Yankees finish off sweep of Astros to wrap up 2013 season

Sunday Night Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: September 30th, 2013

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The Yankees aren’t going to the postseason, but this game almost dragged on long enough to have they playing in October. The 2013 season ended with a 5-1 win over the Astros (in 14 innings!) and a sweep in Houston. Let’s recap the last victory of the year:

  • Shutdown Bullpen: Considering how terrible the bullpen was at times down the stretch, it’s kinda funny they turned in one of their best efforts of the season on Sunday. Six relievers combined to retire of 27 of 30 batters faced in nine scoreless innings. They struck out a dozen. Dellin Betances was particularly impressive (four strikeouts in 2.1 perfect innings), as what Matt Daley (two strikeouts in two perfect innings). David Robertson closed out the season with a perfect frame.
  • Late Rally(ies): Let’s just say the Yankees didn’t show much urgency at the plate in this game. There were a lot of quick outs in the first seven innings and understandably so. Everyone wanted to go home. Eduardo Nunez (double) and Curtis Granderson (single) didn’t get the memo, apparently, and combined to create the trying run in the eighth. The two teams remained tied at one until the 14th, when Mark Reynolds hit a mammoth homer to left center to put everyone out of their misery give the Yankees a one-run lead. Nunez doubled in two runs later in the inning and J.R. Murphy singled in another to give the club some more breathing room. Five of eight batters reached base in the 14th after five of the previous 22 batters reached.
  • Almost Historic: One more strikeout. That’s all the Yankees needed to set a new franchise single-game strikeout record. Instead, they tied the club record by whiffing 19 Astros in the 14 innings. They also struck out 19 Blue Jays in 2001 (17 innings) and 19 White Sox in 1987 (15 innings). The franchise record for a nine inning game is 18 strikeouts, done twice before — Ron Guidry’s game in 1978 and a combined effort just two years ago.
  • Leftovers: For the 17th time this year, the Yankees did not draw a single walk. That ties the franchise record set in 1919 and 1971 … Nunez led the way with three hits but Granderson, Brendan Ryan, and Zoilo Almonte had two apiece … David Huff struck out a career-high-tying seven while allowing one run in five innings … the Yankees struck out 16 times themselves (David Adams five times all by himself), one shy of the franchise’s all-time record. They’ve struck out 17 times on three occasions, most recently in 2010.

For the box score and video highlights, check out MLB.com. For some other stats, check out FanGraphs. For the final standings, go to ESPN. With the season over, it’s time for hot stove talk and rumors and trades and whatever else the next four and a half brings. I do think the Yankees will be busy this winter and I do think there are some front office-level changes coming, particularly on the player development side. We’ll see. Thanks for sticking around this season. It was a blast.

Sunday Night Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: September 30th, 2013
  • Pinkie Pie

    “They’ve struck out 17 times on three occasions, most recently in 2010.”

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but wasn’t that time in 2010 in a game against the Rangers in which the Yankees won?

  • LarryM Fl

    It did help that the opponent was the Houston Astros. But hats off to the Yankees for the sweep. Also, I enjoyed watching the young guys play.

  • dkidd

    mo finishes with a career whip of 1.00


    • JGYank

      1284 walks and hits in 1283.2 innings. If he just got one more out…..

      • forensic

        Shouldn’t have pulled him one out early on Thursday…

    • Kenny

      Almost. Not quite.

      1284 hits + walks in 1283.2 IP = 1.00052 career WHIP. Oh, so close.

      • dkidd

        i’m assuming he gets that final out if joe doesn’t pull him


  • dkidd

    remember when the defining characteristic of a yankee line-up was working deep counts and drawing walks?

  • villapalomares

    We totally dominated the Astros in this series.

  • Darren

    Before I found RAB I was stuck with the gloomy Pinstriped Bible. Thanks for having a great place where I learned a shit load about baseball and and got a lot of cool opinions. THANK YOU MIKE and ALL RAB POSTERS!

    How many days til pitchers and catchers? Will be sad not to have Andy or Mo. Jeter is the last of the Mohicans, as it should be.

    • Betty Lizard

      Only 4 months and 16 days.

      • vicki

        circa the week after valentine’s day?

        tba days until tba.

  • DaveJ

    Thanks Mike for another great job, always enjoy reading what you come up with, even during a tough season like this.

    One final observation: Betances looked good this year when facing AAA level talent, the Houston lineup was no exception.

  • Get Phelps Up

    So what was everyone’s favorite non-Mo/Andy moment of the season? Mine would be ARod homering off Dumpster with the triple play being a close second. The 4 game sweep of offseason champion Toronto in April is up there too.

    • Betty Lizard

      Alex Dumpster homer and the triple play are tied for me, although I also adored Soriano’s catch at the wall when he faked losing it.

      • vicki

        best part of dumpster game was alex’s postgame.

        “i’m the last guy to ask about suspensions.

        “i know a good lawyer if he needs one.”

    • forensic

      Those two are probably my top two also. I was blacked out from his grand slam, so I’m not really sure where that would rank had I been able to see it.

      Trying to think of what else there might be, but I’m not coming up with much at this point. Too much happened with players I have no real connection to which lowers them a bit.

    • SDB

      – Vernon Wells playing 3B in Colorado.

      – Triple play, and subsequent reactions on Camden Chat.

      – A-Rod homering off Dumpster, and Gardy’s triple after that.

      – Gardy’s walk off home run.

    • Wheels

      That comeback win down in Tampa in May that made us 12 games over .500 at 30-18. Was feeling really high from that win and thinking perhaps we had something special going this year.

    • vicki
  • Crink

    Pick 18 for now. Can’t imagine they’ll have the money to spend on any free agents that got qualifying offers other than their own. Right now I imagine they offer em to Cano, Granderson and Kuroda.

    I’d like them to re-sign all 3 of those guys, but if they can’t/won’t at least they’ll be getting an extra pick or two for a 2nd straight year.

  • Vern Sneaker

    And thank you, Mike, for the season-long hard work and interesting, informative news and food for thought.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    Well, thanks to the tiebreaker over the Orioles, the Yankees finish in 3rd place in the AL East, which isn’t too bad considering the number of last place predictions that existed.

    But this roster wouldn’t produce 3rd place very often, and they need to upgrade this roster quite a bit to make a move on a playoff spot in 2014. But, all things considered, this season could’ve been a lot worse.

    • vicki

      this roster, i’m told, finished 24th batting average, 23rd on base, 27th slugging, 18th era, 18th whip, 25th baa.

      how the hell were we still alive less than a week ago?

  • trr

    May I just say thank you to Mike, all the Mods, and all the posters… This was my first year here, and I really enjoyed it.
    Hell, I really NEEDED it this year!

    Hope to read you all over the winter and next year we’ll get it right!

    Thanks again, everybody!

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    Hat tip to Mike for all he does for RAB. Hands down best Yankees blog on the web. The subtle sarcasm made the less than ideal season a bit better.

    • SDB

      The not-so-subtle sarcasm was also greatly appreciated.

  • Betty Lizard

    So excited about the Indians’ Wildcard game on Wednesday. I have a soft spot for the Land of the Cleves.

    “This ain’t no actually IS a road trip to Cleveland.”

    Would love to see Francona prey on Boston’s weaknesses and midges infest the Red Sox’ beards.
    Go Tribe!

    • ropeadope

      Would love to see Francona prey on Boston’s weaknesses and midges infest the Red Sox’ beards.

      Lol, I can’t recall, are the Cleveland midges an annual occurrence, or a periodical one (like once every 17 years or so)?

      • forensic

        They’re actually twice a year, spring and fall.

        • ropeadope

          Thank you forensic. If Cleveland should survive the wildcard game, it’ll be an intriguing match-up with Boston (as Betty cites above).

  • Mike B

    Over the next 24 months the Yankees arewill have lost all their links to those Dynasty Teams of the 90’s. As Pettite emphasised it’s a bitch to get old. I think what most people will miss will be the class and dignity on how they played and represented NY on and off the feld. I think this was a reflection of than manager Joe Torre.

    We have too rebuild this Team the way it was built. Partrial FA market after 2014, but we need to rebuild the
    player development system. With the exception of Cano & Gardner we really havent seen any stars through the minor leagues. Their was a few momentary bright spots such as the pre-injury Joba, 2009n version of Hughes in relief, the September call up of Montero. But when you compare that to say the Red Sox or Tampa our player development & minor leagues needs help.

    Including 2013 I am expecting the next 2 with the possibility of no playoffs, & we need a new core of players before we can even mention another Sept Fall Claasic.

  • 189,189,189,…dont you hate thatnumber

    next up ,you got it,189

  • hogsmog

    They also bumped the Astros up into a record number of team strikeouts in a season:


  • http://twitter.com/IsaacforPrez Isaac

    Let The Hot Stove Begin.. But thanks Mike.

    What do you guys think about a Carlos Beltran One-Year deal. Cheaper than the Multi-year Grandy probably wants, and if all goes well can bridge a gap to one of the prospects to take the job in 2015.

  • Kiko Jones

    Thanks for all your hard work, Mike. Cheers, buddy!

  • Hornets686

    Can anyone see Pineda being the close next year??? Sign Matt Garza and Josh Johnson and Kuroda probably leaves/retires???

    • forensic

      I certainly hope not on Pineda, and I wouldn’t think they’d do it. That Robertson guy out there is pretty good already, and you don’t make a trade like that and go through all this injury stuff just to make him a reliever.

      • Kosmo

        Pineda now has been with the Yankee org. for 2 seasons and has yet to throw 1 pitch for the club. 2 seasons ! How time flies.

        • forensic

          Yup, it’s amazing. I wasn’t a fan of the trade when it happened, but nobody could’ve foreseen this happening at that time.

          Two years of development and two years of cost controlled performance lost. And it’s the two cheapest years of cost, no less.

          Total disaster, right now, regardless of what Montero’s done, since there’s no way of knowing what might have happened if he stayed a Yankee.

  • vicki

    best blog for the best team of the best sport in the best country on earth.

  • Chris Z

    Well, the Rays, pirates, Reds and A’s are all picking near the bottom of the draft. Let’s see how long this goes before they turn crappy again……..and we start to hear how unfair this system is. MLB got its wish, the Yanks out of the playoffs and some small market teams in. But will it translate to better ratings which after all is what’s important?

  • VaYankeeFan

    Thanks to all that contributed to the RAB site this season, enjoyed most! I guess the Yankee Fans have to say what the boston fans have said for years; “Wait til next year!”. We’ll see? Time to set back & wait for the Hot Stove League to heat up! I’ll be pulling for Donnie Baseball’s guys this fall,listening to “Oldies”; Bee Gees, soul groups, The Beach Boys & such, as I ease into my 65th year!! SEE YA………………………………..Go Yankees!

  • Klemy

    Always sad to see the end come prematurely, especially with Mo and Andy walking away this year. At least they’ve given everyone plenty of previous memories to draw on.

    It wasn’t a great season as far as the play went, but it’s always fun to spend it here where everyone can cheer and grieve together. Thanks for all the content throughout the year, as usual.

  • Mike HC

    Wow. My bet on over 84.5 wins at the beginning of the season came down to the 14th inning of the 162nd game. Vegas is on this shit.