Primary market best bet for early series Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets

Thoughts following the back-to-back wins over the White Sox
O'Connor: Girardi will ask Rivera to reconsider retirement

By Jesse Lawrence, TiqIQ

It’s been a challenging year for the Yankees, with more injuries and off-field drama than should be possible in a single year. While many expected September in the Bronx to be audition central, the Yankees are, improbably and amazingly, still in it. Yankee Stadium, new or old, is the largest stage in baseball and this is arguably the most drama-filled season there since Reggie Jackson and the Bronx is Burning days of the 70s.

As with any good drama, intriguing storylines sell. The 2013 Yankees are filled with heroes (Mariano Rivera), villains (Alex Rodriguez), the opportunity for redemption (A-Rod, Derek Jeter), and the realization of salvation (Mo). It is a producer’s dream and as a result, Yankees tickets for the next month of baseball in the Bronx have an average price of $125, or 52% higher than September 2012 and 31% more than 2011.

In addition to all the juicy storylines, there’s also some excellent baseball to been seen, including the World Champion San Francisco Giants’ first ever visit to the new Yankee Stadium. Amazingly, there’s also a pennant up for grabs, and if Joe Girardi can get this team across the October line, he would have to be a lock for Manager of the Year.

Of the remaining series this year, the Giants series is the most expensive, with an average price of $155. At $139, the Rays are second, and the Red Sox are third at $111. The Rays series average price is boosted significantly by the final game of the season — and possibly of Mariano Rivera’s career. It could also be a play-in game for the playoffs.

Just before A-Rod’s return, I joked in a Forbes article that all A-Rod really wanted was to bring the Yankees to playoff glory, after which he’d tell Bud Selig to stuff his 211-game suspension and retire forever. While he’s more likely to get off than walk away from his millions, for now he has the opportunity for playoff glory. If the Yankees can finish off the sweep of the ChiSox on Wednesday, the race begins in earnest against the Red Sox on Thursday night.

Below is some color on each Red Sox games and a couple deals that will get you into the middle of the drama for less.

Thursday night is the cheapest on the Red Sox Series, and we’d recommend spending more time in the primary market looking for deals than the secondary market. Our pick for the game is 1 row of Section 305, for $53.


Friday night is the second most expensive game of the series, and we’d say the primary market has the better values. We particularly like the below 100 level deal for Friday night, which is $30-$40 less than what’s available in the secondary market in the same section.


Saturday’s game has very few Yankees vs Red Sox tickets left on the primary market. You’re probably better off in the secondary market, but if you’re reading this before Thursday, you might find some a hidden gem. Check out RAB Tickets above for secondary and primary.

Thoughts following the back-to-back wins over the White Sox
O'Connor: Girardi will ask Rivera to reconsider retirement
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    what’s the deal with this tiq iq ad stuff—does RAB have a new partnership with it? and i can’t believe a ticket to see a baseball game (albeit a rivalry one) costs minimum $50 a pop. guess people don’t care about being ripped off, when they could just turn on the TV or flip to WCBS

    • I’m One

      While it’s certainly more comfortable and less expensive to sit at home and watch a game, you can never match the excitement of being there. Is that worth $50/ticket (or more)? That’s up to each of us to decide.

    • Havok9120

      This stuff has been around for awhile. RAB Tickets is not a new phenomenon. And- gasp- it even has the audacity to be _useful to readers._

      Utter insanity, I know.

      • FA

        It’s worth $30 for me. Once I see that price, I’m there. Usually Grandstand, but I’ve gotten good 300s.

  • RetroRob

    Of course A-Rod is going to be the hero, driving the Yankees to the 2013 world championship, #28, while Mo saves the final game of the World Series. ’cause that’s just the way baseball is…