Cashman confirms Brian Wilson is unwilling to shave beard to join Yanks

Yankees, Kuroda shut out of AL Cy Young Award voting
Heyman: Hal, Jeter have spoken about the Yankees' needs at shortstop

Via Andy McCullough: Brian Cashman confirmed the agent for Brian Wilson has told the Yankees his client is unwilling to shave his beard, meaning he can’t sign with New York thanks to the whole facial hair policy. “Cross him off the list,” said the GM.

Wilson, 31, allowed one run in 19.1 total innings for the Dodgers this year after coming back from his second Tommy John surgery. He showed his usual mid-90s fastball and wipeout slider, which was encouraging. I thought Wilson was a prime bullpen target for the Yankees had he been willing to shave off that beard, but I guess not. He misses bats with power stuff and has huge game/World Series experience. What more could you want?

Yankees, Kuroda shut out of AL Cy Young Award voting
Heyman: Hal, Jeter have spoken about the Yankees' needs at shortstop
  • ropeadope

    What more do you want?

    I want the Yankees to grandfather the beard or abolish the facial hair policy.

  • your mom

    He’d fit on the Red Sox.

    • David N

      Oh please no.

    • Eric

      They can have him. He’s a clown!

  • Ross Boss

    Screw this clown. He doesn’t get to make any new rules around this team. You let him join the team and keep the beard and you open up Pandora’s box. I hope he chokes on a burrito.

  • Hornets686

    Who says not having a beard looks professional? Not having a beard is unprofessional! Especially in November!

  • CashmanNinja

    I’m glad he won’t be joining the team. I simply hate the guy. He’s got a great arm, but he is way too out there. I just feel the NY media would not mix well with him. He has a real John Rocker feel to him. If Babe Ruth had a beard then that’s about the only time you’d make an exception to the rule. Other than that…meh. Giving up a few million bucks for your facial hair is rather immature if you ask me.

    • qwerty

      What’s the point of having a policy if you pick and choose who can violate it? If any or all the members of the core four had refused to shave then you trade all of them. This sets an example for all players in the future.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Ridiculous. Beards or no beards are beside the point. Can he pitch, & is he a good teammate. Both affirmative, sign him. Negative on one or both, pass.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    Look at Brian Wilson sticking it to the man..

  • Mike

    You can’t win if you have a team full of facial hair. Good call, we don’t need him.

  • suedeface

    I think it’s more about sacrificing the individual mentality for the team mentality. If you won’t shave then I’m guessing there are other things you wouldn’t be willing to do for the team.

  • Al

    It’s a stupid stupid rule .even George Steinbrenner bent the rules when the Yankees brought in blackjack McDowell and allowed the players to grow goatees ! Most of the players had goatees and even Don Mattingly grew a goatee the captain. So get over this stupid rule!

  • Ross Boss

    Was there ever any evidence that the Yankees even wanted this loon? Whatever, let him keep that scratchy thing hanging from his face. Beards and pinstripes don’t mix.

  • Wheels

    Makes me think of this classic Simpsons:

  • hogsmog

    The guy is insufferable. To go from postgame interviews with Mo to ones with Wilson… gross.

  • mustang

    I’m sure someday this rule might be broken for the right free agent, but I’m not going to shed tears that it wasn’t broken for Brian “Fucking” Wilson.

    “Cross him off the list,” said the GM.
    Translation: You’re not worth it you hairy bastard, peace!

  • Mike B.

    This ridiculous clown has no place on our team. This whole tale reveals that he’s in it for himself, not for any particular TEAM. What a douche-bag. Even Damon shaved his caveman-mane and beard to join the Yanks. I see little use for any guy who puts his beard or hairdo above any team. Now excuse me while I go and shave my head again….

    Forgot to say–F@#$ Wilson!


    PS “Insufferable” is a great word to describe this smelly-looking troll, hogsmog.

    • Eric

      Totally Agree! Not the person we need to deal with espically as Mo’s replacement.

  • Nathan

    I don’t think I would be able to go from all-class Mo to douchey Wilson.

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    You can hate or like this guy or any other guy with long beard but that’s not important here. Those Yankees rules just hurt the team, and other teams laugh about it, the same goes for not extentions policy.

    Since when having a beard looks professional or not having a beard looks unprofessional! That’s dumb and silly. I would like to hear explanations from whoever thinks like that

    • Mike

      Ay ay ay Gonzalito, Gonzalito.

      “Those Yankees rules just hurt the team”.

      That is a lie, facial hair neither hurts nor helps a team/player.

      “other teams laugh about it”.

      Another lie. Teams don’t laugh, teams don’t cry, teams don’t have feelings because a team is a concept and not a living being. Stupid trolls laugh about rules put in place in certain teams, certain rules are mandatory to strip players of individualism and act like a homogenized group, there is no I in team, remember.

      “the same goes for not extentions policy”.

      There we go with another lie. The Yanks don’t have a “no extentions” policy, what they have, like many other teams have, is a policy of no negotiation during the season. Maybe you’re new to “the world” of baseball, but when a player is having a great half season it is downright dumb to negotiate an extention with him when his value is higher, you have to either negotiate before the season begins or after the season ends.

      “Since when having a beard looks professional or not having a beard looks unprofessional! That’s dumb and silly. I would like to hear explanations from whoever thinks like that”.

      It all depends on where you work, there are professions where having a hobo look doesn’t matter, I am an oceanographer, and boy it seems we as (worldwide) have a knack for having long hair and facial hair. But at the same time when I’ve had to work in politics (lots of oceanographers have to deal with jobs of that kind), I have to show people I take care of myself instead of having the appearance of a hobbit who doesn’t care what happens; you should know, the good judge begins in his house, a clean shaved look or a beard very well trimmed is essential to display that look.

      I sure hope you’re not the kind of guy who doesn’t trims his nails, doesn’t shave, doesn’t use deodorant nor clean clothes every day because “it is dumb and silly”, because it is the same as with having a beard or not like the one Brian Wilson has.

      • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

        You’re a patient man.

      • Mondesi

        “Those Yankees rules just hurt the team”.

        That is a lie, facial hair neither hurts nor helps a team/player.

        Objectively, provably false. The guy didn’t say that either having or not having facial hair makes an individual player or team play better or worse, he’s talking about the policy. Having more options is better than having fewer options, and if the facial hair policy is leading to the team having fewer options, that fact, necessarily, by its very existence, hurts the team. You can argue about how much of a negative that is, but you can’t tell this guy that he’s telling a “lie” by saying the facial hair policy is a detriment.

        “other teams laugh about it”.

        Another lie. Teams don’t laugh, teams don’t cry…

        I’ll address the actual point instead of going off on a snarky tangent like you chose to. Again, if this policy is shrinking the pool of players available to the Yanks, then yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if other GMs find that a little humorous. Hell, if I were a GM of another team and I and the Yanks needed bullpen help I’d be snickering to myself about the Yanks shrinking the pool of players they could go after, knowing they took one of the better options out of their list of targets and made Wilson more attainable to me for the simple, ridiculous reason that he has a beard. I’d find that ridiculous. You may disagree with the premise, but calling it a “lie” implies that you can prove so, which you cannot and have not.

        Not bothering with the rest. I mean, we’re defending the facial hair policy here? Really? Not a position I’d like to stake our and have to defend, personally.

  • Newman

    After suffering through the playoffs watching the ugliest team I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m all for the Yankees no-beard policy. Leave it to the Gimmick Sox.

    • Slu

      Agree 100%. I have nothing against beards. I have one myself. I do have a problem with a team looking like a collection of homeless guys. The Red Sox looked ridiculous.

      • Mike

        Remember what Theo Epstein and Francona said: John Henry is doing the same thing Billy Beane has done in Oakland, they look for ways of marketing their product. Beane drafted “good looking guys” who appealed to women because they were “handsome”, and Henry has used the “hobo” look to market his team (it is no surprise Henry doesn’t know about baseball, he is accustomed to the marketing soccer teams do with the looks of their players and their “romances” with famous tv girls around the world).

  • mko

    I’m not sure about it, but I remember Wilson saying he would never ever play for the Yankees. That’s all I would have needed to hear.

  • OldYanksFan

    I have had long hair and a beard my whole adult life…. forty something years. However, I am 100% behind the Yanks policy.

    Last year, I found it hard to watch the Red Sox. Not because they were the Red Sox… but because they were SO DAMNED UGLY! Here In NH, if I want to see lumberjacks, I can drive North a few hours. I watch baseball to watch baseball players, and for whatever reason, I have a certain mental image of what a ballplayer should look like.

    And in all honesty, I can’t exactly define what that ‘look’ IS…
    but I CAN Define what it isn’t.

    And it ain’t what the Sox looked like, and fuckin Brian Wilson scares children he passes on the street.

    I would be OK if the Yanks had a minor change in their policy that allowed the approval of some ‘well kept’ facial hair, but that is a very slippery slope.

    Ever think about the Mick? Or Joe D.? Or any other legend? Now close your eyes, picture your hero’s face…. and now put Wilson’s beard on him. Now open your eyes. Like what you see?

    I want to see Mickey. NOT Che Guevara.

    • Mike HC

      Nice comment.

      I don’t like the Yanks hair policy, but I sure as hell don’t like what the Red Sox did either. There is a middle ground that most other teams seem to find. But since the Yanks are extreme in one direction, little brother Red Sox went overboard the other way.

      As for Wilson, he doesn’t only scare children, he scares grown men. Do you see how the sideline reporters act when they interview him?

    • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

      Yeah but Che was a pretty mean SS iirc.

  • trr

    I’m not saying I want Wilson, but this whole hair policy is absurd.
    And, yeah, I’m rockin a goat….

  • Barry

    One time exception clause in his contract. He can keep the beard but he has to dye pinstripes into it.

  • Al

    If Jesus Christ want to sign a contract with the New York Yankees with the Yankees tell him no because he has a beard and long air ……interesting. Or if the greatest baseball player in the modern era let’s say was a Hasidic Jew and wanted to be a New York Yankee would you make him shave his beard and cut his hair or if the greatest baseball player was what ever what you making cut his dreads and shave his beard

    • Tony

      If the proposed player can walk on water – her gets the exception

  • Tony

    “he” gets the exception

  • Sean

    Yankees are being hypercrits because they have a guy working for them called Pedro Lopez who I think is married to a Steinbrenner daughter who has facial hair I believe a beard!! It doesn’t make sence

  • Eric

    Good, I want nothing to do with that POS.