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New Spring Training Jerseys

Those right there are the Yankees new Spring Training/batting practice jerseys, courtesy of Paul Lukas. They … look an awful lot like the old ones, no? The white/gray stripe along the collar is pretty much the only change as far as I can tell. Subtle change, I guess. The Yankees and every other team (click the Lukas link for all 30 teams) will start wearing their new tops when camp opens in February. They debuted new hats last spring.

Anyway, here is you open thread. The Rays and Indians are meeting in the AL Wildcard Game at 8pm ET on TBS (Alex Cobb vs. Danny Salazar), plus there is more Opening Night-ish hockey on somewhere as well. Talk about whatever you like here. Enjoy.

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  1. Betty Lizard says:

    Very nice comments about his former and current teams by True Catcher and ex-Baseball Boyfriend Russell Martin on MLB.com. Hurray Russell!

    Oh, and go Tribe!

  2. Princeps says:

    still cant figure out why in 2013 mgmt. decided so important to get the pitching signed and not go after russel martin, raul Ibanez and erioc chavez until pitching set. I wonder if someone could help mark Reynolds with his strikeouts? How about signing Nellie cruz and maybe that reliever in tampa provided he gives up the bow and arrow

  3. vicki says:

    i hate his guts ultimately, but wil myers’s no batting gloves is cool.

  4. Mick taylor says:

    I am sick of the hypocrisy of baseball. Arod is evil but steroid cheat marlon Byrd who unlike arod tested positive is some great hero of theheartwarming little pirates. Nary mention last nite about Byrd and his cheating.

  5. Mike in Atlanta says:

    A new Yankee jersey with number 5??

    • vicki says:

      pretty sure you can order any number for any design, anachronism be damned. the catalog presents almost all number 5 jerseys, some reason.

  6. How is it that pitchers forget the many, many ways there are to get Delmon Young out when the playoffs roll around? This is ridiculous.

  7. sween says:

    it is really disappointing watching the packed stadiums full of energy for all these teams competing during the postseason and realizing that this atmosphere will probably never return in the new stadium…wish the big wigs at the stadium would make some changes to bring back that feeling

    • jjyank says:

      Never? lol okay.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:


      They’ll win another championship before they lose 90 games.


      • sween says:

        Oh i didn’t mean the team won’t ever be good, i’m talking about the atmosphere at the new stadium and how the old stadium used to be especially during the playoffs. Loud, intimidating, packed; I barely saw any empty seats in Cleveland last night, just saying..

  8. Ken says:

    Sure wish the Yankees were playing this month- all month! Raul Ibanez had 29 homers this year, but the Yankees didn’t want him back. No gratitude gets you no playoffs.

  9. Hall and Nokes says:

    In this crazy world it’s so reassuring to see Swish make quiet outs in October.

  10. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    I hate the Rays so much.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

      If they make it to the ALCS, they or Boston will have to eventually go home. No way around it, one of these damn teams will have to lose. And I will be slightly happier.

  11. The fucking Rays and their two-out RISP hitting and their opportunistic, bases-loaded 1 out double plays.

    Seriously, fuck those guys.

  12. No doubt Swisher DP’s here.

  13. No, really, FUCK those guys.

  14. PED's says:

    Last chance here for the Tribe.

    I really don’t have a prob with the Rays. I liked the respect they gave MO the last game in the Bronx.

  15. Truther says:

    Garbage Time Swish to save the Tribe in the 7th

  16. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Two sliders in the dirt and then blow the FB by him. Seems like old times.

  17. Wheels says:

    Poor Swish.

  18. forensic says:

    The Indians radio announcer said they brought Swisher in for game like this and moments like the one that just passed.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They probably should’ve checked out the playoff section of his BR page first then.

    • JRod says:

      There is this whole contingent that’s like, Swish’s infectious enthusiasm™ got him into the playoffs while his former team which shunned him has to sit on the sidelines. Load stupid reactionary narrative. The fact is, thus far, the guy has utterly imploded in the postseason. So everyone that whined about the Yanks letting Swish go and claimed that it torpedoed their season needs to smell the glove here. As I said after the Yankees made him a qualifying offer and then ditched him, the guy is the Platonic ideal of a candyass. Nice guy, but I’ll never forget how utterly lost he looked in the postseason last year.

  19. Mick taylor says:

    Where are all the swisher fans. Choke king fans uniteas choke king swisher continues tonite his record as worse hitter in post season history. Had idiot cashman signed Carlos Beltran and let choke king walk yanks win world series. .

  20. Now Batting says:

    Lol Swisher. The rare human element at play.

  21. JohnnyC says:

    I don’t think it’s simply choking on Swisher’s part. He has some large holes in his swing which are susceptible to the better pitching and game planning you see in the post-season. He’s not that hard to pitch to.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Spot on. His postseason slash .169/.283/.305/.589 in 180 PA says he can’t hit good pitching.

    • mustang says:

      “large holes in his swing which are susceptible to the better pitching and game planning you see in the post-season. He’s not that hard to pitch to.”

      You know what all that add up to:

      C-H-O-K-I-N-G !!!!

  22. vicki says:

    holding out hope for a giambi ph dinger in the 9th v. rodney.

  23. will says:

    real fans hate swisher for trashing the bleacher people for getting on him for sucking, and again past = future.

    Suck it swisher

  24. Brandon says:

    The Rays are all douches but they have more of a chance to beat the Red Sox. They will win. In 4.

  25. Anderson Silva says:

    0-4, 2ks and 5 LOB

  26. Wheels says:

    Silly string. Really?

  27. stuart a says:

    cleveland enjoy swisher for another 4 years.

    my bad I forgot he is good in the clubhouse. great playoff player..

    • mustang says:

      At 15 million for the next 3 years and a 14 million vesting option
      (2017 option vests with 550 plate appearances in 2016 and passing of physical)

      Good luck with all that.

  28. Farewell Mo says:

    Don’t you silly people know Swisher’s lousy postseason stats are due to small sample size.

    He’s about due to start a streak where he hits .800 over his next 50 post season ABs.

  29. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:


    0-4 with 2 strikeouts

    Shocking! Shocking!

  30. WhittakerWalt says:

    I still like Swisher. He’s an excellent player who mind-fucks himself in the postseason. He’s obviously just trying to do too much. In a perfect world we’d have him in RF for us during the regular season, then leave him off the postseason roster. There’s no denying he’s an utter black hole in the playoffs.

  31. Kevin says:

    I like Swisher but his helping us get to the postseason means nothing when he cost us so many games when he got there.
    His average is now .165

  32. mt says:

    One small good thing about playoffs: Nick Swisher fails to perform again.

    I understand the sabermetric community saying “there is no such thing as clutch” and “playoff performance is a small sample size” but I still insist there is something to this playoff Swisher FAIL. Now this is his fourth team in playoffs. Also even if someone batted .160 wouldn’t there be a couple of 3/5, 2 RBIs strung in there that averages out to to .160? I am not sure Swisher has even had great individual games (I looked last year at his game by game and do not recall more than one or two games like that).

    If the average player hits, say, .220 in the playoffs over 80,000 plate appearances (whatever the number is), for one individual player to hit as poorly as Swisher has and for it to be totally random , isn’t there some equation that figueres out that the performance may have a 1/1000 or 1/2000 chance or something? Swisher’s plate appearances may be a small sample (especially across four teams and different years) but the “average player in the playoffs” is not – that is a lot of plate appearances – then compare Swisher’s small sample to it and see how many standard deviation he falls short.

    The playoffs by their very nature are a small sample and you have to perform on speciifc dates during a sepecific schedule.

    The Francona story would have been interesting and fun but it would turn my stomach to see Swisher “broing it up” in the playoffs – not a bad guy but when he is not on your team, the “bro” stuff and the “man” stuff is even more grating. That is who he is but someone’s delivery can be annoying.

    I also think overall Tampa has a higher chance of beating the Red Sox than Indians. Not saying Tampa will do it (I still think Red Sox are favored) but Rays pitching gives them a chnace – just hope Mike Moore does not walk the building like he did in his last two starts against Yankees (who couldn’t make him pay fro his wildness) and Blue Jays (who almost came back from a 7-0 deficit). The Red Sox will make Moore pay if he walks four or five.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      I think Swisher mind-fucks himself. There’s no other way to explain how he could be SO bad in the postseason. It’s no longer SSS.

  33. Leo durocher says:

    Did any see the picture of the mother of Robbie cano ‘s son. Robby, say it ain’t t so. Must have been really late and you must have been really drunk. Ask derek for his leftovers. Geez….just sayin

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