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I’ve said this probably a million times on this site, but everyone in my family is a Mets fan except for me and my grandfather. I spent most of my formative years watching the Mets and at Shea Stadium, and as a result I became quite the Darryl Strawberry fan. Still am, really. He was me all-time favorite player until recently, when Mariano Rivera took over the throne. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Straw wound up in pinstripes. That three-homer game against the White Sox was the awesomest thing ever. Too bad I can’t find video anywhere. Oh well.

Here is your open thread for the night. The Red Sox have a chance to clinch the World Series title with a win over the Cardinals in Game Six at 8pm ET on FOX (John Lackey vs. Michael Wacha). The Knicks and Nets are playing their season openers as well. You folks know out this works by now, so have at it.

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  1. I know that feeling of being against the rest of the family. I’m one of four brothers, and the other three are Florida State fans; I’m a Florida fan. Might I add that the four us grew up during the ’90s. The last Saturday of November was a bit of a warzone.

    And, yes, I went the Florida route myself just to be the asshole who didn’t go with the popular choice. Even when I was seven years old, that part of me was already in full froth.

  2. ropeadope says:

    I’ve said this probably a million times on this site, but everyone is my family

    I think I speak for most on the site when I say we all consider you family as well Mike.

  3. Wheels says:

    Go Cards, just get it to a Game 7.

  4. Chris Z says:

    Please cards! Pleeeeease!!!!! Not just because I don’t like the Sox but they weren’t “geniuses” for what they did last year, rather they got VERY lucky. It will give fuel to people who say rip it all down like boston did in 12. It’s just not likely.

    • lee says:

      i’m amazed at how little mention is made of dumping Bobby Valentine as one of the biggest factors in the Red Sox turnaround. as a general rule, i don’t attribute all that many Ws to a managerial change, but i think in this case it was a very significant factor. with so many prima donnas and other ego maniacs on the Red Sox, Valentine was the exact opposite of what you need in a manager. if Farrell had been there last year, or for that matter they had just kept Francona, i think 2012 is a totally different story for Boston.

  5. lolerskates says:

    Fuck the Red Sox I hope the CURSE resurrects itself in spectacular fashion and cements itself as a product of FENWAY PARK. NO title for you, you invalid bearded fucks; perish in a cloud of red feathers and brill cream. Unmitigated disgrace to baseball!

  6. Darren says:

    Turning off the TV. This is disgusting. Boston is a disgusting horrible city. The Red Sox should be contracted. I hope they all get crabs n lice in their grody hobo beards.

  7. lee says:

    the elf and his gold glove!

  8. THe Real Greg says:

    I wish I could take the faces of Cashman, Levine and the Steinbrenners and push them into the face of the TV set and rub it in.

    That is how you run an organization. Sure they had luck with the Dodgers taking their players, but they didn’t repeat their mistake and look where its gotten them. I also agree with lee that hiring John Farrell was one of the biggest moves they made. Farrell could turn around their pitching staff. AND HE DID JUST THAT.

    Plus, need I say it, the farm system. Nava, Boegarts, Iglesias (who they traded for Peavy) Lester, Buchholz, Middlebrooks, Workman etc.

    Great farm system, its a wonderful thing

  9. UncleArgyle says:

    I think lots of teams will look to follow the 2014 Red Sox model. Step 1. Start w a top 5 payroll. Step 2. In the offseason buy a new first baseman, new shortstop, new left fielder, new right fielder, new catcher, new starting pitcher, new closer. Step 3. Get a high priced pitcher and the leagues highest paid DH back from injury. Step 4. Trade for a high priced former Cy Young winner in mid season. Step 5. Watch all of the above vastly out play their career norms. Step 6. Watch the other teams in your division suffer massive roster wide injuries. Step 6. Beards. Step 7. Win Division. Step 8. Watch as other teams play such awful playoff defense that it’s reminiscent of the Spring Training Montage in the movie Major League. Step 9. Win World Series.

    I hope the fucking Duck Boats sink in the Charles.

  10. Will says:

    Like them or not, the Sox are a good team. Hope the Yankees can be where they are in a year or two.

  11. Kevin says:

    By the way,here’s one big factor in all of this. Pitching and more pitching.
    The key reason the Red Sox are where they’re at. Not only because of their offense playing above their heads but the pitching staff turned it around.
    Pitching wins championships,it really does.

  12. Darl says:

    Help! I’m a Yankees fan in Boston. The next ~six months are going to be insufferable.

    • Darren says:

      I’m so sorry for you loss. Boston sucks as a city. Well, maybe if you grew up in a tiny town somewhere, it’s a nice starter city. If you like racism, douchebags, puritanism, bitterness and general shittiness.

      • Lukaszek says:

        Actually, from a city standpoint, Boston is a pretty cool place. If I wasn’t a Yankees fan I’d have no problem living there. It’s not NYC, Budapest, or Bangkok, but it holds it own

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Suffering builds character. That’s all I got.

  13. EndlessJose says:

    The Yankees can be where the Red Sox are next year but A-Rod,Jeter and Cano can cause problems. When the Red Sox let Damon and Pedro go they went to the WS two years later. The Yankees need to know when to let certain stars go and not let them force there way on this team.

    I’m surprised this Cardinals team just made the Red Sox look better than they are.This Cardinals team just look lost and have no passion like the Tigers last year. Beltran must be injured because if not he really let a opportunity go away.

  14. lee says:

    wow, can’t even execute a simple rundown. how in the world did this team make it to the world series?

  15. dan says:

    worst day of the f,,,,,year, next year we will stay in budget and suck even more..

  16. JGYank says:

    Well the RS have done it and have effectively made this year worse than it already was. But they did have the best team this year so they kind of deserve it even if it didn’t look so great on paper at the beginning of the year and 95% of things worked out perfectly for them. Lucky, but it’s not like just any team can get that far.

    But the season is officially over after tonight and I’m looking forward to an offseason where the Yanks badly need to improve and have a good opportunity to do so. This should be interesting and there are a lot of holes to fill so there should be plenty of moves to keep track of which should keep us busy during the offseason. Can’t wait to see what the team looks like next year.

  17. Kevin says:

    We might have to have a rebuilding year or two,simple as that.
    And I’m sorry,it’s time for Cashman and others to go. They had their chances and have failed again and again.
    Time to bring in some fresh blood and see what they can do.

  18. neaks says:

    On the bright side…. What are the chances that having the Sox prove themselves as the best team in the country convinces the Steinbrenners to abandon plan $189M?

    Ownership has to know that the fan tolerance of cutting payroll will be even worse if we have to watch everyone worship the Sox all year.

    • lee says:

      i was just thinking the same thing — don’t you know George is rolling in his grave right now, what with the Yankees having their worst season in like 20 years, and topping that off with a Boston WS win. Friday is the Day of the Dead — maybe the ghost of George will pay his sons a visit and give them a piece of his mind!!!

    • Kenny says:

      My sense of it is that the Sox win will make little difference to Hal and Pals. He’s too much the mere accountant.

      By the way, where do the Steins now get their everyday money? Isn’t the shipping business in the past? Maybe they need more dough to keep all those people–the ones we saw on the field during the Mariano Day celebration–in the style to which they are accustomed. It must pain them to see XX million going out as luxury tax penalties each year.

  19. Mustang says:

    I’m vomiting!!!!!

    Well, no ESPN or sport highlights of any kind for a week at least.

  20. Cnight_Cortland says:

    A conversation had on twitter this evening…

    John Lackey, the man who divorced his wife while she battled breast cancer, we are cheering for this guy. But Arod is a bad guy.
    Reply Delete Favorite More

    J Bone ?@SyrNYBones 12m
    @Cnight_Ithaca jeeze, really digging low for that now. They cheered him for pitching. Not marital fidelity.

    Chris Nightingale ?@Cnight_Ithaca 10m
    @SyrNYBones I can be happy for the Red Sox. I cant cheer for someone like that.

    J Bone ?@SyrNYBones 9m
    @Cnight_Ithaca Ok. Keep cheering for aroid then. Yankees blow

    Chris Nightingale ?@Cnight_Ithaca 6m
    @SyrNYBones Never said I cheered for him. Doesnt make sense that one is cheered when being arguable a much worse actual person.
    Reply Delete Favorite More Details

    J Bone ?@SyrNYBones 4m
    @Cnight_Ithaca but that’s debatable. Jeter giving his hookers signed baseballs with gift baskets for their walk of shame is pretty scummy

    Chris Nightingale ?@Cnight_Ithaca 3m
    @SyrNYBones You’re reaching now.

    J Bone ?@SyrNYBones 1m
    @Cnight_Ithaca guess we even. Most professional athletes are scummy in their personal lives. Don’t pick and choose

  21. Darren says:

    I love baseball, but not enough to watch, hoping for a miracle.

    Instead, like Mustang said, no highlight shows or WFAN for a while. Listening to some good music (Sweet, The D.O.C., Pulp), lifting a couple a dumbells. Wait for the spring.

  22. Psycho Trish says:

    Doesn’t matter this is completely TAINTED. Why anyone even cares is beyond me. I have no respect for any of you who are actually thinking that this title counts.

    They probably drank Jack Daniels before the game. THAT’S CHEATING!!!!

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      I shudder to think that you actually put together legal cases. Maybe it’s something harmless, like real estate law? Please tell me you don’t handle capital trials or anything important?

      • Psycho Trish says:

        I do it all. Don’t cry all over your computer because I am actually relevant to the world unlike yourself. You Asshat!!!

        • WhittakerWalt says:

          You do all those things? Now I know you’re full of it. That’s not how it works in the real world. I’m still waiting for some actual proof of any of your claims. Not that I’m holding my breath.

  23. Mantle24 says:

    Happy Birthday Mike. You da man.

  24. David N says:

    Thus begins the year of the insufferable Red Sox fan. Yuck.

    I’ll be staying away from Twitter for the next several days, thanks.

  25. Cool Lester Smooth says:


    Now my Facebook is flooded with kids who “didn’t like baseball” last year crowing about “WORST TO FIRST! BOSTON STRONG!”

    Boston fans truly are the worst.

    • David N says:

      It truly is amazing how many Red Sox fans come crawling out of the woodwork every year they make the playoffs, who know next to nothing about the team if you were to ask them questions going back to the previous season.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        And these are the same idiots who call me a bandwagon fan for being a Yanks/Eagles fan (born in Philly, dad’s from Jersey, long story), despite the fact that neither the Yanks nor the Eagles are any good right now.

    • Brian in MA says:

      its fucking terrible. And they have no class whatsoever. Boston, and a lot of the college campuses in the area, basically became riot zones and cars were flipped. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen in NYC in 2009 after the Yankees won.

      don’t get me wrong here, a lot of teams have asshole fans. Yankees are no exception to this (look at the LoHud commenters) but when it comes to this kind of stuff Boston is just the worst.

      • mustang says:

        I was there 2009 and although it was very crowded and a bit scary when the game lead out the crowd celebrated in control fashion.
        In defends you also have to take into account the makeup of the city of Boston. I mean there are like 19 colleges in the area that means a lot of young stupid nonresident people running around acting the fools.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        In NYC, when we win, we don’t flip cars. We flip Red Sox and Mets fans.

      • Reuben Sierra's Chains says:

        Well Lohud’s comment section is the ultimate Benny Hill Show but yeah your point still stands.

  26. Reuben Sierra's Chains says:

    WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! FUCK 2013!!

  27. SDB says:

    MLB: PED free at last, after Bud Selig’s crusade after A-Rod.

    Nevermind that Ortiz MVP thing.

  28. goterpsgo says:

    Ryan Dempster said he hates steroid users. I look forward to him plunking Ortiz.

  29. John says:

    year just got worse with the red sox winning the series one year after being in last place in the AL east

    • Bo Knows says:

      Holy hell is that the understatement of the year, I might avoid sports for a few days; I’m literally sick…..I think I might go play GTA and work off the rage

  30. Pinkie Pie says:

    Somebody needs to dig up Babe Ruth, reanimate his corpse, make Ben Cherington sign him to an contract with an AAV of $80,000 (that’s more than President Hoover makes!) and then have John Henry trade him to the Yankees for cash so he can fund his reproduction of No No Nanette. That should hold off the Red Sox from winning another championship until 2099 or so.

  31. mustang says:

    They won so be it deal with it for a few days and move on to the winter meetings.

    I have watched 5 championships since 1996 and have witness so many amazing moments that i can’t remember them all.

    I do agree that this year can’t end fast enough.

  32. WhittakerWalt says:

    The more we whine and complain, the more delicious our tears are to Red Sox fans. So let’s pretend this doesn’t suck, then go offline and bitch to our heart’s content.

  33. Chris Z says:

    Just like Iran denies certain historical events, I deny this ever happening.

    One positive however. This might push the stein brothers to spend some money or invest in a less than shitty rotation.

    • Bo says:

      Don’t deny it ever happened; it only makes more hilarious and pathetic their years of choking and non-productive postseasons that turned their fanbase and that of their parents and grandparents into a bunch of delicate flowers with the biggest chip on their shoulders in sports history, something which actually makes it amusing when Sox fans now try to string this title together with others in an effort to impress. It’s especially amusing when so many decried that the team built off of its success by fielding the best team it could on the field (as if Boston’s ’78 and ’86 squads and all their other teams in the post-free agency era weren’t full of hired guns and high-priced talent). What’s also sad and pathetic is the number of Yankee fans who don’t bask in the team’s history and the great amount of it created in their own lifetimes but sink down to the level of Sox apologists who try to throw the flukiness of 2004 around like something that has any chance of comparison to unparalleled success in the sport to the point that it defines the sport itself. If the more annoying ones try to throw numbers around and you can’t counter, soak in some team history and get the right perspective back rather than endure any heartburn over the Sox’s pedestrian accomplishment of the first potentially un-juice laden title since Babe left for the Bronx. It’s this simple: Yankees now need to do what they’ve always done and rise to the occasion and challenge, something which will most likely come from the team’s real postseason rival — the Dodgers — down the road.

      • mustang says:

        Bo does know.

        Well said.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Give this man a medal and lap dance as well.

      • gs3369 says:

        Do you have any idea how bitter and angry you sound? Your need to put down another organization to lift up the Yankees is just sad. Do you think you sound any different than the worst Red Sox fans? You’re the reason people hate yankee fans.

        Give the Sox congrats and leave it at that, or if that’s too much for you, just ignore it, and hope Yankees ownership turns around this team. But the rest of this drivel you posted? You really need to get a grip.

  34. Baked McBride says:

    How the F did the guys upstairs allow this to happen to our Yanks and our game under their watch? I demand a senate subcommittee hearing. Red Sox fans are all bitter assholes, even the ones I like and the ones in my family, but especially Pete Abraham

  35. Farewell Mo says:

    Lets hope this motivates the asshole brothers to scrap their bullshit $189 budget and try to put the universe back to its normal order.

  36. mustang says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but today for me is like waking up with a bad hangover and someone handing me another drink for breakfast.

    It’s just a pile on from all other fans especially Mets fans. It’s all fun rubbing it in of course, but damn it’s a free for all.

  37. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Sometimes the bad guys win in the story. I don’t know what else to say. Didn’t watch, and probably watched one game the entire postseason. Had some fun with a .jpg of a bottle of pills with Ortiz’s face on it at my Sox friends’ expense. Tipped my hat to them and, in turn, the residents of Boston tipped over some cars.

    Every team with a history of winning has bandwagon fans. I think that, in NYC, you see more Sox fans show up in these moments because they live with the mentality that they live in enemy territory. I have no clue what happens anywhere else. I don’t mind the “Boston Strong” stuff and I tend not to make fun of it.

    I’ve moved on to worry about why Dwayne Wade already needed to ice his knees before GAME TWO of the season. No worries. They’ll pull off 40 in a row in January again before facing the same dillemas the Yankees faced with their aging stars after the season.

    • Truther says:

      And then you will become a Knick or a Net fan whoever is better at the time, just like when the Marlins started to suck and you are now a Yankee “fan”

      Right… hahahaha

  38. UncleArgyle says:

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that it’s frickin’ Bean Ball Victorino that made the difference in both the ALCS and the World Series. He couldn’t hit left handed anymore so he now just stands over the right side of the plate and throws his elbow at any pitch on the inside part of the STRIKE ZONE. Something like 21 Hit by pitches in his last 38 games. Of course he’s going to come through with the bases loaded because you can’t throw a ball inside for a strike without him diving into it and giving up the cheapest run possible. Its turned the game into a Farce and a joke. Shame on the MLB and the Umpires for not stepping in and doing something.

    • Capo says:

      100% agreed. It’s ridiculous how much he tightened up the strike zone, especially against righties who’ll want to come inside. No surprise that his ONLY big hits this postseason were with bases loaded. Though this just solidifies what so many already know: that he’s the dirtiest ‘clean’ players in baseball.

  39. Mikhel says:

    I remember that three HR game very well, I know I videotaped it but I would have to check every single VHS tape from back then (heck I can only find a fragment of that game where Pettitte was hit in the face by a Cal Ripken jr. line).

    The best about Straw’s game is it came almost 10 year after he hit three HRs vs the other Chicago team, the Cubs (I don’t have video of that, though, we didn’t even own a VCR in the mid 1980s, satellite TV sure, that’s where I watched the games on WWOW/WPIX/MSG/SportsChannel but no VCR).

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