Sun-Times: White Sox will “make a hard push” for Granderson

The Five Shortest Yankees Homers of 2013
Tuesday Night Open Thread

Via Daryl Van Schouwen: The White Sox are planning to “make a hard push” for Curtis Granderson when he officially becomes a free agent in a few weeks. The outfielder is from the area and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, which recently broke ground on a new baseball stadium funded by and bearing Granderson’s name.

Granderson, 32, hit .229/.317/.407 (97 wRC+) with seven homers in 245 plate appearances this year while missing more than 100 games thanks to a broken right forearm and broken left hand suffered on hit-by-pitches. Just last week, his agent confirmed Curtis’ “first choice” is returning to New York next year. I don’t expect Granderson to have a hard time finding contract offers this winter, but with every report that another club is interested, the likelihood of him declining a qualifying offer increases.

The Five Shortest Yankees Homers of 2013
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • NeilT

    Figure the Tigers to be in on him as well… who in their current outfield besides AJax would push Grandy for a spot?

    Whilst he would like to stay in NY, I don’t see them making more than the QO this offseason, and Grandy will get a 2/30 from someone.

  • Darren

    The Grandy Man is a pretty limited player, but the one thing he has is in pretty short supply on the Yanks. If the White Sox want to give him 4 years at $60mm (or something like that), I can’t imagine we’ll want to match it. So fine, we get the draft pick, assuming he turns down the QO.
    But who would we sign to replace him? We need the HR power. Other than Choo, what power hittting outfielders will be on the market?

    • MB923

      “Other than Choo, what power hittting outfielders will be on the market?”

      Beltran and Cruz I believe are FA as well

      • Laz

        No interest in Cruz.
        He provides no obp skills, and his “power” is 25 hr in Texas of all places.

        Granderson gives you 40 hr, while still having better obp skills than Cruz.

      • Robert B

        Beltran is a great fit for the NYY good RF that can play CF if needed and of course can DH as well. He is an actual replacment for Swisher but great stats during the post season. He still has 2-3 good years ahead of him.

    • RetroRob

      Limited, yes, in the sense that he’s a 30-40 HR-hitting OFer, and he drives up pitch counts, and he remains a plus base runner, and as expected his defensive ratings swung to the positive once he stopped playing CF.

    • Tisha

      The Grandy Man is a pretty limited player

      yeah, he is limited. He hits 40-45 hrs a year. Knocks in 90-100 runs a year, Scores 100+ runs a year, Can steal 20-25 bases a year and plays all outfield positions. Yeah, he is limited . LOL

      • Darren

        Limited hitter, I should have said. As in, he can’t.

        • Mike B.

          Yeah–how about batting average?

  • Frank

    Would only get a 2nd round pick from the CWS…their #1 is protected, so that would suck…especially if we lose ours signing someone.

    • LK

      I might be wrong here, but I think the pick forfeited doesn’t affect the pick gained – it’ll be a supplemental first rounder regardless of which team the FA signs with.

    • Bo Knows

      That’s not how it works, the CWS lose their 2nd round pick but the Yankees gained pick would be tacked on to the supplemental first round.

      • JKK

        Bo Knows the system. Chisox will lose their 2nd round pick and NYY will gain the pick on the supplemental pick after all the first round picks are done. I like to get the pick in place of Granderson. For the sake of another 10 plus years of great baseball in the future, Yankees should play down 2014, 2015 and 2016 to put the team in the position to draft some premium talents, sign some premium talents from International Market. With CC, AROD and Text’s K total $80MM in payroll through 2016, Yankees done have payroll flexibility. The $80MM spent on these three players are way overpaid for their expected performance. Yankees fans should sign up for three tough years where Yankees most likely will finish below 0.500 and restock the team with a young core by 2017. By 2017, only AROD’s $30MM will be on the books, with many MLB teams stacked with already high payrolls, money might be tight by 2016 to sign top flight free agents. Yankees can jump to sign a few potential top flight FA under the age of 28 to add to a new core. The new core of the Yankees by 2017 should have the following: 1) At least 2 Front of the Rotation Starters (Under the age of 27), 2) At least 2 #3 Starters like Nova (Under the age of 30), 3) Closer and two additional power armed setup (8th Inning)guys, 4) CF, SS, 2B, C (At least Two All-Star level and Two near All-Star from the group and under the age of 26 for all these spots), 5) Two Power Bats from the 4 Corner Spots. With this new core, adding another stud pitcher or super bat at the 2016 FA will make 2017 and beyond fund.

        • Luke

          Hire this as the GM. Fire Cashman. Nuff said!

          • Mike B.

            I’d hire him. I’m no fan of “The Little Weasel”–Cashman.

          • Deep Thoughts

            Tankees lose! Tha-a-a-a-a-a Tankees….LOSE!

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          I think you’re completely underestimating how difficult it will be to find, acquire, and develop that level of talent.

          2 under-27 front of the rotation starters by 2017?

          O is a lot more realistic expectation than 2.

          2 AS level up the middle players under the age of 26?

          Good luck with that.

          Top flight free agents under the age of 27?
          How many of those come to market anymore?

          They do need to rebuild, but expecting all of that talent in place by 2017 is even more unrealistic than Hal thinking $189M will be enough to field a championship team in 2014.

        • David in Cal

          I like JKK’s plan. It’s tough to put up with a mediocre team for 3 years. But, if we don’t plan smart, I think the Yanks will be mediocre for even longer.

          • Mike B.

            I’m afraid you’re right.

        • Tisha

          By 2017, only AROD’s $30MM will be on the books JKK says

          Wrong! By 2017, A Rod’s salary is 20 million.

          14:$25M, 15:$21M, 16:$20M, 17:$20M

          • BFDeal

            Wrong! Luxury tax is based on AAV payroll, which would be $27.5M for Arod. This doesn’t include any performance bonuses.

          • BFDeal

            Wrong! It’s based on AAV, which would be $27.5M.

        • RPD

          I agree with biting the bullet in the short term. I don’t necessarily think it would take 3 years, but get rid of the overpays, in 1 year Ichiro and Wells and Soriano will be gone, Jeter should retire, let Grandy go, even Cano if his contract demands are unreasonable. Quit overpaying for big name under performers. Pay off Arod whatever it takes. Go with young guys next year and find out who can play, then supplement with FAs in 2015.

    • Tisha

      Yanks pick 18 next June. Cash might be reluctant to lose it.

      • Mike B.


  • Mike Myers

    Hunter Pence got 5 years @ 90 Million.

    You gotta figure Granderson will get at least 4/70. Wont be with the Yankees….sadly.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t know if Pence necessarily set the market there.

      We tend not to think of Curtis as a guy who’d get a larger deal because of the low average and strikeouts. Perhaps you’re right, though.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Making a hard push for Granderson – sounds like he impregnated them.

    I’d bring him back on a three-year deal right now.

    • Luis Castillo (Not the one who dropped the ball)

      I like the guy but I’m not so sure about that, I think I’d bring Beltran on a 2 year deal before the Grandyman for 3. But that’s just me. I’m kinda assuming they get pretty much the same money per year.

      I love me some Carlos Beltran, even when him signing with the yankees would come like 8 years late (as Mike often points out).

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’d still lean Curtis there, but I’d be fine with your idea as well if Curtis isn’t coming back.

        • MannyGeee

          This. Beltran should be Plan B and resigning Granderson should be Plan A. In full disclosure, as a fellow Puerto Rican I am biased.

          • Captain

            I agree with this. Beltran as an everyday OF would scare me though on a multi-year deal

    • Now Batting

      So would I but you know somebody is going 4 maybe even 5.

  • JGYank

    So… draft pick? If this is true then we should definitely give him the QO. I would be fine with keeping him too.

  • CashmanNinja

    I’ve loved Grandy, but he’s becoming very limited. His defense is slipping. He has a noodle arm and always seems to play way too shallow. He doesn’t seem to steal bases the way he used to. He strikes out a ton as well. The only thing he seems to do wells is hit home runs, but I just don’t know if I’d want to do a multi-year deal for that. They’ll obviously extend a qualifying offer for him, but I don’t think we should offer a contract for multiple years because I’m becoming so against paying guys for their decline years and he’s going to hit the wall hard really soon.

    • Bo Knows

      He also works counts, walks a good deal, and really need to stress that the number of players that can mash 40+ homers is few and far between. Power, and patience are old man skills that tend to age well. Grandy shouldn’t get 6+ years but a 3-4 year deal would not be all that bad.

    • MannyGeee

      A lot of this is false. His defense since moving to LF has been pretty damn good. His ‘noodle arm’ is not exactly that. He didn’t steal bases the way he used to THIS SEASON on account of only playing about 1/4 of the season.

      And I would say Granderson’s decline in THIS GROUP of Yankess should be the furthest thing from your mind.

  • Wheels

    That sucks if we lose Grandy, I think it’s important to keep some semblance of familiarity with this team going forward.

  • Wayne

    How likely is it we offer granderson arbitration % wise ?

    • MannyGeee

      Roughly zero, since he is not arbitration eligible.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Cubs pushing for Girardi, White Sox pushing for Granderson. Looks like Second City is tired of its nickname.

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    As far as all free agent possibilities, thoughts ? For some reason I like Jacoby Ellsbury. Also guys like Kendrys Morales, Justin Morneau, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Choo from The Reds, etc…, 1 or 2 of any of those might be nice. How much do you guys figure Ellsbury is looking for ? 4/5 years, 16 per maybe ?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Ellsbury will be looking for a $100M+ contract.
      I’m not sure he gets it though.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Fine but expensive, No, No, Sure, Too old, and No way with that platoon split.

  • Now Batting

    I think Nelson Cruz could be a good fit. His salary would be depressed but the reason is exactly why the Yankees won’t be interest.

  • Hornets686

    It’s time for Grandy to go! When Austin Jackson becomes a free agent we need to do an all go for him!

  • Chris z

    The one good thing about the impending Yankee “dry years” and budget is that they will be forced to play some kids. Play some kids who were drafted high that in the mid 2000’s would surely have been traded. We may strike good and get another Cano or Robertson out of our system.

  • entonces

    Interesting discussion but I see no reason Yanks have to be “mediocre” or sub-.500 for 3 years while rebuilding. If they accept sub-par status for 2014 but start putting pieces in place, they could be good again by 2015. Assuming, that is, that 189 cap is lifted in 15. Team would also have to commit to playing youngsters next two years. By 2015, Austin, maybe Slade, Murphy and half a dozen young pitchers could contribute. Another $30 mill to spend in 15 on free agents would also help. Point is arguable, I guess, but I believe Yanks can be contender again in 2015 if they accept one off-year, patiently play the best kids at MLB level, gather picks and then loosen budget constraints.

  • rose heller

    some year, granderson will probably lead the league in strikeouts.

  • Isaac

    Carlos Beltran on a one or two year deal. Way better offensive numbers (minus the power), and won’t block an outfield spot long term for a prospect.

    Soriano-Gardner-Beltran, with Ichiro and Wells coming off the bench sounds fantastic to me

  • There’s the Door

    White Sox? Sounds about right.