Minors Notes: Sanchez, Whitley, Campos, Ravel

Sherman: Qualifying offers will be $14.1M this offseason
Weekend Open Thread

Got a collection of minor league notes to pass along, courtesy of Chad Jennings and Matt Eddy:

  • VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman confirmed C Gary Sanchez is eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this winter. I thought he had at least one more year to go, but it’s always tough to pin down the international guys. Obviously Sanchez will be added to the 40-man roster and protected from the draft.
  • RHP Chase Whitley may remain a starter in the future. The career reliever has made a handful of spot starts the last two years, and he’s the rare reliever who used three pitches fairly regularly. “He’s got a great changeup, so it was, let’s see if he can do this,” said Newman. “His velocity picked up over the last two years, he’s always had a very good changeup, we’re working on his breaking ball. We had some innings in the rotation, and he’s got starter stuff, so he may get a look in that way in the future.”
  • Newman confirmed RHP Jose Campos will again have his workload controlled next season. He was limited to three or four inning outings all summer. He’ll throw more innings overall, but they’re not yet ready to turn him loose just yet. Campos missed pretty much all of last season with an elbow injury.
  • Apparently OF Ravel Santana broke his arm at some point. That’s on top of the brutal ankle injury that completely derailed his career two years ago. “He’s had two really tough injuries,” said Newman. “He’s had a tough go.”
  • The Yankees re-signed UTIL Jose Pirela to a minor league contract. He became a six-year minor league free agent after the season. The 23-year-old has spent the last few years with Double-A Trenton, putting up a ~120 wRC+ in 888 plate appearances the last two seasons. Pirela’s not much of a prospect, but he can play all over the field. He’s the kind of guy who could sneak a call-up at some point.
Sherman: Qualifying offers will be $14.1M this offseason
Weekend Open Thread
  • Travis L.

    Pirela over Nix….any takers?

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      Pirela may be able to hit a little, but his fielding is worse than it’s been made out to be. A .708 lifetime fielding percentage at 3B? Nope, not a 3B option. .930 at SS, in a lot of chances? Nunez, whose fielding everyone loathes, is at .940. Maybe 2B, but who needs a sub who can only play 2B?

  • Draft 2 Dynasty

    Sanchez on 40 man should spell Stewart out out Pinstripes. (please Lord let this be true) Also means barring a trade of 1 or 2 of the other catchers McCann seems unlikely as well. (no tears here) Believe Santana had the injury @ some point during EXT Spring Training. Interested in knowing if Campos still likeky to head to Hi-A Tampa even with season innings limit.

    • RetroRob

      If the Yankees sign McCann they can then use a position of depth — catcher — to make improve through trade.

      Not saying they’ll sign McCann, but having several minor league catchers should have little impact on the decision to sign McCann, especially since Sanchez if a few seasons away.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Four of the five aforementioned 40-man roster catchers played for the ML team last year. They are not necessarily “minor league catcher.”

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Possibly. Five catchers on the 40-man? Something is going to give here. You’re not getting Stewvelli back unless someone younger is getting packaged somewhere instead.

      • Preston

        Even without adding Sanchez to the 40 man something was going to happen here, I doubt they would carry Cervelli, Stewart and Romine next year, even though Cervelli and Romine have options it would be lese than ideal to demote one of them and eat up reps that could be going to Murphy. One of them is probably moved for a bullpen arm at some point (fingers crossed it’s Stewart)

        • Mr. Roth

          I could be wrong, but I think that Cervelli is out of options.

          • Preston

            If that’s the case I think it makes the point even more, Romine has the most promise and upside and needs to be on the big league roster part of the Stewvelli monster needs to be traded.

            • Cool Lester Smooth

              No need to be so politic.

              Just say “Stewart needs to be cut”

  • Electric Nunez ll

    Potentially, yes- I like his blend of skills as a potential super utility guy a la Leyritz or Velarde, let’s see how he does at AAA. I was actually hoping they would re-sign him to a minor league deal so as to groom him for that role.

    • Electric Nunez ll

      Ok, I was responding to Travis about Pirela s. Nix.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      What skills? Compare his current level of play with that of Nix at the same stage. Nix was much, much better than Pirela in every dimension.

      • Preston

        At 22 at AA Nix hit .236/.289/.355 the following season at 23 at AAA he hit .251/.317/.313

        At 22 at AA Pirela hit .293/.356/.458 in 2013 at 23 repeating AA he hit .272/.359/.418

        Now to be fair Nix really turned a corner with the bat in his age 24 season, but to this point Pirela has superior hit tools than Nix did at the same age/level. Although I also think that Nix is a better more versatile defender than Pirela as well.

  • Preston

    Obviously in the abstract it seems like a good idea to try Whitley in the rotation to maximize his value, but considering that the Yankees need all the bullpen help they can get next season, doesn’t it seem to make some sense to just keep him where he is and see if he can be a good middle inning guy? We already have plenty of back end starter options with Phelps, Warren, Marshall, Nuno etc. (plus Pineda and Banuelos if and when they’re healthy and ready) and Whitley doesn’t seem to project better than any of them.

  • David McCann

    I went to all of Trenton’s playoff games and Pirela is among several that impressed me. He can hit. At the worst he is an utility infielder with power.

    As a side not the Yankee season and the team’s farm system are both being irrationally scapegoated for the Yankees not making the playoffs. Prela is one of many little Yankees who are seriously underrated in the prospect analysis world. I would choose him to replace Robby if Cano moves on

    As for the parent club I would be thrilled if we signed Tanada but otherwise don’t care to sign free agents.

    My hoped for team is the following:

    Cervelli and Romine
    Jeter and Ryan
    Soriano and Wells
    Gardner and Almonte
    CC – Robertson
    Kuroda – Kelley
    Nova – Claiborne
    Tanada – Cabral
    Phelps. – Betances
    Warren- Whitley

    I am not worried about the young bullpen as Girardi has always been good with bullpens. I do worry about the offense but expect pitching to carry the team inIo contention

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Looks like an 80 win team…if they can stay mostly healthy.

    • Mr. Roth

      So basically the same team as we hoped to have healthy this year, minus Granderson, Pettitte, Rivera, and Alex?

      That team is probably good for somewhere between 75-85 wins and no playoff spot.

    • b_kundrick

      Agreed on Pirela!

  • Opus

    “Starter stuff”