Davidoff: Cano still seeking nine years, $250-260M

Cotillo: Chris Stewart drawing trade interest
Neal: Twins agree to deal with Phil Hughes

Via Ken Davidoff: Robinson Cano‘s camp requested a nine-year contract worth $250-260M when the two sides met face-to-face earlier this week. That’s down from the ten years and $305M they were seeking earlier this year. The Yankees, meanwhile, are holding steady with a seven-year offer in the $160-175M range. No reason to tack on another year or anything until another club actually makes him a competitive offer. Something tells me Robbie won’t be signing anytime soon.

Cotillo: Chris Stewart drawing trade interest
Neal: Twins agree to deal with Phil Hughes
  • gargoyle

    But they will anyway.

  • lou


  • JoeyA

    I have never been happier in watching the Yankees handle a big contract situation as I am with regards to Cano. They offered him a slightly below fair-market deal & it’s now his responsibility to prove he has a better one.

    Once he draws interest from DC/etc., Yanks will probably up it by a year & $1M each yr, or something like that. But that God they aren’t just bidding against themselves a la Arod.

    Cano will soon realize that he isn’t getting $200M+ & any chance he has to make that kind of $$ is playing in NYC & building his off-field brand, which will be more effective here than anywhere else.

    • nycsportzfan

      Its to bad it took the Arod contract to get to this point though, but i agree. Honestly, someones gotta step up and stop paying these guys this ridiculous money. Almost every longterm contract ends up being a dud. I woulden’t pay any baseball player 100million dollars. The guy gets 4at bats and maybe 4or5 balls hit to em a game. Also in Robbies case, hes awesome, but he hit 27hrs and 107ribbys. Not exactly like he hit 350 35 140 or something..lol I can find guys every yr of every season in baseball history that did what Cano did this past yr. Its a good season, no doubt, but come on. He had the AB’s and is a solid baseball player. Of course hes gonna put up solid numbers.

      • Greg C

        You might be looking at the wrong stats. He is the most valuable player in baseball over the last 4 years. Outside of 1 down year, he’s been great for 7 years and very good his whole career. Including the year that pretty much counts for 0, his 7 year peak is average- for a Hall of Famer. Unless he’s worth 0 next year, his peak performance will be well above avg for a HOF second baseman.

        Attack the outrageous contracts, but it’s not accurate to say he hasn’t been a great player. The comments here are pretty civil and level-headed for the most part. I ventured out to some other Yankees sites, and the vitriol for Cano is mind-boggling. Supposed Yankees fans saying Pedroia is much better and all kinds of nonsense.

        That said, I don’t disagree about not paying him the long, huge contract. He will regress. There’s no way he will be worth $25-30 million 8 years from now.

        But if you paid him based on what the Fan Graphs guys and others consider the $ value for WAR, with regression and inflation built-in, he’s basically a $40 million/year player right now.

        Outside of some young guys who probably won’t hit free agency for a long time if ever (due to so many extensions), there’s probably not a free agent in baseball more worthy than Cano. The issue isn’t whether he’s worth a lot of money, but where you draw the line. In the NBA he would be a “max” player. In the NFL he would be one of the $20+ million QBs who constantly restructure and get huge bonuses.

      • Rex Manning Day

        If you refused to pay any baseball player more than $100 million, your baseball team would be terrible. Good players are priced accordingly, and being angry about that price doesn’t change anything. All it means is you don’t get to have good players on your team.

        For the record, though: from 2010-2013, the only player with more WAR than Cano is Miguel Cabrera. The 2nd-best 2B in that period was Ben Zobrist, and Cano had 4 more WAR than him. 1 WAR per year is decent production. Cano is so good, he single-handedly matches the production of the 2nd-best 2B in the game plus another decent full-time player. He’s one of the 10 best hitters in the majors, he’s a solid defender at an up-the-middle position, he’s not a liability on the basepaths, and he has way more power than any other 2B in the game. He is, without question, the best 2B in the game.

        Also, since you apparently like counting stats: Cano has the 2nd-most RBIs in the majors over the last 4 years (only Cabrera has more) and the 9th-most HRs. Not bad for a “solid” player.

        PS. Not for nothing, but Mike Trout didn’t hit .350/35/140 last year, either. It might be time for you to update the metric you use to determine whether a player is incredible or not.

  • Leg-End

    Let’s talk about something important. Put. That coffee. Down. Coffee’s for closers only. You think I’m fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. I’m here from downtown. I’m here from Steinbrenner and Levine. And I’m here on a mission of mercy. Your name’s Cano? You call yourself a batsman you son of a bitch?

    • Que


      • Como?


    • Dr TJ Eckleberg


      You see this watch? You see this watch? This watch costs more than your car.

    • Chris Stewart

      I don’t got to listen to this shit

      • Dr. TJ Eckleberg

        You certainly don’t pal ’cause the good news is you’re fired.

  • forensic

    I like that, so far, it appears the Yankees are holding their ground. Keep it up, please!

  • Jag

    I think the Yankee’s offer is more than fair, especially considering what Pedy got from the BoSox. Cano is better, but not worth twice as much. Especially in a market where he can make double his salary from endorsements.

    I love Robbie, but I don’t want him to take all the Yankee dollars he can.

    The market doesn’t allow them to spend like they used to unless they want to pay other teams to pay their own players…

    I think some financial constraint is smart, even if I hate what it may mean for next year. But… if they take the dollars they would give to Cano and spread it across to McCann, Omar, Beltran, Kuroda, Tenaka (hopefully,) and other good free agents at reasonable prices, I think they can compete next year if Robbie refuses a reasonable contract better than they would if they sign him to a huge one.

  • Loca de Mierda

    Dat boy trippin.

  • Legend of 23

    Second prize is a set of steak knives, hope we end up with glengarry leads.

  • Captain Turbo

    I don’t see that Cano has much negotiating power if no one else is bidding on him. Take 7/175 and be done with it, Robbie.

  • chris

    I just hope that Hal and Randy Levine don’t get nervous and sign Cano to a ridiculous contract immediately after the holidays. It’s all good now, but I’ll be truly surprised (impressed) if the Yankees continue to play hardball when another suitor shows up in January. I know what they say on interviews, but I still think that Hal and Levine are all about ticket sales and TV ratings and are terrified at the thought of life without Cano.

  • http://comcast Kevin T

    They need to hold steady & if he gets more elsewhere let him go. He’s a great hitter but to many holes in his swing & 9 yrs 250 mil is a bad joke.

    • forensic

      While I generally agree with you on the contract issues, I’m not sure what these holes in his swing are that you’re mentioning.

      Generally (at least in my experience), that’s reserved for guys who swing and miss a ton (i.e. a Granderson type) and thus don’t make much contact, potentially leading to a large drop in production when their power starts to go. If anything, Cano has the opposite problem, where he makes too much contact leading to him expanding his zone too much because he thinks he can hit anything.

      While that could still lead to issues down the line, it’s not so much that he has holes in his swing.

    • CashmanNinja

      It isn’t holes in his swing that scare me. The thing that scares me over the long term is that he doesn’t walk a ton. And we’ve already seen signs where he gets frustrated and impatient and begins to swing at balls out of the zone. The older he gets the worse that will get. It would be 1 thing if he could control the strike zone with a good batter’s eye, but he simply doesn’t walk a ton because he’d rather get a hit. That’s fine now, but in the future it will hurt more and more. 7 years is the max he should get because we could still get 5 above average years and then 2 down years. No team should give a player anywhere near a double digit contract anymore because the contracts are so expensive. Remember how insane we all got over Carl Pavano’s 4/$40 mil deal? That’s peanuts now. Hell, Phil Hughes just signed 3/$24 mil with the Twins…

  • Chris

    I actually think they may hold the line and maybe go up a bit in total dollars. I think they are paying him pretty well in comparison to Pedroia and Wright. He is asking for money that Pujols got and he is nowhere close to the hitter he was at the time, even Hamilton. 23 million year is more than generous and I for one hope they don’t give him more. I absolutely love him as a player and think he gets a bad rap for the perceived lack of effort, but these contracts are out of hand at this point.

  • Zach A

    Hughes to the Twins according to MLB Trade Rumors. 3 yrs, $24 million

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I don’t even think there’s a traveling exhibition team on any of the other continents that would pay him that.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    Phil Hughes to Minnesota 3yr 24 million, I don’t understand this deal at all.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Desperate team needing to improve their pitching.

  • Eddard

    If he wants that deal let him go on the open market and see if he comes crawling back. He will.

  • Dicka24

    Cya Cano. I don’t go a penny more than the initial offer to Cano, which is more than anyone else will pay him. I might even offer him less since there doesn’t seem to be as strong a market as many originally thought.

    I like the deal for the Twins. They love strike throwers, and that park is good for flyball pitchers. The Twins are taking a little bit of risk here, but think about what a sub 30 Hughes might be if he puts it together, and plays to his road splits in that park. He’ll be a bargain at $8 million. If he hits his stride there, he’s a FA at what, age 31? Good enough for a big pay day if he warrants it. Nice deal for both parties I think.

  • BamBamMusings

    Cano’s got stars in his eyes! Hanging out with ARod will do that.

  • Kosmo

    Yanks should sign Infante to shake things up a bit. Send a shock wave thru the Cano camp. 7/185 final offer take it or leave it.

    IMO no contending team is willing to shell out that kinda dough for a 31 year old 2B.

    • Chris

      So you are saying giving him a 26.5 million a year is a take it or leave it stance that benefits the Yankees how?

      • Kosmo

        I´m actually thinking more along the lines of years not dollars. I would rather NY slightly overpays for a 7 year deal than haggle over anymore years Cano would like to tack on, hence the take it or leave it stance. He´s going to get in the neighborhood of 25 mil per so we should by now have gotten use to the reality of such a deal.
        I think the benefits of having Cano at his peak over the next 3-4 years outways the alternatives.

        • Kosmo


          • Chris

            I see you points and agree with them. It just irks me that we are talking about an above average player getting paid like some of the players that have produced some of the best years in baseball history without coming close to their production.

  • Jim

    Everyone saying that Cano should stay in NYC and make more money in endorsements knows that you don’t need to be in New York to endorse products – right? Just ask LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, Roger Federer, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning etc etc.

    Having an endearing personality and winning are more important than playing in New York.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Other than Federer, who is the face of an entire sport, and the strange anomaly that is Green Bay, all those guys play in big cities themselves.

      Don’t kid yourself. It matters.

      I also don’t think that’s what’s holding this up either. This is Jay Z trying to wav his penis around and nothing else.

      • bn

        Furthermore, every one of those guys mentioned are the “faces” of their sport during their time.

        MJ, Kobe, Lebron
        Peyton, Rodgers, Brady, Brees

        Cano no matter where he is is not getting endorsement deals like those fellas. In NY, he at least will make the most money on deals…

  • SMK

    8/$200M…everyone knows that’s where it’s headed. Just get it over with.

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    This is all a whole lotta lulz for now, but my Fear of the Day (FotD)™ is that 9/$250mm is precisely what we will give him.

    • Jimmy

      You been learnin’.

  • rogue

    I’d rather have Chris Getz for a bag a peanuts.