Olney: Cubs intend to make Girardi a “serious contract offer”

CC Sabathia and a normal offseason
Wednesday Night Open Thread

Via Buster Olney: Cubs ownership is pushing internally for Joe Girardi and intends to make him a “serious contract offer” as soon as they’re allowed. Girardi’s contract expires on October 31st and the Yankees are hesitant to give him permission to negotiate with other clubs in the meantime for obvious reasons.

The Cubs have just started their managerial search after firing Dale Sveum according to Olney, but their ownership group sees Girardi as someone who could give the organization a shot in the arm after attendance declined for the fifth straight year. During yesterday’s end-of-season press conference, Brian Cashman confirmed he is meeting with Girardi’s agent today. The other day we heard the club will have to offer a “significant” raise to keep their skipper. Not-so-bold prediction: If Girardi does not sign a new deal before his current one expires, he’s a goner.

CC Sabathia and a normal offseason
Wednesday Night Open Thread
  • Dr

    Torre :)

    • Laz

      Bud Selig?

      I heard he is available.

  • Brent

    If I was joe this is a no brainet in my eyes. Go with the Cuba they have young talent and have money to spend. They have a bright future while Yankees future is shitty. If he wins in Chicago he is a freaking legend.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You should go with him.

    • Mr. Roth

      lol Really? You think the Cubs have a brighter future ahead of them than the Yankees? At baseball?

      • Laz

        Cubs future looks very bright. Long term you can’t argue with the success the Yankees have had.

    • JLC 776

      The words ‘bright future’ should never, ever be used to describe the Cubs.


  • Darren

    The only choices we’ve heard for possible replacements are the obvious ones – Tony Pena and Willie Randolph.

    Who are some other ones? Ozzie Guillen (amazing, but will never happen); Trey Hillman (doubt it); Torre (extremely unlikley but would be awesome and Proctor’s arm just went into hiding)

    Anyone else? Dave Miley’s never been mentioned as a candidate for any MLB job right?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      If Ozzie Guillen ever manages the New York Yankees, I will eat my shoe.

      • RetroRob

        Well, we are all disappointed that Ben didn’t have to eat his hat…

        I wonder if Dale Sveum could be a candidate? A manager switch.

    • nycsportzfan

      Would love Trey Hillman! I’d also find out if Dave Righetti was interested and maybe bring Righetti and Lincecum over from SF?

      As far as Hillman, he didn’t get a fair shake in KC. That team stunk period. He deserves a chance with a club like NY and has expierence with the franchise.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    “If he wins in Chicago he is a freaking legend.” this x1000

  • Adam

    Let him go. They are a 3rd place team at best next year with him or without him. Plus everytime he says “Gardy”, etc. it makes me wretch. They can’t wear beards but their manager can use all the silly, infantilizing nicknames. THIS IS THE YANKEES.

    Let him go to the Cubs. The Cubs fans can enjoy his silly nicknames.


    • pat


    • BFDeal

      Amazing how you have the ability to make that declaration prior to any offseason changes.

      • Adam

        Just because I am a realist and know they have virtually no trade pieces and the FA market is crap?

        You are a tool buddy.

        • BFDeal

          The fact you think a pessimistic attitude make you a realist shows who the tool is, buddy.

    • Mike B.

      I agree: I hate those ridiculous, childish nicknames, too.

      I would not be too upset if he left. Replacement?…Mattingly?

  • RetroRob

    Any team who hires a manager to increase attendance have no understanding what brings fans to the park. Yes, they’ll get some buzz, but that ends quickly.

  • Adam

    Oh and who should replace him? Wally Backman, this team is already a shitshow.

    • BFDeal

      Wasn’t funny on MLBTR either.

      • Adam

        I didn’t know that any Backman comment was posted. You really got a hard on for me huh.

  • Leg-End

    He has given us a World Series and frankly I think he has maximised every team he has been given since.

    If he goes, I think Pena deserves a shot.

    • Nick Social

      Pena deserves a shot, without a doubt.

      But Ozzie Guillen as manager would be AWESOME.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Complete fool’s gold for Chicago. A manager’s not increasing attendance and will only buy you so much of a smokescreen if your franchise isn’t doing well.

    I don’t have a good sense of what manager’s salaries are. I already said my part on this this morning. I very much like Joe. I don’t think he’s the only person who could guide this team.

  • MooCow

    I agree with Adam. Girardi’s nicknames are woeful. Take Gardner. Put a top hat and a monocle on him and he looks just like Mr. Peanut. Bam. Nickname!

    Girardi is good with a bullpen, but he’s shit with verbal creativity. And that’s what baseball is about.

    • Broll The American

      WOW… LOL.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      Yeah, like the nicknames of Bob Ferguson and Moses Solomon.

  • Broll The American

    If they’re not spending our money on players anymore, why not overpay for the manager. I think Girardi has been great. The A-Rod mess smoothed out and was never an issue on the field. He never gets flustered by the NY Media. The other prospects sound dreadful… so give him whatever he wants x2. They’re saving enough money on player salary next year.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    If Girardi leaves, which I hope doesn’t happen….the 2 guys I’d like to see manage the team are either Pena or Giambi.

  • Bo Knows

    I doubt Girardi is going anywhere, his kids are old enough that uprooting them and moving them across the country away from the lives and friends they’ve made would be really difficult. Also I doubt he’d want to make the move without moving his family because his kids want him experience their triumphs in soccer and cheerleading, and I doubt he wants to miss all of that.

  • Simon B.

    I like Girardi, and I’d prefer they keep him, but he’s by no means irreplaceable.

    I’d be reluctant to give him too much money/years to keep him onboard — for one thing, because the team next year looks awful, with or without him.

    Maybe it’s silly, but I really don’t want to hear about a “OVERPAID GIRARDI SHOULD BE FIRED” storyline for the next couple years because the roster is dismal.

  • Jamie

    Time to bring home Donnie Baseball…trade for him if you have to.

    • Mike B.

      I just thought the same thing….

    • Tex

      Why is Donnie Baseball come to the Yankees, leaving what is the “new Yankee” franchise?

      • Tex

        **Why will…

  • Tom

    The Cubs have a ton of position players on the horizon. OF – Soler, Almora, Jackson, Szczur. IF – Baez, Olt, Vogelback, Villaneuva to go with Rizzo, Castro.

    And with the exception of Baez (who already has some AA this year at age 19) these are mostly guys that have significant time in AA/AAA. The huge hole is pitching, but they have the position player depth to deal for it and a ton of money coming off the books to potentially buy some.

    I would think many potential managers would pick the Cubs job over the Yankees job (if money was similar). And that’s putting aside relative expectations for the team.

  • yankeeTX

    I don’t buy the whole “Cubs future being brighter” bit. Next year might be a push but if they get the whole 189 issue out of the way they oughta be able to secure some choice FA’s.

  • Farewell Mo

    Does it really matter who manages the team through the next few rebuilding years?

    Once they develop some young talent and become good again, Mattingly should be about ready for a change of scenery and will be the perfect candidate to step in.

    • Winter

      Once they develop some young talent and become good again

      Developing young talent could take half a decade. Becoming good again could be next year. The two have very little to do with each other and there’s no way of knowing hen either will happen.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Somehow, Don Mattingly became the only person other than Joe Girardi qualifies to manage a baseball team.

      • Mike B.

        Indeed, you might be right.

  • Jack

    I hope he goes to Chicago and takes his damn book with him. Good riddance!!

  • kenthadley

    If I’m Girardi, I ask for 4 years at 5Mil per year from Yanks. I don’t think Girardi has a passion to be a “god” in Chicago or anywhere else. He’s a pretty humble person.

  • Jack

    I hope he goes to Chicago and takes his damn book with him. Good riddance

  • Arnie

    If Pena is hired, would he be the first non-white Yankee manager? I’m looking at the list and no one stands out as being hispanic or black.


    • Steve (different one)


      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Piniella’s family was Spanish, from Spain. I don’t know how that would make him non-white.

  • princeps

    Why not get scoisa-if angels blink
    Move Jeter to 3rd base

  • SellTheFarmRay

    There is almost zero chance Girardi goes to the Cubs.
    Joe may be oblique in his answers at times, but you can usually read between the lines. Joe doesn’t seem to be the type to say “there is nothing in Chicago for me” as a negotiating ploy. As Bo Knows said, and Joe has made clear in interviews (including that New Yorker profile), his family is based in New York and that’s important to him.

    Second, Girardi is firmly part of the Yankees industrial complex and isn’t going to another organization. I could be wrong, but with the exception of Torre who was pushed out the door, I can’t think of any prominent Yankee from the post-’96 era who left for another organization AFTER being with the Yankees. For Joe, there are too many opportunities down the line (Old Timers Day, YES, front office) beyond his next managing job for him to blow the Yankees off. Listen to Jeter, Rivera etc talk about the organization and the Steinbrenner family. There is a loyalty there that Joe, having played with the team and then managed, buys into.

    The only other exception is Mattingly, who is from a different era (along with Dave Winfield etc) that clearly doesn’t have the same feelings for obvious reasons.

    • pat

      I think his kids are the biggest factor. Dude has three kids aged 14,11, and 6. I doubt hes going to want to uproot them.

  • Yankee68

    I coached some Little League, throw me in the mix! I will work for 1% of Girardi’s current salary.

  • Adam

    They let Girardi walk and I’m not watching a second of this team next year. He’s the last sane person with any clue what he’s doing left in this shit organization. If they let their manager leave over money this franchise is a total joke.

  • Bob Buttons

    I imagine the offer went like this

    Theo: We’ll give you Cubs gear for you and your entire extended family for the rest of your lives!
    Joe: Okkkkkay????
    Theo: We’re serious.

    • Roger Repoz

      If Joe Girardi leaves, the Yankees might hire Ozzie Guillen and possibly secure Fidel Castro as bench coach. They would work well together and it could give the Yankees the advantage in signing Cuban players.

      • Bob Buttons

        I heard Castro prefers to join the Nationals, and they do need a manager. After all where better to conduct espionage than in DC?

  • Adrift

    Girardi did a brilliant job this year. Re-sign him.

  • Fin

    If I’m Girardi I get out of NY while the getting is good. Can make roughly the same money in place that should be on the rise and not on the fall. Girardi will take the fall first when the Yankees don’t make the playoffs again next year, and very possibly finish under .500. Better job security and less fan hostility awaits in Chicago.

    If he stays in NY hes betting on the front office to rebuild this team in a hurry, I think that’s a bad bet.

  • The Other Mister D

    You do not bring Donnie Baseball back to the Bronx to manage what this team is likely to be next year. Girardi’s head won’t roll if the team stinks next year, but Mattingly won’t get the same consideration.