• Brian n Dallas

    Are people aware that CC Sabathia’s linedrive rate was soaring in the wrong direction for at least a YEAR before Cashman decided to re-sign him… Now we owe a guy who sucks $76 million AFTER this year!

    When does BC EVER start getting held accountable for these organization-killing decisions?

  • Mike

    Rather have as a 5th starter next year: Phelps, Pineda, Arroyo?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Matthew Warden

      If Pineda is physically able to pitch in next years MLB rotation, then him. If not, probably Phelps. I don’t have much faith in Arroyo.

      • Roger

        THANK GOD !!!! That this is the last game Tim Mcarver will be broadcasting a Yankees games , He is the WORST announcer in the world !!!!!!!

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    The Chuck McCann show on WPIX 11 back in the ’60’s was legendary. Don’t think signing Brian McAnn to a multi-year deal will go quite as well. W/Romine & Murphy pretty close to ready, Sanchez on the way, Cervelli eligible to return following his 50 game suspension, & Stewart inexpensive & still very available, why spend valuable resources on a Brian McCann when the entire pitching staff needs to be rebuilt and there are question marks everywhere you look? I’d pass on McCann & look for more inexpensive ways to make the club tolerable to competitive in ’14 and for longer range solutions to make the team consistently championship worthy by 2016-17. The time to bid on a guy like Brian McCann is when you’ve got a core group on your team and adding one or two quality veterans will move them closer to competing for a ring. Clearly, that’s not the present circumstances for the time being.

    Sign a veteran such as Dioner Navarro or come back w/Stewart &/or Cervelli & work in Murphy or Romine over the next year. Then work in both Romine & Murphy w/Murphy getting some playing time at third base if possible. When he’s ready, bring up Sanchez & hold onto the best 2 of 3 & deal the third guy for a need unless all three are essential to the club’s success, & continue to rebuild the club, w/an emphasis on the pitching staff, a quality shortstop, and rebuilding from the middle on out.

    If Gardner’s #’s can be reasonably approximated by a more inexpensive alternative & he can bring back value in a deal, deal Gardner over the winter. They need to find out about Almonte, Williams, Austin, Heathcott, Flores, & Gamel over the next 2-3 years unless they find some other answers from outside trades.

    Make Q/O to both Granderson & Kuroda & hope they pass. I’d allow Hughes & Joba to declare F/A but I’d then look into making BOTH of them offers if reasonable. I expect both of them to become useful pitchers somewhere, & I’d rather that happens here in NY. Even if they can’t play in NY until June due to resigning w/their old ballclub, I’d resign them of the the price is right. If and when other useful pieces become available that can improve the club & used later in acquiring better players while buying time for players to develop in the farm system, pick them up.

    However you slice it, Wells & Ichiro shouldn’t be getting much playing time next year, so find the least expensive way to part company w/each. Hope Texeira comes back healthy, gets off strong, & then deal him for another club tired of their own bad contract (if possible) once other 1B alternatives from inside the organization show they’re ready to play in the Bronx.

    Sign Robbie. Try to sign him to a Five year deal but I’d be willing to go as high as seven as he turns 31 in late October, so he’ll be 37 at the end of a 7-year deal. He keeps himself in good shape, he’s the best ballplayer on the team, & he’s their only legit power hitter. There’s no way to replace him. Reward him for being the best ballplayer on the team, & rebuild around him.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    I’d like to see Ronnie Mustelier, Adonis Garcia, & Fernando Martinez get a reasonable shot at making the club in spring training as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if all three could be useful players in 2014 &/or make themselves valuable enough to be included in a meaningful trade somewhere down the road.