Yankees place Jeter on DL, ending his season

It's official: Yankees moving radio broadcasts to WFAN in 2014
Game 146: Win it for Derek
(Rich Schultz/Getty)
(Rich Schultz/Getty)

The Yankees have placed Derek Jeter on the 15-day DL with continued left ankle problems, the team announced. Brian Cashman confirmed the Cap’n is done for the season and won’t return even if the Yankees manage to qualify for the playoffs. Bummer.

“It’s very disappointing not to be able to play, especially this time of year. This is when I want to play the most,” said Jeter. “This entire year has been pretty much a nightmare for me physically, so it’s kinda fitting that it ends like this.”

“This was a much more difficult rehabilitation situation than we ever expected,” added Cashman. He acknowledged the DL move was made to protect both Jeter and the team from rushing things, and also said they weren’t planning to shut him down as recently as yesterday.

Jeter, 39, played just 17 games this year with a series of leg problems, including quad and calf issues. Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed the ankle surgery last October, said Jeter needs to strengthen the area around the ankle and there simply isn’t enough time to do so at this point.

“I haven’t been able to work out my legs since October of last year,” said Jeter when asked about returning next season. “I truly believe that with a full offseason working out how I’m used to working out, I can return to doing what I normally do.”

The Yankees acquired Brendan Ryan from the Mariners last night to bolster their shortstop depth. He is not eligible for the playoff roster, however. If they manage to get that far, Eduardo Nunez will be the guy.

It's official: Yankees moving radio broadcasts to WFAN in 2014
Game 146: Win it for Derek
  • dkidd

    nightmare season is complete

  • pop

    Probability of return for the postseason?!?

    • BaltimoreYankee

      You mean if they trade him to a team that’s gonna make the playoffs?

      • Brendan Ryan

        haha…and, per mathews, jete’s out through the post season as well. dr. andrews description (as paraphrased by cash) was not at all encouraging.

    • RBC

      If there is a postseason. And if there is one, it’ll probably be short given the pitching disaster we’ve been experiencing.

  • YankeeFan

    It’s too bad but probably the right move.

  • Pseudoyanks


  • RetroRob

    When they picked up Ryan, I expected his season was done.

    Rest up, get his legs in shape in the offseason, and come back for 2014.

    It is a bit scary because it is not impossible that Jeter’s career is done if his ankle issue is chronic.

    • Brendan Ryan

      kay just asked the obvious: how can jeter strengthen his legs in the offseason if the ankle again has him in a boot?

      • RBC

        Wait, is it the ankle bothering him or the leg? I’m listening to Kay also and I thought the leg is bothering him.

    • Mikhel

      I doubt it is chronic, he just had a short time to try and recover from a horrible fracture, those things take months to heal and be able to walk, let alone try to play in pro-ball.

      I expect Jeter to come back fine for 2014.

      This might as well be part of ARod’s points that the Yanks doctors are not doing their job properly and speculate that it MIGHT BE on purpose (just for the sake of his argument, even as silly as it sounds).

      • RetroRob

        Yes, agreed, although it’s something that at least has to be considered.

        Listening to Cashman and what the doctor said, it supports my belief that his legs were never in shape and that is leading to the multiple injuries. He has the next six months to strengthen his legs and the muscles around the break.

        I do believe he’ll be fine, but we have to consider more than ever that he may never make it back fully, even if I don’t believe that will be the case.

        • OldYanksFan

          We are not Doctors here, but I agree 100%. I’m sure if Jeter was just walking around like the rest of us, his ankle and legs would be fine. But considering the stress of playing professional baseball, his ankle and leg muscles just didn’t have enough time to strengthen the amount needed to play a sport.

          My guess is he will have the finest rehab program money can buy over the next 6 months and be 100% ready for April. He may be a bit rusty, and of course a year older, but I expect the ankle/leg issues will be behind him by April.

  • http://RLAngeloJr.com dominatr37

    Season from hell…

  • Brendan Ryan

    Jeter’s never coming back.

    • Darren

      You can’t hit and you suck.

      • I’m One

        Yeah, but maybe he’s already got “Stairs” in his corner.

        • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

          RIP Brendan Ryan.

  • Captain

    2014 will be his farewell tour right?

  • brian

    What is there to say? Brutal, being a Yankee fan hasn’t been as much fun since we went down in game 1 of the ALCS last year

    Let’s just hope he comes back strong in 2014

  • Widget

    It’s not a loss. He’s looked terrible.

  • Ed

    Is it the 15 day or 60 day DL? 15 is pointless in September.

    • RetroRob

      Is 60-day possible when there’s only 18 games left in the season?

      • Ed

        Yup – they put Thome on the 60 day when they needed a roster spot a few days ago.

        It sounds like he’s only on the DL to avoid any temptation of using him, but the 60 does that too, and gets them an extra roster spot. Only reason I see to use the 15 day is if they’re not 100% committed to completely shutting him down.

        • http://www.projectneox.com ProjectNeo

          I think you mean Hafner to the 60 day (wish they would have signed Thome during the offseason though.)

          I am curious as to why they don’t 60 day him, wont that open a spot on the 40 man.

          • Ed

            Haha you’re right, I meant Hafner. I second guessed it when I wrote Thome but couldn’t figure out why it was wrong.

            • RetroRob

              BTW What happened to Thome? Did he decide to retire or did no team come calling? He didn’t seem done with the bat last year, and frankly he is less injury prone than Hafner.

  • JGYank

    So that’s why they picked up Ryan. Even though Jeter’s range is bad, this is still a big blow. He is still easily our best offensive shortstop. Nunez has shown he can’t be relied upon in the field and doesn’t provide much value with the bat either. Ryan is a lost cause offensively but will at least give us great defense. Not sure if he’ll start though. Would be a great defensive replacement and wouldn’t get ABs that way so that hurts his chances of being the starting SS.

    Just an awful season for the captain. What’s this the 4th time he has been on the DL? Just sucks.

  • Darren

    Now all of you dummies who couldn’t wait to throw dirt on the Jeter coffin can have fun with the Brendan Ryans and Nuneys of the world. Enjoy your sub-replacement level SSs for the next few weeks, asshats.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Bahahaha wtf you are so weird.

      • vicki

        there’s jeter fanboys, and then there’s jeter fanboys.

        and then there’s darren.

  • Steve

    Since Ryan isn’t playoff eligible, if the Yankees make it, I’d imagine Alberto Gonzalez will be the guy. I’m curious if he or Nunez would start though…

    • vicki

      there’s a gold-glove all-star shortstop right there under our noses.

      get out there and take some reps, alex.

      • Hammy and hips say…

        Uh, no, thanks.

    • JGYank

      Nunez no question. There is a reason that he is in the bigs and not Gonzalez. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeter came back at the very end of the year especially if we made the postseason even if they had to ease him back into things.

  • losealot

    my mother shattered her ankle a few years and had to have bolts put in there to help with the healing. now, i realize she is much older than jeter and not a pro athlete but her ankle didn’t feel right as long as the metal bolts were in there. she healed 100% but still had discomfort. about a year after the original surgery she had the bolts removed and everything has been great ever since. once again, my mom doesn’t play short stop for the yankees, but maybe jeter should explore getting rid of the metal in his ankle. otherwise, it might never feel normal again.

    • http://www.projectneox.com ProjectNeo

      Or maybe they should sign your mother to play short?

      • losealot

        i asked her and she’ll agree to play for the league minimum

    • silvio

      Don’t those metal bolts attract cold in the winter? Anyway, that’s what the vets told me about the bolts they put in a dog of mine, when he busted his leg.

  • Al

    It time to take old Yeller to the back of the club house and shoot him and put him out

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      Nah, send him to Belize

  • Widget

    Shame he isn’t allowed to take PEDs that could help recovery. He’s aging exactly like an old player would. Meanwhile Dave Arias Roiditz came back just fine from an injury. Must be nice to cheat and never get caught.

  • Joe T

    Jeter moves to 3B for 2014 after A-Rod’s suspension??????

    • dkidd

      this makes too much sense to actually happen

  • Frank

    Bottom line- whether Jeter plays next year or not, the Yanks need a new everyday SS. Yanks need to stop kidding themselves. Jeter’s had a great career but it’s time to move from the position. DH, 1B perhaps, but not SS.

    • JGYank

      He is going to get time at DH no matter what. Corner outfielder maybe? I know that is filled but why not? I don’t want to see too much of Ichiro or Wells. 3b makes sense too. Not 1b need Tex’s glove there. Imagine Cano leaves and Jeter plays at second. That would be weird.

  • Chris

    Nunez is NOT the guy, despite the fact he’ll be filling the role. I can already see it: Sept 29th, bottom of the ninth with 2 out and a man on third, visiting Houston needing one last win to get in as the 2nd wild-card and Nunez air-mails first base after going 0 for 4 with 3 K’s that day.

    Nunez is a cluster-f**k of a player and costs us as many runs as he knocks in with his sloppy D, if not more…there’s a reason no one wanted him at the deadline despite him being dangled out there…

    Sad to see Jete done for the year (and possibly career), but it’s the right thing to do…

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed the ankle surgery last October, said Jeter needs to strengthen the area around the ankle

    That’s exactly what I said on Sunday


  • Wheels

    Should have sat out this entire season in the first place.

    • 461deep

      Severe ankle injury and near 40 starting next year will be hard to overcome. Jeter will give it his best and do okay briefly but playing SS another full year seems daunting. No team can make unreasonable concessions for 1 player over a full season but can a few test games.

  • Joey

    Jeter and Mo will never play together again, sad…

    • bobtaco

      Which was the last game in retrospect? The White Sox series?

      • vicki

        mo blew it against boston last thursday. jete was 0 for 3 with two walks.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Jeter had surgery on Oct 20th and he returned to action on March 10th.

    That’s 4 1/2 month.

    That was too soon. Especially for a 39 year old.

  • vicki

    and texas goes down; farnsy with the save.

    they’re sure keeping it interesting with the tribe and rangers losing today, royals winning.

    • dkidd

      loving it

      no amphetamines + playing outdoors in the texas heat = september swoons

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Sad, but he was never going to get his stride going like this. It feels like the right move to me. Rest up for 2014 and go out in style.

    Now we just have to live with HIM the rest of the way.

  • ruralbob

    All the trolls…really sad.

  • Betty Lizard

    Less painful to see him not playing than to see him play in his current condition.