Weekend Open Thread


Saturday: Happy Saturday, folks. The Dodgers and Cardinals are playing Game Two of their NLCS right now on TBS (Clayton Kershaw vs. Michael Wacha) while the Red Sox and Tigers open their ALCS a little after 8pm ET on FOX (Jon Lester vs. Anibal Sanchez). The Rangers and Islanders are both playing regular season games while the Knicks have a preseason game. I’m sure there’s college football on somewhere as well. Talk about any of that stuff and more right here. Have at it.

Sunday: I’m going to be rather busy today and all week really, so barring any breaking news, content might be a little light for the next few days. Feel free to continue used this thread all day Sunday to talk about whatever’s going on. The Red Sox and Tigers play Game 2 of ALCS tonight at 8pm ET on FOX (Clay Buchholz vs. Max Scherzer), plus you have all the day’s NFL action and Devils game tonight. I’m pretty sure the season premier of the Walking Dead will be on later as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  1. lee says:

    the Dodgers 3-4-5 hitters are now 1-for-23 with 12Ks. this is just like watching the Yankees……

    • SDB says:

      Indeed. Amazing starting pitching in two games let down, and what looks like 0 for a million with RISP.

      Can’t believe they had runners on 2nd and 3rd, no outs, Puig at bat and completely failed to score a run that inning.

  2. Wheels says:

    The Cardinals get two hits and win the game. Dodgers 0-6 with RISP, and 1-16 in the series thus far.

  3. dars says:

    Yankees 2014 plans should be as follows:
    Theoretically Yankees have $80 M to spend and still be under $189 mark
    Sign Carlos Beltran to a 2 yr deal worth $13 a year, sign Tim Hudson to a $9 M 1 year contract, sign Brian McAnn to a 4 year deal worth $16 a year, bring Tanaka in on a $12 M a year 5 year contract, sign Jhony Peralta to a $8 M per year 2 year contract, sign Cano to a $21 M a year 7 year contract. Trade Nunez and Cervelli. Sign Brendan Ryan to a $1.5 M contract. And there we go…. Contenders again…

    Starting Line Up:
    1. Gardner CF
    2. Jeter DH
    3. Cano 2B
    4. Teixeira 1B
    5. Soriano LF
    6. Beltran RF
    7. McAnn C
    8. Peralta 3B
    9. Ryan SS

    Wells, Ichiro, Nix, Romine

    Sabathia, Pineda, Nova, Tanaka, Hudson

    Cabral, Kelly, Betances, Phelps, Robertson, Warren, Daley

    • Mr. Roth says:

      Force Free Agent to Sign Contract Offer: [x] ON [ ] OFF

    • Mr. Roth says:

      Going into the season relying on that rotation to be healthy and effective would scare the shit out of me.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Thats not a bad little lineup and rotation. I’d like to see if we can get jesse crain as well though.. Were gonna have DROB closing, and if for some reason that don’t work, it’d be nice to have a guy we can plug in to Closer and put back DROB at 8th inn and i think Crain can close..

      Crain might be alittle cheaper because of the Shoulder issue he had to end the yr as well..

      I’d also be interested in Tim Lincecum over Tim Hudson. Lincecum could just need a change of scenery, and will have a new league to face, that isn’t used to him..

    • Preston says:

      I’d rather have Kuroda back than Hudson. And a lot of your contract proposals are way under what those guys will get on the open market.

    • Pat D says:

      I’d never go into a season with two guys in a rotation who have had recent major shoulder issues.

      • forensic says:

        Other than Pineda, who else had recent major shoulder issues?

        • Pat D says:


          • forensic says:

            He missed the rest of the season with a fractured ankle. Nothing was wrong with his shoulder.

            The only arm injury he’s had that DL’d him in his career was TJ surgery back in 2009.

            • Pat D says:

              Yea, I went and realized that after I posted. Not sure why I misremembered that so badly.

              I still wouldn’t sign Hudson, due to the injuries, age, and moving back to the AL factors, though.

            • nycsportzfan says:

              Still scary with the Ankle injuries to Jeter and David Adams that had them missing like forever. I’d be worried that Hudson could get hurt easily on that recently injured ankle next yr.

              Either way, i get the idea though, and have thought about it myself. I’m all for trying Tim Lincecum and Tanaka to CC, Nova, and Pineda. Then we got Phelps and Nuno to back them up.


              Phelps and Nuno first in if injuries occur. That would be a interesting rotation.

          • Pat D says:

            Fuck, never mind. Why did I think he had a shoulder injury this year.

  4. forensic says:

    So, four rookies all 24 or younger (along with one out from Choate) shut out and dominate the Dodgers to win game 2. I can’t even really get mad about it, I’m just jealous.

    I’m absolutely loving what’s happening to the Dodgers so far though. Hanley’s willingness to play being questioned again after today. Puig might be the best thing though. 0-4 4K’s today, 0-10 6K’s in the series. Throwing temper tantrums like a little kid who didn’t get his way.

    It may not last the whole series, but it’s beautiful so far.

    The only thing that could add to it would be A-Gon complaining on Monday that they only had one day off to travel and it’s unfair.

  5. Joe says:

    I would trade for Headley of San Diego to play 3rd base instead of Peralta, other wise agree with Dars

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      You’d probably need to cut at least a couple of million somewhere else then. (Actually, I think Dars would probably have to cut a few million to start with)

  6. This impending Cardinals/Red Sox World Series is going to be unbelievably gag worthy.

  7. nycsportzfan says:

    I wonder what it would take to get Nick Castellanos from the Tigers? Can’t he play some 3rd and OF?

  8. nycsportzfan says:

    Why is Cabrera even playing? The guy is gonna cost the tigrers in the end. He should of had a double but barley could get to first, and then coulden’t even get to 3rd on a rip from Prince that got away from Ellsbury.. Hes only on 2nd base!!!!

  9. nycsportzfan says:

    Alex Avilla sucks behind the plate. Seriously. He didn’t stay down on a strike 3 and completely looked like a rookie the way he jumped up which lead to Victorino getting on, and then Victorino stole, and i swear, avilas throw to 2nd was about as weak as i’ve seen from any MLB catcher this yr. It was a noodle throw. That guy is not a catcher!

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I wonder if we could trade DET one of our catchers and something else for Castellanos? Avila can’t hit a lick as well as sucks behind the plate..

  10. nycsportzfan says:

    Ah ha Ortiz! Go sit down u fat slob!

  11. Tom says:

    Good grief – does every Boston player bitch about a marginal pitch or check swing? It seems like everyone in their lineup does it these days. (pitchers too)

    Victorino stands so close to the plate that if an inside pitch doesn’t hit him, it is pretty much a strike.

    He got hit by a pitch in TB that was 1.3″ off home plate… meaning part of the ball was actually over the plate (the pitch was high though). It’s pretty much only a matter of time before he gets hit by a pitch IN the strike zone.

  12. forensic says:

    According to Chris Singleton, he said this game could be over if the Tigers score one run based on how Sanchez is pitching.

    So, apparently he expects Sanchez to throw a 176 pitch no-hitter.

  13. lee says:

    i didn’t know that Detroit had hired Jorge Posada to coach base running….

  14. dars says:

    Everybody keeps assuming the Red Sox are making it to the World Series. Their one kryptonite is power pitching and the Tigers have 4 starters thar throw gas. The Red Sox have not faced a team like the Tigers in a long time, The 3 game series in Boston last month saw a blowout against Porcello who is not even going to pitch, they lost to Fister who blanked them and they beat Sherzer 2-1 at Fenway.

    I am betting on the Tigers better pedigree and experience….

  15. Tom says:

    And if you had the 6th inning in the “When does McCarver bring up the ’04 ALCS” pool, you are a winner.

  16. dars says:

    Is Joe Buck a diehard Red Sox fan? He can barely hide it…
    I despise the guy…

  17. Tom says:

    Wow, ballsy call by Leyland there to stick with Sanchez and it pays off.

  18. Mousee says:

    Look at how noisy it is at Fenway. If this was at Yankee Stadium, it would be quieter than mausoleum.

  19. WhittakerWalt says:

    Here come Al Buquerque to crap the bed.

  20. WhittakerWalt says:

    Hahaha, Sox fans don’t like when strikes get called on them.

  21. SDB says:

    Awww, a low strike called on Ellsbury, and now people are behaving as if it’s a crime against humanity that violated the Geneva convention.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      They’re now just going to give a sarcastic cheer for every call that they DO like. Which is not many.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Very true. Half the time umps actually get calls wrong, with these idiots, they whine and boo when the balls clearly right on the black even with pitchzone..lol Babies!

      • SDB says:

        This Red Sox team is one that you could give a bag of shit to, and they’d complain it wasn’t big enough for them.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        Sometimes the pitcher just makes a perfect pitch. Granted, the fact that it’s Jose Veras is hard to believe, but the pitch was right there on the corner.

  22. dkidd says:

    just stopped by to say i’ve never seen a team do more complaining than this Red Sox bunch


  23. SDB says:

    Now Pedroia takes one right on the outside corner at the knees, and behaves like a petulant child. Christ, these fucking Sox.

  24. Midland TX says:

    I just gotta say I’m glad this thread is here so we can all enjoy the Red Sox putting their whining on display. An entire team that thinks it never should take a called or checked-swing strike. This is Papi’s team all right.

    • Tom says:

      By my count the only players in the lineup who have not complained about a check swing or called strike are Drew and Ross/Salty

  25. WhittakerWalt says:

    None of this will matter if the Sox come back to win. I hate having to root for the Tigers. Maybe just for today. To see the Sox get a no-no thrown at them.

  26. The Real Greg says:

    I will call this right now and I hope I’m wrong. The Red Sox will win this game

  27. Rolling Doughnut says:

    18K, one hit. Great game, even better result.

  28. Pat D says:

    I was so hoping for the no-hitter.

    Too bad it was the Tigers getting the win.

  29. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Meh…a no-hitter would’ve been better.

  30. Pat D says:

    Honestly, considering who’s playing and everything that is happening, knowing that this team whines about every call, I can’t believe most of you watched this.

    Kudos to you. Now go take something for the pain. I’m thinking a mixture of aspirin and cocktails.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      It was a fantastic game to watch. Really fun game to be honest. It was great watching the sox stumble every time it looked as if they were gonna rally..lol

      Ya, i’ve been drinking though.

    • forensic says:

      I only listened to the first 4 innings, then saw the last half inning on TV during lunch.

      It’s pretty absurd when a 1-0 game takes nearly 4 hours.

  31. nycsportzfan says:

    Haha! Screw the Sox!

  32. Mick taylor says:

    Selig that scumbag would like nothing better than to give the world series MVP trophy to David Ortiz. His hatred for the yanks is shown by his so called competitive balance moves like the luxury tax . In the last 10 years 3teams , sox cards giants have dominated the post season . He issues the vile biased mitchellreport by the vial biased senator Mitchell which does notcontain one red soxFrom the senator of massachusetts even though David Ortiz tested positive for peds in 2003 and manny was doing them while a red sox.how do think sox came back from 0-3 down to beat yanks in 2004. Damon knows they all shot up before game 4 and will someday tell the world in a book. If selig went after big needle in poopie Ortiz and other red sox ped users like Gomes and Napoli with the fury he has gone after arod he would nail the asses of these sox ped users.

  33. mt says:

    I am very happy about this Red Sox loss but think about it – Tigers almost had to throw a no-hitter to win in a game where they had fourteen baserunners and barely scored a run – I’ll take it cause they just need four wins anyway the Tigers can get them but I am very worried about this Tigers offense – I don’t think shutting out the Red Sox for three more games is practical for a winning strategy.

    Cabrera can barely move (Fielder and Martinez not much better) – doubles regularly get turned into singles. Hopefully Cabrera can hit some home runs since that is where his value will be (not to even mention defensive concerns.)

    I know I am whining after a Tiger win but the thing is I want the Red Sox to lose so badly – I think Sox would definitely lose if Cabrera wasn’t so banged up.

    I agree about the Red Sox whining – Lester always huddles up and complains to umpire about a pitch after its called a ball in terms of challenging umpire where the ball was (did same thing right after a close pitch ruled a ball subsequently followed by a Sean Rodriguez home run on next pitch in ALDS.) All teams complain but it is the Red Sox facial and physical gesticulations that are annoying (aided and abetted by those awful beards).

    Jim Leyland better thank his lucky stars that Tigers did not give 2014 Yankee Jhonny Peralta the same dismissive treatment the Giants gave Melky Cabrera last year during playoffs (I do realize that Cabrera’s leaving team last year without explanation after his suspension came down was a big reason Giants did not want Melky back.)

  34. mustang says:

    No Yankees and the Giants are 0-6, but at least the Sox gave me some sport joy yesterday.

  35. RetroRob says:

    I can only imagine Yankee fans moaning if their favorite team was in the postseason and not scoring runs as we’ve been seeing from the teams that are there, blaming it on how an offense built around walks and HRs doesn’t play in the postseason. Fortunately the Yankees got rid of all those walks and HRs this year, sparing their fans of another postseason appearance.

  36. RetroRob says:

    Since it looks to be a slow news day on RAB,I figure I’ll throw this one into the fire for thoughts

    According to a Newsday reporter, the posting agreement between MLB and Japan has expired with no replacement agreement announced.


    This could dramatically impact the Tanaka bidding as he could be an unrestricted free agent. Yet I have to believe that the replacement agreement is in place and it just hasn’t been announced yet. I know there were talks that it would be changed so that the top three bidders could negotiate. Perhaps that’s coming.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      I doubt they’ll let Tanaka or anyone go to MLB without a proper agreement system and all that. A “gentleman”‘s agreement could be in place to not do nothing til a new system is agreed upon. It is not unlike the MLB and Selig to do unwritten rules and handshakes (Bonds, etc)

      • RetroRob says:

        Yes, that’s my reaction, too, although if I’m Tanaka and I can escape to MLB without going through the posting process, I’m filing to be a free agent immediately. Teams will have to bid on him unless they want to face another lawsuit.

        Yet MLB and the NPB have been working on a new agreement for a while. I don’t think any player can file for free agency until after the MLB and the NPB seasons have concluded. That means they probably have most or all of October to announce the new agreement.

  37. SteveP says:

    Hey, appears to be a slow news day/week around here so going to throw a name for possible trade talk…thinking about Marco Scutaro today.

    There is no indication that he is available but just throwing his name out there as it would seemingly make some sense. This comes with or without the assumption of an A-Rod suspension. He has recently played everywhere on the left side of the diamond and from what i can see..plays at the minimum average defense.

    He passes the “better than Jayson Nix/David Adams” test and has played previously in the Al East. He also would be traded for so there wouldn’t be the “Stephen Drew issue” where someone doesn’t want to sign due to playing time, etc.

    The biggest issue i could see with this is that you may be paying 6 mil + for a possible bench player but I think w the situations w Jeter/A-Rod that would probably work itself out.

    Now as far as trading…as Mike mentioned earlier this year, we do match up fairly well with the Giants in regards to what they are looking for re: young controllable pitching, and Scutaro is not a superstar so might not require the highest prospects. I’m not going to give an actual trade proposal cause I’m either going to over or undersell…but I think you can probably start with someone like Phelps…

    Just seeing what everyone thinks on this Sunday afternoon :-)

  38. FLYER7 says:

    Why do so many not count in Banuleos for a rotation spot for ’14?

    • Bob Buttons says:

      He’s lost for a long while now and he hasn’t even started pitching, IIRC. Kinda like the Pineda scenario, except there’s less service time concerns with him.

    • pat says:

      You mean ’15?

    • lee says:

      according to LoHud ( http://yankees.lhblogs.com/201.....y-updates/ ) he was pitching pretty well in the instructional league, and will be ready for spring training. sounds like he might have a shot next year.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        It would take some spring training for him to make the team but, yeah, I see no reason why, if healthy and, once the rust if off, that he can’t work his way into the mix during the season.

        Still waiting for him to top throwing that change to Youk with the bases loaded…

    • forensic says:

      I’m still hopeful that he’ll eventually end up being a top half of the rotation starter, but it hard to imagine him having much of a chance at being anything in the rotation, at least through the first half of the year or so.

      He’s had control and/or hit issues at every stop since passing High-A. He’s only had 13 starts at AAA, and it’s hard to argue they’ve been very successful. He’s missed about a month less than two full years of very important development time with his recent injuries.

      The good thing is that next year is still just his age-23 season, so there’s still some time for him. Like I said, I’m very hopeful, but there’s a lot against him which makes me less than optimistic, especially given the general development ability of the Yankees at this point.

  39. Silvio says:

    Sunday, October 13, 2013
    Cashman: We can’t replace A-Rod

    ( http://espn.go.com/espn/print?.....type=story)

    NEW YORK — With Alex Rodriguez appealing his 211-game suspension in the Biogenesis case, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman dismissed the theory he would rather have A-Rod’s $25 million wage come off the books in 2014 than see the third baseman win his case against baseball and remain on the active roster.

    Speaking on ESPN Radio’s “The Ian O’Connor Show” Sunday, Cashman maintained the Yankees want Rodriguez back on the field even if his restored salary would complicate the team’s attempt to reduce payroll under the luxury tax threshold of $189 million.

    “If it comes down to, would we want the player we signed to be playing that position without any problems? Absolutely, no question about that,” Cashman said. “I think if people think there’s some sort of benefit by losing that talent, I mean, you can’t replace it. It’s not like, all right, well, Alex is gone. If he winds up getting suspended and it’s upheld, how do you replace that? It’s not easy.

    “It’s not like, all right, we’ll take that money and go in this direction. I think … our fan base saw when we lost significant players at various positions, it was not easy to plug holes because the talent just doesn’t exist.”

    Limited by injuries, the 38-year-old Rodriguez hit .244 with seven home runs and 19 RBIs in 44 games with the Yankees. A-Rod’s 654 career homers leave him six shy of Willie Mays’ career total and a $6 million bonus negotiated into his 10-year, $305 million deal signed after the 2007 season.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Who in their right mind would give Ian O’Connor a radio show. He has trouble editing a print column down to something coherent and informational; I can’t see him filling an entire hour or two of live radio.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        I thought the same thing when Mike Lupica was given a time slot on ESPN radio. Why in God’s name would anyone think it was a good idea to give him a daily show Who wants to gear him whine and rant for an hour wtf.

        The funny is I did a quick Google search and found out he comes on after O’ Connor lol.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      That’s exactly what I would publicly say as well. I don’t even think he’s necessarily wrong in that.

      • Shittyshittybangbang says:

        “The player we signed”. Was that Freudian, or purposeful ? Could we not interpret that as A-Rod not being that same player ? Is he, or isn’t he ? Probably not. Interesting verbiage, and also probably scripted.

    • lee says:

      with A-Rod suing everyone in sight, i’m guessing everything Cashman says has been carefully scripted/vetted by the Yankee legal team. what he really thinks may be totally different.

      • RetroRob says:

        Oh, yes. Their public comments about A-Rod have been nothing less than supportive, we need him back, we plan to have him back, etc. ever since that incident when he was on rehab and he questioned the Yankees. They obviously suspected some legal action might be on the way, so they’ve been very pro-A-Rod in case they need to refer back to things in court. Of course, there is the “Shut the F-Up” from Cashman.

    • Preston says:

      The Yankees were a far easier team to watch once A-Rod was in the line-up. There isn’t a 3b option out there that is any better than him. So money aside (it’s not my money) I’d rather have him on the field as much as possible.

      • RetroRob says:

        Totally agree. If he hits .240 with 20 HRs he’s better than what they have, and based on what I saw before he had the leg issues in September, I think he can contribute even more than that.

        Best case scenario is he only missed 50 games.

        • RetroRob says:


        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          If the budget for next year is similar to this year, I’d agree.
          If they are trying to stay under $189M, they *should* be able to find more productive ways to spend that money, even if it does mean a downgrade at 3B.

  40. Bob Buttons says:

    After thinking about it a few days I’m concluding that… Giants probably won’t do crap after the season ends and minimal change. One of Fewell or Gilbride might even survive.

  41. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    When did the Red Sox bring back Grady Little?

  42. forensic says:

    Wow, Buchholz sure imploded here. Good job having someone ready to come in Farrell.

    I’m certainly not rooting for the Tigers, but it is enjoyable watching the Red Sox on the verge of embarrassment in this series.

  43. lee says:

    is John Farrell asleep?

  44. SDB says:

    That was beautiful to watch. Wicked awesome in fact. I can’t wait to watch the replay of that entire inning. Fuck you Boston.

  45. The Real Greg says:

    Remember when Girardi intentionally walked David Ortiz this year?

    That’s why he did it.

  46. Pat D says:

    I wish I could say I’m surprised that happened.

  47. Bob Buttons says:


    Some mlb article about Wainwright’s trade to the Cards.
    Basically he got the news in the middle of proposing to his then-GF now-wife =P talk about timing.

  48. forensic says:

    Good thing there’s never been a hint of PED allegations against Ortiz or else the fans and announcers might have to fight through some conflicting feelings about him and his place in history.

    • The Real Greg says:

      Well there was one story but it was never proven.

      Besides Ortiz is naturally a big man, so it’s hard to tell.

      • RetroRob says:

        He failed a PED test. There was nothing to be proven. He said he would perform an investigation as to what happened and he would report back. He never did.

        • Pat D says:

          Because he was supposedly never told for what he tested positive. So if that’s true, how could he “investigate” anything?

          This is the problem with this shit.

          • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

            Seriously? He doesn’t have to be told what he tested positive for because HE TOOK AND THUS KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE TOOK.

            God people are gullible.

            • Pat D says:

              No, I just try to see both sides of an issue.

              Unfortunately, with this one, the other side of the story is plausible.

              That being said, I don’t believe the GBFF, OK? I guess I should have specified that.

    • Pat D says:

      As much as I hate GBFF, the problem is there is some “plausible deniability” to the positive test.


      The MLBPA couldn’t tell him what he tested positive for, which isn’t good, because of the list being seized. He couldn’t remember what supplements he took six years later, which is entirely possible. The MLBPA insists that the number of people on the list couldn’t possibly have all tested positive.

      So I think it largely comes down to how much you believe Ortiz and the MLBPA. It’s easy to be suspicious of both, but it’s easy to believe both, too.

      • forensic says:

        I don’t believe any of them. It’s shocking that the MLBPA would support him.

        And either way, I never said he tested positive, all I said was a ‘hint of PED allegations’.

        I don’t care about the whole PED thing anyway. What I’m tired of and hate are the double and triple standards that people apply whenever they feel like it.

      • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        No, it’s not remotely easy to believe either of them, unless you are completely gullible.

  49. Pat D says:

    They’re going to win this game thanks to the embedded Red Sox!

  50. nycsportzfan says:

    Rick Porcello is a joke!

  51. nycsportzfan says:

    What a choke job! Tigers..lol

  52. forensic says:

    Way to give it away, Detroit. Could you have choked any bigger in those last two innings?

  53. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Prince showing off the glove-work this inning.

  54. SDB says:

    I hate this Red Sox team. Ugh.

  55. Pat D says:

    They’re going to go on and win this series now, I’ll bet.

    Further proof that there is no God.

  56. Pinkie Pie says:

    Both these teams in the ALCS can go fuck themselves.

  57. Mick taylor says:

    Leiland sucks as manager . Why pull scHwerzer after only 108 pitches he could have let him go to 120. Tory hunter is a curse. Every team he plays for is doomed to never win world series . David Ortiz was cut by twins 11 years ago because he was no more than another Matt stairs.when he got to Boston he joined steroid users like manny Ramirez and became an all star after going on peds. No one on the 2003 list did vitamin supplements. Ortiz most likely is on some synthetic stimulant which cannot be detected, like cervelli, Braun and the rest who used peds that could not be detectedBy MLB tests. If selig that scumbag wanted to nail big needle in poopie Ortiz he could find his supplier (Dominica republic?). But selig is only interested in nailing Yankees as witness his gangster style actions against a-rod.

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