Yankees clobber White Sox in rain-delayed series opener


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The almost two-hour rain delay was worth the wait. The Yankees washed away the bitter aftertaste of Sunday’s loss by pounding the White Sox on Monday afternoon, taking the Labor Day matinee 9-1. They needed a stress-free win like this. Let’s recap:

  • Huge Inning: When a team gives you six outs in an inning, you have to take advantage. The Yankees capitalized on three hilariously bad defensive miscues in the eight-run (!) fourth inning, their biggest inning of the season. They’d done six runs a few times before. The first seven batters in the inning reached base and I guess the big blow was Austin Romine‘s two-run single to that turned a 2-0 game into a 4-0 game. That’s when the lead became comfortable. Brett Gardner and Alfonso Soriano both doubled in runs while the ChiSox a) dropped a foul pop-up, b) failed to turn an inning-ending double play because they took their sweet time, and c) had a ball thrown into the outfield on another double play attempt. It was an ugly inning for the bad guys.
  • Huff Enuff: For the third time in the last two weeks or so, left-hander David Huff was very impressive in long relief. He allowed one run (a solo homer by Paul Konerko) on five hits and no walks in 5.2 innings, striking out three and throwing a first pitch strike to 15 of 20 batters faced. Huff threw 62 pitches and started to fade late, but I think the Yankees have to start him over Phil Hughes in five days. Hughes hasn’t pitched well in a long time and Huff has earned a look. He might not be good for 100+ pitches, but that’s not a problem with the expanded rosters. The southpaw soaked up some serious innings and has quickly emerged as an important member of the pitching staff.
  • The Two Yutes: Congrats to Cesar Cabral and J.R. Murphy, who successfully made their big league debuts in garbage time. Cabral threw a scoreless inning and struck out the two lefties he faced on three pitches apiece. Murphy’s hard-hit two-hop ground ball off the third baseman’s glove went for an infield hit. Congrats to both guys. They were the 51st and 52nd players used by the Yankees this year, setting a new franchise record.
  • Leftovers: Hughes retired four of the five batters he faced before being knocked out by the rain delay … Gardner led off a third consecutive game with a double, then Derek Jeter doubled him in for the game’s first run. They were the only players with multiple hits … every Yankee had a hit except Curtis Granderson, who drew a walk and otherwise picked a good day to have a bad day … New York went 7-for-14 with runners in scoring position even though just two of the final 16 men they sent to the plate reached base … Adam Warren wrapped things up with a scoreless ninth. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. Depending on the outcome of the late game, the Yankees will be either three games (Rays lose) or four games (Rays win) back of the second wildcard spot. Their postseason chances sit 13.6% at according to Cool Standings at the moment. Hiroki Kuroda and Chris Sale will square off in the middle game of this three-game set on Tuesday night. Check out RAB Tickets for last minute deals.

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  1. forensic says:

    My Cousin Vinny and a crack at Hawk all in the same recap. Nice!

    I can’t wait until Huff gets his inevitable start, gets smacked around after 2 or 3 innings, and Hughes relieves him with terrific long relief. Oh the irony…

    Glad the rain had a short leash with Hughes today, can’t afford to leave him out there too long.

  2. Eddard says:

    It took an act of God for this team to finally win a Phil Hughes start so yes Dave Huff should start in 5 days. Phil Hughes should not start against Boston. Joba and Hughes should not throw another pitch for the Yankees unless it’s in garbage time.

    The bottom line is that they need to sweep this sorry excuse for a ball club. I can’t believe they got swept by this team in the first place. With some of the other contenders playing each other they need to keep pace with the winner of those match ups and gain ground on the loser.

    • forensic says:

      To be fair, most of Hughes’ starts end up with him pitching in garbage time anyway…

    • The bishop from Caddyshack says:

      There is no God.

      • Lukaszek says:

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  3. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Anyone have a link to Murphy’s hit? My school doesn’t have YES.

  4. JLC 776 says:

    So, Huff starting for Hughes… now who starts for CC? I’m honestly not sure if I’m being sarcastic…

  5. 461deep says:

    Surprised at so few comments. Eveeryone must be at a Labor Day BBQ. Yes Chisox decimated these days so Yanks big test is Sale tomorrow if they beat him they should sweep. Jeter off the shneid
    today as Huff looked good. Chi 3rd baseman can’t hold onto 2 key shots. I’d play Romine more often. Hiroki needs to stay clear of hanging creamo’s to Dunn or Konerko. Rays later with Angels for WC status quo or 1 closer for Bombers.

  6. nycsportzfan says:

    Crap, I missed Cabral and Murphys debuts!!!!!!!!! I was having tough enough time watching game as i was supposed to be at out door event today, and the rain delay screwed up everything for me. Anyhow, we clobbered enough i felt i didn’t have to anger any friends or family anymore, and because of it, i missed Cabral and Murph’s debuts! Lifes not j/k.

  7. nycsportzfan says:

    Romine deserves to be the majority catcher the rest of the way in my opinion. Lets see what he can do!

    • lightSABR says:

      Romine’s wRC+ in 80 first-half PAs: -2.

      Romine’s wRC+ in 56 second-half PAs: 155.

      It’s a small sample, and there’s no way he’s going to keep it up permanently, but it’s looking like the kid’s at least a league-average starting backstop, which sure as heck beats what we’ve been running out there this year.

      • lightSABR says:

        Holy crap – he’s got a .441 second-half BABIP, compared to a career .286. That’s not going to last. So maybe he’s not quite going to be league-average, but still, I think he’s going to be better than Stewart.

  8. Matt DiBari says:

    We also got probably the most enjoyable Phil Hughes start of the year.

    Good day overall.

  9. Cesar "Stairs" Cabral says:

    *kisses bicep*

  10. YankeeFan says:

    Since getting swept by the White Sox (A-Rod’s first series), the team has gone 16-8 (.667) with a +23 run differential. This is a playoff team, just a matter if they have enough time to actually make it.

  11. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Halos coming through.

    Yanks will be only 2.5 games out with 25 to play.

  12. Wheels says:


  13. dkidd says:

    watching the game now

    just got to the part where michael kay questions whether jim thome is a hall of famer

  14. pat says:

    That Murphy “hit” looked like some home cookin.

  15. Lukaszek says:

    JR Murphy looks like an early-60′s Beatle

  16. forensic says:

    Catching up on the game now, and just passed Cabral’s inning.

    I was already on board with letting Logan walk after the season, but allow me to say that based on this absurdly small sample size, I’m good with letting Cabral take his place. He showed a few nasty sliders, his fastball hung in there around average, and he even dropped a couple changeups in there.

    • I’m on the opposite side. I sign him for 2/$7MM with a $3.5MM option for the next season. He is good for what he does, but isn’t deservant of more money.

      Plus, we should have 1 LOOGY (Cabral), and one that’s flexible (Logan). Similar to what we had with Rapada and Logan last year.

  17. Robinson Tilapia says:

    What a fun game. It’s the kind of game my wife feels bad watching because the other team is getting clobbered too much. Great debuts as well. Both Cabral and Murphy looked full of excitement out there, and both had a first MLB game to remember. I have a very good feeling they’ll be contributing for a long time to come.

    Let’s pick at the carcass of the Chicago White Sox more tomorrow. #HIROK rights his ship.


  18. gc says:

    No mention of that sweet double play turned by the overpaid second baseman who doesn’t hustle?
    Oh how I loves me some Robinson Cano! :)

  19. Tim says:

    I want to take this opportunity with the Pale Hose in town to once again go against the grain and espouse the virtues of listening to the road broadcast vs. terrible Michael Kay and the YES feed. The Hawk is AWESOME, there is no other word to describe him. Yes, he is a homer. There’s nothing wrong with that. The guy is accurate, has a ton of interesting stories (especially with Steve Stone in the booth, who is also great), and his homerism has a charm that I just love. He was so disgusted with that 4th inning, calling it embarrassing and the worst inning of baseball he’s seen all year (in several years, actually). He LOVES Cano, can’t stop talking about him, Jeter, A-Rod (and no mention of PED’s), Ichiro, the Yankees organization. He’s a homer but he clearly displays his respect for the Yankees (and any other team they’re playing, BTW) and he knows A LOT about baseball.

    And, no – I am not Hawk’s mother, nor am I being sarcastic. I’ll be sad when these next two games are done (mainly because no more terrible White Sox to pummel, but also because no more Hawk…).

  20. I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

    Wow. Bad News Bears but in the majors. That was pretty freakin embarrassing!

    Cabral looked nasty but I’d like to see how batters adjust after facing him a few times. Still, optimistic. Happy for Murphy too though that was definitely a home town hit, road error…

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