Girardi finishes fourth in Manager of the Year voting

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Cashman confirms Yankees will keep Cervelli but pursue other catchers

In something of an upset, Indians skipper Terry Francona was named the AL Manager of the Year tonight. I figured Red Sox manager John Farrell was a lock as soon as his club clinched the whole worst-to-first thing. Joe Girardi finished fourth in the voting, receiving two second place votes and five third place votes. When you manage the Yankees and don’t make the postseason, you aren’t winning any awards. It’s a minor miracle he got that many votes. The full voting results are right here. Pirates manager Clint Hurdle took home NL honors. Well-deserved.

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Cashman confirms Yankees will keep Cervelli but pursue other catchers
  • dp

    Girardi fourth what a joke…he’s a useless…clueless turd and the Yankees pay him more money for four more years…oy vey.

  • CashmanNinja

    I pretty much agree on the order of 1-4. It seems pretty well done, but I think some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless they take it 100% seriously. The writer from the “Jiji Press” voted Melvin, Maddon, and Showalter. I could see Melvin getting a little love there because he did a great job, but Maddon and Showalter ahead of Francona and Farrell??

  • Eddard

    I really thought Joe had a chance to win this one, not only the AL award but the NL as well. I guess there’s always next year. I do think the Yankees will regret not scooping up Tito when they had the chance.

    • Pat D

      When did they have the chance?

  • CusterDuck

    Should have been Farrell.

  • EndlessJose

    Francona had a worse team than Farrell and got the Indians farther than expected. Farrell team had a bigger budget and better players.Why should he win.

    Farrell only job was not to act like Bobby V. Which is not to act like a @$$hole.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Said it before, and I’ll say it again…, shocked that Farrell lost out over Tito. No dig on Francona, but to take a cellar dweller and win it all the following year is an incredible accomplishment. Interesting….., very interesting. Maybe Bobby V was right, “anyone could win with that team”, or something like that.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      I think these votes are taken prior to the postseason, so “winning it all” doesn’t factor in.

  • Jim James

    I wasn’t shocked because I already assumed most of the writers had voted for Francona 5 minutes after he was hired.

  • soxhata

    Melvin was the deserving winner.Small budget team going against the mega salary teams in Texas and LA.Had a starting pitching staff with mid 20 yr olds and Colon.Screw Boston’s worst to first.In divisional play,it was.5th to first.Glad that Francona got it.That is not contradicting my praise for Melvin.Francona was deserving too.Who was picked fourth?? Who cares!!

  • Captain Turbo

    So correcting for anti-Yankee bias, Joey Binders won.

  • Greg c

    Forbidden website.