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The Yankees will celebrate Mariano Rivera‘s career prior to tomorrow afternoon’s series finale against the Giants, and the team has already announced that Monument Park will be closed before the game. That’s a pretty good indication they’ll be doing something out there for Mo, probably giving him a plaque and re-retiring #42. That’s my guess, anyway. I can’t wait. Should be a blast even though it’s heartbreaking Rivera’s career will be over in a matter of days and not weeks.

Anyway, here is your open thread for the evening. The Mets and Phillies are playing (Gee vs. Cloyd), plus MLB Network will air a game as well. Who you see depends on where you live, but the game will have some kind of relevance to the various postseason races. There’s also college football on as well. Talk about any of those games or anything else right here.

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  1. vicki says:

    thanks for nothing, astros.

  2. Should be a blast even though it’s heartbreaking Rivera’s career will be over in a matter of days and not weeks.

    I take this as Mike’s means of remaining realistic and not getting his hopes up again only for them to get dashed.

    • trr says:

      Well, it ain’t lookin’ too good

      • Of course not, but we’ll keep on watching and hoping because why the hell not. At least they got past the Orioles today, though the Rays winning is more damaging than the Orioles loss is in helping.

        One thing that is for certain, is that the Yankees need to win out. Need to win tomorrow. Need to sweep Tampa. Need to sweep Houston. 89 wins is something that Cleveland WILL reach, but if the Yankees do their business, there’s a good chance the Rays won’t get there, and the Orioles and Royals likely won’t get there, either. At that point, just have to hope Texas doesn’t have a killer homestand to finish up.

  3. Iter says:

    Yankees. Did you know the Yankees also pay their batboys the most of any team in the league?

  4. Pat D says:

    Yea, that video pretty much confirms I’ll be crying tomorrow. In that respect I’m happy that I’m not going to the game.

  5. Pasta says:

    So nova was tipping his pitches in boston right!
    And every other yankees pitcher
    When is the media going to get wise to boston stealing signals.
    Just like in toronto farrell is cheating with the same system
    Not to mention the entire team is on PIDs the beards hide the acne side effects.
    Yup boston strong
    I hope the dodgers can beat them with shear talent and pitching.

  6. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Curious what readers will be at the game tomorrow. I received quite the gift today from my wife, who bought two last-minute tickets off StubHub for me and a friend tomorrow! Really can’t wait to be a part of history.

    Also, never say die.

  7. Mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    Damn can the Astros at least make it a game?

    I told someone the other day that with my luck of late the Yankees would end up losing the playoff spot in Houston on Saturday. Then I would have to follow the team bus back to the hotel and beat them all in their sleep.

  8. Mrs. Mattingly says:

    I got tickets for Thursdays game against the Rays because I figured they’d let him come out to pitch his last game at YS. I hope I didn’t screw the pooch by not getting tickets for tomorrow instead.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      There’s definitely still tickets on the secondary market. You’re not getting anything decent for under $100 a ticket, though.

  9. jim p says:

    So watching that shortstop made me think about next year.

    And how a successful Yankee pitching staff needs ground-ball pitchers (mainly).

    And how Cano is one of the best fielders there is at 2nd base, and could one day, when he’s older, move to 3rd base. And probably be pretty good there, too.

    So, keep Cano not just for his bat; find someone who can actually play shortstop; we’ve likely Tex at 1st; and there’s a pretty good infield for the Yankee starters.

  10. Mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:



      • Mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

        Puts KC behind the Yankees then tomorrow I become a Royals fan. In one day they would go from 6th place to 4th can’t pass that up.

        • I don’t think KC can reach 89 wins, as I mentioned above. (Actually, yes, they play the Mariners and White Sox, both both on the road. It’s asinine to think they have a 7-0 roadtrip in them regardless of their foes.) Texas still has three games with Houston, so we have to act like they already have 86 wins. I’d rather they get swept in KC altogether, putting more pressure on them for that final homestand.

  11. jim p says:

    Who has CAUGHT the most saves?

  12. Ortiz=steroid says:

    I am an old geezer fan. Baseball was never quite the same for me after Munson died. It will never be quite the same without Mo. I am glad I am a Yankees fan. We fans of this ball club are so lucky.

  13. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Swisher is on his way to the playoffs, but not the Yankees.

  14. Kenny says:

    It is POURING here in northern NJ. Hope it doesn’t affect the game at all.

  15. Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning says:

    Derek Jeter currently at the UCONN-Michigan football game.
    I’m guessing he’s not real happy about the way things are going so far.

  16. Matt Nokes says:

    Show a little class RAB. Stop acting like children when it comes to a non-playoff season. If you don’t like maintaining this blog then you should stop and let more level-headed fans take over such a service. You’ve made it clear that you despise your work here.

  17. lightSABR says:

    Heavens, Mike. Don’t post videos like that. You’re going to make me cry.

  18. Randy A says:

    Only thing missing in this video was his RBI on the walk he received against the Mets in ’09. THAT was great…

    9th innings will never be the same after this year

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