Sunday Night Open Thread

Rookie hazing! Cesar Cabral is Rick James ... and that's all I know. (Photo via @YankeesPR)

Rookie hazing! Cesar Cabral is Rick James … and that’s all I know. (Photo via @YankeesPR)

Here is your open thread for this lovely evening. The ESPN Sunday Night Game is a pretty good one, the Dodgers at the Reds (Kershaw vs. Bailey). The late NFL game is the Giants at the Cowboys. Plenty to talk about tonight. Anything goes here, so have at it.

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  1. Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning says:

    Apparently, Kuroda’s interpreter is supposed to be Psy.

  2. Eddard says:

    TB currently down 1-0 in the 7th. Wouldn’t it be something if the Yankees actually gained a game over this series? That would put them right back in the thick of things but I think only temporarily due to the fact that the pitching staff is in such bad shape. They’re basically counting on CC tomorrow to give them 9 and that’s a pipe dream.

  3. Billy W says:

    According to Andy McCullough: Claiborne is Billy Ray Cyrus, Murphy is Bieber, Marshall is Psy’s Hype man, Bang (Kuroda’s translator) is Psy, Cabral is Rick James and Adams is vanilla ice

    • Isaac says:

      I think the cooler part is that his translator’s name is Bang.

    • MantleMM says:

      Can you list whos who in order?

      • forensic says:

        Left to right is Adams, Cabral, and Bang. Then Claiborne is on the right end.

        Truthfully, I can’t really tell clearly who the other two are between Murphy and Marshall since it’s a terrible picture (seriously, can the Yankee organization not even splurge for a real camera???), I have no idea who Psy’s hype man is, and I’m not familiar enough with Bieber (I keep going back and forth on who could be who).

        • Betty Lizard says:

          From Chad Jennings at Lohud:

          • Random and unexpected postgame event: Today was rookie hazing day, with the first-year guys dressed as various pop music stars. Stealing the show was Kuroda’s translator Jiwon Bang as South Korean rapper Psy. Brett Marshall was dressed as Psy’s sidekick in the Gangnam Style music video, and those two came charging into the clubhouse doing the Gangnam Style dance side-by-side. It was outstanding.

          • That picture is from the Yankees PR department by the way. From left to right: J.R. Murphy as Justin Bieber, Cesar Cabral as Rick James, Bang, Marshall, David Adams as Vanilla Ice and Preston Claiborne as Billy Ray Cyrus.

          BTW, that is not Ichiro’s translator Allen Turner, upon whom I have a big crush.

          • forensic says:

            You know, I’m actually glad I was so wrong on Bieber and even Vanilla Ice. Shows that my knowledge of these guys is basically limited to making fun of them on The Soup, so I feel good about that.

            • Betty Lizard says:

              Good on you. The writer Kate Braverman says, “I try to protect myself from the toxicity of this culture.”

              I, however, do not follow that advice. :-)

  4. Winter says:

    Baltimore and Cleveland both lost, fingers crossed and knocking on wood that Seattle manages to hold on…

  5. Not content with the last escape job, the Mariners are giving the Rays another chance.

    1st and 2nd, no outs in the 8th.

  6. Pat D says:

    Of course…

  7. Isaac says:

    James loney. Ffffff

  8. Funny thing is, we can’t really complain if the M’s lose, because we’d have been content with 2/3 from them.

    But, you know, the Yankees fucking themselves over is what makes it hard to do that.

  9. Isaac says:

    Maybe Raul is still magic

  10. Pat D says:

    Gah! I forgot to spend the rest of the money in my GOD DAMN FLEX ACCOUNT!!

    (Translation: This weekend has sucked royally.)

  11. Two-run single, and that’s pretty much gonna do it, with the shitty offense Seattle has.

  12. forensic says:

    Sure am glad I dropped Yoervis Medina last night.

  13. Wheels says:

    Chris Stewart wearing a Cowboys jersey in that postgame interview, just in case he wasn’t unpopular enough.

  14. Former Yankee Hector Noesi isn’t helping anything, either.

  15. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    And so, with the Rays win, we can finally safely call this weekend a total, unmitigated disaster.

    • When you consider the Yankees would be in the Rays spot in the standings if they didn’t fuck themselves over three times this weekend…


      • forensic says:

        Well, that goes both ways. It could be said that if the Red Sox don’t fuck themselves in a similar way on Thursday then that game isn’t even competitive either.

        I also don’t really think they fucked themselves three times. I could see an argument for two, but not so much three.

  16. forensic says:

    B Wallace struck out looking.
    M Dominguez flied out to left.
    M Krauss lined out to center.
    L Hoes walked, M Krauss to second.
    M Pagnozzi grounded out to shortstop.

    That is the play-by-play of the 4th inning in today’s Astros-A’s game. That looks to me like it’s 4 outs in the inning. Obviously Krauss reached somehow, but there is nothing about an error anywhere or anything like that.

    Can anyone figure out what I may be missing here?

  17. fezz says:

    maybe they should put more effort into winning and getting into the playoffs and less goofing off with rookie hazing? getting swept by boston is a big deal. too big of a deal to be douching around in 70s outfits. grow the F up and get your shit together

  18. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Questions for anyone on here that watches wrestling
    What do you think about the current storyline?
    Do you like heel Orton and HHH?
    Are you in favor of the Shield’s involvement in the storyline?
    Do you like the fact that they’re trying to build Bryan, Ziggler, and Rhodes as the new faces going forward?
    If they are any changes you would make what are they?

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      I haven’t paid attention to the WWE in several years, but are they really trying to peddle Dolph Ziggler as a star now? That’s pretty lame in my opinion.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        Not peddle him as a star but he has been a guy that the crowd gets behind. He would have had a better run after he cashed in his MITB briefcase if he didn’t suffer a concussion.

        Ziggler is going to be one of the guys standing beside Daniel Bryan to fight the new Corporation.

        What yr did you stop watching if you remember?

    • Pat D says:

      A bit late, but here goes:

      Current storyline: Not liking it so far. Not sure from where the payoff will come.

      Heel Orton/HHH: Orton is just beyond boring at this point, doesn’t matter what role he plays. He is a charisma vacuum. As for HHH, he’s generally better as a heel, but I’ve also constantly been annoyed by him as a heel. Now that he’s Vince 2.0, even more boring.

      The Shield’s involvement: It works for now. It allows them to basically do what they’ve always been doing anyway. It also opens the possibility of them turning on HHH at some point in the future, though something tells me they’ll never do that.

      New faces: Bryan, yes. Can’t deny the passion, the in-ring ability, the crowd reaction. Ziggler, yes, if they’d actually use him for that role. Right now I’m not sure they really are. I think he should be the #2 face in this storyline right now, but they’re using The Big Show more prominently right now, which is a mistake. Cody, I don’t know. I’ll wait to see when he comes back. To me, Cody might as well have “Midcard 4 Life” tattooed on his forehead. I always thought DiBiase was better than him.

      What changes would I make: Not run this stupid fucking Corporation 2.0 storyline. They don’t have anyone as dynamic as Austin was to actually counter this.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        I guess the payoff is when Bryan finally wins the belt back whenever that is. Hopefully it establishes him as the next in line and big star.

        Yea the first few weeks Orton was a bore to me but I like what he did at the end of SD two weeks ago when he kept telling the Shield to pick him up. Hopefully he brings back the punt or goes back to his Lengend Killer days although there are no legends to run through. I like seeing this Hunter as opposed to the face one that went up against Brock and the corny stuff between him and Axel.

        They’ll probably turn on Randy first when he loses the belt or starts to feel overshadowed by Hunter. Then they’ll turn on Hunter, become faces, feud with the Wyatt Family and then break up. :)

        True the stuff with Austin was one of a kind but I like what I’ve seen so far outside of a few things. Since you don’t really like this storyline what would you do with the guys involved and even others you like but haven’t been mentioned.

        • Pat D says:

          I don’t care about it enough anymore to armchair book. Their booking is so fucked up, narrow and caters only to the top 3 or 4 guys.

          So I guess I’d fire everyone on the current booking staff and hire someone who might know better. Like…Paul Heyman.

          • The Big City of Dreams says:

            There is some belief that Heyman might be giving them some pointers on the booking. They apparently fired all the soap opera writers a few months ago. Ppl have mentioned the difference in programming since they changed the writers. Even the stuff they have done is different. They aren’t completely out of PG but they are stepping outside of it a bit. Also Cena being out for the next 4-6 months has definitely changed things.

  19. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    This carrie underwood country intro to SNF sucks

  20. forensic says:

    These dumbass song openings to SNF are among the most pointless things ever.

  21. forensic says:

    Nice way to start Eli…

  22. forensic says:

    Giants playing like the Yankees bullpen…

  23. What the hell is going on out there?

  24. forensic says:

    Damnit Mundy, gotta get in the endzone. Now they’re just gonna turn it over again…

  25. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Romo = Steve DeBerg

  26. forensic says:

    Michaels and Collinsworth are making it sound like Romo’s head popped right off his neck in that injury. Geez guys, it’s not a freakin’ funeral, stop acting like he’s a member of your family.

  27. Pat D says:

    I’ve been saying all weekend I could murder someone. I know now who that someone is.

    David Wilson, your days are numbered.

    • forensic says:

      Pretty pitiful game, especially considering what happened early last season and that he had finally gotten the starter’s job. Injuries might keep him getting a little PT, but it’s hard to see a whole lot coming his way in the coming weeks.

  28. forensic says:

    Somebody should tell the Giants that part of the idea of Football is to hold onto the football, not to keep freely giving it to the other team.

  29. Every team I root for in any way, shape, or form has done nothing but play stupid, error-prone football this weekend.

    • forensic says:

      Which Florida College team do you root for (assuming one of them is mixed in)?

      • I don’t know if you’ll see this (and I’ll probably repost this exchange in the postgame section), but that answer would be UF.

        Which, yes, made Saturday afternoon just a ball of fun, seeing Jeff Driskel’s red zone incompetence on full display again.

        • forensic says:

          I’m essentially a UM fan, so, sorry.

          • Nothing to be sorry about. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born while Florida-Miami was a real, bitter rivalry. A couple assorted bowl games and regular season meetings over the past 26 years doesn’t do anything to stir feelings of nastiness like Florida-Florida State does (I have three brothers, all FSU fans, and we’re all products of the late ’80s and ’90s, so you can imagine the sibling wars). Back when FSU-Miami was a bigger deal, I always pulled for Miami.

            But this weekend had it all:

            1) Florida red zone inefficiency. Holy effing crap
            2) Buccanneers just fucking themselves in the ass with stupid penalties, all the way to the bitter end. Only the Bucs could find a way to lose a game because of a personal foul penalty that allows the opposing team to get into field goal range for a last second kick. Fucking imbeciles.
            3) Giants and their turnovers galore.

            (since I now feel compelled to explain this: really ever since I began interacting on Yankee-related websites back around 2008 or so, I’ve gradually become more and more fond of the Giants, because most Yankees fans I’ve interacted with are Giants fans; I know Jets fans exist, including on this site, but even though the Jets are in the other conference, there was never any pull there. I’ll pull for the Bucs if the two meet (provided the Bucs aren’t already completely screwed), but otherwise, I can’t root against the G-Men. The fact that I already detest Dallas and Philly (from the halcyon 2000-2002 days of Bucs/Eagles playoff meetings) makes it easy as well.)

  30. Pat D says:

    The Fire Perry Fewell campaign starts here.

    • forensic says:

      I kind of get it, but it’s not like the offense and Gilbride (and special teams) has helped them out. The Cowboys have almost two quarters worth of time of possession vs. the Giants who have less than one quarters worth, not to mention all the short fields they’ve been given.

  31. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  32. forensic says:

    The Giants just scored, so of course the natural thing to do is show another replay of the Cowboys’ touchdown.

    Nice job NBC…

  33. forensic says:

    Considering how terribly the Giants played, you have to wonder if maybe it’s Cowboys’ fans who should be more worried about how their team has looked in this game considering that with less than 6 minutes left the Giants are one drive and TD away from having the lead.

  34. forensic says:

    So according to Collinsworth, Eli Manning (who is a 10-year veteran, 3-time pro-bowler, and 2-time Super Bowl MVP) is one of the least athletic QB’s ever, but the referee who can move his leg in a pseudo-kicking motion is very athletic.

    Got it…

    • Pat D says:

      Other than the fact that Corrente completely blew that call, I know what he means by saying Eli doesn’t have “athleticism.” He’s saying that Eli isn’t Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick or RGIII, that shit.

  35. Pat D says:



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