Update: CT scan on Jeter’s ankle comes back clean

Injury Updates: Kelley, Robertson, Youkilis
Saturday Night Open Thread

5:47pm: The CT scan came back clean, but the results will be sent to Dr. Anderson in North Carolina for further review. He performed Jeter’s surgery in October.

5:04pm: Jeter is being sent for a precautionary CT scan, Brian Cashman confirmed. “He’s been through a lot this year … We’re just going to take a look under the hood,” said the GM.

4:43pm: Joe Girardi said he removed Jeter from the game because he “didn’t like the way he was running … there’s some concern on my part.” It’s unclear if Jeter will go for an MRI or be available tomorrow.

4:29pm: Via Ken Rosenthal: Derek Jeter left this afternoon’s game due to an issue with or near his surgically repaired left ankle. Replays showed the Cap’n stumble a bit fielding a ball in the hole in the sixth. He stayed in the game to finish the inning defensively and bat in the following inning before being lifted for a pinch-runner. No word on the nature or seriousness of the injury, so stay tuned.

Injury Updates: Kelley, Robertson, Youkilis
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • http://jorellrivera.com Jorell Rivera

    Maybe the team should find another SS for 2014 and put Jeter in the DH spot. Easier said than done, I know, but they have to seriously look at that option at this point, right? Dude’s been stumbling and fumbling at SS when he’s been on the field.

    • commenter

      Maybe??? they should send him home and tell him it’s over for him in NY. It’s time for him to retire.

  • EndlessJose

    Jeter unlike Pettitte and Mo have big families to go to and will leave the game with there heads up high.Like DiMaggio.

    Sadly Jeter is gonna end up like Mantle and limp to retirement.Jeter as classy as he is will be dragged out of Yankee Stadium kicking and screaming.

  • JGYank

    His body is really breaking down. Next year he’ll be in the lineup vs LHP and then he get all of his off days against RHP. We should Dh him as often as possible.

    • commenter

      Just buy him out of his option, which is 3 mil, and tell him it’s over. He will be a burden if they are stupid enough to bring him back next year.

  • Kiko Jones

    Jeter should retire after this season, but with his ego, an injury plagued, shortened season is not the way he wants to go out—and understandably so. But he’s not helping the team one bit: can’t hit, his fielding is worse than ever, he’s breaking down, and he’s pushing 40. Time to call it a career.

  • Pat D

    I really am starting to wonder if he’ll consider retiring. I doubt he will, but I wonder.

  • trr

    Just shut him down. He was not helping anyway
    Hope he considers retiring if this drags on until 2014

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    I never thought I’d say this, but this isn’t a bad thing for the Yankees. Hopefully he comes back fine next year, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. It’s kind of weird that if Jeter hit .320 next year I wouldn’t be surprised and if he hit .220 next year I wouldn’t be surprised either.

  • fred robbins

    For whatever reason, Yankee Brass seems to think they do not need a shortstop. We have all seen Detroit get this amazing young kid shortstop– san Francisco has an amazing young shortstop as does Oakland and a few other teams. The Yankees are content to go with IMAGE over substance and quality. Now Boston has the young kid and will be set for 10 years…. all the other teams get younger and draft and the Yankees get older and are starting to fade away. This will not be a fun team to watch next year, unless, of course, you are a masochist

    • Strat

      ….and all you got was a HOF career and five World Championships. That’s a shame (that you didn’t appreciate it more). Let’s see if any of those young SS provide anything close to the enjoyment you apparently didn’t get when all is said and done.

    • commenter

      Well said, and factual, this team is too old to be a contender, they must get younger, and fast.

  • dkidd

    his ankle prevented him from working out last off-season. defense will be ugly next year, but i expect him to OPS around .770

    my hope is he passes speaker next september and retires after a non-humiliating season

  • Frank

    Agree that Jeter should be shut down. Rest, rehab over the next 6 months and come back as DH next season. His days of being an everyday SS are over. The sooner he and the Yanks acknowledge this, the sooner they get on the right track toward rebuilding this team.

  • Al

    Derek Jeter is now old yeller it’s time to take them in the back of the clubhouse and put it and him

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      send him to Belize

  • forensic

    Just shut him down already. Nunez is out-hitting him right now, given his pitiful range and movement Nunez is arguably out-defending him right now, and of course he’s out-baserunning him. And at least if Nunez slows down enough to hit at Jeter’s level again, he’ll only hurt the team at the bottom part of the order, not the top.

    You’re ‘stuck’ with him at SS next season, so give him another month or so to rest/rehab/heal or whatever you want to call it.

  • Robert

    He pinch hits Vernon Wells to put it nicely a past his prime player and takes away a chance for a kid JR Murphy to get an At bat in a somewhat crucial situation.
    Joe these old dogs dont hunt anymore look to the future please.

    And the other nite Ichiro with his 4000 hits is swinging wildly and striking out in the bottom of the 10th to end the game.last nite he was playing his little fan game of do I have it or not and misJudges that Grand Slam by getting to the wall too late.It hit the top of the wall He should of had it.Grandy would have Paul O’Neil would!!!!

  • JGYank

    I would say move him to the outfield for next year but we already have plenty of old past their prime outfielders.

  • Wheels

    The times they are a changin.

  • Al

    It’s time to blow up this team . The Minor leagues are empty of prospects realistically speaking it may be the time just to sit back and except the fact that we will be a last-place team for a couple years

  • Robi

    All great suggestions; he could also go to Tampa meet his old trainer and mysteriously come back hitting like he is 20. That works too.

    • commenter

      I think you’re on to something, they waited too long to replace these guys, and they ignored the draft, and this is where you end up.

  • commenter

    He should go home and stay there, he’s more than finished, no range, no arm, and he’ll be 40 yrs old. Enough is enough.