Cross one name off the list: Freese traded to Angels

What Went Right: Mariano Rivera
McCullough: Yankees showed little interest in Carlos Ruiz

The Cardinals traded David Freese (and a reliever) to the Angels for Peter Bourjos (and a prospect) this afternoon, both teams announced. This is notable because the Yankees were discussing Freese with St. Louis recently, but talks didn’t advance because New York didn’t have much to offer. There was some belief they could revisit talks later in the offseason, but forget that now. Even if Alex Rodriguez does not get suspended, the Yankees need to look for a capable third baseman just because he’s such an injury risk.

What Went Right: Mariano Rivera
McCullough: Yankees showed little interest in Carlos Ruiz
  • CashmanNinja

    I’ve always liked Freese, but always thought he was the type of guy you get at the right price and don’t overpay for. It’s not like he’s a .300/35/120 kind of player. He’s closer to .280/20/75. Solid, but not spectacular. I feel the Cardinals wanted a lot more from us and we simply couldn’t meet their asking price — and rightfully so. Again, I liked him and hate that we couldn’t get him, but I would have hated it even more if we gave up our better prospects just to get him.

    • Farewell Mo

      I feel the Cardinals wanted a lot more from us and we simply couldn’t meet their asking price — and rightfully so

      Is this based on facts as I never read any specific names the Cardinals asked for or is this based on the same old tired narrative that teams always want more from the Yankees in a trade compared to everyone else?

      • CashmanNinja

        It’s a bit speculation, but considering what has been the norm over the last few years…teams usually want a little more from the Yankees than they’d settle from other teams. A “Yankees tax” if you will. The only time that doesn’t seem to come into play is if a player has a no-trade clause or weren’t particularly effective. We lucked out that Soriano obviously wanted to come back here and waive his NTC, but other times they seem to want a bit more. Perhaps it’s because our farm system is just viewed as weak around the league and teams want a little extra to compensate. Either way I feel it’s logical in saying that the Cardinals wanted more than the Yankees were willing to give. They needed an OF and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they were asking Mason Williams in a deal for Freese.

        • Farewell Mo

          No offense but IMO, that’s made up paranoid BS conveniently used as an excuse why the Yankees haven’t been able to make a few specific trades in past years.

          Yankee surcharge is a conspiracy theory joke.

          • qwerty


  • Jack

    The Yankees have been linked to every free agent on the market. I think they better start signing those they want or they will be gone!

    • Chris Duke

      This is a yearly thing. Cashman and little steins can’t pull the string except on .230 backup catchers, Youklis, and light hitting middle infielders. Gonna be another year of these guys, last place in the AL East, and no vision, walking in fear, pathetic results.

      This group is in free fall, stumbling around in the darkness. Girardi is credited with great management skills, but he has benefitted by a foundation of greatness from Torre, who knew how to build the team with George Steinbrenner. Girardi babysits this team, who were unmotivated with no sense of urgency. Boring to watch, playing not to lose at all times.

    • mike

      You said it all,forget Cano and Arod and get a team

  • Short Porch

    Lets just call this the frozen stove league. So long as the idiot sons of a bully are running the show, it will be like the Jimmy Dolan reign of ineptitude at the Garden — overpay for aging talent, fail to develop talent (why would guys born on 3rd base even have that in their DNA?), wouldn’t know talent if it came up and bit them.

    In the old days, we could rebuild while George was banned from baseball, but with the sons there will be no bans of them, and The Yankees don’t have the relative advantages they did then.

    The Greatest Franchise In Sports and if they get another ring before my boy at 12 graduates college, I will eat my hat. Not that it’s a birthright or anything. I had the Horace Clarke years, the Jack Clark years, and the Mel Hall years. But now the league is turning this parity thing into a parody. And this leveling of the field by revenue sharing is making it more and more important to evaluate and develop the talent, to crunch the numbers.

    In the past, the Yanks could paper over their mistakes with a checkbook. With this new margin for error, and with the payroll edicts coming down from the same people who helped create the mess in the first place (I speak of the A-Rod extension, utterly on the Steinbrenners), I don’t see the Yanks thriving against the the many many teams that will be better run. In 2003 the Red Sox hired Bill James. They get it. For Yankee fans? We are as trapped as Knick fans. I happen to be both. I could use a new hobby.

    • BFDeal

      Oh great. A new whiner. We needed a few more.

      • Kenny

        It may be a whine, and it may aggravate you, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

        • BFDeal

          I guess you think it’s true because you like his whining. Total bullshit to call it a “frozen market” and go on his mini rant simply because they didn’t trade for Freese.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      About 25% truth surrounded by the same old shit. That’s 25% more than some of the commenters above, at least.

    • jjyank

      “The Greatest Franchise In Sports and if they get another ring before my boy at 12 graduates college, I will eat my hat.”

      It saddens me that such an idiotic statement can be made by a parent. I would hope that someone older than me, and charged with raising a child, would be smarter, more patient, and not make insanely baseless claims with zero evidence.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’d argue that the odds are against any team winning a championship within a six year span, even if everything goes right personnel-wise.

        If he’s as old as he says he is, the Yanks went from birth to college without a title at one point.

        He can be an overreactionary and a good dad, though. :)

        • jjyank

          I just would like to think that people older than me, and parents, wouldn’t speak in such absolute terms that come off as something said by, well, his 12 year old son.

          Sure makes me appreciate my dad more, that’s for sure.

  • Cuso

    Thank you. Now at least we can stop with the “Future Yankee” bullshit on Freese.

  • Larrym Fl

    The Yankees are in a terrible situation with the Arod arbitration. Patience will be a real necessity until the arbitrator rules on the suspension. But doesn’t mean the Yanks can’t be involved with other teams in conversation. The Cardinals and Yanks did not match up well with pieces so we wait for the next opportunity. It will come before the Spring. I hope.

  • PunkPitch

    Panic Thee Not – The Yankees can live without Freese. They cannot live without Cano in their immediate future if they intend on contending.

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Fear Of The Day (FOTD™): the NYY in 2014 will rank at or near the bottom of the league for productivity at 3B.

    • Lou

      No Catcher, 2b, 3b SS, RF, and a fly in CF and two open rotation spots. Yet the Yankees just like last year will watch evey one go. They might might wind up with one or two free agents but the rest of the fillins won’t help this team.

      They are going to over pay for Cano when the Yankee are not PO bound / contenders and then be stuck with another bad contract when he start decline and the Yankees start to come around again. (2016 17)

  • Il Cugino

    So much for him being non tendered.

  • Bronx Bombers23

    If we get conned into giving Cano an 8 year contract, then this current mess of over-paying players soon to be on the decline will continue to be exacerbated. I love Cano, but 5 years would be the max I would go for him.

    He has no market. The Tigers traded for Kinsler. The Rangers can now slide Profar in at 2b. The Dodgers signed Guerrero from Cuba, and are preparing for Kershaw’s massive extension which is soon to come. Who does that realistically leave as a suitor for Cano?

    If Hal, Cash and Levine get suckered into another ridiculously long-term contract with Cano, then they will have bid against themselves, just like they did with the A-Rod extension. Hold firm and call his bluff. He’s got nowhere else to go. If somebody is willing to pay him $300 million, then let him walk.

  • qwerty

    The cardinals traded Freese and got Bourjos and Grichuk, or whatever his last name is, back. Amazing.