A view from old Yankee Stadium’s home plate over the years

Yankees re-sign David Herdon to minor league deal
Thursday Night Open Thread

I stumbled across this on Reddit and thought it was really, really cool. It’s a view from behind home plate at the old Yankee Stadium through the years, with the most recent photos on top. Check it out (click for a larger view, if you so desire):

View of the Bronx


Yankees re-sign David Herdon to minor league deal
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    People always say how short RF was in pre-1973 Yankee Stadium was, but 407 in RCF is no joke

  • http://riveraveblues sandyg

    Inside the current Yankee Stadium should be done over to look like the old stadium pre 1973 like

  • steves

    Give credit where credit is due. Turning the “old” Stadium into a simple baseball field (rather than a parking lot like Shea or a housing project like the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Fiels) was genius. It is still a breathtaking thrill coming out of the Metro North station and seeing the field laid out like it once was with kids playing on it and pointing out to your own kids that is where the Mick, Babe and Lou once stood.

    • jjyank

      Agreed. It’s great that they kept the space as a baseball field. I’m sure they easily could have gotten a giant parking garage there instead. Good for them.

      • RetroRob

        Plus, when YS IV is constructed in 50 years, they’ll have a ready-made location to start construction!

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      YS3 sits on what used to be McCombs Dam Park which was city/parks dep’t. land. The Yankees had to agree to make YS 1&2 a park in order to acquire the right to build across the street. Regardless, I’d rather they were still playing in the original locale & left McCombs as it was.

  • hey now

    Look at The Babe’s lower half. No wonder he had so much power.

    Very cool find, Mike.

  • ropeadope

    Outstanding pics, especially love the b/w images. Some of the old advertising brings back memories (Ballantine Beer, Burma Shave).

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    Pretty damn awesome.

  • RetroRob

    It could just be the angle, but it looks as if the position of home plate changed very slightly over the years when looking at the Court House, especially comparing the Ruth photo to the later ones.

  • http://www.twitter.com/thewallbreakers Scully


  • Brian in MA

    That was really cool. I made my first trip to YS3 this summer and it had been 10 years since i went to YS2, i really forgot how its not really in a nice area. I grew so accustomed to Fenway, and to a lesser extent, Camden Yards, and both are in really nice parts of town. It was fun though, it was the 7/5 game that kicked off Nova’s run of super-ness where he dominated the O’s.

    • Nick

      Camden Yards is in a good neighborhood? Last I checked it was pretty ghetto even a block from it…your standards for cities must be quite low…

  • WFAN Caller

    It really is too bad that the South Bronx is so rundown. You have to imagine that real estate – or even much of the real estate that runs up the Harlem River – is probably worth a bundle…

    But I guess part of the charm of Yankee Stadium is going to the game, going to The Dugout or Stan’s, losing track of time, stumbling out a couple of hours later and realizing you were on the wrong side of the tracks the whole time!

  • David

    Remember, everyone.


  • Golden Gate Yankee

    And no thowing bottles or missles on to the field or it’s off to the hoosegow for you and your stawhat.

    I thought they left the old flagpole with the bat weather vane on it in center of the new kids ballfield but I don’t see it in the picture on top.