than Granderson; yet again, youre defending something no one argued with. But I’d rather have a healthy granderson than a hurt Beltran. My OF next year would yes, be Granderson, Soriano, Gardner. With Ichiro as OF#4, Wells cut, and Zoilo as the 5th guy.

      • Duh, Innings V2.0

        Holy fucknose, you’d never say this to my face, but it’s all good cuz rather than get into it with you, I ask you this:

        What’s YOUR 2014 Yankees? I wanna see it. Starting nine/batting order, bench, rotation, and bullpen.

        You wanna run your keyboard mouth to me about how my idea for the 2014 Yanks Opening Day roster is “60% coherent”, let’s see YOUR idea.

        • Pat D

          This whole post was all about getting into it with him.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Which I guess is a step beyond his whole online existence being self-masturbatory.

            • Jerome S.

              Is there another kind of masturbation that is not self-perpetuated?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I tend not to curse in front of children.

          Read the archives.

          • Duh, Innings V2.0

            You tend to run your keyboard mouth, but again it’s all good.

            Thanks for showing RAB you are scared to re-post your 2014 Yankees Opening Day roster here (if you ever posted one) for fear of me and anyone else criticizing it.

            Under my idea:

            – Sabathia is the oldest pitcher and starting pitcher at age 33.

            – Logan is the oldest reliever at 29 thus the ENTIRE bullpen is under 30.

            – Cano costs the same as he did this season, Beltran costs less than 2013 Granderson, Ramirez costs the money cleared letting go of Youkilis and Jeter’s paycut plus half a mil, McCann costs as much as what the Yanks paid Burnett (if he took $8.5M a year) or Burnett and Rafael Soriano who didn’t play for the 2013 Yankees (if he took $10M a year.)

            – Cano is the ONLY Yankee signed beyond 2016.

            – Four of the starting nine are in their walk years (Gardner, Jeter, Soriano, Ramirez), five if Beltran signed for 2014 only.

            – The rotation after Sabathia costs$3.5M (figure $2M to Nova and the others make $500K each) and the bullpen after Robertson and Logan costs less than $3.6M (figure Kelley will cost $1.5M up from $935K, the other four $500K each.)

            – The payroll is about $30M less than $189M.

            • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

              Is he scared, or are you too lazy to do a google search?

              • Duh, Innings V2.0

                I don’t have to do a Google search or any other kind of search of his past posts. I doubt he has posted a 2014 Yankees Opening Day roster and if he did, let him re-post it from the archives or not.

                What are you, president of his booster club?

                He goes out of his way to run his mouth to me about my idea with his insults but doesn’t have an idea of his own after I challenge him to post it here so I have the option to say his idea is 30% coherent. And here you are telling me to Google his past posts when again I don’t have to.

                He’s scared to post or repost his idea, that’s it.

                Kiss his ass some more.

                • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                  You are quite the combative one, sir.

                • nycsportzfan

                  Thats how they are around here. They have a dick click that has eachothers back even when they are just dead wrong. Instead of minding there bussiness or manning up even though its against your so called “buddy” , they would rather be dicks and stick up for the a-hole regardless. I’m just letting you know, it not only you. I’m game to talk baseball with ya, if you want?

        • Pat D

          Also, this sounds more like the DI I remember.

    • Pat D

      Habba wha? What happened to PLAY TEH KIDZ???? What happened to get rid of Teix and CC and every other veteran on the roster?

      Stop stealing other people’s handle names, you imposter.

      • Duh, Innings V2.0

        I have accepted that Teixiera and Sabathia are untradeable at this time. Ideally they have a dual bounceback year next season and become players the Yanks could get a bounty of young talent for if they decided to trade them. Two years and $45M for a top-flight 1B and two years and $48M for a top-flight starting pitcher are ideal contracts for teams who want big impact players without the 5 or more year nine-figure commitment.

        I have also accepted that the Yanks will never, ever play the kids because that means less

        Hence, “Duh, Innings V2.0”.

        Btw what’s your 2014 Opening Day roster? So easy to rip mine when you don’t have the balls to post your own.

        • Pat D

          Please explain to me how I “ripped” your roster. I don’t think it’s bad at all. I’m not sure how good it is, either, or, more importantly, how likely it is. I was honestly wondering if you were the same person since this is a complete 180 from the last time you did something like this.

          I don’t have time to come up with a roster for next year right now. I wouldn’t be opposed to Ramirez, if he stays healthy, or Beltran, again if he stays healthy. I doubt they go after Beltran, though, because of the Soriano/Ichiro/Wells logjam, as easy as that is to fix (just cut the latter two). I also think I’d rather keep Granderson, have someone more competent offensively than Ryan at short, and that rotation is very weak right now.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            I think, like it or not, Ichiro is going to be here next year. I have hope that we will cut Wells, though.

            Just, if Ramirez signs and gets hurt as quickly as Youk did, I don’t want to live in that RAB world.

            • Pat D

              Yea, Ramirez will turn 36 in June and missed about 60 games this year, though I’m presently too lazy to look up why.

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                Pulled old.

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                Oh, good, “nagging left knee injury”.

                Sounds like a good investment to me.

    • BFDeal

      McCann isn’t signing for $8.5M/yr or even the $10M you mentioned below. No. Way.

  • Robert

    Tony Pena please!

    • nycsportzfan

      I want to know if Dave Rightti would have interst in coming back to the bronx. Bring Rags and Lincecum(sometimes change of scenery) to the bronx along with Brian McCann and possibly Garza or something lesser like Arroyo?

      Wells was 11-14 5.14ERA the yr before we signed him and we all know what happened with him. Lincecum could be similar situation possibly?

  • Robert

    Willy Randolph Maybe

  • imissbilly

    As long as his contract is reasonable (4 mil/yr for 3yrs tops) I think he should/ deserves to stay. If he asks for more it’s because he wants out.. which could be the case.

    If he leaves, based on availability, who would we want? I’m a little stumped when i think about it. We don’t want a first timer. If they wanted a first timer it would have been Mattingly. Not too many experienced managers available who I’d want in that position other than Girardi.

  • forensic

    80 comments in a thread about Girardi, and none of them are from Greg? Maybe somebody should check on him.

  • nycsportzfan

    Bronson Arroyo would be a nice back end rotation filler to eat innings. Hes older but dosen’t throw hard and knows how to pitch. We’ve had luck with older guys who can pitch in the past, like Jon Lieber, Shawn Chacon(not really old), Hiroki Kuroda(throws somewhat hard), David Wells(was a inn eater when we got em who didn’t throw overly hard and wasen’t overly dominant)..etc

    I think Arroys expierence in the AL east can only help as well. He should be good for 10-15wins and 4.00-450ERA. CC,Nova,Arroyo,Lincecum,Pineda? Filling out the rotation may be tough if we don’t get Garza and/or the Jappanese pitcher coming over.

  • nycsportzfan

    If we do lose Giardi, i have a few guys i’d like to see. The one surprising guy is Trey Hillman. I think he can manage, and just got stuck with a terrible team that no one could manage.

    Hes had alot of expierence in our farm system and held other jobs in baseball like director of player development(with rangers) and of course, as manager of the KC Royals. He currently serves as Bench coach of the 1st place LA Dodgers.

    I think we should think outside the box if we lose Giardi to the cubs, and i’d start with Trey Hillman, Dave Righetti, Matt Williams, and Tony Pena..