Weekend Open Thread

Nuno making up for lost time in AzFL
Former Yankee Johnny Kucks passes away at 80

Friday: Happy Friday everyone. Here is your open thread for the night. The Islanders and the Nets are the only local teams in action, so it’s a great night to get the heck out of the house. Talk about whatever here. Enjoy.

Saturday: I think I’m just going to start recycling these each weekend rather than creating a new post every night. Save bandwidth, or something. Anyway, the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Showcase is on tonight (8pm ET on MLB Network), which is basically the All-Star Game. Rather than pick the best statistical performers, they take the best prospects. 3B/C Peter O’Brien is in the starting lineup for the East team and OF Mason Williams is on the roster as well. Full rosters are right here. The three hockey locals are in action and I’m sure there’s college football on somewhere. Talk about any and all of it right here.

Sunday: Only a few more hours left in the weekend, you guys. The Colts and Texans are the late NFL game plus the Knicks, Nets, and Devils are all playing as well. Enjoy the rest of the night.

Nuno making up for lost time in AzFL
Former Yankee Johnny Kucks passes away at 80
  • Coolerking101

    Yanks make qualifying offer to Cano & Kuroda. Not to Granderson. Maybe Hal will go on the radio again and claim 189 isn’t set in stone.

    • forensic

      Out of curiosity, do you have a link? I don’t see anything on mlbtr or lohud’s tweet list.

      • jjyank

        I might be missing something, because I only did a “quick google”. But all I saw was the that Yankees are “on the fence” on offering Grandy the QO. And those articles were only a couple hours old.

        So I guess we’ll see, pending a better link.

        • RetroRob

          That’s right. The Yankees have not made a QO yet to Cano and Kuroda (although seems likely they will, certainly for Cano) and at the same time, they have not passed on making a QO to Granderson. This is all just rumors/speculation based on unknown sources, if any.

          I do think there is a potential game going on here by Granderson’s agent. His agent has said on the record he would have to look hard at a QO, meaning they would certainly enterain accepting it. There have also been stories out there that Granderson loves NY, wants to stay in NY, and another saying he has no intention of leaving NY.

          Granderson and his agent do not want a QO. Sure, they would entertain returning to NY and I’m sure Curtis likes being a Yankee and the ballpark. What he wants, though, is as many teams bidding for his services, and a QO take some teams out of play. I do believe that impacted Swisher last year by reducing his market.

          Granderson will get a good contract even with a QO attached, but the more players in the game means those teams can be used as leverage against each other. In other words, he might be able to squeeze another year and a few million more dollars out of a team really interested in him if he has other teams bidding on his services. Granderson and his agent are trying to do everything they can to “scare” the Yankees into not giving a QO. If I’m on the Yankees, I make the QO, understanding even if he accepts it, he’s only back for one year, and is going to hit 30-40 HRs for the team. Make the QO again next year, and he leaves.

          • jim p

            Plus, from the Yanks perspective if they have other plans for outfield, if he takes the offer he’d likely be something to offer other teams in a trade for a quality player or maybe even two quality prospects.

        • MannyGeee

          FWIW I would be happy with Granderson back for 14.1m. If ha manages to not get himself killed out there, that’s a bargain for a hitter of his quality.

          • Havok9120

            His OBP and power alone would likely be worth that money, let alone if he manages to hit for a half decent average. And it’s not as if he’s a defensive liability.

            • Kosmo

              In his 4 years with NY Granderson has posted a .335 OBP w/ a .245 BA. His NY best was in 2011 when he posted a .364 OBP. In his other 3 years .324, .319 and .317 OBP. His years with Detroit a very average .344 OBP.
              What constitutes a high OBP and a half decent BA in your mind ?

      • cmart332
  • Karl Krawfid

    When was the last time the Yankees and Red Sox were both dominate in the same season?


    • Karl Krawfid


      • Brian S.

        If by dominate you mean ‘make the playoffs’ then 2009.

        • Kevin G.

          I would love to see another Yankees-Red Sox ALCS again. Haven’t had one in nine years

        • Silvio

          He must (at least) mean “dominant” instead of “dominate.”

    • Lukaszek

      2009. Red Sox finished with the third best record in AL, while Yankees obviously had the best record

  • lightSABR

    Can I just say: I’m already bored. Offseasons suck.

    • Pat D

      I’ve been bored for a month.

      • lightSABR

        Ha. Yeah. I think for a while I was too miserable with the season to be bored, but at some point in the playoffs I reconciled myself to every team I was cheering for losing, and at that point the boredom started setting in.

  • Dale Mohorcic
    • Darren

      Johnny Kucks. A name I’d heard of but didn’t know much about.

      But imagine a 23 year old homegrown Yankee pitching a shut-out, on the road, in Game 7 of the World Series, against the cross-town NL rivals! People would absolutely go nuts if that happened today.

      I hope he had a great life after baseball and rests easy in that eternal twi-night doubleheader in the sky.

      Farewell, Johnny Kucks. Your name is not forgotten.

  • nycsportzfan

    I was just looking at Jeters career stats and caught his career postseason numbers, and it caught my eye as being just so “jeter” like. Its great.

    What i mean by that, is he has about a full MLB season worth of AB’s in the postseason and his overall numbers resemble a typical jeter season. Its just so impressive how consistent he is as a player, even in the postseason, against the best pitching staffs of that paticular season. Its crazy!

    Heres his career playoff stats-
    308BA 20HR 61RBI 32Doub 5Triples 200Hits 18SB in 650AB’s.. Freaking awesome man!

    • whozat

      I bet that a lot of good players post-season numbers would stabilize around their career averages if they had a season worth of post-season appearances. Pettitte is the same way. It’s just that very few players get to have a season worth of data in the post-season.

      • Revan

        Ehh, for some sure for others not. The postseason is a different animal. With an emphasis on literally every pitch, some players thrive and others falter. If Swisher had an entire career’s worth of postseason games it would probably look decently worse.

        But besides that, rotations are shortened so you only face the good ones. There’s a lot of off days which can screw around with consistency for pitchers.

  • nycsportzfan

    Did you guys ever see Jeters “Similar Hitters” stat on Baseball Refrence.com??

    Its pretty cool, albeit, i don’t know there exact formula, all though, some of the players seem almost obvious in there similarities, if you had to pick players to be similar.

    Also, they are in order from most similar 1st.

    1). Craig Biggio
    2). Paul Molitor(the player i always compared jeter to offensively)
    3). Robbie Alomar
    4). Robin Yount
    5). Charlie Gerhinger
    6). Johnny Damon
    7). Pudge
    8). Joe Morgan

    • nycsportzfan

      Of course had to look at a few other yankees “similar batters” stats..lol

      Bernie Williams most similar batters are interesting. Especially his number 1. Check it out!

      1). Paul O’neill- Yup, Jethro!!!lol God, i loved those 2!
      2). Carlos Beltran- Maybe this will shed light on just how good bernie was to peeps who didn’t get to see em every yr, as hes so under rated in the baseball world!

      3).Tori Hunter- I don’t agree with this. Bernie was better offensively then hunter. Still though, not bad for number 3.


  • nycsportzfan

    Assuming AROD is suspended for most of next yr, does anyone think Paul Konerko on a 1yr deal is worth a shot for his RH power? He could play DH and 20-25 games at 1st, to give Tex’s wrist a half or whole night off from time to time.

    He could just need a change of scenery and real chance at postseason to give one more golden egg of a season offensivley. I’d think its worth kicking the tires on.

    • Farewell Mo

      Real chance at the postseason? Have you taken a look at the Yankees roster?

      • nycsportzfan

        The roster you speak of was in the playoff hunt for most of the season. Weren’t we like 1game out at some point in early september?

        Konerko would def have a chance at the postseason in NY this yr. Weather or not you think he’d be a fit or a good addition is up for debate, but not the yanks at worst contending for a postseason spot.

    • Pat D

      Nope. Always liked Konerko, but he’s done.

  • nsalem

    O’Neill, Bernie and Jeter’s lifetime OBP’s were within 5 points of each other

    • nsalem

      That’s wrong. I meant O’Neill, Mattingly and Jeter were within 5 points. They were all aroung .830 while Bernie was about .860

      • Dale Mohorcic

        You mean OPS?

  • JonS

    You can watch the AFL All Star game here…


  • Darren

    Reading the negative comments about Jeter makes me feel bad for those people. Although I’m sure plenty of people in 1928 were pissed about Babe Ruth making so many smackers too.

    And for clarity, Jeter took a pay cut next year by accepting the $12.5mm. He did not get a raise.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Second point can be looked at both ways, Darren. He was scheduled to take a pay cut anyway. He’s taking less of one.

      I’m not denying Jeter’s being able to make money as a baseball player off the benefit of the doubt that he’s Derek Jeter. I just think it’s pretty ridiculous if, in fact (and god knows what’s true at this point), the first act of an off-season in which restraint has been spoken of for ages was to take a bigger luxury cap hit on him than originally planned.

      • Darren

        It’s only ridiculous to armchair GMs having fun putting together proposed payrolls and rosters. (no offense, to any of us!)

        In the real world, it makes perfect sense. Just read Cashman’s comments. The Yanks have enough things to worry about and didn’t want to have a protracted negotiation with Jeter. Both sides signed an eminently reasonable deal. They’re gonna be working together for the next 40 years. this is more important to them than having some money for Boone Logan.

        Anyway. he is taking a pay cut from $17mm this year to $12.5mm next year. I don’t see how that’s not a pay cut. The $9.5mm option was never a real, legit option, I doubt Cashman “planned” on Jeter exercising it. (The Yankees played hardball with Jeter last negotiation. The option was an insult. A throw in, basically a way of saying, if you totally suck for three years, we’ll still let you have one final shot, if you want to embarrass yourself.)

        • forensic

          They’re gonna be working together for the next 40 years.

          Wow, he’s gonna be player/manager for much longer than I thought…

        • Darren

          And by the way, Y’all are CRAZY if you think Jeter couldn’t have gone on the market and gotten a two year $25mm from someone. I hope the Yankees do this right and have a full on press conference with Jeter at the Stadium. The way it should be.

          • JonS

            Bwahahahahahahahahahaha….. right…

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            Not a chance in hell somebody would have given him 2/$25M.

            His off-field value is to the Yankees.
            Other teams fans aren’t going to go crazy on merch/ticket sales to see somebody else’s formerly great player.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              He’d instantly be Joe Montana in a Chiefs uniform. Those things are always a sad sight.

              Nice to see you, Ichiro….

        • Robinson Tilapia

          If they’re not going to be taking a crack at payroll, what are they going to do? It’s not my cup of tea, but I don’t begrudge someone else trying to do amateur payroll on here. We both learn from them every now and then.

          They didn’t want a prolonged negotiation, yet I got a prolonged wait for the captain this season. :)

          Like I said, I don’t care what Derek makes. I just don’t want to hear the team tell me three months from now they couldn’t afford another guy because of payroll issues.

          • Darren

            Without a doubt, I’ve learned a ton from all of the comments on RAB. And I’m just as guilty of the next guy of playing armchair GM (that’s why I said “us” in my original comment). BUT, at some point you have to recognize the reality of a real world negotiation with a Derek Jeter and understand why Cashman isn’t gonna nickel and dime him.

    • forensic

      Reading the negative comments about Jeter makes me feel bad for those people.

      The same could be said about you and your apparent inability to see anything other than ‘Derek Jeter: Best Player Ever’.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Meh. I can put up with it more than I can put up with the guys who never have a single positive thing to say.

        • forensic

          Is that directed at me? Am I gonna have to go start copying and pasting comments? ;-)

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Nah. Your arch-enemy exited stage left after the season. I expect for you to be in honeymoon phase with the team for all of 2014z

      • Darren

        What’s funny is that I was never the biggest Jeter fan until the absolutely ridiculous premature burials of him, all of which proved to be totally wrong. It’s not so much defending him as pointing out the bad analysis of comparing a legendary talent with ordinary shortstops. when trying to predict his future.

        LOL about the player/manager comment, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Hal is well aware that Jeter will be an important piece to the Yanks in the future in terms of PR and various celebrations.

  • forensic

    For the most part I really like Sirius/XM Radio, but it sure can be painful sometimes listening to homerific hometown announcers all the time, even for teams that I’m rooting for. And it seems even worse with announcers for College teams.

  • Deb

    This is my first time commenting, so greetings to all. I’m a lifelong Yankee fan. When the Yankees aren’t playing in the games I watch, I tend to focus on the behavior of the fans in the stands. Years ago, I detested when the fans knocked together blowup thunder sticks (was that in Texas?). This year, they seemed to fervently wave hankies at almost every game. When I see that, I tend to mutter “that’s so bush league.”

    How come fans in New York never (thankfully) wave hankies? What do the rooting patterns of fans say about their cities and/or teams? Has anyone ever seen write-ups about the different rooting patterns in major league stadiums? Do any other teams have anything equivalent to the bleacher’s “roll call” at Yankee Stadium?

    I suppose the teams seriously profit when the fans wave, since those hankies are probably bought at the stadiums. Do you think Yankee fans would buy/wave them if they were sold at the Stadium?

    • forensic

      The thunder sticks had largely been in LA (Angels) and Tampa, though I’m sure others did them too and I just don’t remember.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s honestly a “we’re better than you” thing. It’s also why most of us refuse to do the wave. All in fun, really. Save the wave for Shea.

      I *think* some fans would buy hankies, and I think the rest of us would point and laugh at them.

      • forensic

        I *think* some fans would buy hankies, and I think the rest of us would point and laugh at them.

        Totally agree, who needs a hanky when you have a perfectly good sleeve…

    • Bob Buttons

      As long as they ain’t blowing into vuvuzelas I’m willing to look the other way. Those things are bloody annoying. Not that anybody asked but one of the few things that could make me give up my allegiance is if they somehow sold vuvuzelas at the stadium.

      I can see some hankies being bought, mostly by tourists. Some people don’t get many chances to visit the stadium and they may enjoy getting random stuff to show they were there. I mean I might buy one but I won’t ever wave it because I’m self conscious most of the time, but not everybody is self conscious at a ballgame, especially as a out-of-towner.

    • Captain Turbo

      It’s because it’s enough to just be Yankee fans. We don’t need gimmicks. Just like the team doesn’t need gimmicks. No ridiculous “alternate” uniforms. No stupid beards. Good baseball is the only thing we need.

      • Wheels


      • Robinson Tilapia

        We do need better stadium food.

        • Mandy Stankiewicz

          Agreed, but the noodles in centerfield is the sleeper.

  • forensic

    So, MLBTR’s FA Predictions (at least Dierkes’ predictions) just came out. He has Cano, Ervin Santana, Kuroda, Beltran, Balfour, and Pierzynski signing with the Yankees.

    I’m pretty unimpressed with Santana, especially given the contract that they seem to be predicting for him.

    I’d almost rather go with some combination of Cervelli, Romine, and Murphy than spend money on Pierzynski at this point. Doesn’t really seem worth the likely price difference.

    I’m in between on Balfour still. He’s really good, but his BB/9 has been heading in the wrong direction. I also want to just get the job to Robertson, but also understand it’d be nice to have a back-up plan. I’m just not sure if Balfour will be too expensive to be worthwhile as only a back-up plan.

    Cano (depending on the contract), Kuroda, and Beltran would all be fine. Beltran seems almost inevitable as one of those ‘typical’ moves made a decade too late.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Pretty much. Not buying into Santana, AJ, or Balfour there. I have to say I’m intrigues by thought of a Veras reunion right now.

      Beltran? If he’s not tied to a draft pick, I’m game.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I’d definitely pass on Santana, especially since he’ll likely get a QO. I’d rather have Garza if I had to pick, but frankly I’d pass on him as well. I wouldn’t give high$$-longterm commitments to any pitcher who isn’t likely to be a solid #1/#2 starter at this point, given what the Yankees already have.

      I doubt the Yankees would have much if any interest in AJ anyways. They seem to have majorly prioritized C defense, which would make AJ a bad fit. Not much appeal in a bat-first C who doesn’t have all that much of a bat to begin with (outside of 2012).

      I’d hate to sign Beltran if he’s the only compensation-required free agent they sign. If they are going to give up the #18 pick anyways, fine. To give that pick up just for Beltran, I’d rather not.

      • forensic

        Yeah, I wouldn’t want Garza either. At this point, Tanaka is probably the only moderately-big money SP I’d want to go after.

        They seem to have majorly prioritized C defense

        And character, which would also make AJ a bad fit (seemingly).

        And yeah, if Beltran gets a QO it changes a bit but I’m not sure I have enough faith in the Yankees drafting/developing at this point anyway to let that be a make or break thing, though it is still a little consideration to think about. I’m not crazy high on him and wouldn’t go nuts if they don’t sign him (they’re certainly more than just a Beltran away from being real contenders again, in my opinion), but I also wouldn’t go nuts about losing the pick if they did go for him (as long as it meant Wells would be sent out to pasture rather than continuing to stay and sit while wasting a roster spot or stay play while wasting a roster spot even more).

  • forensic

    I’m watching my DVR’d AFL Fall Stars game and Peter O’Brien just came up. Whoever the color announcer is says “a catcher known more for his defensive skills.” Then the scouting report pops up and it says “Bat is ticket to Majors, Struggled behind the plate, Below-Avg Receiver.”

    Good to know the announcers for this game are really on the money with their comments.

    • forensic

      So, at the end of the AB he says “You saw the scouting report there but I just can’t fathom how that could be given how good his Dad was back there.”

      Ah, so we see he’s basing what he says on the all-important issue of how good his Dad was. Really going to get some great insight during this game. Good thing I’m fast-forwarding through all non-Yankees stuff.

      • Pat D

        Wait, whose son is he? Charlie O’Brien? I don’t think that’s right.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Anyone catch the crack on “Weekend Update” last night as to the Cardinals losing the WS to Mumford & Sons?