Crasnick: MLB investigating Jay-Z for possible inappropriate gift to Cano

What Went Wrong: Ichiro Suzuki
Tuesday Night Open Thread

Via Jerry Crasnick: MLB is investigating whether Jay-Z violated the union’s regulations by giving Robinson Cano a watch valued at $33,900 during his recent birthday party in Germany. Cano hired Jay-Z back in April and any gift in excess of $500 must be disclosed in writing. Obviously agents are strictly prohibited from giving a gift to a player (or the family of a player) who is not their client, but that isn’t an issue here. Jay-Z could be subject to some kind of discipline (fine?) if he is found to be in violation of the regulations, but Robbie is in the clear as far as I know.

What Went Wrong: Ichiro Suzuki
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • Dr. Gregory Stevenson DDS

    This is so stupid, if he’s the man’s agent then why does it matter? He already has his business it’s not like he’s trying to persuade him to be his client.

    • Travelbug83

      But to stay his client. Sounds like scompliance regulations that would be standard for every big company or institution. Why should mlb be different.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    If you got watch problems, I feel bad for you, son…..

    • MannyGeee

      *SLOW CLAP*

    • 99 Problems

      But telling the time aint one?

  • Chris in Maine

    MLB would like to thank Scott Boras for bring this to our attention…

  • Wheels

    Rich dudes giving other rich dudes gifts. What’s the point?

  • Alex

    Jay-Z will get millions on comission from Cano’s contract and all he gets Cano is a 33,000 dollar watch? Cheapskate.

  • dasani

    If Cano is worth a 33,000.00 watch, I wonder what Beyoncé is worth ?

    • RetroRob

      Can she hit a curve?

      • 99 Problems

        Nah, but Jay-Z can hit her curves

  • Lukaszek

    I must say, when I read “inappropriate gift” I envisioned something else

    • MannyGeee

      Gift Baskets, FTW

    • Jedile

      Like a blowup doll?

      • Lukaszek

        Yes Jedile, like a blowup doll. Like one of those super-realistic ones made in Japan. Would be nice myself to get one of those

  • Captain Turbo

    If it had been A-Rod instead of Cano, the story would have been on the front page of the Post.

  • Yankee Fan 1

    Doesn’t MLB have bigger fish to fry? :eyeroll: