With offense struggling, it’s time to pull the plug on Ichiro and Stewart

Yankees shut out by Blue Jays for fourth straight loss as playoff hopes continue to fade
Logan open to returning to Yankees next season
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

The Yankees are on their last legs. Baseball Prospectus gives them a 2.4% chance to make the postseason following last night’s shutout loss and even that feels high. The non-Andy Pettitte starters are struggling, the bullpen is a disaster, and the offense has dried up since Brett Gardner got hurt. Obviously Gardner’s absence is not the only reason the team is struggling to score runs, but taking a .273/.344/.416 (107 wRC+) hitter out of the lineup sure does hurt. No doubt about it.

Because of the injuries to Gardner and Derek Jeter — as well as Alex Rodriguez‘s barking calf and hamstring — there is only so much Joe Girardi can do to shake up his lineup going forward. Brendan Ryan (!) has already replaced Eduardo Nunez at short and Mark Reynolds has taken over at the hot corner full-time despite his defensive deficiencies. There are still two more moves that can be made though, and it has more to do with getting unproductive bats out of the lineup than having slam dunk upgrades waiting in the wings.

Since Gardner got hurt, replacement Ichiro Suzuki has gone 2-for-15 while hitting exactly four balls out of the infield on the fly. He came off the bench to get all the at-bats that would have gone to Gardner had he not gotten hurt. Chris Stewart, meanwhile, has gone 3-for-38 (!) in the team’s last 24 games. To make matters worse, both guys have started to slip defensively either due to fatigue or old age or whatever. Ichiro‘s been misplaying balls in right field while Stewart is a passed ball machine. They’re killing the team.

Girardi doesn’t have a ton of alternatives at his disposal despite September call-ups, but he could pull the plug on the veterans and run the kids out there. Zoilo Almonte recently returned from his ankle injury and J.R. Murphy was called up to serve as the third catcher a few weeks ago. Austin Romine would be another option behind the plate had he not been concussed last week. Almonte and Murphy aren’t exactly the next Mike Trout and Buster Posey, but the offensive bar in right field and behind the plate has been set so low that it’s worth giving the kids the try.

No team — extra-especially the Yankees — likes to hand the keys to a playoff race over to a bunch of prospects late in September, but the alternative is two very unproductive veterans. Ichiro and Stewart have stunk all year, this is not anything new, but their recent slumps have been much more pronounced and ill-timed. Almonte had some success during his brief cup of coffee earlier this year and at the very least put together some quality at-bats while Murphy … well he had a real nice year split between Double-A and Triple-A. What more can you say about him? Not much. Change for the sake of change is usually foolhardy, but I think Ichiro and Stewart have forced the issue. Enough is enough.

These last eleven games will tell us nothing about whether Almonte and/or Murphy can help the team next year. Nothing at all. There just isn’t enough time. What they can do is potentially help the team right now. Again, the bar in right field and behind the plate has been set so very low that it won’t take much for them to be upgrades. Could they be downgrades? Oh sure, it’s very possible. But the Yankees aren’t going to postseason if Ichiro and Stewart continue to play everyday. Replacing them with Almonte and Murphy could possibly improve their already slim chances. It’s worth a shot.

Yankees shut out by Blue Jays for fourth straight loss as playoff hopes continue to fade
Logan open to returning to Yankees next season
  • sc_yankee

    Anybody else think Stewart’s “pitch framing prowess” is the reason he has so many passed balls? Just catch the thing and let the ump make the call instead of letting the runners move up 90 feet

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Point taken. However, I can’t care too much about this right now. It’s a tall order no matter who is on the field at the moment. Whoever is out there needs to play the best eleven games they can play right now.

    I worry about Romine’s potential defensive lapses costing us more than Stewart killing a rally right this second, to be honest, although I’m not digging my heels on that. I’d be fine if you stuck Wells or Zoilo out there, though.

    • I’m One

      Haven’t seen Romine play much to judge his D (is he even back yet?), but what I have seen of Stewart’s D isn’t exactly encouraging. I’m on board with giving either of the kids a shot behind the plate. Maybe they can bring more offense to the team.

      Certainly hope Stewart isn’t back next year, or if he is, he’s nothing more than a true backup (1-2 games/week) and to teach the kids his pitch-framing techniques (not his pitch-blocking techniques).

    • Frank Costanza

      What kinds of “defensive lapses” does Romine make that Stewart does not make?

    • WhittakerWalt

      Stewart seems pretty horrible defensively, to me. He passes balls like Posada, without being anything like Jorgie as a hitter.

  • trr

    hate to say it guys, but last night might’ve been the death knell.

    I love Ichiro, but he’s killing us. Stewart is not a MLB catcher, the more he plays the worse he looks… Does anyone really think either one of them is going to suddenly turn it around for the next 11 games?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It definitely was the moment where I thought, “OK, time really may be running out here,” which is why I wonder what the true impact of changes like this truly would be. I agree, though, that Joe should continue to put the very best lineup there these next 11 games and, if Wells or Romine give you that shot, then go for it. I’m not so sure if the difference there moves the dial, though.

      • Darren

        Romine couldn’t play last night, so the choice is really Murphy or Stewart. Why even have a guy on the roster if he can’t play the game? It’s still baseball, let the kid start.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          The kid’s there because rosters expanded and, otherwise, he’d be home getting ready for next season. That’s the typical life of a September call-up. I don’t feel too bad for JR Murphy right now. He’s exactly where he should be in his career.

          • Darren

            I don’t mean it’s unfair to Murphy not to play him, I mean if he’s in the majors, even as a Septemeber call-up, he should be able to start a game. He already started Saturday, right? And you can’t play Stewart every day anyway. So play Murphy tonight and unless he totally shits the bed, give him another start.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              If Romine is really otherwise healthy right now, he’ll get the starts. If not, of course, Murphy should be the guy to spell Stewart.

              I’m just being the realist (OMGZ!!!!) here and reminding folks that he’s here to be the third catcher because expanded rosters allow it and that it’s not some sort of terrible thing if he’s not handed the keys to the car with eleven days left in the middle of a playoff race…

              …not that you’re necessarily saying that, of course.

            • NeilT

              Right now JR is probably better off not playing and spending time standing between Joe and Pena, listening to what they have to say. He’s been getting his reps as a late substitute due to the need to pinch-hit for Stewart every game (Jorge, Jorge, wherefore art thou Jorge?) which is probably as good as it’s going to get, apart from the odd day-game-after-a-night-game start.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I do like what I’ve seen, though. That’s for sure.

    • editour2

      Let’s face it….the YANKEES will not make the post season this year. The Yankee brass has gone cheap on us, even though we have been spoiled over the years. Then new from the inception of the season that we did not have a bonified catcher yet they relied on Cervelli….and Stewart as a backup….we have multiple automatic outs at the bottom of our order. I hate to say this but the Boston Red Sox made us look like a triple A club. It hurts but I hope they either get serious with our farm system or revamp the team next year. By the way….why didn’t the Yankees use the money from Texiera’s insurance to get some good players? It wouldn’t have increased the salary cap…where did the money go…in the owner’s pockets?

    • Ron

      YES.All players have cycles.

  • Darren

    Dance with the one that brung ya…even if she threw up on herself?

    It would be incredibly ballsy to replace your starting catcher the last week of the season, but I wish he would at least give Murphy a chance. I mean, just to get some fresh legs in there.

    And it wouldn’t kill him to give Zoilo a start, even if Ichiro still gets the bulk of them.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      How healed is Zoilo exactly, though?

      • Darren

        At least he’s breathing, unlike Ichiro at this point.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          You don’t know that.

          You keep guys on the roster for very different reasons right now. You can stash an otherwise-DL candidate like Brett Gardner on the bench and use him only in capacities in which he’s able to play, like pinch-running, etc.

          For all I know, Zoilo is fully healed and ready to do everything. I’m just saying it’s not a given that any of these recently-activated guys are here because they can contribute regularly, even for eleven days.

          • Darren

            Not DL’ing Gardner after the oblique injury is totally different than activiating Zoilo off the DL. I literally can’t come up with one reason that he’d be on the team if he was unable to physically start the remaining games, or at least half of them.

            If Girardi doesn’t start Zoilo, it’s not because he’s injured.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Again, I’m reaching, but it’s possible he’s here for defense. What exactly can David Phelps do right now?

              If he’s healthy, Zoilo should be in the mix. No argument there. I liked what I saw earlier this season.

              • Darren

                You mean maybe Zoilo’s here for defense? Nah, he’s no Greg Golson/Charlie Gipson team.

                I think he should get ONE start, not saying he should bench Ichiro for the rest of the season.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  Remember that base hit he totally flubbed in Spring Training last year? That was downright Brennan Boesch-like. :)

                  • Darren

                    I missed that one, but I did catch a number of butcher jobs by the infielder with the Slavic name…

      • Mouse

        Zoilo is healed. Joe put him to pinch run the other day.

    • Mike HC

      There is nothing ballsy about replacing a horrible catcher. The ballsy move was actually starting him for this long.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Agree completely with this.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    So, how does Ichiro get handled in 2014?

    • mitch

      If he’s anything more than a 4th outfielder i’d be pretty disappointed. His wRC+ in the 2nd half of the season is 36. Stewart’s is 30.

      • trr


      • Mouse

        And both will be back and starting next year. Add in Wells, too.

        It could get really ugly folks.

        • MB923

          I think Cervelli would be starting next year. But knowing this team, he’ll find another way to get injured.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Ichiro is a fine defensive, pinch runner, 4th OF. He’ll be over payed, and will start too much, is what the problem is.

          • Curtis Granderson fan

            It’s simple… Ichiro is DONE! When do you see him anything like 2000, much less 2004?

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Not necessarily. They could bring in Chooch on a short term deal or let Murphy and Romine split time and maybe Grandy accepts the QO, pushing Ichiro onto the bench behind Gardner and Sori.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Absolutely, Mike. At least we’ll get a bit more of a sample about Murphy’s defense at this point in his career. That’s quicker to get an idea of than hitting.

  • Josh S.

    Mike – I have to agree with you on this one. It’s ridiculous that loyalty overshadows anything else even dating back to the Torre years. But then again, come playoff time, at least Torre knew when to pull the plug (e.g., Replacing Wade Boggs with Charlie Hayes, benching Tino when he was struggling, batting A-Rod 8th, etc.) Maybe not popular moves, but most of the time they worked. Girardi did pinch hit for A-Rod (Rauuuul) and benched him last year, but that’s cause he was essentially playing on one leg.

    I can’t watch Stewart play anymore and waiting for Ichiro to get hot is a lost cause. The Yankees won’t make the playoffs for a number of reasons, but at least put these kids in pressure situations to see what they’re made of. If nothing else, it gives them experience to build on. Why does Girardi have to be so stubborn? Granted, he had a heck of a year building a team with no chance into somewhat of a contender, but sometimes you gotta gamble with the young kids. Of course, he’ll be crucified if he plays Murphy and Almonte, and they go down in flames. I guess that’s the dilemma. Catch-22 as they say.

    • mitch

      I agree with most of this, but Torre batting Arod 8th was one of the most ridiculous moves in the history of baseball.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I was going to say that as well, but refrained.

        • Josh S.

          Yeah, but I threw it in there because it was a bold move that he wasn’t afraid to make. Didn’t work out and was quite insulting, but a part of Yankee history for better or worse.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m glad you included those last two sentences, because they’re absolutely true.

      Torre made great moves. He made shitty moves. Same with Girardi. Distance makes the heart grow fonder sometimes, I guess.

      There are no great options at catcher right now because there weren’t good options at catcher to begin with. Jim, how does that read through the troll filter?

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Who knows. After last night’s game, my troll filter(patent pending) is on the fritz.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        The way our fans have acted this season though…they don’t deserve a playoff team. They don’t deserve to have their criticisms heard, their opinions validated, or any of that.

        Yes bla bla bla “true fan” “don’t insult my fandom” “who do you think you are” whatever. Giving up and shitting on everyone all damn year is a shitty way to root for a baseball team.

        Big difference between suggesting ways things could improve and being a whiny little entitled ass.

        Reminds me of the sox fans in 04 wearing bags over their heads to game 4 in the ALCS. A lot of Yankee fans, many commenters on RAB, are in that boat for me right now.

        I know that had nothing to do with CJ Murphy. I want him to start, I think Girardi has been a subpar manager who also has had to deal with a relatively shitty roster most of the year. I think the unwillingness to discover what you have rather than keep playing what you know to be mediocre is irritating, and I think is a mindset that doesn’t belong in in modern baseball. I also know that there’s no guarantee that anyone you haven’t played will be any better, so he really was stuck in a terrible situation. So it all gets a big shrug from me.

        I’ll still be rooting, I’ll be at the game on Sunday, I hope that despite some shitty fans which all teams have that our team still pulls through and gives Mo one last playoff run.

  • Nick

    Amen. At worst you give the youngsters more experience for next year-at best, it helps for the playoffs

  • Robert

    Play Murphy and Almonte the rest of the way…

    Melky Mesa was DFA last month Where did he end up?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Home Depot.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      In all seriousness, he wasn’t DFA’d. He was outright released. It also occurred because he got hurt, was going to miss the rest of the season, and was going to be an MiLB FA at the end of the season anyway. It was just speeding up the inevitable.

      Maybe he resurfaces somewhere else and goes on a hot streak. Maybe he’s just Thomas Neal and Greg Golson.

  • Fernando

    I’m usually pretty positive and objective. However, I have been pushing for the team to start using more and more of the younger players for a while now. It was a good effort to keep afloat with all the injuries, but this team has a lot of holes and they simply need to rebuild instead of collecting more old guys.

    Bring on Almonte and Murphy. It’s a good reward for them and allows them to get some experience. And let’s see Marshall and Warren get a start….enough of Hughes and Huff.

    The team needs to learn something from a team like the Cardinals. That team always is in the playoffs yet seems to develop a steady stream of useful young guys each year(Pujols, Wacha, Carpenter, Miller, Lynn, Garcia, Motte, Freese, Taveras, Jay, Craig, Molina, Kelly, Maness, Rosenthal, Salas, Wong, etc).

    • Nick

      and get Betances out there too. Two innings pitched this year, they should see if he can help them

  • David Mazzella

    Sorry guys, turn out the lights, the party’s over. Actually, it was over before it started due to a degraded team from the very beginning. No significant signings by the Steinbrenner’s, obsessed with reducing payroll, gives you this present team. We’ve had our run, and the Steinbrenner’s are banking on the fact that Yankee fans will continue to fill their seats, because “hope springs eternal.” The “boys” are only interested in boats, horses and money. Better for you to settle down for a long winter’s nap… at least for the next decade.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      “Actually, it was over before it started due to a degraded team from the very beginning.”

      Annnd this is what I’m talking about.

      • I’m One

        Yup. It may be a steep hill to climb, but it’s not over till they’re mathematically eliminated. Play hard. Take a few chances with the kids (what’s being done now doesn’t appear to be working). But it’s not over yet (although could be soon. I am a realist and see this.). Until it is, though do something to try to keep it going.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          That, plus, it’s never over before it starts. What a ridiculous thing to say.

      • Darren

        It’s hilarious. We win a couple of games and we’d be incredibly close with 10 days left. It’s not like we’re 5 out with 6 left to play. (and even then there’s no point in giving up)

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          I mean sure it’s unlikely. I’ve seen our recent play, I know the Indians’ schedule. But come on, people.

          • I’m One

            Some people would point to the Yankees schedule and say ours is nearly as easy.

  • LarryM Fl

    Mike I agree that Stewart and Ichiro need to sit. Romine or Murphy should get penciled in the lineup. Wells or Almonte play the RF position. How far have we fallen when the fan base would accept Wells starting games in the OF. “I have fallen and I can’t get up,” This is not meant to be funny on the senior citizen population but the Yankees have fallen big time and they can’t get up.

    As I read prior in the comments. Ichiro issue for next year will not go away unless the team uses him as the 4th OF only.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      So, how does the fan base go about “not accepting” something? We have to deal with the roster we have. We can be mad and seethe and wish things were different, but choosing the best of what’s available is our only option. That’s not sad, that’s realism.

      • LarryM Fl

        If you do not feel that the Yankee organization has fallen that is your opinion. I believe the entire organization has taken a step backwards. For some reason the Yankees have not developed minor league position players well or foreseen needs coming as the team aged. Catching, pitching and left side of the infield no player from the organization can step up to the plate in 2013. Sure there may be some valid reasons but teams which consistently make the playoffs have some guys doing a bang up job from their farm systems.

        I have been a long time fan since ’55. I have dealt with the roster given.

  • Pat D

    Where have you gone, Ichiro apologists? A website turns its lonely eyes to you.

    Woo woo woo.

  • FLYER7

    Up to this month, I had no problem with an outfield next year of Gardy, Grandy, Sori, Ichiro or Wells and one other OFer TBD but Ichiro and Wells can not return next year off their last month performances even with their price tags. Ichiro looks finished…as for Stewie he has been finished since post All-star break…starting to think time to fit McCann for his pinnies and maybe that allows a chance for the team to carry Ryan’s glove at SS in ’14…cant go into 2014 counting on Jeter or Arod on the left side…Ok with Reynolds though as a bench/role player…

  • your mom

    2.4% chance of making the playoffs. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    Even if by some amazing miracle we get in, there is probably a 0.1% chance we make it past the divisional/second rd.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      So let’s all give up and cry in the fetal position?

      • I’m One

        Maybe that’s what his mom taught him to do in situations like this …

    • I’m One

      That 2.4% chance can change quickly (preferably in an upward direction). I do agree, however, that if they make the play-in game, it’s extremely unlikely the move forward, even if they win that game. I’d still accept that over not making the playoffs. It’s been a tough year, largely due to all the injuries. Making the playoffs and thereby extending Mo’s final season a few more games would be a nice way to end the season.

  • David Leon

    Even if by some miracle the Yankees were to make the playoffs, they’d embarrass themselves once there. It may be best that they be eliminated from playoff contention sooner rather than later to give these kids a long look in the season’s remaining games. The team is entering a rebuilding phase that the Steinbrenners have not made public. With the prospects in the system and a few veterans, the team could become another dynasty in the latter half of this decade. But plugging holes with over-the-hill veterans and less-than-quality players is not going to solve the problem. Cashman made those moves just to “show” he was doing something to “improve” the team, but there was no way these players were going to make the playoffs. Fans should be happy they have gotten this far and close to the playoffs with a bunch of overachieving (at least early in the season) over the hill players. Let’s wait til next year…

  • Karen W.

    After the last Boston series I actually formed the opinion that I didn’t want the Yanks to make the post season. IF they were to win the Wild Card and then the One Game Wild Card Playoff Game it would be off to Boston for a 5 Game series and who really wants to see them get swept by Boston in the playoffs?

    Hey @ least they made the season watchable for a few good weeks towards the end of the summer.

    Honestly, next year is going to be garbage time especially if they don’t resign Cano who good ol’ Randy Levine said was not a must resign. Fine fellas just be prepared for the Stadium to look like The Rodgers Center looked last night all year long. While they’re at it they’d better put a tarp over the big monument to George in the outfield because he won’t want to see what they’ve done to his team.

    • I’m One

      A lot of what you stated is speculation. I’d rather them have play Boston and get blown out (or not) than not get into the playoffs. As for next year, who knows what they might do if they don’t sign Cano? And if A-Rod also gets suspended, that’s an awful lot of moeny off the books. I’d rather wait to see what actually happens than speculate that the worst possible outcome will happen.

    • Betty Lizard

      I’m not sure you like baseball.

      Being swept by anyone in the postseason is incalculably better than not being in the post season.

      Because for me, the point of baseball is playing games.

      (And the Yankees aren’t George Steinbrenner’s team. He owned them for a while. So did others.)

      • Kenny

        “I’m not sure you like baseball.” You have no basis for saying this other than the assumptions guiding the next two paragraphs; and are they ever assumptions.

        In principle, yeah, I guess playing in the post-season is better than missing it. But for me it depends on the kinds of expectations you have. Let’s say we’re talking about a team that has given continual evidence of its embarrassing inferiority to the team it is most likely to play in the P-S. People (all of whom like baseball) might have perfectly reasonable positions on both sides of the question: should this team make it? They might find it excruciatingly embarrassing for the team to be yet again de-pantsed. Oh, sure, no one knows what exactly will happen. You can’t predict baseball, Be…I mean Suzyn, etc. But if the probabilities are world-class against that team, what the hell. A guy can certainly wish to see it stay home and rebuild–without being subjected to insults.

  • stuart a

    ichiro should sit.. almonte played well before his injury. may be a bettter option then sitting stewart until romine can play.

    girardi will go down with his vets, 1 of his weaknesses…


    Before the season started I said this team will NOT make the playoffs. “85” wins. Most fans laughed now I’m laughing. This team hasn’t had a catcher since Posada. Ichrio & Gardner just gotta go I’d like to see the Yankees get rid of Gardner a year early when he loses his legs it’s all over plus he’s not a lead off hitter by any means. Yankees have a lot of holes to fill in 2014 I’ll just do the lineup.

    1b Tex will be at first base trying to pull everything into the sky.

    2b Who will be at second Cano? He’s a free agent Yankees should have traded him for a few MLB ready guys along with trading Hughes when he went on that little 3-0 run. That was their chance to get younger. Dare I mention the mess of international players?

    SS Jeter? Are the Yankees going to go into next year praying he can play SS? Are we going to see 6 different guy at ss in 14?

    3b Another story to bog down the Yankees with Arod gone or suspended or playing for 8 games. it’s just another mess a team doesn’t need trying to go forward but it’s going to get.

    DH The Last DH was Matsui now the Yankees send up utter crap 9 different guys. How about a full time DH? Sorry asking for full time players on this team is forbidden.

    The entire outfield needs to be done over. Yea I said it… Yes Gardner, Ichrio both hit like two flys and Granderson all he does it homerun or strikeout. We have one of those guys coming back and he plays 1b.

    Now from top to bottom with the front office it needs to be torn down and have a fresh start. Yes I’m talking, scouting, GM, and yes even the manager mostly everyone.

    Anyone who thought this team was post season bound you really need to sit back and say to yourself wow I really was wrong. You need to look past the injuries because the Yankees did nothing just pick ups of scraps that play every single day.

    Before you say oh well how do the Yankees get outta bad contracts. Well Boston did it last year didn’t they? Yankees need to stop treating their players as if they are gold they are not. This is a business treat it as a business if you don’t produce you are gone or benched.

    BTW you tell me what manager would stand for Tex not going the other way on the shift? Tell me another manager that wouldn’t bench a player for lack of hussle or just not producing?

    It’s time the Yankees moved on from Joe players are to ccomfortable around him and with him as a manager. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better if the Yankees go into 2014 with the same mind set. Waiting for old timers to see if their healthy. Or sigining guys on the wrong side of 30. Rip it tear it and start fresh. Pick a guy to build around and go!

    • Betty Lizard

      I stopped reading at “Most fans laughed” because that is just sheer invention.

      Perhaps you didn’t read any discussions at the beginning of the season?

      • Kenny

        He sounds about right to me. Course much turns on his meaning of “most.” I’d certainly say that over 50% of fans laughed (i.e., RABsters responding to posters predicting Yanks-out-of-playoffs–I don’t remember his own prediction)

        • WhittakerWalt

          Bullshit. People weren’t laughing at 85 wins. That sounded about right to most of us. He’s inventing a nemesis that didn’t exist, to make himself sound like a brave truth-teller.

          • Improbable Island guy on a Different Computer

            I’m with you.

            By season’s end, I’m not going to be particularly proud of the Yankees. I won’t be disappointed either. We will probably finish with the same record everybody figured we would, or at least that was considered most likely. They played to their ability. No reason to be disappointed in that.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Yeah, I’ve never voted a 5 on the confidence poll, but 85-90 wins was the most I expected out of this team once Grandy broke his finger.

  • Zach

    Imagine if the rest of the season plays out something like this:

    Texas: 6-6 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (1-1) v TB
    (1-2) v KC
    (2-1) v HOU
    (2-2) v LAA

    Tampa Bay: 6-6 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (1-1) v TEX
    (2-2) v BAL
    (1-2) v NYY
    (2-1) v TOR

    Cleveland 6-5 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (0-1) v KC
    (3-1) v HOU
    (1-1) v CHI
    (2-2) v MIN

    Baltimore 8-4 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (1-1) v Boston
    (2-2) v Tampa Bay
    (3-0) v TOR
    (2-1) v Bos

    New York: 9-2 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (2-0) v Blue Jays
    (2-1) v SF
    (2-1) v TB
    (3-0) v Hou

    Kansas City: 9-2 (ends with 88-74 record)
    (1-0) v CLE
    (2-1) v Texas
    (2-1) v SEA
    (4-0) v CHI

    Haha then what happens? (This is just one way to make this scenario play out of course.)

    • ropeadope

      Love it! Not sure what happens, but we may still be playing baseball as Christmas approaches.

    • Improbable Island guy on a Different Computer

      That 9-2 looks rough compared to the others.

  • Gonzo

    I’m all for throwing haymakers in a fight when down, but it kinda sucks that the haymakers are Zoilo and J.R. Then again, we might not be in this position if our haymakers were better.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Cue the “Why do you hate Ichiro” chorus!
    No? Nothing?

  • jason

    Russel Martin going something like 4-40 in September helps take a little of the sting out…nah, it actually doesn’t. If memory serves, Martin’s OPS+ is roughy double Chris Stewart’s. I just realized both guys have two first names.

  • Tony

    Am I the only one who doesn’t even want the yanks to make the playoffs? What’s the point? To watch them get their clocks cleaned by a good team? It’s over for this team. I’m ready for next year. Or maybe the year after.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      If they did beat the long odds and make the playoffs and CC, Kuroda, Andy and Nova pitched like they can, we’d kick some butt. I’d like to see that. Oh, yeah, get rid of Icihiro and Stewart. Duh.

    • 2011 Cardinals fan

      I don’t want us to make the playoffs because Lee, Halladay and Hamels are going to kick our asses.

    • RBC

      Thank you. I think the only reason why fans are still talking about the playoffs is just to extend their baseball season. Once Oct 1 hits and there’s no NY baseball team in the postseason, the city gets boring. There’s only but so much football we can discuss.

    • Tom

      Even if they got their clocks cleaned I would love to see Mo pitch in one last postseason game (even if it was a game they were trailing)

      That alone would make it worth it; putting aside the “hey you never know what might happen” aspect of the playoffs.

  • Bill

    Chris Stewart on this roster is an insult to Yankee fans!! Why is he run out there day after day?? Cashman, Levine , and Hal are responsible for making this a second rate team!!!

  • Ren

    Actually Girardi doesn’t play Ichiro consistently enough. That’s one of the main reasons for Ichiro dipping into slumps, he doesn’t get consistent playing time in any given game, let alone consistency in the batting order.

    It’s amazing to me to see game after game where the Yankees lose, and Girardi either didn’t play Ichiro at all or only as a pinch hitter. Ichiro is not good as a pinch hitter, he needs to start and he needs consistency. You are inaccurate when you say, “But the Yankees aren’t going to postseason if Ichiro and Stewart continue to play everyday.” Ichiro does not play everyday. If he did, I honestly believe his average would be higher. But that’s just an opinion, what is true is that he doesn’t play everyday.

    Mike Axisa, you really should follow the box scores more closely before you go making big statements like that.